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As reports, “Two masked men are accused of forcing their way into a Jacksonville family’s home after stealing another woman’s car at gunpoint. One of the victims told Action News Jax that during the home invasion, one of the suspects told him he should get a gun to protect his family.”

Good advice from someone with direct experience in such matters. One of the two carjacker/home invaders was later caught, though his accomplice escaped.



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    • Those come with a personal force shield that stops bullets, right? No wonder Apple people are so gung ho!

      • “Those come with a personal force shield that stops bullets, right?”

        Everybody knows the *moment* you call the police, they will arrive and stop the bad people from hurting you…

        • If the PoPo travel at 88 MPH or faster they will arrive before you called them and save the day!

        • Not unless they also have a Mr. Fusion with 1.21 gigawatts at the ready. Otherwise, they’re just speeding.

          • “I’m sure in 1985, plutonium is available at every corner drugstore, but in 1955 it’s a little hard to come by.”

            *sigh* another future promise unrealized…just like the Triphibian Atomicar and the Electronic Hydrolung.

        • Naaah, the Police arrive just in time to view the dead bodies…….and it isn’t because they were’nt trying.

          That’s why I’d rather have a gun in my hand, than a Cop on the phone……..

        • You dont even have to call. You simply explain that what they are doing is a crime and the criminal will stop. Because we all know that criminals obey the law.

        • Heck, you don’t need to call the police. Just show them the “No Guns Allowed” sign. They probably didn’t see it when they rang the doorbell.

        • Remember that crazy chick a few months back… the one that kept insisting all you need is a life insurance policy…

    • Seems the phone never works because criminals are always in too much of a hurry to wait around for the police.
      This is nothing new, prisioner interviews/studies done over the past few decades have found criminals fear intended victims being armed FAR more then LEOs with their weapons.

        • You’re welcome anonymous troll who changes a few letter in members names, then comments after those members post something.
          You could always use “Mommies little boy” for your posts.
          Glad to help you out with that.

  1. So nice to see that north Jacksonville hasn’t changed much since I worked in the area 15 years ago. Stay classy! /s

  2. That should be a fairly straightforward poll to construct and carry out. It would be interesting to see the data from former and present violent convicts to questions such as “ On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being zero chance and 10 being with no hesitation” would you consider unlawfully entering a home where you were certain there was a homeowner present with a firearm..”what if you thought said firearm was an AR15 with a “high capacity mag?” What if a home had an Everytown for gunsafety sign ? If the same home had a pickup parked in front with a molon labe sticker would you then consider it a trap? Etc.

    • Oliver,

      I am almost certain that someone interviewed/polled hundreds/thousands of prisoners several years ago and asked how much do armed victims deter them (criminals). The unsurprising answer is that armed victims SIGNIFICANTLY deterred criminals.

      And we see that principle in countless surveillance videos which show criminals almost universally vacating immediately once their victim presents a firearm.

      Pretty much the only criminals who continue their attacks against armed victims are suicidal stalkers, spree-killers, and terrorists. Fortunately, suicidal stalkers, spree-killers, and terrorists are responsible for only a tiny percentage of serious injuries and murders in our nation.

      There are also a tiny number of events where a criminal, who is higher than a kite on drugs, does not care if the victim is armed, along with the occasional gang-banger who is defending his turf or exacting revenge. Again, these are very rare occurrences.

    • Oliver- It depends on the criminal and what they want/need. Luckily, most street criminals are not that intelligent, but unfortunately they are desensitized to violence. An example is how a low impulse control excon will stab a person 20 times with anything available to them, over a percieved insult. A White family would have been in trouble with the thugs from the above article. Expecting rational behavior from irrational people would be a mistake.
      I have a beautiful wife and a trip to the store could be enough to catch a predator’s eye, like what happened to the Petit family, but she isn’t unarmed, and I am blessed with the the capacity to use extreme violence on evil men. Turning the other cheek is for moral disputes, and my robes have been traded for many flashing swords. The molon labe sticker will advertise that there are precious metals in the home and then it simply becomes risk versus reward. A home invasion is like attacking an open carrier, where the threat is expecting violence and will prepare and act first.

