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Found this over on DefDist’s twitter feed, and it appears to be a Liberator printed in New Hampshire. The first of many, I’d bet.

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  1. digging the color scheme.

    and the location. New Englanders need a good dose of common sense these days…

        • Just as an FYI, Maine is one of the most Pro-Gun states in the US. Also, New England.

          Their is a very strong division of pro-gun and anti-gun support throughout the N.E. states, which are why so many bills are stalling and being delayed in the area.

          Don’t let the work of some errant politicians pigeon-hole you into stereotyping an entire regions. Even Texas has it’s anti-gun segment of it’s residents.

  2. A porcupine, right? It would make a dynamite resistance logo.

    Red Dawn had its Wolverines; we should have our Porcupine.

    This is interesting: “Don’t Tread on Me”… a few years ago I found out that in northern NM blowholes, rattlesnakes and porcupines winter together. It’s a natural!

  3. And it’s fired how many rounds? Yeah, zero

    Why are people so enamoured of fantasy nonsense? Why? Seriously, WHY?

    It’s crap and with a corded drill, 100 IQ points, and a piece of steel you can make better in an hour.

    Once again, who here has a 3D printer? At all? Not a decent one that might make a gun that would fire at least once without killing you, just even a repcrap. Anyone? Bueller?

    Yeah. Exactly.

    • I don’t see Chas. “Cereal Killer” Schumer voiding his bowels when informed of the machines at your disposal… or mine. 😉

      This is kinda like seeing a girl with fake boobs. Those of us who have seen both real and memorex side-by-side know there’s no substitute for the real deal, yet Hollywood is all about the memorex variant. Same deal here.

      • so what you’re saying is that either you’ve been with a girl with just one fake boob, or you’ve been in a threesome.

        either way, ROCK ON

      • Ooohhh, a test firing

        Anytime you want to bring this POS to a gunfight (or a shooting range) please, do let me know. What would you bet on it? Your life? I’ll readily bet mine that it’s garbage, especially with the plastic you have to work with on a repcrap. Do you even know the tensile strength of the thermoplastic it runs? Do you even know the accuracy of that little toy 3D printer?

        Yeah, I’m a mean old man. One who knows crap when he smells it, and doesn’t sanction incompetence or blatant lies.

        • It’s not about being able to print a functional, effective firearm. As I pointed out in an earlier post, anybody with a drill press and about $500 spare change can build an AR-15 from a 80% lower. That’s easier than 3-D printing.

          No, this whole Liberator project is more about the symbolism of the whole thing. It is showing the grabbers that you can’t stop us. You can’t control the flow of firearms. No matter what laws are passed, people will still find a way to get around them. Defy, evade, and escape. And the technology is only going to get better.

        • The tech gets better and is spread around by those who actually can use it. Which ain’t some fantasy of 3D printers that all of his supporters don’t really have.

          Which is why he is drawing unwanted and unneeded attention to those who actually do build guns with off-the-shelf tech.

          And that is my issue.

        • So… you are pro gun control? or are you a cowardice pro-gun guy that doesn’t want to resist gun control?

          Make up your mind.

          Given the sheer numbers of polymer framed firearms available, rest assured this is the future of firearms. It only gets better from here. The moment a 3d steel printing machine becomes available then what will you say?

        • I would like to know if the thermo plastic barrel has been pressure tested, or if there are variations in the raw plastic used for printing. I guess I don’t know enough about the materials used or 3 d printing. I would be very hesitant to shoot one of these with out knowing. Has the SAAMI proof test procedures been followed for one of these barrels or has only a factory round been fired? I would not use the term “tensile strength” but would like to know if the strengh of the chamber and barrel have been pressure tested. Otherwise you might be holding a plastic grenade.

        • And one more thing! These computer thing-a-bobs will never catch on! Why, I can type a letter to the editor on my Olivetti faster than you can “word process” and print it out on your fancy ink-jetter, dang whipper-snappers!

        • Pro gun control? How funny.

          No, I’m pro guns that actually work, that the average guy/gal can actually build.

          I’m a huge fan of 3D printing, and the garbage that he’s doing isn’t even close to the current tech – but hey, it sounds neato, huh?

          Meanwhile, your ability to leagally build those guns that actually work for more than a few rounds will be legislated into felony land thanks to this moron.

        • The Liberator is designed for one thing, and one thing only: To kill a man by shooting him in the back of the head. Can we agree on this? It’s not a range beauty, an EDC, or a safe queen. It’s worthless for hunting small game. It is an ugly little weapon designed to kill a fellow human.

