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To say the circumstances surrounding an early morning multiple shooting in Miami are unclear is like saying Moms Demand Action have difficulty with facts. Neither statement begins to capture the breadth and majesty of the assertion. Here’s what is reporting: “Witnesses said they heard dozens of rounds, maybe 100, rip through a storefront Miami nightclub called The Spot, wedged between a furniture store and a smoke shop. When the bullets stopped, 15 young people were bloodied, dazed and wounded.” So the club — which has a liquor license — was apparently filled with a crowd including children as young as eleven years old when, it appears, a shootout broke out at about 1:00 a.m. between multiple individuals . . .

Police say they, too, don’t know exactly what triggered the violence. At least one witness says it appears that two groups of people were shooting at each other.

Witnesses, whose accounts of these things are always suspect at best, have varying stories, but it appears safe to assert that a hail of lead flew through the watering hole. Listen to “Prentice’s” description of the various volleys and estimated round counts he heard in the video above. It seems nothing short of miraculous that no one was killed, though one 15-year-old is in critical condition.

Frederica Burden, a spokeswoman for the Miami Police Department, said investigators are trying to determine who was inside the nightclub, how many shooters there were and what prompted the firing. She said the club is cooperating in the shooting investigation.

“This has baffled everybody,” she said. “We are just trying to figure out what’s going on.”

No one has been arrested so far. Someone – strike that – a LOT of people have some ‘splainin’ to do.

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    • This probably sheds the best insight into the type of individuals there, not that anyone deserves to die.
      Not sure what the ABC laws are for night clubs and such.

    • That’s the first thing that I thought, too. Teens have no business being at a nightclub, or even on the street at 0100.

      • …and if it weren’t for evil, dirty, racist NRA guns, they all would have had healthy, productive lives…I guess tonight the white, racist, sexist side of America wins…


    • Read the Chicago stats from any given weekend, and you’ll see the same thing-underage kids-even under 10-out at ridiculous times.

    • “Why are kids At a club at 1am in the Miami ghettos in the first place?”

      Proving that morons start early.

      • To clarify, some people have a very hard time connecting actions with consequences, and as I said above, it starts early. Whatever, they can all go to the institutionalized lifestyle they so desperately want.

    • I can’t remember where I heard it but it resounded enough I remember it to this day. There are two distinct groups – “parents” or “people with kids”.

      Parents have their 11 year olds tucked in and fast asleep at 1AM. People with kids drag them to clubs at 1AM.

  1. Don’t mean to sound harsh or unsympathetic, but this will become another “statistic” of childhood gun violence for the enemy to use against us.

    • Maybe… but it won’t be all over the news.

      Not enough white kids died.

      But gun owners are the racist ones… yeah, right.

    • But of course it will. And Bear, it’s all over the news in the major cities. Poor childrenz! Evil gunz! Same old same old.

  2. Gun violence against innocent children… at a bar… at 1am. I’m sure the shooter is a clean cut young man that has never been in a gang and spends all his non-violent time filling out college applications.

  3. My guess, Gang Violence… and 11 year olds being involved in activities like this isn’t new… especially in a gang culture. I don’t feel bad as bad as it sounds. LIVE FOR A GANG, DIE BY A GANG….

  4. And zero will be said about the demographic of the club, the kids there…it will be about guns…again, still.

  5. 11 year olds at a club at 1am. I’m sure having tougher gun laws would have made these people leave their guns at home because that would be illegal right?

  6. Maybe an11year old was a SHOOTER. It happens in Chicago. Nope I haven’t seen anything on this on media.

  7. OK, someone has to call BS here.

    As few shots as 12, as many as 100, and no one in a crowded nightclub is killed by this?

    I’m calling BS on the round count for starters. Someone could pop off perhaps only four or five rounds and injure that many people in a crowded situation like that.

    My second observation is that when a nightclub with a liquor license has people as young as 11 years of age in it at 0100, they should lose their liquor license. That’s just common sense, shooting or no.

    • A search on listings of Miami “nightlife” shows no listing for “The Spot”. I’ll make a guess the proprietors are not to concerned about things like licenses, occupancy limits and social norms.

      Lucky that holding your gat on it’s side degrades accuracy.

      • “Lucky that holding your gat on it’s side degrades accuracy.”

