Convicted Felon Wields High-Powered Assault Truck in Mass Murder

Suge Knight and his Ford Raptor (courtesy

“Did y’all cover this yet?” Mr emails TTAG central command re: Suge Knight’s arrest for a hit-and-run fatality involving his Ford Raptor. “Three things spring to mind:
1) Is this a gun control success story? I mean, it’s not a ‘gun crime’ so I can feel safe, right?
2) Why does anyone ‘need’ anything more than a base F150? You know, the kind of truck ol’ Grandpa took hunting?
3) Do TTAGs’ readers have a modest proposal of ‘bad features’ that CA lawmakers can use to define (and ban) an ‘assault truck’?”


  1. avatar Vhyrus says:

    Suge is the closest thing to a Hollywood villain that currently exists in American society.

    1. avatar S.CROCK says:

      Not so fast there. You never know when Justin Bieber might go on another house egging rampage.

    2. avatar Jamie says:

      I was fairly certain Feinstein and De Leon were some sort of supervillain duo out of the DC universe.

      Sadly, I woke up from that dream and remembered they actually exist and are *still in office* in CA.

  2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    There is simply no need for a “hood thing, that goes up”.
    Or a high capacity gas tank.
    Or an engine that sucks 30 gallons of gas per second.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      At full throttle, the Dodge Hellcat will empty the tank in 15 min.

      For those who feel the need…

      The need for speed…

    2. avatar Chris. says:

      “Or an engine that sucks 30 gallons of gas per second.”

      Hey, You leave my Hemi out of this! It’s never hurt anybody!

      1. avatar Robert W. says:

        But it is scary! It’s very loud, and overwhelmingly powerful, and you probably don’t have the professional training needed to use it properly.

      2. avatar Jeff in CO says:

        Sorry guys, but I don’t know where you are getting your “facts” from!?!?!? It is actually a 30-calibergallonmagazineclipassaulttankthingy that this thing will empty in ½-second, not 1 second! And I don’t know why ANYONE would need “accessories” such as exhaust tips?????? We all know they are much more gooder, I mean deadlier. I mean they only serve one purpose . . . 😛

        1. avatar Geoff PR says:

          We must ban Headers! And low restriction exhaust systems….

          That’s already a felony in Cali, I hear…

    3. avatar DBPolice says:

      None of this is a joke in CA. Im currently going through getting my car to pass smog in a way that doesnt choke the horsepower out of my poor Ford. Sometimes it just takes a couple of Benjamins on the side…

  3. avatar Geoff PR says:

    Short and sweet:

    Driver Control.

  4. avatar Apple Fanboy says:

    Seems like the pop-ups on his android irritated the puff-up on his hemorrhoid, so he was trying to jump out of a perfectly good truck, and that’s what led to all of this.

  5. avatar SigGuy says:

    In case of Rapture, can I have your Raptor?

    1. avatar DickDanger says:

      I sincerely doubt he’d be going anywhere.

  6. avatar Taylor TX says:

    So the head of death row records potentially charged for murder?

    Apparently he was in some altercation with 2 dudes and hit some other 2 dudes, talk about bad luck finding you.
    Tell me again how guns are bad and cars are totally safe /sarc

  7. avatar DickDanger says:

    A guy who got rich from glorified hood rats turns out to be a bad person? This is my shocked face. No, really…

    1. avatar GHM says:

      Are you stupid? Do you know what the word hood rat mean? Lol don’t be an idiot using words you have no clue of. A hood rat is a promiscuous girl, stupid. He’s a producer who signed Tupac, one of the greatest rapper of all time. Say what you want about Tupac but you in a million years wouldn’t even amount to his short life. He made great music with meaningful lyrics, or course some weren’t, but he was a hip hop poet who did good deeds but the news will never report. He would visit hospitals when on tour, meeting kids who are terminally ill. So before you open up your trap and spew out bigotry bullshit, I suggest you learn a thing or two about him. I highly doubt anyone can say anything bad about Tupac if they heard his music, I can’t say the same for Suge.

      A hood rat is an often poor woman who engages in sexual activity like a prostitute , but without charge and without being coerced (compare slut).

      1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

        Actually, a “hood rat” is a woman who trolls for men to offer up things, money, drugs, alcohol, good credit, hair weaves, and in return, gives sex, often without serious strings attached or reciprocity. Oftentimes, she is aware she is on the “down low” and is playing second fiddle (or in your summer league) to your #1 Boo or wifey, but does so willingly for the aforementioned “things” (or her bills paid, entre into the clubs, or even a meal at a high-end “restaurant” such as Red Lobster. Sometimes, said hood rat conspires to be #1 and get your main Boo out the picture by showing up uninvited to or calling your home.

        In the suburbs, think mistress or paramour or woman who looks for rich lonely men in crappy marriages hoping to spur a divorce (by withholding sexual favors) until you leave wife #1. Think of the background story of the leader of MDA and how she stole a rich health insurance executive and as Paul Harvey would say, “and there is the rest of the story”.

