Female Shooter Reported Killed By Police After Murdering 5 in Nashville School Shooting

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Law enforcement officers lead children away from the scene of a shooting at The Covenant School, a private Christian school in Nashville, Tenn., on Monday March, 27, 2023. (Jozen Reodica via AP)

Police say they shot and killed a female suspect in a shooting at the The Covenant School this morning in Nashville, Tennessee. They report that the unidentified shooter killed three children and two adults before police arrived engaged her.

The shooter is reported to have entered the school through a side entrance and opened fire on the second floor. A police spokesman reported that the shooter was armed with two “assault-type” rifles and a handgun.

This photo provided by the Metro Nashville Police Department shows officers at an active shooter event that took place at Covenant School, Covenant Presbyterian Church, in Nashville, Tenn. Monday, March 27, 2023. Authorities say the suspect in a shooting at a private Christian school in Nashville is dead. (Metro Nashville Police Department via AP)

Fromt the AP . . .

Police said the shooter appeared to be in her teens.

The Nashville victims were pronounced dead upon arrival at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital and Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Other students walked to safety Monday, holding hands as they left their school surrounded by police cars, to a nearby church to be reunited with their parents.

Police officers with rifles, heavy vests and helmets could be seen walking through the school parking lot and around the grassy perimeter of the building Monday morning. Helicopter footage from WTVF also showed the officers looking around a wooded area between the campus and a nearby road.


Today will also be remembered for a gun control advocate setting a new land speed record in hijacking a Nashville Police Department press briefing in order to push for more gun control laws literally before any of the victims’ bodies had cooled.

As we always caution in these situations, initial reports frequently contain bad or slanted information. Proceed accordingly.

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    • Yeah, maybe he identified as female, right? Or is it that Congress has not defined what a “female” is yet.
      In all seriousness, if this was a female, this is a very unusual event.

        • Nice racist comment when you do not even know if she was Muslim or not. Its a typical racist remark for the Far Right.

          We will never get mass murder under control until we pass severe vetting laws for all gun purchases and safe storage laws just like European and Asian countries have done decades ago and their laws work and work much better than our total lack of such laws.

        • under control until we pass severe vetting laws for all…

          and Blah…blah…balahblahblah…blah…blahblahblahblah… Get a new line of crap, this stuff is really quite stale…

        • Dacian, Have you ever lived in any of the so called civilized countries you brag about? Perhaps you would like the police state most of those countries have become. I lived in Germany for several years. As well as Japan for 4 years. The major reason most people don’t own or have ready access to firearms in the expense of getting the permission from the bureaucrats. In Japan the police don’t need a warrant to enter and search your home or property. In Germany the process is not difficult, but the bureaucratic red tape and ridiculous fees convince most working class and middle class workers give up and do without. Luckily for me, my job required me to be armed at all times. And have access to real military grade weapons. Sometimes working for Uncle Sam has it’s advantages.

        • Off the top of my head a few Chechnya on Russia are about the only incidents of female suicide bombers that I remember but curious enough to look into it.

        • It’s racist white left wing liberal comments made here, that are keeping us from facing the truth. But not me.

          Female Muslim suicide bombers have killed people in Afghanistan. India. Pakistan. Israel. Russia. And other countries around the world. And Muslims are white, yellow, and other skin colors.

          Also. The terrorist bombers that murdered the people at the rock concert theater in Paris France, and hundreds of other people, one of them was a Muslim female.

        • to old man in alabama

          quote———In Germany the process is not difficult,——–quote

          And their mass murder rate is way lower than ours. Thank you for proving my point that European and Asian gun control works and works quite well.

        • To lil’d, everything comes down to race because he is one of the self-appointed saviors of the oppressed people-of-color.

        • Idiot dacian, the man didn’t say that this shooter was Muslim. What he correctly pointed out is, outside of the US, it isn’t rare for Muslim suicide bombers to be female. Understand now? One person pointed out that female shooters are rare in the US, and the answer was, female suicide bombers aren’t nearly so rare, outside the US. None of those stated facts are wrong. You are wrong for searching out a reason to be ‘offended’. Is your middle name Al Sharpton?

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. The fact that Muslim women are often suicide bombers is NOT a “racist comment”. It is a FACT OF LIFE. Try using your head for something other than a hat rack?

        • dacian:

          And their (Germany’s & Japan’s) mass murder rate is way lower than ours.” Lol!

