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Unsurprisingly, given the politically polarized nature of gun ownership in this country (although that is changing) the Biden administration sees an opportunity to please supporters and sting opponents by tightening rules that allow for home-constructed firearms free of bureaucratic impediments. Specifically, 80 percent receivers and anything that can “readily be converted” to shoot according to extremely subjective criteria may soon be regulated as firearms. 

But even vague rules have limits. The proposed revisions allow that an object must be “clearly identifiable as an unfinished component part of a weapon” to be subject to regulation and that “frame or receiver molds that can accept metal or polymer, unformed blocks of metal, and other articles only in a primordial state would not—without more—be considered a ‘partially complete’ frame or receiver.”

It’s easy to envision an expanded market for jigs and tools that help hobbyists transform bricks of aluminum and polymer into finished receivers. And let’s not forget that my great uncle made rifles long before you could buy 80 percent receivers on the internet.

My son eagerly anticipates the answer he’ll offer to the inevitable “what did you do this summer?” questions at school. As for me, I’m more prepared than ever to rebut control freaks’ demands for tighter restrictions on everything. “Doesn’t matter. We’ll build our own.”

— J.D. Tuccille in Building Your Own Rifle Is the Perfect Family Project


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  1. Telling the class that you built an AR15 over the summer is a good way to become “that kid” at school. You never reveal things like this to “educators” or the other kids at school, because they will always twist what you say or do.

    • I’m forced to agree. I could see in certain areas, such a claim could even lead to a visit from DCS and/or the boys in blue thanks to some overzealous principal.

      I mean, I definitely think building an AR would be a neat project for a dad (or mom) and their kid(s) to do over the Summer. Great way to introduce someone not only to firearms, but also teach basic mechanical skills and tool use. Just tell the kids at school you made a bird feeder 🙂

      • Yes, thats a concern when it comes to kids being involved in building guns and its nothing new. DCS, with the cops, will visit a home in a heart beat if they are prompted by the school after the kid says he//she built a gun with dad during the summer.

        We had a kid here, two years ago, that with his dad on a father-son project put together a couple of AR-15’s over summer vacation. The kid bought pictures of the builds to school when school started up again because the teacher wanted them to show what they did during summer vacation. When the kid pulled the pictures out and said “I built some guns with my dad” and started talking about them the teacher shut it down, took him to the principals office and the principal called the parents who came to pick the kid up. But that also, by an interpretation of their “rules”, called the school board who called DCS who then showed up at the home with the sheriff and said they believed the child was being endangered because they were being taught how to build guns. They said they were going to take the child into custody for his “safety”. The parents simply look them in the eye and said “no, leave now”. DCS demanded the sheriff deputies arrest the parents and secure the child, the deputies called a supervisor to come by and the supervisor told DCS to go away and leave the people alone. DCS dropped it.

        Turns out that one of the duties of a sheriff is also to protect the rights of citizens not just enforce the law.

        A kid today, in school or related to school, can’t even mention any legitimate gun related activity (e.g. target shooting on a range, hunting, attending gun safety classes… etc) or even a gun its self in some areas of the country – the kid and the parents would be persecuted.

        Then there was this persecuted kid > https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/richland-zoom-class-interrupted-when-10-year-old-student-displays-a-gun/ar-BB19k5AS

        • Whether it’s Black Skin or Black Rifles there is history that shows seeing Black sets some people off. Black Rifle? Hang it, smash it, ban it, kill it anyway you can. Black Skin? Beat it, Kick it, Lynch it. Kill it anyway you can. Coincidence? Hardly. It all stems from somewhere.

          It all stems from something called bigotry, discrimination and ignorance. Ignorance that is not to be tolerated or accommodated on the behalf of educators who among their ranks are pedophiles, child molesters, etc.

          Every now and then one of them will get caught with their pants down. And you can bet the farm there are much more where the perp came from. The last thing a child molester teacher with their pants down wants to see is a Mom or Dad holding a Black Rifle.

        • Back about 20 years ago,, my middle son got a summer vacation assignment to have ready for 6th grade, as they would all have the same teacher… “What would you do with a Million dollars”. As my youngest brother was building a roadracing motorcycle in my 2nd garage, my son took that on as his project, videoing and making copies of invoices, etc. and closed his video with him dressed in my brothers (obviously) too large leathers and helmet, then the video cut to my brother riding off at the next track session in an impressive wheelie. Upon watching the video with the rest of the class when school started up again in the fall, my wife and I were called to a meeting with the teacher and principle to “discuss” the reckless behavior of us as parents to allow that, and how “we” should proceed. My wife asked if they really thought that was my son in the video, and not all fantasy assignments like this have to be altruistic. When they asked for my thoughts, I responded “I think we’re done here, fuck you very much for your concern”…. I’d sure hate to see what kind of hornet’s nest that would stir up these days ! Oh yeah, my son got like a ” C ” grade, we told him he was ripped off, but he thought for a second or two and said ” it was worth it, Dad “.