        Not necessarily . . . well, if you’re Jerry Miculek it doesn’t anyway:

    • Alcohol and common sense are rarely found in close proximity…

      And I have had extensive personal experience in that area.

    • Hmmm… The story is a bit lacking in detail. There are nightclubs, and then there are nightclubs. I went to a place that might be called a nightclub last night and brought my 16-year-old kid along. There were even kids as young as 8 in there. I think their parents were around somewhere, but I’m not sure.

      The place has a liquor license, but the bar is upstairs and there’s an all-ages concert floor downstairs (details).

      The show didn’t end until well after midnight, so there we were on the mean streets of Spokane at the witching hour. But nothing bad happened to anyone. Well, a couple of people did get bloodied up in the mosh pit, but you know what they say about stupid people doing stupid things…

    • First, the Miami Herald isn’t good for much and anyone calling them a ‘news outlet’ is being very generous.

      Second, the Miami Herald is, for the most part, very anti-gun and very anti-rights unless the race-card can be played.

      Now, having lowered the bar to the appropriate level for ‘miami journalism’ here is a better explanation for *where* this happened:

      The ‘night club’ in question is not a night club by the usual definition of a bar with a dance floor. The Spot is an ‘event space’ that you can rent for your event. It is the venue that you turn into a night club, they have the space decked out with sound equipment and an empty bar, you bring in your DJ, your booze, and your crowd. The event in question was a ‘private event’ and I use the scare-quotes because that is what it is called not what it actually is.

      None of that explains why people started shooting, nor does it explain how many shots were fired. And I will bet you a nickle that this news event fades very quickly because it doesn’t fit the narrative regarding gun control. It will probably linger in the news as an item about the problems with late night clubs or lax liquor laws or some other similar Blue-Hair-Pearl-Clutching kind of item.

    • As few shots as 12, as many as 100, and no one in a crowded nightclub is killed by this? Well, look at the police shoot out with the Boston Bombers.

  8. Looks like the same old ethnic problem to me , the same problem that a lot of larger cities have , especially Chicago , label me what you want but in the end I am right . Oh and the reason you haven’t seen it on MSM is because it wasn’t a white against black thing , but if it had been , the MSM would have been screaming for someone’s head to roll . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  9. Thugs get lead slugs – whether from each other, the police, or a law-abiding citizen, most thugs end up dead at an early age.

    Mommas, don’t let your teenagers go to nightclubs.

  10. MDA and other Bloomberg subsidiaries haven’t jumped on this one with their usually frothy mouth fervor. I guess they only care about kids if they are white kids.

    How about Mothers Demand Action for Mother-Sense in America?

    • They haven’t jumped on this because no one died. Bloomberg can reach the microphone without a coffin to stand on.

      • Laugh!

        Besides, Miami, Cubans, a little drama, wildly firing for effect; what’s the mystery, or surprise. Bloomie and Watts can’t relate, wrong ethnicity.

  11. Imagine this new MDA ad in the paper: One of these is not allowed at a Miami nightclub at 1:00 am. [pictured, small child standing next to OFWG holding AR-15] Protect our children. Ban deadly assault weapons at night clubs.

    Makes about as much sense as their current ads.

  12. I’m kind of wondering if the “Moms” will have very much to say about this myself. The situation and demographics don’t exactly fit their preferred narrative, but still–children, you know. I suppose if the club is within the boundaries of a school district they might count it as a “school shooting”.

  13. Well, obviously, the first thing that must be done is to ban all legally owned firearms……cause you know damn well the chances the weapons used in this shooting were not legally owned and may now even be part of Miami Bay. Who knows; we just have to ban all legal guns though so they can’t be used in something like this. (sarcasm off).

  14. “This has baffled everybody,” she said. “We are just trying to figure out what’s going on.”

    Really? This is baffling? Are you kidding me? This is not baffling at all. This is what happens when you let a liberal mentality control our society!

    • I’m not an American so our definition of “liberal” is not the same one as the one in your political dictionary. And I get kind of angry whenever I see someone confuse people calling themselves liberal while actually being stupid or bastards with true liberalism and then I see other people attack liberal mentality.