          Tell THAT to the Jews of Europe and all the non-Japanese Asians (of Chy-Nah/Korea/Vietnam etc.) that the bucktoothed Coke-bottle glasses wearing soldiers of the emperor exteminated a little more less than a century ago.

      • “In all seriousness, if this was a female, this is a very unusual event.”

        We had another similar shooting not long back, I really hope someone is keeping track of these events, to prove mental illness is a real driver of these acts…

        • Oh, man, check this shit out :

          “Meanwhile, it has also emerged that the mum of the woman identified as the Nashville school shooter had vehemently campaigned to prevent mass shootings in the classroom. Audrey Hale’s mum urged her friends to join her in signing petitions to ‘Keep Guns Out of Schools” and “Make large-capacity gun magazines illegal’ on her Facebook page.”


          A “Fuck you mom” kinda thing, perhaps?

    • 15 minute police time. Only 14 minutes 55 seconds too late…
      P.S. Great move Satan! Disguising the shooter as a young female!
      Lets see how long this one stays on the news.

    • Bingo!!!
      I live 40 miles from Nashville. The local news is now reporting that the female shooter has self identified themselves as being guess what????

      Answer- What is a woman?

  1. Biden already talking about asw ban. Fuck all of them. I didn’t have anything to do with it. Come and take it, come and take it, come and take it!

    • calm down Redneck, no laws will be passed and even if the states pass anti-gun laws they will be struck down by the supreme court. nothing to worry about.

      • Would that I could have your sunny, naive attitude about what is legislatvely possible in Congress. Unfortunately, I live in the real world, so . . . .

        And by the way, while I am PARTIALLY heartened by the Bruen ruling, relying on SCOTUS to “save us” from Congress? That is a thin reed, my friend.

        Saying ” . . . nothing to worry about.” is a level of cognitive dissonance I have no wish to achieve.

    • Amen. I’m no tough guy, just an ordinary old guy. Still, little left to lose at my age, once they try to disarm me with unConstitutional laws. Might be the last thing I can give my country…

    • schools should be a closed environment…the only people who belong there are students and staff…and the occasional parent…access for anyone else should be difficult to obtain…

      • “access for anyone else should be difficult to obtain…”

        The murderer shot out the door glass and crawled inside…

  2. Is it now time, since the CADET CORP no longer exists after a century of being, for VETERANS and FFL’s to now stand armed guard at our schools?
    Since the “open border” scam of the Biden admin. has overwhelmed police resources, more and more crimes will be committed as there are fewer police to respond as they are stretched thin dealing with more and more illegals.
    It is only going to get worse under Biden.

    • Don S, the only way to protect children nowadays is to remove them from any institutional School system. Homeschool is much safer than those options. The staff (parents) and some of the students can be armed at all times in a homeschool. if we vacate the public school system completely it will collapse. And private schools should have better security than public.

  3. 7 dead, including the 28 year old shooter. Already pushing to ban evil semi auto tools that help keep us from becoming a police state due to promise of asymmetric (Guerilla warfare) if a potential future leftist, fascist tyrant wannabe group desires to implement such.

  4. Upon hearing news of the tragedy Gun Control zealots began to stampede. News the perp was female and their brakes were smoking hot. Let’s see how the knee jerk Rat Party spins it all to their advantage…They will do that because Gun Owners fail tragedy after tragedy to define Gun Control by its history of rot. That leaves dumbbells seeing Gun Control as an answer when History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is an agenda rooted on racism and genocide. An agenda that should have been abolished alongside its sidekicks slavery, lynching, etc.

    • “They will do that because Gun Owners fail tragedy after tragedy to define Gun Control by its history of rot.”

      Not all gun owners are as dumb as you and play the race card every time someone talks about guns.

      You emulate your race-baiting heroes, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Rashida Talib, Cory Bush, Don Lemon, and all the asshats on CNN and MSNBC, etc.

      • cato…If Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Rashida Talib, Cory Bush, Don Lemon, and all the asshats on CNN and MSNBC, etc. Emulated me they would be defining Gun Control by its History of Rot for snot nosed History Illiterate mealy mouth punks like you. Come back and talk to Teddy Bear and I’ll make coleslaw out you…you libelous-pos.

        • cato…Last sentence should read: out “of” you…you libelous-pos. I apologize for the word omission you libelous-pos. Just want to make sure you comprehend every word you libelous-pos.

