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Though “we did it for the ‘Gram” might explain FightLite‘s new RAIDER pistol, I’m pretty sure the thing’s going to sell like hotcakes anyway. Let’s not forget that guns can serve no true purpose other than fun and entertainment and that’s perfectly fine. Not that the 20″ long RAIDER with its 7.25″ barrel chambered in 300 Blackout can’t find a purpose. Anyway, we checked it out at NASGW . . .

The lower receiver accepts any standard AR-15 upper and, yes, FightLite will be selling lowers separately. MSRP for a complete pistol is $865, while the lower will run $575.

FightLite’s SCR rifles and pistols basically use a hybrid AR-15/shotgun recoil system. A chopped-off AR bolt carrier is attached to a pivoting tail, which travels down and into the stock, compressing the recoil spring.

RAIDERs are expected to begin shipping on November 1st. Which is a shame, as this would have been handy for my Mad Max Halloween costume. TTAG fully intends to get our hands on one for review, though, so stay tuned.

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    • Yup. That would describe it. It looks to me like folks are trying to invent stuff with no real purpose that will eventually just bring heat on us in the future. I’m not afraid of trouble, but I don’t go looking for it and that looks like what is happening here.

        • But it’s “look” may appeal to some crazy nutcase who uses it to shoot a bunch of innocent people in his sick / warped effort to obtain notoriety. Thus Justsomeguy’s statement that this gun with no practical purpose, “will eventually just bring heat on us in the future.” It may launch an effort by the anti-gunners to ban AR15 pistols…”assault pistols”

        • FLgurl

          This pistol could just trigger another psycho (D) into a calm-rampage shooting. In which case we’ll hunt the rest of you and beat you half to death, each day, with a wet flip-flop.

      • I don’t think there’s any risk of this “bringing heat” on gun ownership in the future. Consider that 9/10ths of “assault rifle” laws attack the specific look of the AR-15, which lib media has had relentlessly cram down the throats of the American people as being synonymous with danger and evil (which in turn influences what the inherently weak-minded spree killer would choose). If you change the look of the gun this effectively, they have to start all over with the mass brainwashing that got the gun grabbers as much sympathy as they have.
        Possibly the most important feature of this mod is that it makes your still-functional AR-15 look just like the kind of gun an average public-schooled millennial thinks the 2nd amendment was written about.

    • Totally impractical. Now, if it were a Mare’s Leg or a 12ga pump action, that changes everything.

      Seriously, as a whippet gun this is a great idea; as light weight a gas op action there is in a low recoil chambering, in the smallest package possible. Put an AR57 upper on it, and you’d have 50 rounds with no recoil and decent range/effectiveness on something that could be shoved in a scabbard. That only requires one hand to fire repeatedly.

      This is what an AR pistol should look like, not just a half ass NFA workaround.

      • Nailed it, this thing is genius. It fits a small enough niche, but as you pointed out barnbwt, it actually has a lot going for it if you find yourself in that niche.

      • Now if it could only have “guided bullets”, with little fins to steer them, then the problem of proper aiming would be fixed. That’s why a shotgun like this makes more sense. Sure, you have to aim a shotgun for closeup work, but not as precisely as a weapon that only fires one projectile at a time. The best answer is found in Canada where, in spite of all of it’s draconian gun laws, short barreled shotguns are legal.

        • you’ve never shot a sawn-off, have you? spread ain’t that much, recoil can be terrible unless barrel is uselessly short.

      • I mean, I’ve been single for long enough I’m pretty sure I can turn granite to powder with my hands.

        I doubt it’d be practically effective…more like something I’d slap one of those rail mounted axes on and use to amuse myself.

        Really, it’s stupid, but I have my practical guns

      • Eh, I’ve shot a .50 Beowulf and the recoil wasn’t near what I was expecting. In a pistol sized format I don’t think it would be unreasonable at all. I’m sure I’ve shot some big bore magnum revolvers that would recoil more. Hell, I can almost guarantee that the mossberg shockwave would kick harder than a .50 Beowulf in this format.

