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John Farnam writes [via]:

Yesterday, in the West African nation (former French colony) of Mali, at least five Islamic terrorists were ultimately killed by “government forces,” but not before they invaded a swank resort (popular with foreign tourists) just outside the capital City of Bamarko, and murdered at least two guests.

Many more guest fled.

As with last week’s baseball field attack in DC, the death toll would have doubtless been much higher, had it not been for a single French soldier, who happened to be there for a holiday weekend, just like everyone else. This situationally-aware, well trained French soldier, a true Operator who realized that there is no such thing as “off-duty,” wisely chose to carry his pistol during his weekend leave. That pistol came in mighty handy.

This courageous French soldier, in the right place at the right time, responding IMMEDIATELY to incoming gunfire, identified, shot, and wounded at least one jihadi. The result of his swift, precise, and decisive action is that the entire terrorist mission (of wiping-out dozens of helpless resort guests), precipitously fell apart.

Police arrived minutes later and finished the job.

This French soldier’s unilateral and audacious decision to go armed while on leave was in direct conflict with “rules,” “conventions,” “orders,” “ understandings,” ad nauseam. But, it likely saved his life and the lives of many other innocents. He is a hero, by any standard! So, once again we see the recurring theme . . .

“CCSAPO;” (Concealed Carriers, on Scene, Achieve Positive Outcomes) ~ This is THE “answer” to terrorism! The real malignancy in this ongoing world drama is “hoplophobia,” and the real villains are “hoplophobes.”

Hoplophobia Awareness

Hoplophobes are deathly afraid of guns and armed men. They’re the ones who nervously post “no guns allowed” signs everywhere they canThey’re cynical, sleazy, career cowards who are at once envious and spiteful of true Operators.

Many occupy high places up the food-chain. Always too timid to enter the ring themselves, they sit in safety on the sidelines and piously point-out “where the strong man stumbled, and where the doer of deeds could have done them better.”

Good thing we ignore them! Good thing that French soldier ignored them, eh?

For a domestic example, we’ve only to look as far as what used to be known as Comiskey (Chicago White Socks) Park, recently renamed to “Guaranteed Rate Park” (another example of Chicago’s decent into sewerdom. Charles A Comiskey, who died in 1931, was a founder of the American League).

The Park and MLB are hosting an annual baseball game between the Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Fire Department. This notice was just sent to all participants and attendees: “ATTENTION POLICE OFFICERS: Per MLB POLICY: ABSOLUTELY NO GUNS are allowed in Guaranteed Rate Field. Please do not bring your gun!”

A crowd of police officers and their families, concentrated in a small area, and no one is armed. Does that sound like a terrorist target to you?

I suspect many CPD officers will not be attending. I surely wouldn’t. Cynical hoplophobes at MLB obviously don’t trust CPD officers with guns.

About John Farnam & Defense Training International, Inc

As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent and unlawful lethal threat.

You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance, if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or inactions.

It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. Mr Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit:

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  1. To borrow an alleged maxim of the vaunted SAS, “There is no problem that cannot be solved with a proper amount of correctly placed explosive.” To which I add, “The combination of masses of silica, and the instant application of the heat of the sun, is a great impediment to growing things.”

    • Yeah, but there comes a point when the explosive power needed to ‘solve’ a problem would kill us all.

      • “Yeah, but there comes a point when the explosive power needed to ‘solve’ a problem would kill us all.”

        Then we should concentrate on ending the means of production for jihadis.

  2. “THE” answer? Or, “One answer”?

    We PotG should be careful in our rhetoric lest we fall into the trap the Antis love to place for us. The Antis say: “You think EVERYbody should carry a gun!” They say this because it makes their desired impression on folks who might not have thought of the matter before.

    We shouldn’t instinctively take their bait. No, we don’t think that EVERYbody will want to carry a gun; nor do we think that EVERYbody is up to the responsibility of carrying a gun.

    Likewise, we acknowledge that a gun isn’t usually an effective response to a suicide bomber. Albeit, there is the occasional exception such as the Brussels Belgium train station bomber who was promptly shot before he could successfully detonate his bomb.

