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I’m not gay, but I get it. A good-looking man – like a good-looking woman – enjoys certain advantages in life. Why not? We all have our pros and cons. In this case, the man whose Facebook-posted mug shot has gone viral is a pro con. “Jeremy Meeks, 30, a convicted felon, was arrested Wednesday on five weapons charges and one gang charge,” reports. “Officer Joseph Silva, a spokesman for the Stockton Police Department, declined to say what Meeks was previously convicted of, saying the department does not routinely release information about a suspect’s criminal history.” Whatever it was, it wasn’t good; a judge set bail at $900k. Kickstarter time? Anyway, what’s the bet that Meeks get showered with money upon release and ends up back in prison?

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  1. He used a gun, why is facebook allowing his page to be up? Oh yeah I answered my own question he is a felon.

  2. Not many of the women swooning over him now would find him handsome as he’s assaulting them I’d wager.

      • Yup.

        Not proud of it, but I was quite an asshole when I was younger and had PTSD but I never had trouble finding a gf (despite being broke) because I was good looking. ::shrug::

        Women who call men “shallow” for what we attracted to are the biggest hypocrites in the world. Women are attracted to certain things too – those things just tend to be much more diverse than what men are attracted to.

        Also, this story was on Yahoo a week ago.

        • i feel you brother, its tough being this sexy. i actually cut my own face to make me less sexy, but it had the opposite effect. they love me more with scars.

        • Heh… I didn’t claim to be all that any more. 🙂

          Then again, I have a lot more money now so I don’t think I’d have to be if I were single again.

        • When I was young, my best friend was 6’3″, wore a leather jacket and a scruffy beard, drove a shitty car and was broke. I was clean cut (army reserve), 5’8″, had a real job and money. Guess who the young NJ women would crawl through glass to get to? I don’t know if they’re that stupid everywhere, but my guess is they are.

  3. Yes, he is a good looking guy but the old saying “pretty is as pretty does” is a buzz kill with this guy’s good looks, he is still a gang banger with a record. Never attacted to “bad boys” types. Saw too much heart break with friends who liked bad boys, and for that matter bad girls as well.

  4. People like his groupies are the reason the inner cities are such a mess. There, I said it.

  5. Nothing new. People like this fellow always attract groupies.

    Remember Scott Peterson? I knew a guy who worked corrections at San Quentin who said the guy gets love letters and marriage proposals from women practically every day.

  6. Reminds me of Colon Noir: how do we get “them” out of shooting and out of the NRA?

      • You liberals are always looking for something: I said “them”. Did I say who “they” are Hillary?

        • How else can it be taken? Please enlighten me. Also, I’m not a liberal – but immediately calling someone else a liberal who points out obviously mouth-breathing bigotry is definitely the MO for people that post racial shit on a forum like this.

          Go figure.

          Either you’re a bigot or you have a first grade writing level. Sometimes where a comma is placed can make all the difference in the world.

        • A coward for hiding behind the ambiguous language “them”.

          A bigot, because we all know what you meant.

          A liar for denying it.

          An idiot because you think you are being clever.

          • Two kinds of racists, arhawk82 is the slimy, hide behind verbiage and play cutesy games type, and then there are Democrats. They come right out and spew their racist sh*t on TV, in newspapers and on the floor of Congress and state legislatures, all the while screwing the entire country at every turn. Not to say arhawk82 is not both kinds. Democrat Party racists love to trawl the intratubes thingy and spew their sick, anti-human sh*t. Its how they get off, sexually.

    • On a wholly unrelated note, I was just curious about something.

      Do members of the KKK send their robes out for dry cleaning, or do they launder them at home?

  7. This AIN’T as disgusting as all the swooning b###hes over the Sarnyev terrorist. Oh well…the heart wants what the heart

  8. Good looking? I lean to seeing this piss-pot as more Neanderthal than good looking. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the dimwit.

  9. Really? He has sh*tty ink on his neck and the tear drop below eye is an admission he has killed in prison. What, exactly, is attractive about this piece of sh*t 3 striker? And why the f*ck was he in the street, anyway?

    • The tear drop indicates a year in state prison.

      “Three tears” = 3 years state pen.

      Tear tats are just the thing potential employers like to see when interviewing freshly released prisoners for a job.

      • I don’t know what the highschool crowd considers it to mean, felons and real gangbangers see it as the sign for a person who has killed in prison.

        • I’m about 30 years past high school, 2hotel9.

          My info comes from I guy I worked with, oh, 20 plus years back. He was quite proud of those tats.

          • Teenyboppers in kali can believe what they want. My info comes from one retired US Marshal, 2 retired prison guards(one from Tejas and one from New York) and one current PA State trooper who specializes in gang interdiction.

            The clown whose pic is at the top of this post walks into certain places among certain people with that sh*t on his face and they will expect him to backup that rep, and when he fails they will merrily stomp him to death. People really should be more careful what marks they lay upon themselves.

