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When I was at the Gun Rights Policy conference in Florida last month, one of the presentations covered the FASTER (Faculty/Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response) program in Ohio. The FASTER program has been and continues to be a tremendous success story. Staff and teachers love it, embrace it, and recommend it to others.

A survey done by the University of South Florida found that there was likely to be a favorable response if such a program were offered in Florida. From

Most Floridians say they support trained staff carrying firearms on school campuses, according to a new survey released Tuesday.

The 2016 University of South Florida Sunshine State Survey found more than half of adult Floridians (56 percent) are in favor of allowing trained staff to carry firearms at schools.

Forty percent of Floridians say they are opposed to allowing firearms in schools, with 29 percent saying they are strongly opposed to the idea.

“Stronger supporters are males, working-age residents, whites, those living in affluent households, college graduates, and residents of the Orlando and North Florida areas,” the USF release said. Residents of the Orlando and North Florida areas are more likely to favor the idea.

Opposition comes from females, older Floridians, African-Americans, lower-income households, those with less formal education and residents of the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area.

Sean Caranna of Florida Carry is working to bring FASTER to Florida.

The Buckeye Firearms Foundation’s Jim Irvine’s experience in Ohio is that the 11 percent who oppose trained staff carrying firearms will switch to favoring it once they understand the program. It’s likely that even a few of the 29%  who were strongly opposed will switch, too. Most of the opposition is based on fear and ignorance.

Florida Carry has significant experience in lobbying the legislature where the battle will be fought. A bill to authorize programs such as FASTER in Sunshine State schools was killed in the Senate, along with an open carry bill.

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  1. What i find amazing is most of us hate what the government is doing but we willingly hand over our Children the next generation of Americans over the leftist government officials to be trained in the religion of state. The only way the next generation of Americans will steer this country in the right Direction and stand up to tyranny is we leave the government indoctrination centers and train our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord Jesus Christ. Do not leave your children to be trained and protected by a godless state!

    • What i find amazing is most of us hate what the government is doing but we willingly hand over our Children the next generation of Americans over the leftist government officials to be trained in the religion of state.

      Or as someone whose name escapes me right (late middle age moment) now put it, “Government Schools are the reproductive organs of the state.”

    • Trunps gonna need a lot more than a solid 2a stance to win in Fl…the man is bats shit crazy…just the thought of him carrying concealed makes me nervous…let alone giving him access to our nuclear arsenal…c’mon man

      • With all due respect, Trump may be a horse’s ass but he is emphatically not ‘batshit crazy,’ as you said; and I, for one, would certainly trust him to listen to wise counsel better than a woman who considers herself utterly immune to any form of conscience, guilt, humanity, honor, loyalty, love, or any other constructive human value you care to name. That is all now. As you were.


  2. The most important thing is mindset, that is, the realization that the best way to protect the intended victims of a mass murderer is to injure the murderer to the point of incapacitation so that he is no longer able to harm anyone. Once they understand that, it’s a small step to recognizing that a firearm is the most effective tool for accomplishing that goal.

  3. Concerned American,
    I am an American gun nut and I am Jewish
    I am completely opposed to your unconstitutional idea to teach a state Christian religion in public school
    My children and their friends have been told to ignore the stupid ” hide and die” active shooter plan of the school
    They are instead to set up an ambush where the boys hide behind the door and attack the shooter if he enters, stabbing his eyes, ears, neck and groin repeatedly with pens and pencils.
    The girls are further back and throw laptops and cell phones at him
    They understand that liberal answers on essays are just to get a good grade
    We teach solid family values at home
    They all come shooting with Mom and Dad when they reach age 10

    • Docduracoat,
      I never said to teach a State Christian religion in Public school, is said “we need to leave the government indoctrination centers” meaning we should leave the state established school system. and that we should never trust a godless state to train our children. under our laws You have the freedom to homeschool your children the way you would like. But as you have said you are Jewish and you have the Law and the Prophets and therefore you are all the more accountable to the Lord Jesus Christ if you reject him as Lord and Savior and teach your children to do likewise.

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