        • Nope I was out installing a 2-Chan dash cam in my BMW.

          “Come back and talk to Teddy Bear and I’ll make coleslaw out you…you libelous-pos”

          And exactly how would you do that? In another post you talked about blasting 150 rounds and missing your target. What kind of moronic-fuck, madcow-kunt, thinks it’s in any way acceptable to blast up a playground with kids, school, church, other houses, in or around your neighborhood because you are some kind of spray-and-pray dumfuk?

          You are a fucking menace.

  5. What is this female you speak of? I thought they had been eradicated in the great wokening of 2020 after demonstrating they cannot compete athletically and that men can carry babies to term.

  6. White house secratary already preaching gun control also. They will never admit that it is a problem with our society turning away from God which lets satan move into the void. I imagine that the Marxists in our country are celebrating this event.

    • I never have figured out why God cast Satan to Earth with all you humans. Seems like God should have put him on the planet Slug instead.

      • Probably put Satan on the same earth with humans, for the same reason he put you marsupials here. To make you all suffer!!

  7. As usual with these things, the prudent approach is to wait ~72 hours for the facts to come out. Early reports are always incomplete, and frequently contain significant factual errors.




  9. At this point in time, people and organizations that aren’t arming up in defense of this sort of thing are naïve. They like their money protected by people with guns, but for some reason their loved ones don’t get the same consideration. Mind-boggling.

    As for the perp, let’s wait and see. I have some theories, but I’m withholding judgement for now.

    • Can’t say if she was an atheist now, but reports indicate she attended the private Christian charter school which would indicate she was a Christian at some point.

      I’m betting a sexual abuse victim.

      • MinorLiar,

        So, once someone attends a Christian school, they are a “Christian”, and all bad deeds can be blamed on the church?? Just askin’, for a friend.

        Forget the weapon used; it doesn’t matter. Forget the ‘ideology’ of the murderer (radical trans activist, FWIW). She/he/it murdered six people, because they were deranged . . . kinda like you. Hope you don’t live near any schools. Perhaps, in addition to the sex criminal registry, we should have a ‘deranged Leftist/fascist whackjob’ registry?

        Get a grip on something other than your tiny dick.

    • Audrey who identified as “he/him”, y’all decide if he/him was an atheist. In the meantime Joseph Goebbels, I mean our AG has taken over the P.R. for this story all media will now goose step.

  10. Once again, its proven and shown that waiting for police to arrive and handle it is not the answer to fewer or no deaths or injury. If there had been armed teachers or school staff inside the school and they had engaged the shooter chances of fewer or no death or injury is a lot more likely than waiting for police to arrive and handle it.

    Waiting for police to arrive and handle it always gives the mass shooter just what they need – and that is (on average for most mass shootings, a mass school shooting is a mass shooting just at a school) a minimum of 3 minutes of kill zone dominance, and sometimes longer (over 97% of mass shootings 1950 to date, and then there is Uvalde).

    An already on scene ordinary law abiding armed person who engages the shooter quickly removes that advantage from the mass shooter and provides a much better chance (more than 94% better vs waiting for police where its more than 80% likely there will be serious injury or death) in the moment than the victims have waiting for police to arrive (over 95% of mass shootings 1950 to date where an ordinary law abiding armed person was permitted to go armed) .

    • How about taking school security and locking the F@#%ing doors, gates, whatever.

      Downunder junior schools are locked during school hours. To gain entry you need to call a number or use an intercom.

      • Uvalde (and other school shootings) showed us that a policy of locking the doors does not always keep the doors locked.

        • .40 cal,

          Don’t disagree, but not locking doors is a training issue. If teachers refuse to learn, fire their sorry asses.

        • Step one should be DON’T use GLASS doors on a “HARDENED” building… Just sayin’…

      • Yeah Southern Cross, but we can only harden schools so much and then they become prisons. We also need to make the consequences for this so terrifying that only a totally deranged person would even consider this. And then make a better effort to pre-empt them. Undoubtably there were once again, warning signs with this monster.

        • all mass shooters (yes, mass school shootings are mass shootings) have mental illness that drives them to commit their mass shootings, they are already deranged. they are not deterred by a thought of terrifying consequences and expect and desire to die anyway either by their own hand, an ordinary law abiding armed citizen, or by police.

