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Some of you may have noticed that we already announced the S&W M&P10 Sport as the Reader’s Choice Best New Rifle of 2017. The Reader’s Choice awards is where you, the readers, are given the chance to vote on what you think is the best new thing to come out this year. We don’t put our thumb on the scale; we each get one vote just like y’all and let the chips fall where they may.

But TTAG’s Editors still get together and choose a new product — gun or gear — that stood out to us as the best of the year. For 2017, we’ve chosen The Fix by Q.

While the AR-15 and similar firearms made great leaps forward in terms of becoming more user friendly and customizable, the bolt action rifle hasn’t seen the same benefit. Some manufacturers have produced high-end firearms that can change barrels and calibers quickly, but they were priced well out of the market for the average gun owner. And they’re generally quite heavy.

Kevin Brittingham set out to change that, updating the age old bolt action rifle design to incorporate the latest technology and create “the Remington 700 for the 21st century.”

From where I’m sitting he seems to have hit a home run with The Fix. Not only can barrels be changed quickly and easily, but the thing is insanely lightweight (bare chassis is 2.14 lbs, 16″ .308 complete rifle is 6 lbs) and reliable with one of the shortest bolt throws out there. And extremely accurate, to boot. The video above has Kevin going through all the best selling points — watch it and tell me whether you can keep your credit card in your pocket by the end.

Q’s marketing goes straight for the throat. Especially on Instagram. In the photo above, a bare RPR weighs in at 10 lbs against The Fix outfitted with Atlas bipod, Q’s Trash Panda suppressor, and EOTech Vudu scope and rings at 9 lbs, 14 ounces.

MSRP on The Fix is $2,999.

We look forward to seeing great things for The Fix by Q.

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  1. Love it.

    But pretty sure I can keep my credit card secure at $3k starting price.

    If the law stated I could only own ONE rifle, maybe.

  2. Solid pass. Still don’t see the value. For comparison, Larue PredatAR is just a bit more expensive, but weighs, even outfitted, about the same, shoots 3/4MOA or better, swaps calibers with the change of two pins, and goes bang bang when you pull the trigger twice.

    • Nevermind, PredatAR is actually less expensive.
      For me to care about a bolt gun at this price it has to be gorgeous or shoot sub .5MOA all day long. Even then, it would be a hard sell in a short action caliber.

  3. But can I buy just the receiver for $1000 or so, so I can avoid paying sales tax on the whole gun? Or do I have to drive down to Oregon to get one?

  4. $3k is too much. If Brittingham wants to make a splash in the market, then he needs to work on that.
    Would love to see a Fix in 224 Valkyrie.

  5. So when do we get a review of this gun, including group sizes at various ranges in .308 and 6.5 CM?
    If you do a review, see if the engineers have come up with any great handload recipes, and include some of that ammo as well, since custom handloaded ammo tends to perform better for most guns.

  6. It looks great. The claim about the design improving beyond AR accuracy sounds plausible. I like the pistol influence, too.

    Still, I don’t do bench rest long distance shooting and I don’t use any of these calibers. Not being in their target demographic, that just leaves novelty value for me, which unfortunately does not break four figures, let alone gets as high as $3K.

    It may be a fix, but just not for any problems I encounter.

  7. I don’t get it. At that price you can buy a Savage 10 BA Stealth in each of the three calibers Savage offers. AND get it in left hand format.

  8. The article says, “Some manufacturers have produced high-end firearms that can change barrels and calibers quickly, but they were priced well out of the market for the average gun owner.”
    I was expecting something in three figures, but then the article says this is $2,999.
    So, you think $3K for one gun is within the price range “for the average gun owner”?
    I could by SEVEN Ruger American rifles or T/C Compass rifles for that price, one each in SEVEN different calibers, and they’d probably be just as accurate.
    Or if I insisted on getting a bolt-action rifle that looked like an AR-15, I could buy a Ruger Precision Rifle for half that price.

    • This argument seems to come around pretty often.

      Perhaps I am not as much of an average middle to low class income as I thought.
      If “most” gun owners consider dropping $3K on a rifle an average purchase, then I fall far below the spectrum.

      Or is it that the writers of these articles make so much money they have become detached from the average gun buyer?
      Around me, almost every household struggles to justify the purchase of a $600 pistol as their first firearm and home protection device.
      Seems to me that If it takes you a few years to justify spending $600 on personal defense, then $3k plinking toys are out of your thoughts.

  9. In an age when we often bemoan the lack of innovation in the firearms world, this design resets the clock. This rifle checks a lot of boxes for me.

    To get any other commercial rifle to do the same things will end up costing more than the out-the-door price for this. It folds up to ~25″, is lighter than nearly any other rifle on the market, produces high accuracy, is capable of accepting a wide variety of accessories, offers an excellent trigger right out of the box, easily user serviceable with common tools, feeds from various capacities of PMAG and is USA made. The Fix has all the hallmarks of a nearly ideal truck, bush plane or general purpose rifle. I have been waiting for this rifle design for well over a decade.

    It is true that buying this rifle will soak most of a months wage for me, but I look at the other very specialized rifles that this will replace in my rack and realize it will be nearly neutral in cost at the end of the day.

    I will certainly be rewarding the innovative minds that created this by buying one of these rifles.


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