    Nor is a handgun an ideal response to the driver of a vehicle; yet, a few shots through a windshield is apt to distract the driver and warn targets of something going wrong.

    In any case, as long as there are plenty of Jihadis who prefer a gun there are enough opportunities for CCW-holders to make a difference. Likewise for the occasional crazy who wants to shoot-up a school or mall. A handgun isn’t the solution to every problem of society; it’s just one solution to a few such problems that seem to occur often enough.

    In any case, Darwin’s law will prevail. More of us will survive in Right-to-Carry States. Less opposition will be found in the Won’t-Issue States. Jihadis, crazies and criminals are forewarned; and, of course, forearmed.

    • Now I’m curious, what if any handgun round will rapidly deflate a commercial truck tire ?

      • Deflate, yes. Rapidly, no.
        And since commercial trucks typically have dual wheels, they can go a long ways on the other tire. You would need to perforate both to eventually disable the vehicle. Tandem axles multiply this problem.

        • Tactical tip: When faced with a moving vehicle and you can’t hit the driver, ALWAYS aim for the steer tires. Especially on larger commercial trucks a flat steer tire makes it almost impossible to control the direction of travel and will dramatically reduce the maximum top speed. Trust me, been there. (Not by gunfire.)

      • No handgun round, of any description, will stop a truck no matter where you hit it – even if you are insanely lucky to hit it in the absolute weakest spot. The momentum alone of a 5 or 6 thousand pound vehicle moving 30 or so miles an hour won’t stop with an RPG hit. Only destruction of an axle or blowing a wheel off will do that. Hitting the driver will not do it. Hitting the engine control computer won’t do it. BUT: if you are going to shoot at anything, the driver’s forehead, if hit, is most likely to remove active control of the vehicle from the picture. Likelihood of that shot? Very low. VERY low. That’s why jihadis use them.

        • My biggest issue with the final chase scene in “The Road Warrior” was all that effort wasted shooting out tires. Hole the little air tank providing pressure to the air brakes and that truck ain’t goin’ nowhere.

          Having said that… yeah, driver’s forehead IS the best target in the real world.

        • To be fair, on some trucks that would be a really tough shot. On many trucks, a shot at the pod (vacuum chamber that holds the spring brakes off) might be easier.

          But regardless, it’s kind of sad how many people don’t know how air brakes work and claim to be car people.

    • The one answer that every individual can apply to instantly and effectively end any attack they can see coming, whether from terrorists or garden-variety criminals.

    • I’m curious, Mark, who is this “we” you claim to be speaking for?

      “We” POTG can speak well for ourselves and often have divergent opinions, even if you disagree.

  3. NO…Brute Force can never kill an ideology or idea. The only True answer to ultimate question of how to deal with Islamic Terrorism is The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now the Immediate response if well to be force when they go on the rampages but killing and force can only go so far. We need these people to see the light of the Gospel.

    I salute this guy for going against “Rules” when life was at risk.

    • “…but killing and force can only go so far.”

      As I am so fond of asking, “When was the last time you saw the ambassador from the nation of Carthage address the UN?”

      Or the ambassador from Gomorrah.?

      I do understand your Christian viewpoint, but I also understand this: God put Israel and Ismael against one another. Everything happening in the Middle East can be traced to a blood feud over the inheritance of Abraham. In that area of the world, blood feuds are never settled until one or the other is annihilated.

      But prayer for peace is never wasted.

      • Well the Question, or statement i should say was Guns are the answer! So to that i would say NO, Force cannot change someones beliefs. Although we can stop them when they go on their rampages but i would encourage everyone who reads this to please think WHY? why would you stop them? What is your Standard to do so?

        but as Heb 1:1 it says “in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son” and only by his Son can I or anyone else come to saving Faith. And who knows i might be from the blood line of Ismael? God has torn the vail, he has given the Gospel not just to his chosen people “but now commandeth ALL men every where to repent” Act 17:30

        Please help me to figure out what you are saying?

        • What I am saying is that force absolutely can exterminate evil. And both man and God has done so. I find nothing in the biblical scripture that commands anyone to calmly die at the hands of an attacker or murderer. Nothing that says when someone is committed to kill you as evidence of their faithfulness to a religion, you hold a prayer meeting. Jihadis cannot compromise, negotiate, or tolerate. There is only one way, and everyone converts or dies. There is no reformation possible.

