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(CT firearms registrtion (courtesy

“A Warren [Connecticut] man who lied about owning an assault rifle that police found while investigating a disturbance in September was arraigned Monday in Bantam Superior Court, where he was set free on a promise to appear again and not possess any weapons,” reports. “Mark Huber, 55, is accused of illegal possession of a large magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition, illegal possession of an assault rifle, and interfering with police.” It appears that this isn’t Mr. Huber’s first brush with the law. Back in 2012, reported . . .

NEW MILFORD — A 52-year-old Warren man was arrested on Dec. 20 for allegedly attempting to fill two forged prescriptions at Rite Aid pharmacy on Danbury Road.

Mark Huber, of Birch Drive, Warren was arrested at about 5:40 p.m. on Dec. 20, after officers responded to a call from the pharmacy.

Police said that, according to the pharmacy, the doctor whose name was listed on the prescriptions said they were forged.

On processing Huber, New Milford police said, they learned that Connecticut State Police from Troop L in Litchfield were holding two warrants for him on similar charges.

The final disposition of that case is unknown. In the latest arrest, Huber was released with a promise to appear. Regardless, this is the first case I’ve encountered where Constitution State cops arrested a citizen for failing to register his “assault rifle(s)” and “high-capacity” magazine. The first of many? Watch this space . . .

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  1. FUCT – you are a piss ant little state and it’ll be easy to kill or enslave you after the next civil war, but you need a fence worse then mexicrap.

    • on this date in 1773, some other Americans threw tea in a harbor to ostensibly protest a 3% ‘tax’. They got rid of a king, and killed a lot of king fans in NY and CT.

      We can’t seem to breed your sh_t out, hmm.

    • You’d be surprised how many like minded individuals reside in CT, unfortunately our voices arnt heard and not all of us can afford to leave the lives we have established here behind.

      • FWIW – keep in mind that street gangs and other criminals manage to keep their guns hidden with almost complete success. You, presumably, have the advantage of always being on the right side of the law so there is no reason for police to search and “discover” your “forbidden” gun. OTH – you might want to think about complying with the ridiculous law since its obvious you can’t just pull up and move out of the state. With Democrats in control, it’s unlikely you’ll see this change unless and until they can be voted out of office. Good luck you have our sympathyl

      • So, the “it’s not me, it’s not we, it’s not us” is ok to make it my problem. Fix your sh_t CT, the “liberal/progressive” crap is communism, that sh_t is cyclical, it gets beaten down, then thrives in what replaces it, then rushes in to play me-too and collect the spoils.

    • Fuct indeed. I’m leaving this craphole for Bama next year. I’ll drop claymores on the way down to prevent any liberal zombies from following.

      • Come on down to Alabama Joe, we are always looking for a few good men and like minded individuals. However, you need to be aware that most of us do have teeth, don’t wear beater shirts, and a large number have a college degree, contrary to how we are depicted. Yes, you can find the country bumpkins often portrayed, and yes some are ignorant jerks. Others may not be so highly educated but are very friendly, neighborly and good people. We are not without our problems, but overall blacks and whites do get along fine contrary to the public portrayal. Alabamians are very resilient, the majority are laid back, but don’t discount their mild manner. When threatened or mistreated they can go from 0 to 90 in a millisecond, and you count on strong fists and firearms getting involved. The only problems with Alabamians are those being created by the liberals who are moving in. They will find however, that Alabama’s motto of “We dare defend our rights” should have ‘with our firearms’ added. All we ask is for you to respect your neighbor, and practice gun safety with your guns. When you offer respect, you receive respect. Some areas are worse than others. As for job opportunities, good buys on housing, modern amenities and fairly decent people I would suggest Shelby County, just stay away from the HWY 280 area, its like a California HWY population stuck in a 4 lane road system and no room to grow the road. Huntsville and the mobile area are also growing jobs, but the crime stats are higher. Don’t blame you Joe, time to be ‘Bama bound. Good luck.

  2. Or the first bit of proof the state isn’t going out looking for trouble unless you are?

    Either way, the law is sh!t and just about the whole of the legislature and executive branch can get f’d.

    • Don’t forget the a-hole voters that put them there. Make certain your hate isn’t diluted by the excessive number of hate-targets.

      it’s an evil pile of liberal blue state sh_t. Guns ain’t the only problem with these a-holes, they’re broken all the way around.

        • Sh_t ain’t mine, and if my state leans that way, I’ll lean back.

          You’d hope that, someone pissed off enough about it would bother to sort out who really did vote for him, and other communistic (D) heads like Schumer, before they went carpet bombing, but I don’t speak for them or their patience.

          Ignore the PSA’s all you want.

  3. So, the cop boosters who periodically explain how confiscation won’t work because rank & file police will refuse to obey unconstitutional laws: who was it who arrested this guy? Garbage men?

    • They didn’t arrest him because of the guns, the guns were just a ‘bonus’ charge. And that is the major problem with these kinds of laws… they don’t have to take your guns but if they arrest you for something else and -then- find the guns, woohoo! we’ve got ourselves a criminal mastermind! Break out the media alerts we’ve got one!

