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“Three bills aimed at controlling gun violence gained final legislative approval in the state Assembly today, making them the first of what is expected to be a big batch of gun control legislation to land on Gov. Chris Christie’s desk.” Controlling gun violence. You gotta love Or not. If you live in the Garden State and love your natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, you’re not going to be well pleased with this tyrannical trifecta. Read ’em and weep . . .

“The bills would give owners of illegal guns 180 days to dispose of them (A3796); create a task force to study ways to improve schools security (A3583); and establish uniform standards [for law enforcement officials] to report lost, stolen and discarded guns (A3797).

“Illegal guns” meaning anything black and scary (a.k.a., “assault weapons.”). Theschool security task force is examining “using biometric, retina, or other advanced recognition systems for authorized entrance into school buildings.” The “uniform standards” include test firing all recovered guns—a huge waste of taxpayer funds.

Anyway, Republican Governor Christie has 45 days to piss or get off the pot. With more civilian disarmament legislation heading down the [New Jersey turn]pike, the aspiring POTUS may sign these three “moderate” gun ban bills, hoping that the big kahuna (a bill dropping magazine capacity from 15 to ten) doesn’t make it to his office.

If it does, and he’s signed these measures, Christie can say to the legislature, what do you want, blood? There’s a pound of flesh joke in there somewhere . . .

Oh and a big shout-out to again for continuing the mainstream media tradition of not linking to the actual bills in their coverage. Anything Big Press can do to remain the gatekeepers of public information they do.

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  1. Also, there is no “pocket-veto” in NJ. He can sign them, veto them, or pocket them (which is like signing them without signing them but they become law after 45 days)

    • Thanks, that was my first thought, or question.

      Line item veto?
      Guess I’ll check google.

    • When he lets them become law (actively or passively), he can kiss the presidency goodbye.

      Then again, he probably already did that after Sandy, so meh.

      • If the GOP primary voters choose yet another liberal as the nominee in 2016, we are truly doomed.

      • You must not be aware of the sort of spread they lay out at the WH, three times every day. Christie WANTS the job. YOU HAD BETTER BELIEVE HE WANTS IT.

        I’m sure the governor’s mansion can lay out the grub… but we’re talking about the WHITE HOUSE!

        • I’ll have you KNOW… as obviously you are ignorant.. That Governor Christie does NOT live in the Governor’s Mansion. He lives in his house with his wife and kids.
          The Governor’s Mansion, which is also a public museum, get’s used for various types of events.. but so sorry to disillusion you.
          Also, you may be hot on 2016 but WE have our elections in Jersey THIS year.. Governor and all 120 legislative seats. If you want to be helpful then contribute to our Jersey efforts.. Gloucester County has the big fight… Sweeney..

      • Probably out of the question regardless. He’s not the candidate America needs. I was strongly against Obama, but even I was cracking jokes about “Yeah for half-measures in 2012.” Give us REAL change toward restoration of constitutional law. I’m liking Rand Paul, even though I have serious reservations about some of his foreign policy stances. Damn, that was really off topic.

      • You were NUTS if you thought Obama wasn’t going to be reelected. That or stupid. He was still loved by everyone who elected him the first time and was an incumbent. Incumbents almost never lose

        • You are actually wrong.

          The trunout/vote for the Hottentot eunuch were down from 2008. Problem for the country is that the Rep candidate was a RINO and couldn’t even get as many voters to turnout as McCain. So lost.

          Unfortunately the RINOs running the RNC haven’t a clue and continue to listen to the “professionals (professional loosers)” as Karl Rove preach inclusion, moderation, and outreach. Singing Kumbaya, hold hands, passout greenbacks.

        • Yea and I hope all the TP folk and GOP who did NOT bother to go vote are real proud of themselves because it’s THEIR fault we have Obama again…
          Noting is dumber than the attitude “Waaaa, my candidate didn’t win the primary, so I’ll take my voting finger and go home and stuff it up my…..” Wow… that sure won us the election didn’t it… NOT!
          No matter WHICH candidate gets the VOTE of the PEOPLE in the primaries, my favorite or not, we have to WORK in the general to get the one who did elected.
          I’m a Newt fan myself, but come ON… can anyone say Obama makes a better president than Romney would? I think we wouldn’t have 4 dead in Bengazi, or the Justice department targeting the media.
          It’s high time we-the-people gain political maturity and not act like kids who didn’t get their way when primary battles don’t go your way. OR… we continue to loose, arguing who’s more conservative than the other guy.. and shooting at ALLIES… Not a wise battle strategy my friend.

  2. POTUS he may want to be, but he will never get it. He s#4t in his own milk on that one. He can’t secure the Repub nomination and Dems will never choose a Prog Repub over a Prog Dem. Enjoy NJ you worthless sack, cause that’s as far as you go.

  3. Is it not true New Jersey law mandates that any bill not actively vetoed by the governor automatically becomes law after 45 days ?

