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“We need to review not only the question of whether people should be able to travel with their firearms even if they’re in checked baggage,” U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz told Miami’s, “but I think we need to take a hard look at the security around baggage claim areas and not just leave it at that.” And there you have it . . .

The fascist state staking its claim on the Ft. Lauderdale massacre. More security, less guns! Well, for civilians. The good news is that the attacks happened in the “Gunshine State.”

Immediately after the attack, Florida Rep. Jake Raburn filed a bill that would remove the ban on lawful carry at Florida airports outside of “secure areas” (i.e. past TSA checkpoints). The new law would bring Florida in line with states like Texas, where citizens with an License to Carry are good to stow at airports, openly or concealed.

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel, the top cop responsible for Ft. Lauderdale Airport’s security, acknowledges the futility of trying to prevent armed criminals, crazies or terrorists from entering the airport’s public or common areas. But Israel opposes any effort to let The People of the Gun go about their business armed.

I’m opposed to it, just as I am opposed to open carry in schools. It would hinder law enforcement by legally allowing potential active shooters to openly carry their deadly weapons right into airports to carry out their heinous attacks.

Weird that Sheriff Israel focuses on open carry — as an aspiring attacker openly carrying a firearm is a whole lot easier to identify than one carrying concealed. Anyway, at least Sheriff Israel understands the value of Debbie Wasserman’s Schultz “proactive” approach.

When you have a person that could be suffering from a severe mental illness, or you have what we call a lone wolf assassin that’s ready to conduct some cowardly, heinous act, there’s not much law enforcement or anybody else can do about it.

Except terminate it — with extreme, ballistic prejudice. Here’s hoping the Florida legislature recognizes the fact that the more people prepared to do so, the better the chances of quickly stopping slaughter, or at least limiting the carnage created by these heinous acts.

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  1. Isn’t any ambulatory person with the physical ability to hold and fire any firearm a potential “active shooter”?

  2. Most every domestic airport has zero security of any kind in the baggage area, not even rent a cops. You can pick up anyone’s baggage and walk off with it. Anybody can (and do) walk into the baggage claim area. How big a bomb do you think you could plant in those areas by just rolling the largest sized bag you could buy into that area with the excuse “Oops, wrong bag” and walking back out?

    The reality of the Ft. Lauderdale killings was the guy walked into an FBI office saying voices were telling him to join ISIS or something, he was allegedly under investigation for other offenses, he bought a one way ticket to Ft. Lauderdale and only checked the luggage the gun was in. All of those are huge warning signs and together should have kept him from boarding that flight.

    • “The voices in my head say to join ISIS” = not a reason to add me to the no-fly list, which requires mere suspicion to list a person.

      “I want my mom to handle my monthly payments while I travel” = a reason to add me to the NICS no-buy list, which requires me to be adjudicated before I can be added to the list.

      Makes sense to me. (not)

      • The former has a higher chance of eventually leading to an excuse for more restrictions and less personal freedoms of all kinds; the latter is an example of those restrictions and limits.

        So it does make perfect sense if you have the right (cynical enough) perspective.

  3. I hope and pray that this bill passes Congress and the house and makes it to Trump’s desk. Having gun free zones anywhere is absolutely ridiculous. They’ve been proven to fail miserably. Just look at Chicago. Restricting law-abiding gun owners that have concealed weapons permits from entering airports is a tragedy in the making. All it would have taken was one person to be legally armed and he could have had no problem putting this person down like a rabid dog.

  4. Debbie Wasserman Schultz…the one that wanted to promulgate Bernie was a jew so she could “raise awareness” to her Baptist voters.

    The simple answer is to hire more airport police and place them in baggage areas full time. But democrats are more concern about getting illegals to vote than protecting citizens.

  5. So the sheriff speaks out about open carry. Something that isn’t legal unless your a member of the privileged class like he is. Its time the FL legislators did away with all carry laws and recognized the second amendment already has spelled out who and how free people can defend themselves. What we have now is a blatant unconstitutional poll tax when it comes to the right to bear arms.

  6. DWS is one of those people who will not go away. She has her voting base in Florida and unless cancer finally wins she will continue to antagonize us.

  7. “a bill that would remove the ban on lawful carry at Florida airports outside of “secure areas” (i.e. past TSA checkpoints).”