      • Got a relative on the LAPD and asked him about the standard capacity magazine ban. He only enforces it against gang bangers as an add on since DAs drop most charges in the plea deal phase. Frustrating for him as often gun charges get dropped and less serious charges are the final outcome. If he finds them in connection with anyone else– he just assumes they’re pre-1989 no looking further into it.

        As an aside I also talked to him about body-cameras. He’s neutral other than he sees it as taking away any latitude in dealing with folks on the street since all the tape is reviewed. Him and his buds are more afraid of getting hassled for admin second guessing over letting a guy walk for info, or just giving a warning vice an arrest or a ticket that worries over it being evidence against them in misuse of force cases. He leave his on all the time, even when taking a dump- concern that he’ll forget to turn it back on and then something serious will happen.

        • Just curious; Given the extremely low cost these days, does he keep his own copy of every day? I think I would want at least a year.

        • “…since all the tape is reviewed.”

          Surely not, unless they’ve doubled the size of their department, with half of their manpower dedicated to just watching the tapes. I would think that very little would get reviewed unless there’s reason to – someone files a complaint, or there’s gunplay, something like that.

      • Actually, it sounds like they did arrest him just because of the guns. The fake prescription stuff was a separate incident three years ago. This time around, they were “investigating a disturbance” and found the unregistered gun. The only charges I see in this incident seem to be related to the gun and magazines.

        I’d be interested to know how they found the gun. Did they get a search warrant based on the “disturbance”? Or did the guy just have his unregistered rifle out in plain sight when the cops showed up?

        • if he’s abusing drugs, then yes, it’s entirely possible his gun was out in plain site.

          I had a co-worker that was dealing and using drugs. He got a little to loopy and was running around outside his apartment in the public area in his underwear and acting weirder than usual. The cops showed up and as they were talking to him he decided he’d like to get his clothes on. He let 2 cops escort him back into his apartment and there were scales, drugs and all sorts of stuff right in plain sight.

          You really can’t fix stupid.

    • Amazingly, people actually believe cops will suddenly develop a conscience and refuse to enforce gun confiscation even though they’ve been gleefully enforcing the drug war and stealing property via civil forfeiture without losing any sleep.

      • Why wouldn’t the cops gleefully take property, to sell at auction, and confiscate drug money? It only helps them; guns, gear, and pension programs don’t pay for themselves. It’s not about doing the right thing, it’s about keeping the machine fueled.

      • I believe cops will suddenly develop a conscience when they suddenly find they are being shot and killed. A million cops will become believers when 100-250 are killed in a week enforcing laws which are clearly unconstitutional.

    • Perhaps. But, a police officer can arrest somebody for one charge, and the DA’s office can file additional charges or completely different charges. Many people who work in a DA’s office have political aspirations, and they typically bring their political loyalty with them to the job.

    • Most police are robots and afraid of a law suite. I have said the gun owner would shoot the police who came to take their guns. It seems in this case I was wrong.
      This cop was not an oath keeper.

    • By what moral authority does the government have the right to demand a prescription in order for a man to purchase medicine to put into his own body? It’s almost as bad as demanding a licence to own and carry a firearm.

      Now, to be fair, even in my mind he should still be prosecuted for the forgery itself. He’s using another person’s name in an official, professional capacity without their approval. That’s not cool. The illegal prescription, however, I’m not immediately convinced.

      • I ask that first question every time I order glasses or contacts and MUST show a Rx. You know. All those abusers out there and what not.
        The liberals and the old republican church ladies are the ruin of this country.

        • “Must show a Rx”
          Seriously? Is that a state thing? I order mine online and just put the numbers into the form. Never had to show a Rx for glasses or contacts.

    • Which meds, and why, he was trying to get them was, conveniently enough, not mentioned…

      I had dental surgery when I was younger, and the dentist refused to give me pain killers because,” he didn’t believe in pain medicine…”

      There are dbags doctors in the world. And there will be lots more in the future thanks to Obamacare.

      • Unless he was a long time drug abuser,I seriously doubt he would even know how to forge a script. As far as the medicine is concerned,I can’t recall the last time I heard about someone forging a script for blood pressure meds.

  4. So here’s the technical point(s): Was he convicted of any of the forged prescription charges? Were those convictions of a nature that would have precluded him (unconstitutionally) from owning or purchasing firearms? If he was a “prohibited person” then he cannot be charged for not registering his “illegal” assault weapon as that would have been a violation of his Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination. Q.E.D.

    Flaws in this argument?

    • If I am not mistaken, you cannot purchase firearms even if you are under indictment for a felony awaiting your day in court. If you cannot purchase firearms, does that mean you are a “prohibited person” and cannot therefore own any firearms, either? If that is true, then yes registration laws would not apply to Mr. Huber because it would require self-incrimination in violation of the Fifth Amendment.

      • I like your logic and argument. But their logic is full of phalacies and paradoxes. I don’t think we can point to the 5th amendment in protection of the 2nd amendment.

