San Francisco Pier Kate Steinle Shooting
Jose Ines Garcia-Zarate, a homeless undocumented immigrant who was acquitted of killing Kate Steinle on a San Francisco pier in 2015. A California state appeals court has thrown out the sole conviction against Jose Ines Garcia-Zarate who fatally shot a woman on the San Francisco waterfront in 2015, Friday, Aug. 30, 2019. (San Francisco Police Department via AP, File)
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By JULIET WILLIAMS Associated Press

A California state appeals court on Friday threw out the sole conviction against an immigrant who fatally shot a young woman on the San Francisco waterfront in 2015.

Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate was acquitted of murder in the killing of Kate Steinle, who was walking on a pier with her father when she was struck by a bullet in the back in July 2015. He was convicted of a single charge of being a felon in possession of a gun.

The case against Garcia-Zarate, who was in the country illegally and had been deported five times, touched off a fierce immigration debate that was a fixture in Donald Trump’s stump speeches in his 2016 presidential campaign.

The 1st District Court of Appeal overturned the gun conviction because the judge failed to give the jury the option of acquitting Garcia-Zarate on the theory he only possessed the weapon for a moment.

Garcia-Zarate said he unwittingly picked up the gun wrapped in a T-shirt, and it fired accidentally. The bullet ricocheted off a concrete walkway and struck Steinle, who was with her dad and a family friend.

At the time, Garcia-Zarate had recently been released from the county jail while facing deportation proceedings. He was released under San Francisco’s so-called sanctuary city policy that barred local law enforcement officials from cooperating with most federal immigration investigations.

Tony Serra, the attorney who is representing Garcia-Zarate on federal charges of gun possession and being in the country illegally, said his client is in custody and faces a Jan. 13 trial.

He said the state reversal means the district attorney will have the option of re-trying Garcia-Zarate on those charges.

“That kind of error causes reversals all the time. Then the prosecution has the prerogative of going again,” Serra said. “The state case is a heavier case because it’s a homicide and a gun. … It’s going to be a big potential decision on what they’re going to do.”

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      • No murder. Just an accident. Seriously. While he broke other laws, this acquittal is a righteous call.

        This is just like white cops shouting black criminals. One side won’t believe the facts and starts a riot. So now the whites are all unhinged because…narrative.

        Just be happy the system worked no matter how badly you want to tweak the facts. And grow up a little while your at it.

        • Guns don’t just “go off”.

          That monster pulled the trigger.

          At BEST it was manslaughter.

          If this was an “accident”, Sandy Hook was a “hunting mishap”.

        • Just remember this forgiving attitude should an illegal alien 5 times deported commit crimes against you. Tell.the judge it ain’t nuttin but a thing dude.

          You should grow up.

        • If the motherfucker hadn’t been in the country he wouldn’t have found the gun and it wouldn’t have “gone off.” Don’t try to defend the indefensible, makes you look like an idiot.

        • You need to grow up bumstick. No seriously. “The gun just went off!” Is not and never has been an appropriate defense. Guns don’t just go off. If you knew anything about guns you’d know this. That’s why in the military it’s no longer called an “Accidental Discharge,” now it’s called a “Negligent Discharge.” Because you’re the one in control of the gun, just as if you were in control of a car. When you kill someone with it, even accidentally, you’ve still committed a crime. This piece of shit should be getting manslaughter, but liberal pieces of shit like you consider him a hero.

        • This guy:

          1. Broke our immigration laws.
          2. “Found” a gun that he did not legally own.
          3. Negligently discharged the illegally possessed firearm.
          4. Caused the death of a US citizen.

          The result of all of this – no criminal charges.

          And you think our court system worked as designed?

          Are you nuts?

          If any one of us here did half of the above we’d be in prison for the next decade or so.

        • Bumpstick, Chris and others are right about this. Manslaughter at best. He was a known criminal, picked up something not his (his story!), scrounging/stealing whatever you call it, saw it was a gun. At that point, even if he meant to do no harm with the gun, he knew it was valuable, he could sell it (illegally), and so being a street creature he surely meant to keep it. He was criminally negligent with it, evidently firing it more than once (At seals? Where are the anti-hunting animal rights folk?) and, intent aside, is responsible for Kate’s death. As others have observed here, you or I would NOT get away with this. (Well, maybe you would somehow exhibit the correct sensitivities and skate, but only because our justice system is so broken. One track for Dems . . . but I don’t think you’re a Dem, just a smarter-than-thou jerk.) “Temporary possession” is BS, and for the citizens of this country to feel like sand is being kicked in our faces is natural, normal, inescapable. Your point was not entirely without merit, but it was already striking a wrong chord before your
          “grow up” remark, which was . . . among other things, childish.