    Interesting aside, here, I read a lot of charges against this guy, carrying in the unsecured area of an airport was not one of them. It does seem unfair, though, how was a guy from Alaska supposed to know it was illegal to shoot a bunch of people in the baggage claim area in FL? I bet they’ll let him off because that law wasn’t posted clearly enough, or maybe wasn’t posted in the departure lounge in AK.

    Did this fool know he was protected from concealed carriers in airports in FL, but not in AK? Is that why he chose to fly 4000 miles to commit murder, rather than simply shooting up a place in AK?

    The law is both unconstitutional and very clearly unenforceable, why *NOT* repeal it?

  8. “It would hinder law enforcement by legally allowing potential active shooters to openly carry their deadly weapons right into airports to carry out their heinous attacks.”

    Wait, don’t active shooters openly carry their deadly weapons into kill zones right now, anyway? If not, then how are they killing people? So what negative effect would allowing peaceful carriers to carry have?

  9. Im perfectly willing but not asking to be a potential target in a baggage area.
    Meaning Id rather be able to enter an unsecured area of a airport here in Florida with my handgun.
    Be hassled by the cops. Which with me and airports is nothing new. Drug stops every time I flew back in the 80s early 90s. Thanks Ft Lauderdale PD…..
    Then have to leave my gun at home as I do now.

  10. …because further disarming the law-abiding will constrain violent peoole intent on carrying out violent acts against those disarmed, law-abiding people?

    I would accuse DWS (and the resident TTAG trolls who parrot her nonsense) of being mentally deranged, except I understand that their ulterior motive is undermining individual liberty with state control.

  11. “It would hinder law enforcement by legally allowing potential active shooters to openly carry their deadly weapons right into airports to carry out their heinous attacks.”

    Huh? Even if cops could legally arrest an open carrier without a warrant or probable cause, absolutely nothing stops a would-be terrorist or spree killer from carrying concealed into the baggage claim area … and that is exactly what they would do. In other words, whether or not open carry into baggage claim is legal, police are impotent until an attacker starts actually attacking.. Broward County Sheriff Willy-Nilly is a dolt.

  12. Any FBI agent, any cop can put you on a no fly list, enjoy the appeal process, one more f)$&8up by the FBI which I used to admire.

    • Yeah. I just re-read a couple of Tom Clancy novels and I was shocked all over a the vast difference between the FBI he knew and described in his books and the one we see in the real world.

  13. The bill was filed BEFORE the attack by about a month. Also, in the senate SB 140 in the senate removes almost all the prohibited places from Florida’s list in addition to allowing permit holders to openly carry handguns. Unfortunately, Fl republicans are not very pro gun, they’re just content to kill Democrat “gun control” bills. Fl gun owners are also some of the most well armed and complacent in the nation. They think that because Republicans always have a solid majority that we’ll have constitutional carry in no time flat. Only a few scratch there heads when nothing changes because what we have is “good enough”.

  14. Clearly a removal of ALL airports is the best response to this incident. Just like the democratic insects in office here at home in Cali, they go from zero to a billion in one law. So must it follow there.

    I haven’t yet heard any media based clarion calls for more “assault weapons” bans, but I expect them soon. Lame Duck hasn’t cried yet on TV, as he’s too busy throwing parties and railing against the Russian figments in his head.

  15. I’m the closest thing to a liberal you’ll probably find in a site like this and I was really hoping DWS would have crawled back into Hillary’s vagina and died by now. It’s nutbars like her that have turned the dems into the disgrace they’ve become.

  16. All ” Gun Free Zones ” should be made ” UNCONSTITUTIONAL ” if they are public accessed and public funded , like streets and byways . This is Unconstitutional . If you expect to rely on security personal to protect you then you are foolhardy and if the airports put security personal in baggage areas as a stopgap for preventing these sort of in-defensive shooting massacres you better put in more than three because if someone like me decides to go all mass shooter butt ass crazy , the first two blues would be down before they knew what was happening and number three would be engaging me in tit for tat . The best defense for these situations is now and will always be , to have as many armed trained and willing people around as possible . Just knowing that any given room could have 50% of the occupants armed is deterrent enough to send most would be attackers back into their holes of personal hell .

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