        1. avatar Robert says:

          Wow the other guy is 100% correct . You are STUPID! he just explained to you what a Hood Rat is and your dumb but wants to show that you are more stupid than firs thought . UNREAL!!

        2. avatar davidx says:

          Yo, lighten up, y’all, this here be the real thang definition:

        3. avatar DickDanger says:

          In my neck of the woods, “hood rat” is just a term for ghetto trash, nothing more, nothing less.

        4. avatar JimmyDelta says:

          The gender of any type of vermin is interesting only to those who enjoy their company. For the rest of us, “hood rat” is sufficiently precise without being gender-specific.

      2. avatar czp09jrs says:

        Maybe, but he blew it with his convictions for assualt and sexual assault. With his training in the arts while growing up, I believe he could have actually attained more, but the rapper lifestyle never ends well.

      3. avatar iCONOCLAST says:

        If you’re for real….. You need to get a grip.

      4. avatar An English Person says:

        “I highly doubt anyone can say anything bad about Tupac if they heard his music…”

        “Grab your Glocks when you see 2Pac,
        Call the cops when you see 2Pac!
        Who shot me? But you punks didn’t finish,
        Now you’re about to feel the wrath of a menace.”


        His real name was “Lesane Crooks” – the name Tupac Amaru was that of the last Sapa Inca who was executed/assassinated by the Spanish, he was a convicted rapist, and was about to go back to prison for parole violation when he was killed in a gang related shooting / faked his death and fled to the Carribean with the help of ‘the Mafia’ (/CIA, who he was an covert agent for).

        1. avatar MrVigs says:

          Caput (Tupac backwards)

      5. avatar LarryinTX says:

        The words “greatest” and “rapper” in the same sentence. Never thought I’d see the day.

    2. avatar Alex says:

      Are we really arguing about what the definition of a hood rat is? Come on, guys.

  8. avatar czp09jrs says:

    Will I have to register my custom wheels?? Maybe they scare the children…

    1. avatar Wood says:

      Only if they’re spinners. Those things chop off kids fingers all the time! 40% of all children have lost fingers to large caliber high velocity spinners!!!!! No one needs such dangerous things just to satisfy their vanity!!!11!!!!!11

      1. avatar czp09jrs says:

        Damn it!! Filling out the registration form now…

  9. avatar cigardog says:

    Really, the speed limit on I-5 is 70, so there’s no need for a vehicle that can go faster than that. And there’s really no need for a truck like that in the city, he would be fine with a Prius. Preferably a pre-ban Prius with the grandfathered HOV stickers.

  10. avatar Gordon says:

    Ban cars and trucks with the following features:
    1) Black paint.
    2) Bright colored paint.
    3) Spoilers.
    4) Air dams.
    5) Coupes.
    6) Carbon fiber anything.
    7) Gas tanks in excess of 10 gallons.
    8) Turbochargers and/or superchargers.
    9) Anything with more than 4 cylinders.
    10) Anything with more than 100 horsepower…at the crank.
    11) Anything capable of going faster than 85 MPH.

    Did I miss anything?

    1. avatar gemalo says:

      Shoulder harnesses that go up.

    2. avatar Jeff in CO says:

      Yeah, you did. 85 MPH seems “excessive . . .” You sir DON’T seem to care about the children!

    3. avatar Joel Bice says:

      A few more.
      1.) Southern states require FWD only
      2.) No RWD in any state, without a RWD tax stamp. Your state may completely ban RWD.
      3.) Northern states may require 4WD or AWD
      4.) When moving between states it is on the vehicle owner to make sure their vehicle meets local requirements
      5.) Drivers licences will not be universally accepted. Please check to see what states your license is legal in.

    4. avatar EmptyJay says:

      Running boards. Definitely running boards.

    5. avatar Mike says:

      You forgot dangerous military features such as adjustable seats (the adjustable stock of the car world) as well as floor mounted shifters (the pistol grip of the car world) as well as transmissions with more than 6 gears (to include neutral and reverse), no one needs high capacity transmissions.

    6. avatar czp09jrs says:

      No reason for ANYONE to have an “automatic” transmission. Think of the children….

      1. avatar LarryinTX says:

        We need a National Cars Act (NCA) enforced by the BATFEC (guess!).

  11. avatar davidx says:

    I think we should begin looking right away at the colors of these nefarious machines of death; they only have one purpose, ya know. Death. Did you know 50,000 people a year are killed in this country every year by these engines of horror? How many more must die?

    So immediately we notice the color red; similarly the colors orange, purple, metal flake in whatever color, etc., give us a pretty good indication that the owner-operator has bad intentions.

    Also engine noise. Has the owner-operator modified his tactical vehicle with engine noise accessories and adjustments? This is like unto modifying the sear on an AR to fire full-automatic, like a MACHINE GUN.

    Another bad feature worthy of our attention are smoked glass and one-way glass; clearly a further invitation to gratuitous mayhem.