      So could you ‘merkins please stop mistreating the word “liberal”? I mean, how come that the US as whole have sort of accepted that such an important word no longer means what it used to mean? There’s nothing wrong with liberal mentality. It is just that not everyone calling him/herself liberal really is.

      One would hope that with liberties being an important concept, not just in regards to 2A rights but on the whole, the language would be more resistant to manipulation.

      • The term liberal is now used to describe someone who values “community” over the individual. This sounds nice until that same liberal advocates for the destruction of individual liberty and property for the sake of the “community”.

        The liberal “it takes a village” mentality is also a convenient excuse for terrible parenting. The individual didn’t screw up raising their kid – the entire village screwed up.

        I buy into none of this nonsense reasoning. You alone are responsible for yourself. You alone are responsible for raising kids properly. Part of this includes having the parental responsibility to not take 11 year old kids to a nightclub at 1:00 AM.

      • I get where you are coming from, as in the 17th century England, the term liberal had a very different meaning as in the present day USA. I always thought of a Liberal as one who was very liberal in squandering and spending tax payer money and being very liberal in providing government to trample my rights. True Conservatism was to conserve taxpayer spending and conserve rights against the fascist government. I think Libertarianism might be the term that 17th century England called Liberals.

      • The same word obviously means different things in different countries. I’ll tell you what – If you STFU about our use of the word “liberal” in the US, I won’t say anything about what you say in your country. M’kay?

        • Okay, feel free to use the word as you see fit.

          I just thought that maybe some might stop and think for a few seconds about how shifting the meaning of such words helps some people shape public opinion. The word itself, outside of political context, is (I’d say) a mostly positive one. It says pro-liberty. So letting statists call themselves liberals allows them to appear better.

          Oh, and you might wish to calm down a bit. M’kay?

    • I doubt anyone liberal or conservative thinks going to a nightclub or anyplace that makes the majority of it’s income from the sale of alcohol is a fit place for an 11 year old to be at 1am.. We joke about being raised in a barn. But being raised in a barroom is not a joke. Sure some people end up just fine after being raised in bar. But no one talks about the dozens for that one that end up in prison.

      • “I doubt anyone liberal or conservative thinks going to a nightclub or anyplace that makes the majority of it’s income from the sale of alcohol is a fit place for an 11 year old to be at 1am..”

        I call your “doubt anyone thinks it is a fit place” and raise you a “But they ACTUALLY DID IT.”

        So, someone DOES think it is “fit.” And what do you think the odds are that if those involved (even peripherally) vote at all, they vote Dem? Further, not only do they think it is “fit,” but they (or at least their political “spokesmen”) also think we are narrow, closed minded bigots for daring to say it is NOT fit.

        Let’s not project our own sense of mores and values onto those that do not share them.

      • “I doubt anyone liberal or conservative thinks going to a nightclub or anyplace that makes the majority of it’s income from the sale of alcohol is a fit place for an 11 year old to be at 1am.”

        A liberal will consider that to be “Exposing them to a different point of view” as *everyone* who is properly enlightened knows that everyone’s point of view is equally as valid as anyone Else’s.

        And they actually believe that crap.

  15. I saw at least 2 guys with ‘top knots’ being treated by EMTs.
    Maybe this was just a meeting of Samurai that got out of hand.

  16. This all looks like inter-gang violence, That explains the presence of 11 to 25 year olds in a place that serves alcohol well after 1:00 AM, symptoms of poor-parenting, lack of MSM attention, lack of MDA attention and why the Miami PD can’t find-out what happened, because nobody’s talking. Also, explains why “Prentice” didn’t want his face shown, why the Owners wouldn’t talk to the Miami Herald, the top knots and dreadlocks, and probably why no one actually got killed (there weren’t any innocent bystanders around to get killed).

    I’m betting this one is headed for the Miami PD “Unsolved Cases” file as soon as they can make it look like they did “due diligence” and get it there. Just another case of a certain demographic shooting each other up in a sleazy dive and no resulting homicides. Happened before, will happen again,

    Pretty sorry state of affairs because next time some of those same kids and young people may well be killed, but many of them probably expect that, which is even more sad.

  17. Out at 1:00 AM? Well, it’s not like anybody had to get up for anything productive the next day. But, I’m confident a some progressive will come up with a Pelosi-esk argument that proves taking my gun would have prevented this event,

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