      There are a lot if junkies in my city thanks to both parties lowering the quality of life in the name of diversity. The cops are dependent upon the criminals because each call justifies their budget increases. The parks have no guns allowed, which is a violation of state laws, but the cowardly cops enforce them anyways. It is only a misdemeanor, so no intelligent or moral Citizen would comply, as it has made the parks dangerous. I run on the bike trail that cuts through a couple parks and I have been attempted to be robbed 11 times now in the last two years. I’m 6’5 230, and under 40, and they think I’m prey until a 5.7 is pointed at them. It is always heart warming to see a junkie embrace their will to survive again, even if it only happened because they brought a knife or needle to a gun fight. A gun being drawn on me would result in their death as soon as I was able to create an oppurtunity to draw on a drawn gun.

      I did mess up one day after doing too many sprints, as an elevated heart rate is what causes problems in fight or flight. I sat down on the bench and was admiring the snow on the peaks, when I felt the guys arm around my throat. The sneaky Indian came up on me through the grass, he was bigger than me but nowhere near as dangerous. I couldn’t draw my gun because it would be irresponsible to shoot behind me and it could jam with close contact, so I stuck with him with my 4″ fixed blade knife until the hilt in his left shoulder. I wear cargo shorts as they can hold what I carry. I immediately twisted the blade, which got its blood on my hand, and then he let go and I jumped up and drew my pistol. I was thankful for the rough grip on my gun as it wasn’t that slippery at all with my blood soaked hand. He went one way and I ran down to the river and washed its blood off me, and then had to go to my doctors to get tested, and he was successful at robbing me of my knife. I saw him a month later harassing an old couple, and I went over and asked for my knife back, and he let them be. I told the old man he was a fool for endangering his wife by not being armed.

  3. There are some families where it would truly be unwise to have firearms in their home, even for home defense. Those families should have reinforced doors and windows which make it next to impossible to break-in, or at least make it so difficult to break-in that police or trusted neighbors can hopefully arrive before the criminals managed to breach the home.

    • +1 for the reference of neighbor backup. This is exactly why smaller communities function better. Neighbors who know and support each other make for a stronger social fabric.

    • The only way I can understand a family truly needing to not have a gun, that family should have reinforced doors, etc, to keep them all *IN*.

  4. Done & done…I got a gun(s)after homies banged on my door wanting to call the po-leece after they ran into my neighbor’s lamppost. I called for them😃😎😏

    • Careful…Mike V doesn’t like the I wonder what (insert name here) thinks about this inquiries. Be prepared for a scolding.

      • Mike V: The answer to a question no one asked.

        Also, which top shelf gun would James Campbell deploy in this instance? After all he has so many to choose from, especially since he’s got several gun trusts!

        • Simple.
          I have a Walther PPQ 45 for that situation. No need to risk losing any firearm of significant value.

  5. I do it the same way my ancestors did in the 1630’s and subsequent. Firearms, swords, and other weapons always at the ready.

  6. The perp is absolutely right. lay a couple of them out on the front step and living room with holes in their head and home invasions drop off dramatically.

  7. Gun-grabbers sometimes claim that people who have family/home defense firearms are irrationally afraid of violent crime and home invasions. And thus they should not have firearms in their homes. I was indeed afraid of a home invasion, although I did not think my fear was irrational. Thus I tried to think of ways to establish that I had a rational fear and a rational level of fear.

    About one year ago, I realized that I can easily repel any home invasion with my firearms and I am honestly not afraid of home invasions any more. I am quite at peace actually, as is my entire family.

    All of us in the same state-of-mind should share that with the public. Instead of getting into a pi$$ing match with gun-grabbers (whether or not our fears are rational), we should communicate our profound sense of peace and well-being which will undoubtedly attract many people to our side.