  10. Oh yeah, prison tats are a real turn on. Seriously, WTF is wrong with people? If there’s one thing I figured out at an early age and didn’t even have to be taught, it’s to stay away from jailbirds.

  11. Something different is OK, but I missed the point of this topic. This seems like something that should be on “Dear Abby”, not TTAG.
    Maybe their trying to tell us to be weary of black men with blue eyes?? I don’t do face book, so can’t comment on that.
    Enlighten me.

    • I think Robert just wanted to set a new all-time low on what qualifies for posting on a slow news day.

      Mission accomplished, RF! Maybe you should also be posting news about guys named “Gunnar”, since their name has “gun” in it…

      • “slow news day”
        Reminds me, I called the local television channel after watching their report on the Indianapolis 500 race three weeks ago.
        I asked why they only dedicated 17 seconds to the “greatest spectacle in racing”. The news guy said it wasn’t local enough.
        Today, they spent over a minute on some kind of electronic foot pedal for rock music. Go figure.

  12. Nothing says “attractive” like giant neck tattoo’s. WTF is wrong with women, sometimes?

  13. As if there haven’t been thousand of positive responses to pictures of attractive women.

  14. I don’t understand why this is so big… I don’t know… maybe I’m not gay enough, or something. But then again the first thing that grabs my attention is that little tear drop in his right eye. And unless I’m completely off my axle that usually means he’s killed someone in prison. Every time I see someone with that I IMMEDIATELY register them in my mind as a threat.

    • “But then again the first thing that grabs my attention is that little tear drop in his right eye. And unless I’m completely off my axle that usually means he’s killed someone in prison.”

      Thought so too when I saw that “smudge” under his left eye.

      Or maybe I’ve just watched too many A&E prison shows… LOL!

      • Well I don’t watch TV myself. But I once worked with someone that did corrections. So ever since that little thing catches my eye.

        Crazy story: went into a Wally World once day while I was driving a truck. Walked by this one guy who had FIVE little tear drops tattooed around his eyes. Three on one side and two on the other. I’ve been told that this can mean a number of different things. Including either how many people they have killed or even being raped while in prison. Either way that guy wasn’t someone I wanted to have anything to do with.

        • 5 tears = 5 years state penitentiary.

          Employers love to see them when interviewing for work. Sounds like he did a stretch of 3 years and another of 2 years.

      • I loled too. Based on this guy’s tats and record, he’s not the type to shoplift convenience stores.

        If I’d had to guess, if you didn’t immediately put him down, he’d put you down.

        And in my experience, internet chest thumping in no way indicates anything about how a person is IRL.

      • This 53 year old would not mind “tuning” his thug a$$ up. Amazing how their English improves with each whack to their head.

  15. I never said that I would be the one to give it to him. That doesn’t change the fact that he is a scumbag who needs to be ground into powder. Not saying I would want to go toe to toe with him. I actually try not to internet chest thump. This just made me particularly irritated.

  16. a certain subset of women find criminals attractive. Big deal. All the serial killers I’ve heard or read about seemed to have groupies. FFS Charles Manson just got married.

  17. Some women like “bad boys” like Jerad Miller. I’m sure his wife Amanda was just crazy about the murdering scvmbag right until she blew her own brains out in that Las Vegas Walmart.

    Sometimes the bad boy kills the woman and sometimes the bad boy gets the woman killed. C’est la vie. Ou la mort.

    • This guy’s prior felony conviction was obviously for stealing Angelina Jolie’s lips.

  18. Based upon my research with what causes attraction from women, this guy will have a “full dance card” once he gets released. Heck, he’ll probably have a full dance card in jail as well.

  19. Well, when the hard working, conservative male became the laughing stock, scapegoat of society I started to wonder – when Sodomy and all sorts of foul, lascivious, unnatural sexual misconduct became a celebrated ‘alternative lifestyle’ I though just maybe – but now that a convicted felon with neck tattoos and a soon to be 2nd felony charge is considered ‘hot’ by enough people to make it on something like 7 different new sources in the last 2 days (and those just the few I frequent) I am certain: the world is officially going to H – E – double hockey stick.

        • That phrase “splained” always cracks me up!
          Do you remember hearing “Ricky” saying that once in a while on “I Love Lucy”?

          • Oh, yea. I seen TV once at Wally’s, thats what was on.

            I just used my Ricky Ricardo when I took Wifey’s computer to be worked on, pushed open Geek’s door and yelled “LUCY, I got a present for you!” His grand kids looked at me like I was insane, which they tend to do any time I go over there, anyway.

  20. The juvenile roach (or adult house fly) below his left eye may present a hygiene issue for some potential suitors.

  21. One good picture…
    After this shot a second one surfaced with gold teeth and all the extras – and the guy was back to his back alley mugger charm. Try to google it, I think imgur had it on the front page a few days ago.

  22. Let’s all shower adulation on this pretty weapons-felon, but demonize countless upstanding folks who use firearms legally for sport and defense.

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