          One may not be able to influence the thinking of jihadis, but one can certainly deter a jihadi from ever again proselytizing for their faith. As Gen. Schwartzkopf said about being faced with an enemy fanatical about dying and meeting his god, “Accommodate him”.

          In short, it is possible to completely wipe-out a people, and with them go their ideas as a means of tormenting others.

        • Ok
          So what i am not saying is we plead these jihadist to come to Christ as they are hacking us to pieces like i said in my original post that “Immediate response is well to be force” and we do need to protect others from the outworking of there religion.
          All i am saying is that we cant change them for the good just by killing them there ideals will spread must more if we go about exterminating them then by Preaching the Gospel to them. I would rather kill the source of there religion then by just cutting of the branches They are lost and need the Gospel with out which they have to reason not to carry out these acts.

          • “…there ideals will spread must more if we go about exterminating them…”

            It would be good for you to read the history of Islam. Mohamedans were killing, plundering and invading from the beginning. It took decades to throw them back, out of Europe; by the sword, not Christian charity. You exist as a non-Muslim. That is the entirety of reason for them to kill you. You need take absolutely no action on your own.

            The idea that resisting jihadis somehow makes more jihadies means that arresting and jailing bank robbers just creates more bank robbers.

            • I know the history, I am not sure how else to explain it:
              You can take people’s lives with force, you can’t kill there ideas by force.

              And yes they were fought back which kept them out of Europe for a time, but they are still here, your idea has already been tried and failed.

              • “And yes they were fought back which kept them out of Europe for a time, but they are still here, your idea has already been tried and failed.”

                God commanded the Israelites to kill every Canaanite. Isreal didn’t. We are left with the descendants of Canaanites. The reason we still deal with Muslim terror is that we are oh so sophisticated, so enlightened, so tolerant that we just do not have the backbone to utterly destroy our enemies any more.

                BTW, the Word had been rejected, utterly, throughout the Middle East for millennia.

                But, as noted prior, every dead jihadi is incapable of launching a new attack. And we have the tools available to kill them faster than they can procreate. We just believe being nice will penetrate an evil heart.

              • I have to totally disagree!!! The word has been active in the Middle East for many many years!!

                I feel like you don’t even know what I am saying. I am not approving of there actions, and when they become aggressive we should protect those who they try to kill. But just killing every last one of them is just ridiculous. And you have giving no reason to just killing them all??!
                All I am trying to do is show you that you can kill every last one of them but not kill the religion. And others will follow in that because you have not addressed the real problem.

              • “And you have giving no reason to just killing them all??!”

                They are today’s Canaanites.

                Yes, the Word has been active, but it is not mitigating evil, now is it? It is not delivering mass conversions, now is it? The Word is being slaughtered in the Middle East. That is real persecution. And I don’t want it here. Period. Full stop.

        • This isn’t directly about fighting islam with guns; they are simple pawns in the greater fight between the forces and principalities of darkness, deceit and hate guided by the Lord of lies and of that of truth and light and unconditional love from the IAM and his son, Jesus The Christ.

          • You set up a false premise here, so one is naturally skeptical of your reason for weighing in on this blog.

        • So Your only reason is they are todays Canaanites? thats all? just lump them as a whole and carpet bomb them?

          If you want to say they are today’s Canaanites please give Scriptural support for your claims? Please also show how Gods Command to the Israelite’s when going into the land of Canaan to destroy the people there applies to us now? i mean are you saying we also have an inheritance in Israel? are you saying we should still be sacrificing sheep and goats?
          Please Explain

          • Think in terms of metaphors. The Canaanites were not completely obliterated, and Israel suffered ever after.

            Jihadis are unshakable in their hatred of whoever doesn’t think like they do. If they are not wiped out, we will have to contend with then forever. When your enemy believes that dying for their god is the most virtuous act a human can commit, where is the ground for compromise? If jihadis could be reasoned with, it would have been done, already. One, or two, or a dozen converts does not make for a movement. Nor does it offer the promise of glorious peace if we only try really, really hard to not offend them. Our living offends them. Only lack of living can remove the offense. A death cult cannot coexist with a life valuing people.