    • Over 2,000,000 homes will experience a break-in or burglary this year.
      500,000 structure fires reported in 2018.

      If people aren’t worried about a break-in, then why are they worried about a fire? Why bother with a smoke detector?

  8. There was a family in Japan not to long ago that was wiped out by home invaders. 2 guys without a gun killed them all by strangling and drowning. All they had to do was overpower the male and female adult and then the kids were easy.

    There’s no violence in a world without guns.

    • Interesting note: death row inmates in Japan are not informed of their “departure” date until the day of their execution.

      The Japanese are experiencing lots of “knife violence”. It is getting so that street vendors have to register their cooking knives. The public can’t carry even little, tiny pocketknives… yet armed crime continues…whodathunk?

      • Do they have statistics on how many murders are committed by street vendors? It must be high, or they wouldn’t plan on banning their knives. Did the customers criticize the food?

        • Victoria,

          Think of the street vendors as the Japanese analogue to the millions of lawful firearm owners in the USA who are daily restricted or hampered by Democrat “feelz good” gun legislation.

          A family member who currently lives in Japan says that the Japanese gov’t is cracking down on all kitchen / cooking knives (pocket knives – folding or fixed – are already highly restricted or prohibited)….the street vendors are first because they are the most visible daily carriers. Restaurants and home owners (?) are next on that particular registration list. After they register all the long, sharp, black knives the “knife violence” will naturally stop (does this mantra sound familiar?)

          In spite of all the legislative action and controls implemented, you have to remember that there are whole villages whose history for hundreds of years has been fine blade crafting (much as Solingen, Germany has been a center of knife forging in Europe for generations). Making a serviceable blade is not rocket science…all of their legal / societal efforts will probably not yield much in the reduction of edged crime.

  9. I once again ardently endorse “Dial 911 and Die: The Shocking Truth About The Police Protection Myth” (1999) by Richard W. Stevens. This book debunks the myths, failures, and fallacies of not only police response time and protection, but likewise restraining orders, and considerably more. The courts and
    judiciary have consistently ruled, “local law enforcement has no legal or duty to provide security and armed protection to individuals, but only to serve and protect the public at large.” Dial 911 and Die can be obtained via JPFO, Inc. at JPFO, Inc. is “America’s Aggressive Civil Rights Organization”
    and is non-NRA affliated. It can likewise be viewed online at You Tube. In conclusion a .38 caliber revolver: .38 Special or .357 Magnum, or any handgun for that matter, and preferably supplemented with a shotgun, remains the most affordable, economical, practical “self defense/house protection/concealed carry” and homeland security/life insurance policy for the average free thinking citizen!

    James A. “Jim” Farmer
    Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)
    Long Live The State of Jefferson!

    • The Supreme Court nailed the door shut on this issue forever with the Castle Rock v. Gonzales in 2005.

      Ms. Gonzales had a court restraining order and subsequently modified restraining order giving her ex-husband limited visitation schedule/restrictions for the couple’s three daughters. Said ex-husband came to Ms.Gonzales’ residence when she was out, and took the three daughters without prior notification of visitation, per the requirements of the RO.

      When her ex-husband failed to return her children after a phone call, Ms. Gonzales called the police – three times – trying to get them to enforce the. The police kept stalling and deferring Ms. Gonzales until Mr. Gonzales showed up at the Castle Rock PD’s police station with a handgun, opening fire at the police. The police responded and killed him. Upon investigation, the police found that the three daughters had already been shot dead in his pickup truck.

      The SCOTUS found that Ms. Gonzales had “no enforceable property right” in a restraining order. Translation from the legal jargon/gibberish: A court order isn’t worth the paper it is printed upon when you need it to have force, only when the police decide it is worth their time and effort to do something about the court order.

  10. Once again….

    Things like this don’t happen to good people in good neighborhoods. People who live in bad neighborhoods deserve whatever happens to them. Anti-gunners live in fantasy, where they believe being good in a good place should protect them from bad things. They don’t want people with guns (read “all legal gun owners”) in their good neighborhoods.