        • The story of finding the gun is unsupported. He could have obtained the stolen gun and been carrying it. There’s no proof or witnesses either way, so reasonable doubt says the court accepts his story.

        • You don’t belong on our website Fuckstick. You must be or be related to useless illegal criminals yourself. You will be the one woken up someday.

        • Yeah, because we totally believe this illegal alien with multiple drug convictions told the truth about what happened.

  1. Well, color me surprised…./S He should be given a Folsom Street Parade.

    I’d like to see the Feds step in here, now that the Hawaiian Shitstain is out of office.

      • I have a better idea. Dox the SOB and maybe some boys of an… Aryan persuasion could take him out on a free vacation to the desert so he can really see what America is made of.

        • You guys are lucky in the southwest. You have deserts to dispose of things in. Around here we have a river. Folks are always turning up in the river. We need a desert!

  2. He should now get Welfare, Medicaid and legal support. Oh, sorry, he’s been getting all of that all along. Kate Steinle and her parents wanted it that way, they voted for it, they were activists – their wishes have come true! Be happy and rest in peace!

  3. Instead of deporting him they should just punish him by forcing him to stay in San Francisco for the rest of his life. They deserve each other.

    • “Instead of deporting him they should just punish him by forcing him to stay in San Francisco for the rest of his life”

      Gov, we have some Left-coast street feces news for you –

      “Leftist Politician Decides Cleaning Poop Off Seattle’s Streets With A Pressure Washer Is Racist”

      “Councilmember Larry Gossett said he didn’t like the idea of power-washing the sidewalks because it brought back images of the use of hoses against civil-rights activists.”

      • Well if it’s just ‘racism’ that’s no big deal any more. They’ve worn that term down to the last thread. Nobody pays any attention to ‘racism’ anymore. They’ve moved on to ‘white supremacism’. If you’re not a white supremacist you’re not really even a conservative now.

        Now putting fires out with a high pressure hose is totally white supremacist.

  4. That’s a frigging FEDERAL crime and should be prosecuted federally. CSC can be told to go fly a kite.

  5. This is what its come to. Illegal immigrants can murder US citizens and congressmen like Tlaib can donate money to organizations that support terrorism. I feel like I’m living in a weird never ending nightmare!

  6. The gun charge was therefore a hoax and a method used to demonize him since he was an illegal. The FBI uses the Glock 40 and I am assuming so does the BLM from which the gun was originally stolen. Would a 1911 of caused that accident. Probably not even if it was locked and cocked and definitely not if the hammer was down and ditto for the Beretta 92 even if the safety was off as its long hard trigger pull would not have set the gun off so easily and probably not at all.

    Some one with some grey matter between their ears needs to get a good gun savvy lawyer and sue the hell out of these companies making unsafe pistols as this tragedy would never have happened otherwise. The illegal immigrant was not the demon but the gun manufacturer that made the handgun was and it is they that caused this needless death.

    Of course the entire incident set of the racist Nazi filth that infest this country as it gave them a new bogey man to go paranoid over even though the Stats prove beyond any doubt that the majority of all crime is committed by American citizens not illegals but this is totally ignored by the xenophobic and disgusting Trump racists.

        • When the boy was in college, he spent most of his time stalking high school girls on social media. He would make up crazy lies about them and insult them constantly. Eventually, someone would track him down and give him his beating. He was like a dog doing tricks for a biscuit. I believe he craves the abuse.

    • Actually I think you only infest this forum.
      Your not important enough to infest anything bigger than a bed.

    • Actually it was a Sig Sauer P-239, double-action-only. Trigger pull weight of around 12 pounds… At least you got the caliber right.

        • I do not just cry in my cold shower I do all sorts of disgusting things that would turn your stomach.

        • TO RANK HANK

          QUOTE——————–Hank says:
          August 30, 2019 at 21:34
          Yeah he stopped commenting after that.———quote

          If you scroll down to Enuf post in regards to the statement of the owner of the handgun he stated he might have left the gun at full cock which would vindicate my post in regards to the illegal man being correct when he said it accidentally went off.

          And of course my statements on the uproar the Racists made still stands and is very valid. Your a living example of such.

        • I know all of the facts about this because I go off accidentally when I am at full cock all the time. I am a living example of a roaring Racist.

    • Why do you guys insist on constantly feeding the trolls?

      Seriously, this is interwebz 101, day 1, lesson 1 printed at the top of the fucking syllabus above the name of the class type shit . Don’t feed the fucking trolls.

      • Gotta agree with Strych9 here. If you leave the trolls to starve they will eventually wander away. Who reads the keyboard diarrhea that spews forth from this one anyway? I haven’t the time or patience, but to each his own.