        • As long as ALL doors can be opened from the inside by ANYONE, it is the exact opposite of a prison… I think the idea of their brain matter scattered all over a wall IS a deterrent, this shooter had an alternate target but opted for the one she knew was the less secured…

  11. Since the shooter was a woman CNN already forgot that the shooting ever happened… but will remember about it if it turns out she’s a Republican.

    • “but will remember about it if it turns out she’s a Republican.”

      Doubtful, her mom is a gun-grabbing Leftist Scum ™…

  12. How did they know this was a woman? Government officials can’t seem to define what one is. How do they know it didn’t identify as a man, or one of the other Heinz 57 varieties they’ve established?

  13. This is why Biden and those in charge are directly responsible. They have not banned all semi automatic guns in this country when they could have a long time ago. Why didn’t they? There were no semi automatics when the second amendment was signed. There was no need to shoot as fast and as many bullets as you can pull the trigger, for hunting or even to protect your home. However, it’s not too late. If we adopt the New Zealand initiative which they heroically put in place after the horrific Christchurch Mosque mass shooting, we can give Americans a chance at amnesty by turning in their semi automatic guns for a one time tax credit with no felony penalty. After that point, there would be severe punishments if caught with gun ownership. Let me be clear — No one is trying to take away your hunting rifles and home defense shotguns. No one has ever tried taking away those guns designed and envisioned by our founders.

    • So the 1st Amendment only protects the Pen & Paper, and yet, you’re here on the Internet……..Got ya’.

      However, little BOOTLICKER, the “No one is trying to take away your hunting rifles and home defense shotguns” is a farce because you’ll simply call them “STREETSWEEPERS” and “SNIPER RIFLES”.

    • This is not the real David Hogg. Its someone trying to start an argument and get lots of replies, an impersonator afraid to use his real identity and tell the truth and not the lies they tell like this ‘David Hogg’ impersonator is doing like the cowards the left wingers are.

    • No one has ever tried taking away those guns designed and envisioned by our founders

      Hmmmmmm, I believe King George tried that, see how it worked out for him… Takes more than Braindead just saying it or concocting some bullshit Executive Order to ban the most popular rifle in use today…

    • Sorry kid, my AR’s are hunting rifles. The AR-15 is used as a varmint rifle and the AR-10 is used for hogs and deer. Both being much lighter and easier for an old man to work with.
      Choice of weapon makes little difference when a shooter has several minutes before armed response is brought to bear. The shooter could have used a century or more old lever action or bolt action rifle to do as much or more damage in the 14 minutes she had before being stopped by MNPD.
      This and most other mass casualty shootings are the result of leftist/progressive society. Destroy old fashioned values and morals and this kind of thing is the result.

      • Hell, she could have used a butcher knife and done double the damage… She must have had an agenda of specific targets and needed to “find” them… Two loaded ARs and a handgun with a minimum of 10 rounds could have been 50 or more bodies in the 15 minutes before the cops got there… And why two rifles? An extra magazine or two would have been a lot cheaper and much easier to manage…

        • Of course they’re going to use an AR. That’s all the media and pols talk about. Also, more ban talk equals more sales to everyone.

          Maybe it was worried about one of the rifles malfunctioning.

        • Stop calling him a she.

          This creature was born a female with female chromosomes, female genitals and breasts capable of producing milk… Maybe she WANTED to be a guy and actually PRETENDED to be a man but she did NOT have male genitals, could NOT produce semen/sperm or Testosterone and no matter how hard SHE tried she would never achieve that ULTIMATE mark of the male of the species that (Y) chromosome because “SCIENCE”, you surely recall “follow the Science”… Be whatever the hell you want to be but you can’t force me to acknowledge OR accept your insanity…

  14. Well so far we know the Teen Girl was 28 years old. Or maybe it was a he and he just identified as a she. And maybe a shogun identified as an assault rifle. It’s terrible 7 people died by “assault rifle” if it was the case. FBI and CDC stats show about 400-500 year will die from assault rifles of the 35-40 THOUSAND that will die from a gun my murder or suicide. As terrible as that is about 64,000 will die from fentanyl … why are Democrats obsessed with saving those 500 a year while they totally ignore the fentanyl coming across our southern border?

    • Low hanging fruit and ease of pumping the fear porn. Much easier to vilify an inanimate object than actually do anything useful.

    • “totally ignore the fentanyl coming across our southern border?”