            Jihadis have a keen sense of evil and good. Non-believers are evil. Jihadis are commanded to rid the world of evil.

            Carpet bomb? Where do you draw the line in defending against an existential threat? Where is the point where you say, “I tried, but there are some things I just will not do to save myself or my family?” Western culture has a core belief that nobody actually wages religious war any more; must be some other purpose to the carnage. Western culture believes that any problem can be talked out (except there are those troubling world wars).

            If God is the Alpha and Omega, if God created the universe and this planet, I believe He knows exactly how to deal with evil (Canaanites), and sets the example (if not command). Why should I believe people have a better way to eliminate evil that God has?

            I understand jihadis, completely. In the end, there can be only one. I plan to be standing on a mountain of dead jihadies, if necessary, to ensure I am among the ones standing at the end.

            • You Make Several point which i don’t disagree with. But i still think alot of people who are reading this dont understand what i am saying if not Please read the FULL comment not the first line and make a judgement call

              If you are Thinking of “Canaanites” as those whose hearts are hardened to the Gospel then ok. but the point is we have no idea whose heart is hardened therefore we cant just kill them all, we have the command to preach the Gospel to all.

              A death cult cannot coexist with a life valuing people.- I Totally agree but by what standard are they Life Valuing?

              Also you say IF God, so obviously you don’t believe he did or you would have no doubts. i am still trying to figure out what kind of Theology you follow if any? its like your trying to make a biblical argument with out saying the bible is correct.

              Why should I believe people have a better way to eliminate evil that God has?- i am not giving a new way to deal with evil, but God is gracious who pulled me out of a sinful life to eternal life in him. And since he had Grace on me why cant he have Grace on others? has Gods arm grown short to Islam?

              I understand jihadis, completely….Huh? Really? pray tell us all about them.

              • “we have no idea whose heart is hardened therefore we cant just kill them all”
                Not everyone whose heart is hardened is a jihadi. Jihadis announce themselves. Once done, they should be eradicated.

                “…by what standard are they Life Valuing?”
                Through identification with the principle that life is worth living. Jihadis believe that your life is not worth letting you live unless you are not like them.

                “…its like your trying to make a biblical argument with out saying the bible is correct.”
                Is it not possible to recognize truth presented in the bible, without one first being religious? ”
                – – ‘All scripture…is profitable for…reproof, for correction, for instruction…’

                “but God is gracious who pulled me out of a sinful life to eternal life in him. And since he had Grace on me why cant he have Grace on others?”
                Does God grant the graciousness of salvation to those who reject it?

                “…has Gods arm grown short to Islam?”
                Completely different discussion. We are talking about declared, implacable enemies; jihadis.

                I understand jihadis because, like the Catholics before the Reformation, anyone who does not believe in delivered doctrine is worthy of death, and in the most horrific manner possible. Jihadis are rabid fundamentalists who seek to war on creations highest achievement…mankind. Fundamentalists are intolerant of any deviation from dogma. Fundamentalists believe in strict interpretation and application of the faith. Jihadis are willing to destroy that which is “other”. Jihadis cannot permit unbeief to exist. Faced with widespread resistance to “the truth”, jihadis resort to the most irreversible means of enforcement. I believe the mantra for bible believers is to “live for Christ”. For jihadis, the mantra is to die for the faith. Jihadis show no mercy, grant no quarter. What they sow, they should reap.

              • “Jihadis announce themselves. Once done, they should be eradicated.” Yes but that’s not what i am referring to, if they are raging jihad YES STOP THEM. but if they just believe it and not carrying it out should they be worthy of execution?

                “Through identification with the principle that life is worth living. Jihadis believe that your life is not worth letting you live unless you are not like them.” – Sorry that no better Standard that the Q’ran.

                Is it not possible to recognize truth presented in the bible, without one first being religious? ”
                – – ‘All scripture…is profitable for…reproof, for correction, for instruction…’ – Yes men can and Hopefully it will drive you to the Cross of Christ for Forgiveness and you would cry out ABBA Father and be saved. But by not believing it, it put you in the same position in Gods sight as the Jihadists.