    • Majority of all crimes is committed by Americans, not illegal immigrants. Shocking! Considering that illegals comprise only small fraction of American population, it would be weird if it was the other way around. But statistics also show that, per capita, illegals do commit more crimes than Americans. Plus 100 percent of them committed crime of being in US illegally.

    • Do have anything to say, other than your typical bullshit? Nothing you say has any substance or factual basis and reads like a paranoid screed.

    • That ILLEGAL ALIEN should be heading for the ELECTRIC CHAIR you filthy SOB….
      Every ILLEGAL ALIEN needs to be rounded up and executed for entering this country illegally… It should be punishable by death…
      That POS ILLEGAL ALIEN was purposely malicious and the crime he committed would’ve never happened had trash like him not been allowed to roam freely, as a worthless bum no less, in this country…
      Well good luck with that, eventually things will get better for AMERICANS…. WE ALWAYS DEFEAT THE ILLEGAL ALIEN ENEMY!

    • Illegals commit violent crime at twice the rate of legal residents. You claim, even if factually correct, is irrelevant. 100% of crime committed by illegals is preventable via summary deportation of all illegals in the country along with any family members making a false claim of citizenship. …and no, no amount of magic dirt makes you a US citizen. If you can’t inherit citizenship from another citizen, you’re no more a legal citizen than your hero Vlad Putin.

      • Sorry serge we dont feel the same way and we’re going to continue to populate this land that we are indigenous too. We’ll let you Europeans stay a little while longer too, see how hospitable we are.

        • Hola Proud Chicken,

          Vato, you’re no more indigenous than I am…ese!

          Extrapolating your thought process leads to the conclusion that the only indigenous peoples would be Africans who could trace their ancestry directly to Lucy.

        • Serge the fight is over my guy. We have MILLIONS of heads here already and reproduce at an alarming rate haha. Now play nice or we’ll deport you back to france like the quitters that you are.

        • Chicano you’re a clown. Spanish heritage is European. Mexican heritage is Spanish and primarily Aztec with numerous other tribes. The Aztecs conquered and subjugated many of those tribes. No “people” are innocent peaceful victims. Everyone’s “stolen land” and had theirs stolen. You’re not going to conquer anything, either. If anything, Mexico will eventually be an American substate along with Canada.

    • You would piss and soil yourself if you met a real Nazi. And I mean someone like the late Klaus Barbie, and not those wannabe skinheads.

    • “Would a 1911 of caused that accident.” It’s HAVE Vlad, not OF. There are also certain times to use a question mark instead of a period. I don’t think that’s a common mistake for someone that’s as highly educated as you pretend to be.

      The gun manufacturer is at fault here? Did they leave that pistol lying around in a t-shirt? Does anyone leave a pistol lying around in a t-shirt? Did the manufacturer posses this poor hapless illegal immigrant and tell him to pick up stuff that doesn’t belong to him?

      “the xenophobic and disgusting Trump racists” Look in the mirror hypocrite. You spew more vile prejudiced hatred than anyone on this site.

    • So much mental illness here.

      Luckily President Trump is proposing new mental institutions to help guys like Vlad.

      • You will never see any money spent on mental illness as long as the Gangster Criminal Republicans are in power no matter how much Trump bullshits you about it.

        • And one more thing I am as mental as it gets and nobody spends any money on me so that proves so what I am saying is true fact.

    • What I find funny is a local or state law can override federal law. That turns the accepted hierarchy on it’s head.

      Downunder there is a clause in the constitution which states where there is a contradiction between federal law and state law, federal law prevails.

  7. So in San Francisco, a place more hostile to gun rights then any other city, a place where none of the politicians want any lawful citizen to carry a gun for self a defense, a convicted felon in the US illegally can grab a gun, shoot a woman in broad daylight, and get away with it without any punishment whatsoever. Gee, that’s logical.

    • Hierarchy of victimhood applies:

      South American Illegal immigrant
      Race-based intersectional minority
      All other illegal immigrants
      Intersectional lesbian
      Intersectional feminist
      Minorty gay man (democrat voter)
      White gay man (democrat voter)
      Black female (democrat voter)
      Black male (democrat voter)
      Minority woman (democrat voter)
      Minority man (democrat voter)
      white woman (democrat voter)
      White man (democrat voter)
      Everybody else

      • *unless you are a republican or disagree with left wing orthodoxy. Then you go to the bottom of this list. This shows us that they don’t really give a shit about identities. It’s about power.