      In 2020 there were 4.8 thousand pounds of fentanyl seized by CBP, But in 2021, fiscal year 2021, it increased to 11.2 thousand pounds of fentanyl. That is a direct result of Biden administration policies. We’ve seized over 12.5 thousand pounds of fentanyl this year alone.

  15. Its been updated: Its 6 people, 3 kids and 3 adults murdered – police confirmed during a press conference. The shooter was a teen age female who was a former student at the school.

  16. Ironically, there was a bill introduced the Tennessee legislature (Senate Bill 1325) recently to allow school staff to carry concealed handguns on school grounds. The bill would require school staff to have a valid handgun carry permit and requires that school staff would have to undergo 40 hours of training in school policing, among other requirements.

    (note: Tennessee is a constitutional carry state now, no permit is required for a non-prohibited person to carry open or concealed. However, federal law prohibits carry within 1000 feet of a school but a state is free to allow carry on school grounds if the person has a state permit (or under other conditions, for example, here people without a permit and conceal carrying on their person can drop off and pick up their kids at the school if they remain in the car – it depends on how your state interprets the federal law) and that’s why Tennessee is requiring the permit for school staff to carry concealed on school grounds.)

  17. Perhaps it’s past time to accept the world as it is, and deal with it accordingly.

    There is no solution to this that doesn’t include armed citizens going about their normal routine. Whether that’s at a school, church, gas station, Walmart, or any other place. There are simply not enough so called “first responders” (police, NG, ATF, et al) at the local, State, and Federal level to stand guard duty at every potential target in this country.

    I did some quick research and found this, just to try to wrap my head (and everyone else’s) around the shear scope of this. All estimates of course, but probably pretty close, give or take a few percent.

    There are 128,961 public and private K-12 schools in the U.S., according to 2019-20 data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). Here’s how they break down:

    All: 128,961
    Prekindergarten, elementary, and middle schools: 88,909
    Secondary and high schools: 27,155
    Other, ungraded, and not applicable/not reported: 12,897

    Additionally, there are:

    384,000 Houses of worship (Est.) as of 2012.

    And 10’s of millions of brick and mortar retail establishments from small mom & pops to the big guys.

    The Government simply cannot handle this, and they know it. But to admit that would expose the utter futility of any and all gun control laws or regulations, and the governments impotence.

    • “Perhaps it’s past time to accept the world as it is, and deal with it accordingly.”

      Very true words. The world has never been about fairies, unicorns and rainbows, it has always been cruel and violent. The prudent have known this since the beginning.

    • Or, we wake up and join the rest of the world with some common sense gun laws. Too bad snowflakes like the cretins that dwell on here can’t image a life without weapons of war at the ready

      • 2A = Snowflake, trust me, a semiautomatic rifle is NOT a “weapon of war”. No armed force in the world issues a semiauto firearm to its armed forces. Clearly you are a gin control cretin.

      • 5 Facts to know about Audrey Hale :

        “1. In a news conference following the event, Don Aaron of the Metro Nashville Police Department stated that the alleged shooter, who was fatally wounded by law enforcement officers, was a female in her “teens.” However, the truth is that the suspect is not a teenager, but actually, a 28-year-old woman.

        2. According to preliminary police investigations, the 28-year-old shooter who massacred six people at the private school in Nashville had previously attended the same school. Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake stated at a press conference on Monday, “From my initial findings, at one point, she was a student at that school.” He continued by saying he didn’t know what year she had attended the institution. According to him, Nashville police have also reportedly determined her residence. He stated that there was a vehicle nearby that provided them with information as to who she was.

        Also Read: Gun control lobbyist crashes Fox News’ Covenant school shooting coverage, passionately delivers speech

        3. The first reports came in about 10:15 a.m. local time on Monday, and according to Don Aaron, police responded to the report of an active shooter at the Covenant School immediately. Officers entered the building through the first floor when they arrived, he claimed. Then, according to Aaron, they heard gunshots coming from the building’s second floor. Authorities reportedly shot the suspect in a second-floor lobby.

        4. Aaron claimed that when the police arrived at the location, they found a woman who had opened fire. She was gunned down by two responding officers after they began shooting at the suspect, according to Aaron. Aaron claimed that she had a handgun, two “assault-type” rifles, and possibly more weapons.