                Does God grant the graciousness of salvation to those who reject it? – No he condemns them to eternal damnation. But thats the thing we dont know who will be saved we only have the command to preach to the nations.

                Completely different discussion. We are talking about declared, implacable enemies; jihadis. – Well yes and no, Islam is the rut problem to this whole thing.

        • Gents I don’t care what you believe. >i>They believe, have believed since the start of that death cult, and believe to this very minute that they are required by their “holy book” and “prophet” to wipe us off the face of the planet, or at least subjugate all of us that aren’t “Islamic”

          “We” exist only because we have kept “them” in check for a dozen centuries. .

          • “We” exist only because we have kept “them” in check for a dozen centuries.

            Exactly. What he said.

        • “Force cannot change someones beliefs.”

          Perhaps not, but force can certainly solve a problem – one more jihadi sent to discover if it’s Christ waiting to send him to Hell, Allah and Mohammed welcoming him to paradise, or blackness for all eternity.

          Problem solved.

        • Less, it’s possible that someone observes the FB post and is influenced by it, prayer can have no affect at all, unless it’s on the person praying.

        • False!!! Scripture totally Disagrees with you:
          James 5:16
          The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

    • These people have seen the light of their own Gospel, and they have absolutely no interest in yours.

      But then again, neither do I.

      • Then it would be good for you to answer the question of what is wrong with what they are doing?

    • One thing i should have added was That the Lord will come again and deal with the evil and cast them in the lake of fire for eternity.Thus will be the end of the “Canaanites”.

      • “One thing i should have added was That the Lord will come again and deal with the evil and cast them in the lake of fire for eternity.Thus will be the end of the “Canaanites” ”

        That will be a great day to celebrate. Meanwhile, I intend to accommodate the jihadi wish to die for the prophet. I just wish my government would take the same position.

        • If you do find the Bible useful for instruction, Sam I Am, then the part that says that those not washed in the blood of the lamb, will be the ones hurled into the lake of fire. So according to that book worthy of instruction, all those Jihadis, and you, will end up in that same lake of fire, together, for eternity.

          Think of it as just another extinction level event, which has happened many times in our ecological history. The mass of plants and animals died, and the plants and animals that came out the other side were more highly evolved.

          In the same way, those humans that are properly prepared for this next level of spiritual advancement in their commitment to the I Am through the Christ will advance to the next level, while those stuck in the old way will be left behind, like the dinosaurs.

          Something to think about.

      • I read the Q’ran. I distinctly remember that Allah (Mohammed) instructs Muslims to cut the throat of the infidel and unbeliever who will then be thrown into the fires of Hell for eternity and that the faithful who have achieved Paradise may in their leisure (between virgins, apparently) sit on the high wall of Paradise and watch them burn in Hellfire.

        Sounds familiar.

        • Really CliffH? Trying to make a comparison between Islam and Christianity is either extreme ignorance, or you know the truth and you are simply being a liar.

          Christ and his disciples were killed for their spreading of the faith by voluntary conversion over it’s first three hundred years. Christianity did not become coercive until it was appropriated by the Roman government and then became an instrument of social and cultural control.

          Islam, as applied by Muhammad, the first ten years of his teaching was very christ like and peaceful and he gained only a few hundred followers; then the second half of his efforts, he flipped a switch, went all old testament and started raping, pillaging and plundering with forced conversion, submission or have your head chopped off. The next 1400 years of Islam was nothing but blood, and war and conversion at the point of a sword, as it is today.

          So, no, there was not similarity of how the teachings were spread initially, or what Christianity and Islam is today. What I really prefer is that Christianity has gone back to it’s roots, and it is very clearly a voluntary conversion to be a christian, as it had been at the beginning.

  4. NO.. The only true answer to Islamic Terrorism is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now force is well to be the immediate answer to there rampages but brute force can never kill an ideology or religion what they need is to see the light of the Gospel.

    I Salute this man for going against the policy when life was at risk!

    • “…brute force can never kill an ideology or religion…”

      Haven’t met any worshipers of Baal, ever.