    If so,Christie can stand aside and say during a future presidential campaign that he never signed a single gun control bill-and he’d be technically correct.

    • If he is smart, he will veto the bill, have it go back and let the legislature vote it in.

      Then he would have some amount of credibility

      • What makes you think being anti-2A disqualifies one from being voted in as president. Our illustrious Dear Leader proves my point. How this is even debatable in light of clear facts is beyond my comprehension.

        • A Liberal (I use that word on purpose) would wear an anti-2A stance as a badge of honor, and it wouldn’t hinder him in the least – Exhibit A, “Our Illustrious Dead Leader.” For a Republican candidate, that would be a double-wamy. He wouldn’t get any Liberal voters to cross his way anyway, and he would lose his own base to boot. Just my 2 cents.

      • Then again, if he wasn’t a RINO, he wouldn’t
        just wait for these bills so he could posture
        but push to remove many of the totalitarian
        gun law NJ has.

        • Oh, I understand MN Matt. What you may not be able to answer is why would Christie run for President as a Republican?

        • Chuck… you are aware that the DEMOCRATS control the NJ Legislature I hope. Governor Christie can’t get HIS legislation past Sweeney/Oliver in senate and assembly.
          The latest Jersey Dem snit is Sweeney pulling ALL the republican bills… none will hit the floor. It’s called stalemate. WE NEED help to flip our legislature and we can do it with Christy in the election cycle….
          He could push forever and NEVER get anything past the Dem road block.. So he works on other things where he might be able to advance something sensible.
          You are saying he should go out posturing for a completely impossible lost cause… like.. Righhhhhttt, our Dem’s repealing gun laws…

          • There’s nothing impossible about persuading some of the Dems to clarify certain parts of the gun laws in NJ so that law-abiding owners aren’t thrown in jail on technicalities, which, as you surely know, has happened often enough. Clarifying the “reasonable deviation” part of the law governing transportation of firearms would have been a possible before the Newtown shooting. But Christie didn’t act on it. He’s never done a thing for gun owners (apart from commuting the sentence of Brian Aitken).

            In fact, come to think of it, Christie’s done hardly anything for any Republican cause. His campaign commercials brag about how spending on education has risen under his administration. His budgets are even bigger than those of his predecessor. He’s a blowhard who talks big and does little.

    • If he claimed that he would get destroyed. The bloom is off the rose. No way this guy gets the nomination. Even after he drops the 75+ pounds from the lap band.

      • The low information voters dont recognize the philosophical distinctions.Roe vs Wade and the abortion debate are ten times more relevant then any gun related topics unfortunately.Even gun owners don’t care about the issue; out of an estimated 70 million gun owners only 5 million are NRA members. Christie signing gun control in New Jersey 2 years before the election will have as much relevance as the handgun survey Obama took in IL as a senator-in other words none.

    • His name is Governor Christie, and we happen to be proud of what he’s been able to achieve having an opposition legislature. All well and good to praise a GOP Gov with a GOP Legislature for getting things done.. Not at all right to blame any GOP gov with a Dem opposition legislature for not being able to get dem’s to move on needed reforms.

  4. Good Lord Governor, hurry up and sign these bills so I can finalize my summer vacation plans for Newark. I will feel much safer.

  5. As the nation’s biggest RINO (in more way than one), I’m sure that Gov. Christie Creme can’t wait to sign these bills and many more.

  6. No gun grabber or grabber enabler will ever get my support for high office of any type!

  7. What illegal guns do we have to turn in in 180 days? Did they already ban guns? Why would they tell you to ditch illegal guns without telling you their new definition of illegal? I need to leave this state soon. I’m going to need a pry bar to drag my girlfriend out of here away from her family though

  8. “any person who has in his possession an assault firearm on the effective date of this act may retain possession of that firearm for a period of not more than 90 days after the effective date.”

    Is it just me, or does the language in section 2 of A3796 seem like a precursor to a full-on ban of sporting rifles? Crap…I move from one slave state (CA) to another (NJ). Maybe one day I’ll get to live somewhere where I am surrounded by like-minded individuals.

  9. HALT! The Retinal Scan Matrix (RETSCaM) has determined you are armed and forbidden entry to the EduZone! HALT!! HALT!!! STOP RIGHT THERE… HALT. ENTRY DENIED! HALT!!! HALT!!!!!……

    • we have resumed control……we have resumed control…………..we have resumed control………we have

  10. Teach your kids that only idiots stand under a chopper in “flight”. There has not yet been one built that wasn’t looking for a place/time to crash.

    At least the Johnie Rambos didn’t fall off their rope.

  11. And how much did the dog and pony show with the SWAT team cost? Does that come standard reply to any bill the president and his lap dog the governor really want to state as untouchable?

  12. How is he going to pay for this, “special task force?” This state is broke. I’ve come to despise this state I can’t wait to move to a free state in a few months. It took me over 2 weeks for a NICS check cause NJ likes to use their own system which I have to pay a fee for. NJ sucks.

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