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First they came for the ARs
and I didn’t speak out because I had other guns.

Then they came for the high capacity magazines,
and I didn’t speak out because I wanted to keep my guns.

Then they came for all semi-automatics,
and I didn’t speak out because I had a revolver.

Then they came for my revolver,
and I couldn’t speak out because I’d lost my ability to speak.

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  1. If the fascists were smart they’d make the big legislative push around the Super Bowl time. They might be able to get Japan style gun control through because most gun owners are boobs.

    • I’m always amazed at how many people believe that, because something already happened once in history, it won’t happen again.

      • i agree. i see it as if something has happened once in history, then it makes twice as likely to happen again because it has been proven possible.

  2. However, the Supreme Court has spoken – the government can’t do that. Just as there are limits to free speech, there must also be limits to the sale, possession, operation and storage of other dangerous tools, such as private planes, automobiles, and fireworks. Maybe guns, too.

    Besides, remember that we live in a privacy-free age. It’s not like the old days, when obtaining and correlating data was a problem: if you purchased any firearms, ammunition, reloading supplies, gun-related magazine subscriptions, etc. using a credit card – the computers know who you are. The government can easily find out the names and addresses of anyone posting to this blog through IP address records and network packet analysis.

    • You put a lot of faith in that 5-4 Supreme Court. Just one vote the other way…just one and the Second Amendment no longer exists in any practical way.

      I hope Justices Scalia, Roberts, Thomas, Kennedy, and Alito have really good health and personal security. I would really hate for anything bad to happen to any one of them. Remember, we are dealing with people who do things the “Chicago way”.

    • the government can find out about your purchases even WITHOUT a credit card.

      the only way is a private party sale…using the word of mouth (not cellphone and text) and cash.

    • Robert posted this because articles like that induce a sense of complacency. “Oh, it’ll never pass” and the like. The debate is still raging. Dianne Feinstein’s proposed bill hasn’t even been presented to Congress yet and people are already starting to get complacent. This post is a wake-up call that it’s too early (clearly) to stop paying attention.

      • Never relax. I’ve been in this fight since 68 and it’s the one thing I don’t ever plan on being finished. If I’ve done my job right my grandkids will teach their grandkids not to give up this fight.

        • Got an idea: kill it with a Rider. The Rider can be something that would NEVER get through, like a repeal of the 1934 NFA, and NO antis will vote for it!
          Of course, if they DO pass it, we get less regulated full-autos, SBRs, SBSs, supressors, ect…
          Damned if they do, damned if they don’t!

        • Its been a fight longer than that. 1791 was the high point for the 2nd amendment. since then its been continually and systematically eroded.

  3. You guys don’t get it, the only way we’re going to be able to win this is to think about even the most remote possibilites. What Robert’s saying holds truth, we can’t give up an inch because one day everything could be gone.

  4. You NAILED it, pal. The reason others have bypassed it is: THEY ARE ON THE OTHER SIDE of the problem. They imagine they’ll enjoy special status when the guns are gone.

    These fantasy-driven control freaks are in for one rude awakening.

    Of course they are the ones who will become re-education camp informants, for not one thing more than a doggie-style pat on the head: “GOOD BOY/GIRL”?

    The sooner we are shed of these parasites, the better.

  5. Absolutely. If they pass an AWB now, and the next spree killer uses a shotgun, they’ll be looking to ban those next.

  6. The threat to ‘modern sporting rifles’ and high-capacity mags does not directly affect me since I don’t own any and don’t plan too. However, I do recognize it as a long term threat to all gun owners and to what remains of the freedoms and rights of the common American citizen. Therefore, I’m supporting the right of law abiding citizens to own ‘modern sporting rifles’.

      • You’ve got this hunter on your side. Hunters who don’t support this are setting theirselves up for having those rights stripped. Not just firearms, but all hunting.

        How long before they take my “assault” muzzleloader with my “assault clip” speed loaders?

        • I, too, have been appalled at the number of active hunting enthusiasts (not just media pundits who like to think they have such bona fides because they grew up in rural or semi-rural area and/or had family members who were hunters) that seem either apathetic or outright in favor of AWB 2.0. Don’t they realize that most of the emotionally-driven proponents of any potential gun control legislation are the same emotional invalids, who, if they had their way, gladly extend our constitutional protections to freakin’ animals, while stripping ours away? I know it sounds absofvckingly nuts, but I’ve had the (mis)fortune of knowing a few of these animal rights activists. The way I just categorized them is not hyperbole.

        • In my homeland there are stray dogs which will attack if given chance, one man shot one in self-defense and he lost his job and was ridiculed on news by animal rights group(they also cost him his job)

  7. First HITLER came and took their guns, and we all know how badly that story ended. They’ll take away all our guns one at a time. First to go are the scary black rifles, and then the pistols and shotguns and big bad hunting rifles that kill the poor little animals. They won’t stop until only the criminals are the only ones to have any type of gun.

    • Not just Criminals but the Government, What will you do when the Guys in BLACK show up at your Door and demand your fire arms?

    • Joe, you know that’s total nonsense. You, and Robert, use this nonsense to justify resisting any and all gun control laws, even if they would save lives and not jeopardize you rights and certainly not lead to total gun confiscations.

      That makes you guys, I don’t know what to call it, something pretty bad.

      • That’s the response Japanense-Americans had, until the guys in black did show up and forced them to live in interment camps during WWII. The US Gov is not without its oppression of people. Those who think they are not capable of it anymore will be the first to go. Or possibly us who don’t fit their Utopia of complete submition to the all-mighties in DC.

      • And you Mikey would have us disarmed and defenseless against anyone we can’t overcome with our bare hands.
        Tell me what my 77 year old disabled Dad is supposed to do against an assailant when he is empty handed in accordance to your ideas of Gun Control??

        • Where have I ever said you should be unarmed and defenseless? The fact that you have to distort what I say before arguing against it must mean that what I really do say is not so bad.

          Thanks for the support.

        • What does being a man have to do with it? Are you literally some kind of Neanderthal? Who talks like that?

          My 50% thing is simple. I think half of you guys would be disarmed if gun negligence were taken more seriously and mental health and drug abuse and alcohol abuse criteria were enforced. That’s it.

          Now that’s not the same as “OMG, they’re coming for our guns.” The good half would be fine regardless of how strict the gun control laws were.

          Maybe this explains everything. The ones who object most strenuously are the ones who know which half they’re in.

        • “The ones who object most strenuously are the ones who know which half they’re in.”

          thats a pretty bold statement; additionally it is incorrect.

    • actually hitler had little to do with gun control other than keeping vassal states disarmed during their occupations.

      now it is no surprise that with the characteristic traits of collectivism, Soviets and Chinese citizens were not allowed private ownership of arms simply because they werent allowed private ownership of anything.

      The best example of gun control “for the greater good” failing miserably would be the Srebrenica massacre.

  8. I read at another post that gun control will past in the senate , the house will be very close , this was a head count that asked how they will vote, Fl. will vote yes at this point…. pour on the heat now or never !

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