      • And I have never been to Australia doesn’t mean it is not there.
        There are those who worship baal

      • Well Sam I Am. I’ve been watching series on Netflix “Vikings”.
        One example, among many, was how the Vikings, with their very war like religion of many gods, led by Odin, and glorifying death in battle, over time, voluntarily converted to Christianity. This, even though for much of that, they dominated many areas that were Christian controlled.

        So, no, there are alternatives to killing everyone that is an enemy of Western Civilization, or that is not a Christian.

        • Vikings were not opposed to assimilating with other peoples. Vikings were too few to sustain the war culture indefinitely (not all scandinavians were vikings). Vikings were surrounded by an increasingly Christian Europe.

          Jihadis are not like Vikings. At all.

        • The point to remember Sam I Am, and the point I made earlier. Don’t lose sight of what is the real struggle. Progressives attacking our rights through the courts and actively shooting at us, or Jihadis cutting off heads and blowing themselves and others up, it is the same old battle of Satan and those that follow him, whether they admit it or not, against Yaweh and his son, Jesus Christ

          Ultimately, the real challenge and the one real weapon that will permanently defeat this type of terror, as prophesized, is by being baptized in the blood of the Lamb.

          And, of course, once our true defender and leader is place, then being well armed and prepared to shoot back in defense of self and others.

          • When you face a jihadi attack, be sure to hand out pamphlets “showing the way”. Then report back on how many conversions you witnessed.

            Happy for any jihadi who denies their faith, and decides he/she was on the road to eternal destruction. Meanwhile, I prefer the two solution approach.

            And thanks, you might be helping me decide on a first gun. Thinking more and more a Barrett

        • So Sam I Am. Maybe English is a second language for you. Or you just didn’t bother reading my full reply. The part at the end where I said once the one real weapon that will ultimately defeat said Jihadi is in place; (our Lord Jesus the Christ) that until that glorious day arrives, being well armed and being able to shoot back at any Satan worshiper(unknowing or otherwise) that wishes our destruction.

          • When “that glorious day arrives”, it will not be just jihadis who will be defeated, judged and destroyed.

            Meanwhile, “talk softly, and carry a firearm”.

        • God isn’t going to do anything and neither will you. You need to help yourself and stop diffusing your responsibility to magic sky daddy.

        • The problem Vincent with those that deny the existence of a higher power, or that believe in a “magic sky daddy” ,is that according to Pew research, agnostics/atheists are 75,% declared Democrat or are left leaning. In other words, those that don’t believe in a higher power are 75% more likely to be “useful idiots” for progressive ie, communist/socialist policies, which inevitably leads to tyranny, mass death and starvation.

          Or, to put it more bluntly, the vast majority of arhiests/agnostics are instruments of our own destruction of our freedoms, especially of our second amendment rights. Which is ultimately, evil.

          Where as the vast majority of Evangelical Christians are for conservative small government and are defenders of constitutional freedoms, especially of the second amendment.

          Of course, there are also so called Christians that support progressive causes, but no where near the same massive majorities of agnostics/atheists.

        • Thomas. this is like quoting statistics from phone interviews on households with guns. People are going to lie. For Liberal Progressives being an atheist is COOL. Like all their other quirks they love to prattle on about it to anyone who will listen.

          For a Conservative this is more problematic. Since the majority of Conservatives tend to identify as Christian those of us who do not are less likely to make such an admission to a random polster.

          I would take that 25/75 number with a grain of salt.

          As for the rest of you, go ahead and pray, it can’t hurt unless it distracts you from actually taking the shot when necessary. My advice: “God, please don’t let me miss!”

          As for me, I will be emptying my mag as precisely as I can and leave the praying to the jihadis: “Allahu akbar! Inshallah!” Fine, now go get your virgins.

  5. Quote from video of police spokesman:
    “They started firing as they entered. There was a foreigner in the swimming pool,
    who grabbed a gun and shot one of the attackers. That’s when the situation suddenly
    deteriorated. We called the local police.”

    Not sure if it is just a bad translation, but sure sounds like the police officer (or translator) weren’t too thrilled with the competition.

