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ATI is showing off these prototype gold-plated .22 AK-47 and MP-5 clones. The shiny plating is real gold (I asked) and the AK’s stock is made of some really nice walnut. I don’t care; I wouldn’t be caught dead with one of these monstrosities. I wouldn’t even use one in Modern Warfare 3.¬†Maybe these prototypes are auditioning for a new reality series called “Pimp My Rifle.” Or maybe they’re just tasteless. Either way, they made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.¬†Flame on.

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  1. Don’t know what is worse, the abomination that is a tactical lever gun or a remake of Saddam’s gold AK. Is there really this much of a huge lack of creative ideas in the gun world?

    • I honestly was hoping for a diamond encrusted platinum trigger and gold plating on the trigger guard, barrel and gas tube, because lets be honest here, go big or go home…Also, would it be to much to ask for a stock made out of some rare wood, from a really old tree, where the entire forest was clear cut just to make getting to that one tree easier? Just asking.

  2. I like gold-plated guns.

    Not for any sort of practicality.

    But because they’re [expletive] ridiculous and hilarious.


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