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The Ruger SR1911 review cometh. The crew at the recent TTAG Get Together tested the handgun with a variety of ammo (one FTE). Before posting my take on Ruger’s first 1911, I want to get some private range time with the girl and take some gun porn pics for the fanboys. Given Foghorn’s analysis of our viewer stats, I better get this one in STAT. And, of course, get it right.

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  1. At about 07:30 or so there are a few comments made about Glocks, 1911’s and safeties. A bit off topic but worth a read, check out the Trigger paragraph in this Glock/1911 comparison.

  2. Is this gun in MA? If so, any chance you can drive down the road to a smith like Greg Derr and see what he thinks about it? So far, it seems to me, Ruger has avoided sending one to someone I’d consider a 1911 “guru”, and I’d be really interested to see what a smith with experience and some calipers thinks.

  3. I assume that you promptly removed the idiotic full length guide rod, and replaced it with the proper system.

  4. The problem field stripping it began when you used the bushing tool-the weapon lost all respect for you…

  5. 45 years ago, if my DI had seen me field strip a 1911 like this, I would still be peeling potatoes today.

    This guy does not seem like an expert.

    • Sorry Robert, but I can strip and reassemble a 1911 blindfolded faster.

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