  6. Brute force destroyed Japan not Christianity. Same for Italy and Germany. But is was mostly Christians doing the destroying.
    I carry a gun where ever I go. And I’m taking the part 2 of Defensive Pistol next month.

  7. The real answer is deportation, followed by a strict no admittance policy.

    Of course a few will sneak through. Those you shoot.

  8. “There was a foreigner in the swimming pool who grabbed a gun and shot at the attackers”

    Just a couple of days ago I joked on TTAG ,you should wear your gun in the shower so Norman Bates can’t get you.
    It seems having a gun that may get wet is not a bad idea. There have been attacks in Tunisia beaches. Swimmers don’t have guns.

    There is a TTAG post were the person swims with a North American Arms revolver. I’m now looking into getting a “wet” gun.

    • My understanding is that stainless steel makes for good “wet” guns, but you have to make sure to dry the steel springs and keep them oiled because they WILL rust. So will the screws and I just checked my 686 – yep, the sights are also regular steel. Okay to get it wet, be sure to get it thoroughly dry again, first chance.

      BTW, not advocating carrying the 686 in the pool, real boat-anchor material! But the North American stainless pistol will have the same rust issues, only smaller.

  9. Sorry but guns ARE the answer. And I’m washed in the blood of the LAMB. Even JESUS said selk your cloak and buy a sword. And HE is returning very soon. With righteousness he doth judge and make WAR…

    • I’m going to mangle the Al Capone line. “You can get further with a prayer and a gun than you can with just a prayer.”

      • I’m going to mangle the Al Capone line. “You can get further with a prayer and a gun than you can with just a prayer.”



  10. And what did not happen in Mali? The responding cops/soldiers/militia or whatever they’re called in Mali did not, repeat, did not shoot the good guy with a gun.

    They were able to sort him from the bad guys. In the heat of battle.

  11. Make these motherf%$kers rue the day they stepped in this country and turn their jihad into a memorable and embarrassing clusterf$%k.

  12. I know political correctness demands we place “terrorism” at the end of “Islam[ic]” but as someone who can read and has I can tell you that Muhammad, the supposed messenger of God, is the problem.

    He was a warlord. That is bad enough but Surah 33:21 codified his conduct as THE example for all of mankind to follow. His way of life is the basis for Islamic law and life. That goes straight to the heart of Islam. Not radical Islam, not extremist Islam, not Islamic terrorism but plain old Islam. It truly is an inconvenient truth but there it is.

    Westerners want to tech and buy their way out of this problem but this truly is komf, jihad, and struggle. It is a knife fight in a phone booth and the sooner non-Muslims get down with the sickness the sooner the world can move forward.

    • I am loathe to attack other people’s spiritual beliefs since they seem to help them and they generally do not hurt me, but…

      If your religion instructs you that I am to be subjugated or killed in the name of your god, we gonna have a problem.

      So I wonder, as far as force solving the problem, what would be the result of a simultaneous world-wide attack that destroyed every significant Muslim holy site at precisely the same time? We certainly have the technology to accomplish this. Would this convince them that Allah was not, in fact, the greatest god, or would it make them even more rabid and dangerous?

  13. Guns can solve the problem of Islamic Terrorists- as in individuals- they, along, cannot solve the problem of Islamic Terror.

    Fanatical religious movements don’t get killed out, because others step in to take places.

    • “Fanatical religious movements don’t get killed out, because others step in to take places.”

      Precisely. And that next one goes down. And the next. Until there are no more.

  14. “ATTENTION POLICE OFFICERS: Per MLB POLICY: ABSOLUTELY NO GUNS are allowed in Guaranteed Rate Field. Please do not bring your gun!”

    Not sure the exact laws in Chicago or Illinois but in just about every other state the response would be…

    “Uh ya, last time i checked baseball leagues aren’t sovereign states in the Union so your policy doesn’t trump state law therefore you can stuff your policy up your home plate sideways.”

  15. wow. some very simple minds in this world. they really think the only tool you need is a hammer.