    • And you’ll immediately get on a priority shit list as a potential anti-G white supremacist(even if you’re not white) domestic armed terrorist that will move you to the top of the most dangerous ‘prohibited persons roster when the most aggressive illegal confiscations commence after the current Beta testing in Cal, Ill, NY this year gets them in tactical practice (remember Jade Helm), so you will be one of the first to receive the 4/am no-knock flash-bang good morning kiss if they get to keep their majority in the House and Senate next year when they go to full blast ‘prohibited persons ‘actions’?
      That’s if they don’t do a child services audit on you or just red flag you for potential child endangerment, and illegally confiscate your guns that way?

      While it can basically be a good idea because you can also teach safety and proper respect for firearms at the same time, in these Marxist times we now live in It’s a waste of precious freedom time. it’s more important right now to concentrate all efforts/resources on direct legal challenges to their blatant rights deprivations and Infringement violations and then defeat them at the polls. Instead, start teaching your children what that means politically for their future if they ever want to continue to have their right to make their own private firearms. And explain to them how to see through the school system’s indoctrination agenda, if it’s not too late…before they get braib3nwshed out of your control and beyond recovery.

    • My son is 30 now but was in 3rd grade when I was stationed at Ft Gordon and we lived off base. One day a police officer was talking to the kids in the class and my son told the officer I let him shoot one of my pistols (it was a Colt 1911 with a .22 conversion unit). The police officer asked my son if he was a good shot and my son told him he hit the target every time. The police officer told my son he should become a cop.

    • Up here in North Idaho that would probably be a non-issue; the kid’s friends would just add him some more cool points. This area seems like its insulated from much of the crazy going on in the rest of the country.

      • Plumbum….enjoy it while you can….with the huge influx of Kalifornian, Oregonian and Washitonians invading our state, it won’t be long before beautiful Idaho becomes a mini-Kalifornia.

        Don’t believe me? Look at how the Coeur d’Alene area has changed in the last 20 or 30 years……

    • Much more importantly, What’s the current status of the Florida Kristopher Justin Erwin ‘auto key card’ raid, asset seizure, and no-bond arrest? This is an extremely critical case that could end all the illegal agency fiat firearms ‘rules designations’ trying to pass themselves off as laws and making it a felony just to own a single part that is in no way an illegal firearm by legal definition but can still be designated and enforced as such by the subjective ‘discretion’ of the enforcement agency!
      Last we heard was Erwin told the judge he wanted a trial and then three months later they convened a Grand Jury hearing, and now …’crickets’ ?

  2. Just like with computers, building is better than buying. It’s really that people often lack the time, skills, or resources with which to devote to the activity. But there is no reason to think that an 80% lower receiver is required.

    • My 4 grown son’s don’t care about guns. My ex-army war hero son is the worst kind of fudd. ” No guns in my home to protect my wife and daughter’s”. I’m more likely to put a gat together with a friend…

      • I had similar conversations with my father and brother. Both think the cops are evil and they complain about “white supremacy”. But they don’t want me or anyone but the government to have guns??? And both are afraid that I’m teaching my adult daughter about them. She likes shooting my AR15!!

      • @FWW
        Some vets are like that, some aren’t.
        And you can never tell which way the children may choose later on.
        Ive always thought that weman should be well armed and well trained in the use of firegunms. More so then men.
        If I was a woman I think I could get over , ” The dead S O B tried to rape me ” then getting over being raped. And that’s just one scenario where an equalizer comes in handy.

  3. Had an guy over running an excavator over for a long and expensive couple of days. When I came back from the range he mentioned he wanted to learn to shoot. So, I taught him to shoot. He mentioned a friend of his made his own gun, with astonishment. Later that day, that same dude made his own gun too. Happy dude.

      • Anybody willing to sit in a caliche pit in this weather for two days straight digging deserves all the help you can get.

        • You were able to DIG it? A long time back to pay for college, I used to haul the stuff from New Mexico to North Dakota by semi ( if I recall, they need it for suger beet refining)… the shit looked like torn up concrete, I figured they must have had to blast it out of the ground

  4. Wow. So much, from my POV, bitching and moaning about this article. 2 years ago my 7 year old and I built my wife an AR15 for Christmas. It was one of the coolest things I’ve done with the boy.

    And if DCS or the boys in blue show up, they will get my middle finger. I’ve also rebuilt car parts with the kid, washing machines, dryers, etc… My fatherly duty will not be impaired by fear of him saying something to somebody. And he is a dyed in the wool loving American already. Take a kid to Tijuana, or to feed the homeless, or introduce them to other Americans that immigrated here and made a good life for themselves, and you’ll end up with a damn good kid, that appreciates living here.

    In the good ole kommiefornia, my son has a camo army school backpack. When he asked about my Gadsden Flag in the garage, and we researched the history, he asked if he could have one for his backpack. He has been carrying that to school for 2 years.

    I tell my kids truth, and they have the option to believe or do own research.

    I will not live in fear.

  5. Sorry, everyone doesn’t want an AR-15. Building a gun just to act as defiance to government is wasting money and overall meaningless. Just because the military runs around shooting sissy bullets doesn’t mean everyone needs or wants to.

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