        Also Read: Covenant School Nashville shooting: Video shows students rushed to reunite with parents in school buses lined with police cruisers

        5. The shooter’s identification has been determined by the authorities right now. As first responders got to the crime site, they saw “a female who was firing.” The name of the suspect is Audrey Hale. Moreover, it has also been noted that the 28-year-old shooter from Nashville is a biological female who uses the pronouns “He/Him” on their LinkedIn profile. The police also later officially confirmed that the shooter was a transgender person.”


  18. Remember when Jane Fonda said people should murder pro-life Christians??? This mentally ill individual may have taken Jane up on it.

  19. Yikes, must have been some serious HGH, steroid, testosterone shots that pumped up that gals volume. Nutters gotta nut.

    • Oh, I can’t *wait* to read the ‘manifesto’ of yet another miserable Leftist Scum ™ taking out their anger on 9 year-old little kids.

      Rot in hell for eternity, loser… 🙁

      • I never got the whole “manifesto” thing. My own mother might be interested in reading a paragraph from me about my views on politics, philosophy, and life in general. Nobody wants to read page after page of that.

  20. 40% of them remove themselves. Only stands to reason some of that 40 will want to “take the bigots” with them.

    Society should keep encouraging mental illness. Clearly it’s all healthy. Just like the morbidly obese. Healthy at any size.

  21. Another case of no armed security on the premises and, apparently, no barriers to entry. You can’t depend on police to arrive in time to stop a maniac like this. As the old saying goes “when seconds count police are only minutes away.”

  22. The local news media is reporting that this religious school had some form of organized self-defense. And that they had attended some form of training in case of a disaster such as this one. Of course we will not know about the extent of their defense plan, and their training until much later.

    As the police have proven. The only thing that stops an active shooter is someone with a long gun. Preferably an ar-15. Which is what stopped the shooter.

    Short of having one of those on your person, wherever you go in public. Your sidearm is going to primarily be something that you can use, to force the attacker to break off. Giving you enough time, for you and your loved ones to escape.

    • Your sidearm is going to primarily be something that you can use, to force the attacker to break off.

      You are sadly misinformed… OR you don’t know to properly use a “sidearm”…

      • If you train. Take at least 2 or 3 classes in a year. Dry fire every day. And live fire at the range at least once every month. Twice a month is better. Then yes. In the best circumstances, for you, you could possibly stop the shooter.

        That doesn’t mean you won’t get shot as well.

        • That doesn’t mean you won’t get shot as well.

          Been there done that more than once WHILE defending with a rifle… If you’ve got a plan and the confidence to engage it, survival chances greatly increase and with the ability to use whatever firearm you happen to have on hand you CAN be successful in overcoming almost any threat… HINT: you can’t run and hide and then attempt to thwart an attacker by sticking the gun around a corner and firing blindly in their direction… Getting shot does not necessarily mean getting dead…

        • That’s my training regiment. What’s yours?

          Well, to be honest I don’t feel the need to take “classes” I actually had some of the best training on the planet during several tours in Vietnam… I don’t “dry fire” every day either, I know my weapon well enough, always carry it in one of two places and am proficient at retrieving it from either location… I do live fire at least once a week and occasionally twice, firing a minimum of 100 rounds from my EDC and alternately running a couple of mags through each of my other weapons… I also include practice with my weak hand to make sure I can continue the fight if I’m wounded on the strong side… I’ve been handling firearms for over 60 years…

        • Chris T in KY, You are full of MALARKEY! While I agree that each gun owner should practice with dry fire, live fire, and training courses, the ability to shop a bad guy with a gun if greatly enhanced by a good guy. There are hundreds of instances to prove your B/S as B/S.
          I have been handling firearms since 1962, shotguns, rifles and handguns. I am a certified NRA instructor in 8 different disciplines.
          Your quals? It is one thing to have an opinion. It is another to have the REAL LIFE experience and training to back it up.

        • MADDMAXX, anyone who says he does not need further training is someone to stay far, far away from when they are on the range.

        • anyone who says he does not need further training is someone to stay far, far away

          Did I say THAT?… Thought I said I don’t CLASSES, over 60 fukking years’ experience and three years as a war fighter in the city (see Hue City “68 Tet”) and the jungles of Vietnam has pretty much taught me all I need to know… I do PRACTICE weekly or did you miss that part.. Or is it just MY turn, fuk with someone that gives a damn…. Teachers can only teach what they know and I don’t think some 30/40 something year old with nothing more than some book learning and few hours on a fantasyland course can add to the real life experiences I’ve been privy to…

        • to MADDMAXX

          I’m glad the special military units who constantly train, don’t have the kind of hubris you have. Hubris that tells you, you don’t have to train at all. Because you’ve been doing this for so many years.