  16. While actual terrorists need to be shot, the Global War on ( Islamic) Terrorism cannot be won with guns, or bombs or drone strikes
    The war on terrorism is a war of ideas
    Until we start funding a world wide chain of Islamic Madrassa religious schools to counter the hate filled Wahhabi Madrassa schools we will never win
    Saudi Arabia has been funding these Madrassa schools all over the world and they are the real incubators of Islamic terrorism
    We need to get one of our Muslim allies, like Indonesia or Jordan to open a competing more tolerant form if Islam
    Until there is a counter propaganda war there will be no victory
    It is satisfying to say kill them all and let Allah sort them out
    Even if we use atomic bombs, there are just too many moslems to kill all of them
    We need to get inside their heads and convince the youth that killing innocents does not earn a ticket to a paradise filled with virgins
    America is a country filled with marketers, advertisers and Hollywood
    That is what we need to fight against terrorist ideology

    • I disagree. The only true remedy to the poison of darkness that is Islam, is the truth, the light, the life and the love of Jesus Christ.

      The other poison of darkness that needs to get exposed to the light of truth of Jesus Christ is the liberal/progressive cult of death that finds it’s roots in communism/socialism. After all, it is mostly the progressives that fight to bring in a flood of Muslims from the mid-east, as they have done so effectively in Western Europe.

      The flood of Islam into western Europe and the attempted flooding of the USA by muslims by the progressives is a sign of the disease that is the progressive blight upon our land. Until those claiming to be Christian in our country stand up and stop bowing to the politically correct dogma pushed by the progressives, our destruction as a free country is assured, whether by the instrument of Islam, or by the continued domination of our schools, universities, media and much of our government by the progressives of the left and the statists of the right, and the continued destruction of our foundations as a Christian country.

      • So what you are saying is that this really is a war between Jehovah and Allah to see who wins the title of “Greatest God!”

        They can duke it out however they see fit. I’m planning to shoot it out on my own terms if the situation arises.

        • Ummm, no. I see this is the fight between Satan, with his foot soldiers, (the muslims and the progressives) acting out his defiance against G-d’s supremacy,

          Hate to tell you CliffH, but 75% of athiests/agnostics, at least according to the Pew research polls, list themselves as democrats or left leaning. Or in other words, 3 out of 4 atheists/agnostics are in the progressives camp; which is founded in communism/socialism: The vast majority of atheists/agnostics have proven themselves the prime candidates for being the “useful idiots” for supporting those that are the clear enemies of personal freedom, personal responsibility, and of our second amendment rights that ultimately leads to tyranny, mass death and starvation.

          Where as, according to the same polls, evangelical christians, are 75% listed as conservative, and believing in the constitution and in small government. Of course, there are many christians that support progressive causes, but no where near the vast majority of atheists/agnostics.

          It seems that while believing in a higher power is not a guarantee against being led astray, not believing in a higher power makes you much more likely to be a “useful idiot” led down the path of darkness and tyranny.

  17. Ummm, no CliffH. It is just the fight between Satan and his foot soldiers, (muslims and those that deny Jesus as Lord) and the one true G-d.

    Hate to tell you CliffH. But the idea that those that believe in no G-d, ie, atheist/agnostics, are some how more rational, logical and less likely to be led down the path of tyranny, mass death and starvation is clearly belied by the facts. According to the Pew Research, atheists/agnostics in the USA are 75% more likely to be progressive, or left leaning. In other words, 3 out of 4 atheists/agnostics are more likely to the “useful idiots” that support the attacks against our second amendment rights and the growth of massive government with the continual erosion of our personal liberties.

    Now while there are many christians that support progressive causes, there is a clear massive majority of athiests/agnostics that embrace the G-d of the state, and it’s supremacy over individual citizens rights and responsibilities. And the end result of this is the hundreds of millions murdered in the G-dless “utopias” of Stalinist Russia, Maoist china and the fifty million murdered of the unborn in this country.

    Where as Evangelical christians, according to the same Pew Polls, are 75% conservative/constitutionalists. If we are looking for those that will defend freedom from the government worshipers, it will be very few from the G-dless camp of atheists/agnostics.

  18. Guns are the only thing they understand (not that we’re looking for understanding).

    Might makes right? Might makes whatever the F it wants.

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