    If you are a good person, in a good neighborhood, you don’t need a gun because police will come along and deal with the random drunk. Since guns are bad, people who own them are bad, and good people in good neighborhoods don’t want bad people living there to screw things up. Taking advice from bad people (the home invaders in the article) is just not rational.

    • Sam

      This thinking assumes that the product redistribution person doesn’t “borrow” a car before he starts work.

      I’ve had numerous conversations (while quoting for alarm/cctv) after a robbery with people who said I thought this was a good area. I usually politely said “yes that’s why they come here to steal”

      • ” “yes that’s why they come here to steal” ”

        Great line; gonna save it, and use it accordingly.

  11. if there is a woman/girl who is sexually abused by one of these ‘cultural enrichers’ during a home invasion, it is a basically a dog whistle for any media coverage of the attack to be brief and forgotten quickly.

  12. The way these gunm controllers see things a person would figure to stop home invasions just ban homes

    • Dang Possum! I hadta clean the coffee I sprayed all over my keyboard and monitor! The wife thought I was choking to death till I caught my breath and started laughing….

      • “Can’t be the victim of a home invasion of you don’t have a home!”

        I think that falls under the heading of common sense dwelling laws.

    • Yeah but then you’ve got yurt invasions and pretty soon there’s talk of Mongolian hordes.

      While that talk is racist the horde is definitely part of the patriarchy. So, we have to get out the victim hierarchy chart. Now we’re consulting a chart about hierarchy which is another form of oppression but which simultaneously informs us that a female POC ranks high but transgenders are actually higher.

      So, eventually either a yurt invader or a yurt defender who happens to be a POC loses their wang in an altercation and becomes a trans-woman POC and at that point they, having attained the pinnacle of victimhood can be the arbitrator of this home issue. …Right before we all stone them to death for being at the top of a hierarchical chart for victim status because they’re using it to oppress us and dat patriarchy and shit.

      Besides, moving to a tent or yurt is cultural appropriation anyway.

      So, just to be safe obviously everyone needs to move to San Francisco and stake out a spot on the sidewalk as a latrine. Until we get our arbiter, which we won’t now get for lack of yurts. Fortunately there’s a bunch of hookers on Colfax Ave in Aurora who are already trans-woman POCs and they’ll figure this out for us. Prolly only charge a couple tiners of meth too, so it’s a good deal.

      • “Fortunately there’s a bunch of hookers on Colfax Ave in Aurora…”

        Boy do I remember East Colfax back in the 70s/80s. Only travel in daylight, and only so far as I-25 to Fitzsimons Army Hospital at night. Guessing the street has not yet been gentrified.

        • Fitz is actually the area I’m thinking of, Peoria and Colfax. Home of the Zephyr Lounge, Mon Chalet, a block from the James Holmes apartment/tourist attraction. Not super uncommon to have a jurisdictional pissing match over a shooting because the border of Adams and Arapahoe counties runs smack down the center of Colfax at that point so I’ve watched the cops argue over who’s case a shooting was in terms of “It’s not out case, it’s yours!”.

          Used to live about a five minute walk from there. Good times. Though, to be fair, it was a serious upgrade from my prior residence.

          • “…I’ve watched the cops argue over who’s case a shooting was in terms of “It’s not out case, it’s yours!”. ”

            Classic, just classic. I can see Buford Pusser and Buford T. Justice, face-to-face across the centerline of Colfax.

        • That’s the actual reason I use the word when discussing easily portable domiciles. Just like the way it sounds.

          Plus it makes me sound like, all educated and worldly.

          Tent is good for certain jokes though. Like “Damn, that should have happened at a camp site. It was intents!”.

  13. Some great comments here. Glad I didn’t stop reading after the first group of comments all intended to be funny or sarcastic. I wish the comedian wannabes would stay away, they aren’t funny at all, and the sarcasm is just stupid mouth drizzle. Great comments otherwise. Always enjoy this page for good news and views.

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