          In a dystopian society (say, France 1943) a single shot murder tool can be very useful. When you shoot an enemy occupier at close range and steal his better quality firearms and gear, you have vastly improved your ability to defend yourself.

    • GTFO you hoplotechnophobe.
      Not many people owned those “tiny” fat PDA’s in the 90’s, and 20 years later a pre schooler is able to install Angry Birds on a quad core device as thin as my wallet without any adult assistance.

    • “…Why are people so enamoured of fantasy nonsense? Why? Seriously, WHY?”

      No, it is not an attractive firearm. No, it is not got much chance of firing more than once. Even if you get more than one shot through the thing, with a short barrel you are going to have near zero accuracy at any distance greater than you could throw a rock.

      None of that is the point.

      This little wonder points out the fact in very stark contrast that the Politicians want nothing more than to control guns. They really want to control the people, but they are going to start by trying to control the guns. The politicians have passed something like 3,000 laws, ordinances, and statutes related to the manufacturing and distribution of guns. There are licenses, fees, arcane rules about who what and where…. and if you look really deep at all of that you can see that none of it is ‘common sense ™’ and none of it is ‘for the kids(tm)’. All those words in all those laws and stuff are simply an attempt by the government to control guns.

      As physically ugly as the Liberator above is, and as generally ineffective as it is as a firearm, it is the first firearm that is completely outside of the government’s control. This little thing is to firearms what the internet was to journalism….. it is going to be breaking down the previous regimes ivory towers, it is going to be something available to everyone or at least to mostly everyone. It is the game changer. It is the end of an era or the beginning of the next era.

      And it is going to point out very clearly what the Politicians don’t want points out so clearly….. the want to control you and the guns were just an excuse.

        • +1 Amen again! It’s not about the usefulness, it’s the message that the government cannot control our lives as completely as they seem to want to. There will always be a rebel spirit in America, no matter how hard they try to stamp it out. They will never conquer it.

      • The Gutenburg printing press was ugly, oversized, ineficient, and produced lower quality prints. The first firearms were ugly, oversized, heavy, innacurate, slow to load, and extremely dangerous to use. The first computors were oversized, ugly, eneficient, and with starkly limited power. Not to mention that using this technology you can produce a working AR 15 lower or all the parts of a Ruger 10/22 except the barrel, the magazine spring, and a few internals. It’s been done. It worked. I’m building my own 3D printer, and I was before all this started. And I’m not paying $3k for it either. And these Liberators have already been printed on a cheaper printer. You can get about 10 shots out of a barrel, the barrel is disposable, and the file prints several at once. The original Liberator couldn’t do as well.

        • And if you actually knew anything about what home gunsmiths can actually create, you’d be laughing at this little punk.

          Instead, you suggest that the cutting edge of 10 years ago is somehow where we are today.

      • Gaston Glock was initially scoffed at by the Austrian Army for his proposal of an polymer framed pistol. While Glocks are not the first polymer guns to be invented, it was the first to be mainstream. Trust me, someone soon will make the first “mainstream” 3D printed pistol now that the Liberator has broken ground.

        • @ Anonymous

          3d metals printers are already a reality. See eos. They print in everything from titanium to cobalt chrome.

          @ 16v. Yes, rep rap vs. 3d systems or stratus is a laughable comparison. It doesn’t matter.

          Gun control is really just about control. This points out that there can be none. The files have hit the net and there is no calling them back. Just like a bullet.

        • @ Dallas Warrior,

          Very nice. Now all we need to do is cheaply mass produce them so every household may have their own 😉

        • Good god, does anyone here actually know anything about guns?


          The ‘knowledge’ hit the net 20 years ago. This is nothing but useless grandstanding. The comparo between the almost useless 3D printer than almost no one here even owns, let alone a Stratasys (which ain’t cutting edge either) is the entire frakkin’ point.

          Selling plans for a Williamsburg Colonial to Eskimos who have neither wood nor a saw, let alone nails, is hardly a “victory”. It’s an illusion. Propagated by a huckster.

      • Exactly, compare the Wright Flyer to a F-22 Raptor, or the first phone to an I-phone. Look at the first cars compared to what rolls of the lines today. Now think of what the 3D printer can become in the future. Maybe think a little Star Trek. You are seeing something that will truly change the future in many fields.

  4. It’s all fun and games till a crime gets committed with one of those… Meanwhile I’m saving up for a 3d printer!

  5. & to think that the nyt was so proud of the mighty guberment for getting this pulled off the website. After all, they had to do something to show the bradys & potheads they were spinning their wheels really good, Randy

    • What does pot have to do with it? – ‘Potheads’ as you call them are more than likely the freedom loving types that are currently spreading the files all over the interwebs.. Cat’s out of the bag.

