New from CMMG: Muzzleloading AR-15

Yep, you read that right. As if Tactical Bacon wasn’t zany enough CMMG is making a 50 caliber muzzleloading AR-15. The main charge and projectile are loaded down the front of this 20 inch barrel, but the user needs to place a primed 5.56 case (no powder, just the primer) in the chamber to light the thing off. The gun uses a standard AR-15 bolt and bolt carrier but the gas system is inoperable, meaning you need to manually cycle the action. Ammunition is stored inside the single shot sled-like magazine block. When asked why they made such a thing, the rep replied “we got drunk one night and someone made a bet.”


  1. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

    What in the…? I don’t even…

  2. avatar pair-o-dee says:

    Checks calendar to see if April just rolled in…

  3. avatar Jeff O. says:

    “We got drunk one night…”

    All great stories start this way.

    1. avatar Here iam says:

      Truth in advertising..

    2. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

      And some not-so-great. Lest we forget: the consumption of alcohol has been known to cause minivans.

      1. avatar Jeff O. says:

        I am so stealing that!

        1. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

          Be my guest. I can’t remember where I first heard it. I suppose if SOPA passes, I’ll have to start citing a source.

  4. avatar DrewR55 says:

    Yes ladies and gentlemen,
    We have the one and only, the first muzzle loading semi-automatic assault rifle. It’s just what our founding fathers had in mind. /snicker

    All the same, is it legal for black powder season?

  5. avatar Matt Gregg says:

    As goofy as this is it still isn’t as bad as that damn Mossberg 464 SPX.

    1. avatar jimmie says:

      How dare you make fun of my next rifle!!

  6. avatar James says:

    ‘When asked why they made such a thing, the rep replied “we got drunk one night and someone made a bet.'”

    Just the sort of people I want designing my next weapon.

    1. avatar kaluce says:

      That is EXACTLY who I want designing my next rifle. I’ve seen some crazy things, but this one definitely takes the cake. hah.

  7. avatar Todd S says:

    It’s still better than a Hi-Point…

  8. avatar Keith Wade says:

    A bet is one thing but producing it is another

  9. avatar Liberty4Ever says:

    That “getting drunk” story is just a cover to conceal something far more sinister. This was an evil ploy by a marketing department that knows there is a small but exploitable segment of gun buyers who will be compelled by their mental illness to purchase this, for no other reason than it’s an AR they don’t already own. Maybe it started with all of the “collect the entire set” marketing of freebies in breakfast cereal when they were kids.

  10. avatar Badman400 says:

    I know that was directed at me and my “collection” of XDs, and I resemble that remark.

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