    1. avatar Taylor TX says:


      1. avatar sagebrushracer says:


  12. avatar Don in PA says:

    Is that an evil “racecar style” feature I see on the hood of that truck? And it’s a sporty color too. That’s two racecar features, it is a racecar. A vehicle that looks like that was only made for one purpose, to go faster than the speed limit. It belongs on a track, not on the streets. BAN IT. But make an exception for police. Even though they have much less training with that equipment than even a casual racing hobbyist. And don’t let kids play with toy versions of it. Or draw pictures of it in school.

    1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

      No one needs mudflaps with pics of naked women. Or hunting stickers. Or mudder tires

      1. avatar Geoff PR says:

        Or ‘Bumper Nuts’…


  13. avatar Matt in TN says:

    See, why does anyone need a truck with that much hauling capacity? What are you hauling? The only time someone needs that kind of capacity is when they’re building something big, and only the government has the people with the training/experience needed to handle vehicles that big.

  14. avatar paul says:

    wat he doin drivin he truck in church?
    Mass Murder, obviously occured in church. did the priest or alter boy get hert?
    or NUN of the above

  15. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    He’s going to claim self-defense…since he can’t legally have a gun LOL…

  16. avatar WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot says:

    Looks fully-automatic. And seems to have an exhaust silencer too. Must be one of those terrorist car-nuts.

    1. avatar EmptyJay says:

      Yes, ban fully-automatic transmissions. If you want to be able to drive a car, you need to learn a manual transmission, the way the creators envisioned. No technological advancement allowed.

      1. avatar LarryinTX says:

        As the founding fathers envisioned.

    2. avatar Sergio says:

      Ah yes, those insidious exhaust silencers need to go. If people could hear the truck coming, they may not have been killed.

      Once those are banned, I will complain about the loud noise they make when driving down the street and will demand that the city ban the operation of unsilenced trucks within city limits. Problem solved.

      1. avatar Jeff in CO says:

        Sergio, is that what is known as a “drive by?????” 😀

  17. avatar PeterW says:

    HOW can it be legal to own such a thing? Think of the children!

  18. avatar Franko says:

    Raptor sounds scary to me. Maybe if they changed the name to Barney-Truck it would be so dangerous and threatening.

    1. avatar Avid Reader says:

      Plus paint it purple.

      1. avatar sagebrushracer says:

        with fuzzy stuff

  19. avatar Anonymous says:

    They are not going to understand this comparison – because guns are “evil” and trucks are not.

    1. avatar Gun_Chris says:

      Yup, because it didn’t involve a gun, it simply doesn’t count.

  20. avatar HolmiumST says:

    Sue Ford !!!

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      I dated Sue Ford. She looked nice, but had too many breakdowns so I scrapped her.

      1. avatar 16V says:

        At least you never had to bail her out.

  21. avatar the ruester says:

    Worst (or maybe best, who knows) of all is the deceased was apparently Suges’ BFF. So negligent acceleration (in reverse), ignoring every rule about minding the road, fighting with (supposed) security guards, and now his friend is dead all because he wanted to be in a movie. It’s what the people in his records call “thug life.”

  22. avatar Allen Scheer says:

    We need … like … smart cars or whatever … that will like … not go if you say a bad word or are angry … or whatever.

  23. avatar Bake says:

    I’m still amazed that Suge has been out on the streets this long. He has somehow managed to dodge CA’s three strikes law.

  24. avatar Ralph says:

    This incident may be one of the very few occasions when DWB actually was a crime.

  25. avatar Steve says:

    Don’t forget. There’s absolutely no need for all terrain tires on that thing. Well not without proper licences which can only be obtained for certain reasons. With the burden of proof being put on the truck owner. Just think…..It’s for the children!!

  26. avatar Bob says:

    Clearly, the truck just went into reverse on its own.

    Also clearly, since he is famous and rich, he must be not guilty.

  27. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    It’s the UAW’s fault!

  28. avatar MotoJB says:

    That guy is such a scumbag…give him Death Row!!!

  29. avatar Rick says:

    watch out for “ghost trucks”

  30. avatar KC in NorCal says:

    Ban Jeeps, nobody needs something made for the field of war on our city streets.

  31. avatar Tom W. says:

    Big E. Smalls, and Notorious BIG, are bof askin wherz da Cadilliac. Seems dey ain’ts representin propa.
    Gotz to be whitey jus kepin a brotha down.
    Gets me Brotha Holder on speeds dial, and calls Sharpton. Bit&@ Pleeeze!

  32. avatar TwinReverb says:

    Preach it! This whole ordeal demonstrates why, contrary to what the NewYorker said, we don’t need gun control, or car/truck control. If it were possible to get brain cancer from an illogical news article, millions of people would be dead because the cancer would be so aggressive.

    Sick of the anti-gunner bull.

  33. avatar TwinReverb says:

    I hope our next president is so strongly pro-gun that he walks around with a Serpa (or equivalent) holster with a Dirty Harry .44 mag revolver on one hip and an AR-15 slung over his back.

  34. avatar J says:

    Suge Knight – another bad Uber driver.

  35. avatar Jason Byrne says:

    Those .62 liter engines have no lawful use.

  36. avatar anonymoose says:

    Why do you NEED anything more powerful than a push scooter, babbykiller?

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