    • Madcapp…..I have an AR-15 upper by Bear Creek Arsenal that is side charging. I love it. It’s way better than the standard rear charging handle IMO.

    • God made it that way and it works fine unless ur a 10yo gamer beta so back away from the keyboard …leave basement and tell mommy u have been a retard again the innerwebs

    • Make that the handle to a 6 foot long 1.5 foot wide blade then you have a Final Fantasy weapon.

        • Just had to bring this up because I watched the movie a couple weeks ago. Near the end when they’re assaulting the lobby of that building, Neo is shooting a pair of Skorpions but 5.56mm brass is shown falling to the ground. It drove me nuts.

  1. That “pistol” looks like the result of an unholy union between a Hi-Point 995TS and a Mossberg 590 Shockwave.

    If there was a race to create the world’s ugliest gun, the FightLite RAIDER would be leading the field by six lengths.

    • Haha

      “If the music is too loud, you’re too old.”

      “You kids!… Get off my lawn!!”

      Nice looking piece.
      Cuz… it’s a gun.
      ‘Nuff said.

      • Exactly! Not every gun has to serve as a “super tactical tool”. This thing looks cool as hell and I am getting one because…..i can.

  2. Same basic buffer on my DS Arms FAL.

    Good enough for the the 7.62 NATO in the “Right arm of the free world”

  3. Actually I think that’d make a great vehicle gun or bedside gun. It would have some practical applications in limited circumstances.

  4. Never let people who prefer coffee tell you what your cup of tea is.

    If you like it, get it, and enjoy.

    (I’ll pass, however)

  5. Is it written that all firearms have to be practical?

    Looks like a fun way to waste an afternoon. So it’ll never be allowed in CA.

  6. I thought this looked stupid, but it is kinda growing on me in a mad max modern mare’s leg fungus kind of way. Not enough to buy one, but to understand it.

  7. I think this would make a great modern pirate gun. Or if they remake the Ice Pirates movie, they have a gun pre made for it.

  8. I don’t get it, but that’s not necessarily the same thing as “I don’t want it.”

    Still, that chambering is a deal breaker. Maybe 300 has a great purpose, but not my purposes. I try to avoid expansion of my inventory of calibers and magazine types. Not interested, for now.

  9. I like it except for the mag release – can’t reach that with right hand; should have put it on left side and come up with some level mechanism on right side that can extend back into reach of the trigger finger

  10. its like a rossi ranch hand reinterpreted for the 21st century

    they should chamber in .357 magnum and call it a day

  11. When I read about US military weapons development, I always giggle when I read about a weapon that was designed for rear area troops. They will write about truck drivers and tank operators. Soldiers who primarily will need a weapon for self defense and not offensive operations. The M1 Carbine and M3 Grease Gun come to mind. The flaw is always that these weapons have different ammunition and almost no commonality with a standard service rifle.

    Until now.

    I could easily see this issued to entire units. Give this to plenty of soldiers who would carry it on a sling with a 10 round magazine. If shit hit the fan, then start with the 30 round magazines in their ammo pouches. A simple red dot or iron sights would be sufficient. Remember why and how these soldiers will fight. They are trying to kill the shit birds in the office building who decided to meet Allah by killing green-on-blue. And logistically speaking, it could not be more simple. Same bullets and magazines. With a little more effort, there is probably more commonality that can be incorporated into the issued product.

    This is actually one of the few products that the US military should give a field trial. Let some doorkickers work a shoothouse with these. Let some civil affairs teams shoot qualification with these. Let FA battery have these for working around the FOB. Then, tell us what the potential is.

  12. Hey, I want one just to qualify with the next time I have to renew my license to carry. Stick a 60 round mag on it and I won’t even have to re-load. (Qualification is 50 rounds)

  13. ideal pistal carbine for the car is how i see it, i can already carry my 458 or 9mm or 5.56 in a carbine config.. so this just makes it easier. .. i like it and I’ll own one sooner than later..

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