    • In Papua New Guinea, shotguns are made from pipe, parts from an umbrella, and a piece of wood to hold it together.

    • Whether it is easier or not depends on whether you already own a 3d printer or not. The pipe/2×4 will be more effective and last longer. What would be more interesting to me and perhaps useful is a hybrid with a pipe barrel and the rest printed.

      We all know this is about control and in my opinion the government’s case is weak. How long has the TM 31-210 Improvised Munition Handbook been available on the internet or elsewhere? Sure the firearms in there are crude but more effective than this. They are just trying to get a handle on this before the technology advances to the point that you can print something more effective. They are fighting a losing battle.

  6. 16V –

    VCRs in the 70s were gigantic, ungainly machines that made pretty terrible copies.

    A little over 10 years later, they were everywhere.

    Cell phones made the transition from giant bags for the rich to every day carry for the masses in about 15 years.

    3D printing is still in its infancy. Yes, the resulting products are currently made from weaker materials right now.

    But a gun printed from a 3D printer was successfully test fired. That can’t be dismissed. The tech in 3D printers isn’t going to become worse and more expensive, the trend in technology ALWAYS goes the other way. And we’re better at the advancement of technology now.

    I still know people that scoff at a Glock because it’s a “plastic” gun. They willfully ignore the fact that it’s become one of the most reliable names in the industry, because they refuse to adapt to the now-old-news that plastics aren’t what they used to be. And that is still a technology in development.

    The point is, let’s not scoff at the wheel just because it takes a very long time to chisel it out of the rock and smooth the edges. Eventually, it’s going to make a very, very big difference.

    • VCRs were a tech, one that we understood and knew would shrink and get cheaper.

      This has sweet FA to do with that.

      What this little darling has given you is nothing that you can ever use. Ever. Except BS and a bunch of platitudes.

      The “tech” to make real guns out of metal that actually work for thousands and tens of thousands of rounds is already out there. Has been for decades. Those are the real ‘patriots’. The people spreading knowledge that actually matters in real life.

      For under $5K you can get the machinery and build pretty much a gun in any caliber you want. One that will work.

      The 3D printer he uses is far from state-of-the-art, but you’ll likely lay out $10K to get your hands one. Got one yet? Oh yeah, thanks to Cody, you’ll now be on a watch list for even acquiring one used. Gonna print it on a repcrap? Well, that’s not what he used for that POS, and the plastic you will be using will be even weaker. Way weaker.

      • The newer Rep Rap type printers will print to a finer resolution than the Stratsys FDM machines. Really not a bad way to spend $700.

        ABS is ABS, even with the different technology types and formulations the strength properties are within a few hundred PSI of each other. Cody Wilson said the plastic he is using has similar properties to ABS.

        I have done strength vs pressure calculations, and even ignoring the shock vs static loading affects, ABS of reasonable thickness can withstand full SAAMI pressure.

        Luckily we won’t have to wait long to see if the 75,000+ 3D printer users end up on a secret watch list, and if these weapons work, but feel free to stock up on tinfoil just in case.

  7. The irony of all this is bigger. During the state of the union Zippy/Zero/Obummer stated he would spend money to help open some advanced technology manufacturing facilities. Many of those also had to do with 3D printing because it has to do with future manufacturing methods.

    Just like any set of tools, they can be used for good or evil depending on what you trying to do.

  8. This is the day gun control started to die. Once anyone with a little cash can print their own guns it is game over for the grabbers.

  9. Why do I envision reading articles in the not so distant future that go something like this: State Police Detective Smith logged into a public file sharing client and proceeded to download files containing 3d printing images of firearms from an IP belonging to Mr. Johnson. A warrant was served and computers, flash drives and a home made printer were confiscated.

    • I think your vision of this not-so-distant future is more likely to occur in China with Detective Zhang as 3D printing takes off in the east.

  10. This is like Rosa Parks on the bus, but this is now as much if not more so a first amendment issue as a second amendment.

  11. Unfortunately this is photographic proof of possessing a NFA item without the tax stamp. The barrel is not rifled so this make it an any other weapon correct?

  12. Instead of the segmented snake with the motto “Don’t Tread on Me,” we should adopt the porcupine logo with the motto “Keep Your Hands off My @ss.” Then we can show our colors at every TSA checkpoint.

  13. Just saying this, but maybe it isn’t a good idea to print one of those in the color scheme of a nerf gun….

    That’s just asking for something bad to happen with a kid.


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