        • you don’t have to train at all. Because you’ve been doing this for so many years.

          Are you STUCK on STUPID, or did you just intentionally ignore the fact that I GO to the RANGE weekly? What the fuk do you think I do there? stand around and watch? take my bullets out of their magazines and THROW them downrange? I am NOT a Special Operator, I will NOT be expected to go head to head with a highly trained enemy and my experiences and weapons use is a hell of a lot more involved than your fukking “classroom” bullshit… Get over yourself, quit making ignorant uninformed assumptions, you don’t know me, you don’t know where I’ve been or what I’ve done so YOU do YOU and quit fukking worrying about me… I guarantee you I put more rounds through my guns in a month than YOU and a lot of the other posters on this site do in a year… I seriously hope YOU are not comparing your “training” to that of Special Operators that might be called upon at a moments notice to travel halfway around the world and put their lives on the line against an equally trained enemy… I on the other hand face about a .001% chance of being confronted by some drugged out tweeker who doesn’t even know how to load the gun that he is attempting to aim “gangsta style” totally unaware of what will happen IF he pulls the trigger… Just go away, I’m not the one YOU want to fuk with and you just make yourself sound like some kind of elitist moron…

  23. lets not waste a bunch of time here
    shall we
    on blaming things or people that dont matter or are not to blame
    lets lay the blame squarely
    100 percent
    were it needs to be:
    democratic party inc

  24. Did anyone notice the Highland Park IL activist that just happened to show up at the press conference demanding draconian gun control.. what a coincidence!!… Folks. the war is here already… Did anyone notice the 70 car toxic chemical train that derailed about the same time… The chocolate factory that blew to smithereens and killed 7 workers…keep your eyes open!! and your head on a swivel folks…

  25. It’s instances like this, where I find myself supporting background checks for the simple fact that desperately mentally ill individuals should be prohibited from purchasing firearms.

    • So you endorse requiring proof from a “PSYCH EVALUATION” before being allowed to purchase firearms??

      Blatant violation of several “CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS”!!!

      Many countries require a “PSYCH EVALUATION”, yet they still have mass shootings!!!

    • And it is clear that you are not an “AMERICAN” in the USA!!!!

      Background checks are “REQUIRED”!!!

      Is this another Dacian persona???

      • And it is clear that you are not an “AMERICAN” in the USA!!!!
        No I’m an American in the USofA.
        Background checks are “REQUIRED”!!!
        Is this another Dacian persona???

    • I find myself supporting background checks

      Where did you read that IT purchased those guns through an FFL… Or even acquired them legally?

      • Plus background checks would pick up involuntary commitment as well as serious psychological disturbance if diagnosed and reported as it is supposed to be. But really if they are motivated enough and not disorganized in their mental state getting a gun is easy even in Europe.

        • reported as it is supposed to be.

          The key word is “REPORTED” which has been a common factor in a number of mass shootings over the years… NOT reporting for whatever reason appears to be the norm..

        • Need the chaos to save you from. See also bureaucratic laziness to support the previous idea with no accountability.

        • My above comment was sarcasm. I do not support background checks anything that is harassment/infringement is unconstitutional and that’s what background checks are.

        • I was wondering but we are stuck with them for now either way so may as well use them either force control seekers to live up to their own rules or expose them for how useless they really are.

    • The only way a background check might have worked in this case is to consider on a legal level a transgender as a mentally unstable person on drugs that is therefore a prohibited person. Otherwise, there is no point.

  26. I thought when they say trans woman, it means they’re talking about a guy who wants to be called a girl.

    The Daily Mail calls this a trans female. Yet, it’s a woman who wants to be called a guy, correct? Things were much simpler in the old days, like four years ago.

    • Remember that trans ideology is part of the wider “successor ideology” movement, what some call “woke-ism”. It is a feature, not a bug, in that ideology that “the rules” change at a breakneck pace, and be everyone is expected to immediately adopt the new rules and pretend they are an absolute and eternal standard of morality, until the next rule change tomorrow. Because it’s not about the rules, it’s about who gets to make the rules.