        • We can, and SCOTUS did in US Vs. Haynes (1968). It was an 8:1 decision stating exactly what’s suggested above:

          We hold that a proper claim of the constitutional privilege against self-incrimination provides a full defense to prosecutions either for failure to register a firearm under sec.5841 or for possession of an unregistered firearm under sec.5851

    • The argument, no.

      However he’s then a felon in possession and I’m not sure, if I had to choose, which set of lawbooks I’d rather be on a collision course with.

      • So then, from a legal standpoint, you could charge him with the unconstitutional “felon in possession” charge (“…shall not be infringed.”), but you could not charge him with the “Failure to register an illegal weapon” charge since that would be unconstitutional? Seems to be a disconnect in there somewhere.

  5. Best take: “watch this space”. Cops arresting someone will charge pretty much everything they can at the moment. No surprise they availed themselves of the registry law, and no real indication about how enthusiastically it will be enforced.

  6. Police lie, plant evidence and extort confessions. As a result of being caught, many thousands — yes, thousands — of convictions all over the country have been overturned. It kinda takes all the fun out of Protecting and Serving when cops can’t protect and serve thousands of people right into the joint for stuff they didn’t do.

    With this law on the books, cops may not have to prostitute themselves quite as often or so badly. I guess that we’re supposed to be grateful.

  7. “he was set free on a promise to appear again and not possess any weapons”
    I bet we could get him to promise not to use firearms for illegal purposes instead…too.

  8. A Warren [Connecticut] man who lied about owning an assault rifle that police found while investigating a disturbance in September was arraigned Monday in Bantam Superior Court, where he was set free on a promise to appear again and not possess any weapons,

    What I want to know is how did “investigating a disturbance” lead to a search of someones residence?

  9. Yeah not a poster boy for 2A, as mentioned. I am so glad not to live in that shithole of a state. Why are so many of the original 13 such douches? Wouldn’t the Marlin family or Oliver Winchester be rolling over in their graves at such atrocities?

    • As far as I know neither Marlin nor Winchester makes AR-pattern rifles, although a lever-action version might be legal in states that otherwise ban SBRs.

    • “Why are so many of the original 13 such douches? ”

      They are the minority- New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland. It is because they have liberal, leftist super-majorities that outvote the sane parts of their respective states.

      Rhode Island and Delaware are in the middle.

      New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia are the majority and are just fine.

    • “Yeah not a poster boy for 2A, as mentioned. “

      You’ve really got to let this “poster boy” nonsense go.

      Many “poster boys” for contemporary, accepted cases that limit the push of government into Constitutional Rights of individuals would fail your “poster boy” test.

      Check out Miranda’s background some time…arguably one of the most important court decisions limiting self incrimination and violations of right to counsel in the whole of American jurisprudence. Miranda was no saint.

      I hear Miller’s a fun one to examine, too. There are many such examples.

      This “poster boy” crap is a theoretical wet dream. We need to live in the real world and deal with real people getting their rights violated no matter who they are or what they may (or may not) have done elsewise.

      • Putting a face on an injustice is not nonsense. Shaneen Allen was one such perfect poster child.
        I get your point that all people no matter what lifestyle or problems or physical attributes they have are entitled to equal treatment, however, let’s get real here. We have to sway public opinion if we have any hope of restoring those rights that all are entitled to.
        “If it can happen to her, it can happen to anybody”. Things to make them say “Hmmm”.

        • The idea that we can even choose our “poster child” for important cases is a juvenile pipe dream…or, nonsense.

          We’ll take what case we can. The Constitutional Rights issue is completely separable from whatever else a person is, has been or has done. In matters of law, especially at the SCOTUS level, questions and issues are very specific.

          Conceding on this “poster boy” fantasy is one more example of acquiescence…that is, letting the anti’s set the stage. All they have to do is find what they can to discredit whatever case moves forward through the courts.

        • Our fight isn’t with the hard-core antis. That’s a lost cause. Of course they will try to discredit anyone who we throw out there as a victim of tyrant. That’s why I say choose people or groups of people that the average fence straddler or uninformed voter can identify with, then publicize it to no end.
          Katrina victims who were disarmed is another perfect example.

  10. 50 years or so ago, my family visited a distant relative who lived on a farm in Conn. We lived in a very urban area in NJ at the time, and my family had no guns. This older gentleman had an old Marlin bolt action.22, and taught me how to shoot. That Summer afternoon back in the 60’s will always be one of my fondest memories.
    What a shame that the liberals have destroyed freedom there. Isn’t their motto “The Constitution State”???

  11. “was running around outside his apartment in the public area in his underwear and acting weirder than usual.”

    Yeah there are some places in this world where running around in your underwear is fairly common practice:) You got to tack on some addition weirdness to raise public ire.

  12. Those guys standing in line are so very brave and strong. Some of them arent even wearing hats and its raining!

    The original Minutemen would be so proud of these civic minded law abiding fellows. From my cold dead hands! (Unless they pass a law. Gotta follow the law.)


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