    • It’s actually pretty typical for the hyper liberal cities/states. Pass extremely strict gun control that they only enforce on people that come across as conservative or alike. But the actual criminals who are you know, actually killing people, they get off with a slap on the wrist everytime. This is done because they need the criminals out there committing crimes so they can in turn force more gun control. Then, once all the guns are banned, they turn the criminals on the law abiding and use the gangs as their muscle.

  8. If he was white, the Clintons would have him suicide’d already. Next up, the two douche bags that killed 36 in Oakland will get a street named after them.

  9. I believe, It was a SIG P229 with the DAK (Double Action Kellerman) trigger variant chambered in in .40 S&W. The system is sort of a “lighter” DAO with a goofy short stroke prevention feature that further raises the trigger pull weight if the trigger is not reset all the way like on a revolver. Pull weight range is supposedly 6.5-8 lbs, but all the ones I’ve tested are more in the 7-9 pound plus range. This trigger variant was very common with the Feds, Including ICE the Secret Service and Coastguard. It even has seen service with large state LE agencies like TX DPS. Most agencies that had them are now dumping them, and they are not very common except in the LE trade in side of things. The HK LEM system is better in my opinion. I digress, my point is that the gun didn’t just go off, the DAK has plenty of trigger travel and weight. It is a pretty deliberate act to get it to go bang.

  10. Democrats at their finest. Screw US citizens, illeagals vote for us and our people can go to hell. Wait till they become our people. The democrat party is most definantly the party of the poor because they make everyone who votes for them extremely poor and if they refuse to become poor they help the poor kill them off.

    • The equalize wealth by making everyone equally poor. But without the state benefits of the former Communist Block to cushion the blow.

  11. The BLM Ranger from whom the gun was stolen testified at the trial. It was a Sig P239, which was his back-up gun. The gun was not double-action only. He testified he normally carried it with hammer down (thus DA first shot) but could not say for certain that he had done so when he stored the gun in the holster under the car seat, from where his backpack with the gun, his badge and credentials was stolen:

    In any case his model P239 was SA/DA with a decocker.

    • It looks like that statement from the owner of the handgun claiming it could have been at full cock would seem to vindicate the illegal man who said he accidentally tripped the trigger.

      And the rest of the incident proved he was the victim of blatant racism trying to demonize him by the Trump Jackbooted Racist Nazi’s.

      • I know it is true fact because I accidentally trip my trigger all the time and republicans don’t even know how to be racist but they can learn all they have to do is copy me.

  12. by the time enough people in california realize how absolutely fucked up california is
    >and that the democrats did it<
    it will be too late to elect enough republicans to anything about it
    californias done…
    just start walling it off from the rest of the states right now

  13. Well there you go, I guess all those “A” ratings “firearms safety” laws in Kommiefornia don’t amount to much after all?

  14. humm no mention of the fact that this guy was ALLOWED to change his ‘testimony’ several times and the ‘other’ ways he shot the gun vanished?

    One was “I was shooting at seals”

    there where others too!

  15. Somehow I don’t think “it just went off!” would work as a defense for me if I shot someone in San Francisco.

    Welp, what can you say? This one wasn’t really the fault of the appeals court, it was the morons on a jury that voted to let someone go because they believed some evil gun went off by itself.

    May each one of those on the jury be shot ‘accidentally’ so they can learn about the process.

    • Go back and read Enuf’s statement on the facts which you either never read or if you did could not understand or want to understand or admit to. And I also repeat my above post for the benefit of the Racists.

      It looks like that statement from the owner of the handgun claiming it could have been at full cock would seem to vindicate the illegal man who said he accidentally tripped the trigger.

      And the rest of the incident proved he was the victim of blatant racism trying to demonize him by the Trump Jackbooted Racist Nazi’s.

      • And I really mean it when I say I want to benefit all of the Racists and if you read somebody else’s statement it just proves you do not know how to be racist but you can learn if you copy me.

      • Do you actually believe the tripe you spew?

        Frequently it appears that you use a random word generator to construct your rants…really odd combinations / spellings.

        Take the rest of the holiday weekend as off-duty time.

      • I hope if someone murders your loved one they get off with that defense. Sorry judge, gun just went off. Must have been cocked or something.

        If they’ve got the right skin color you’ll probably be on your knees in front of them. You know, begging for forgiveness that your family member got in the way of their bullet.

  16. The person to blame here is the prosecutor not the judge. The judge is likely just enforcing the law. The prosecutor messed up and let this slime get off. Take solace in that it will keep the prosecutor from acting improperly towards you or others when is prosecuting you. The true tragedy is this slimy murder is getting off once again and prosecutor won’t even get a slap on the wrist.

  17. He deserves a .40 hollow point in his back, and if he survives then he gets deported back to whatever country he came from.

  18. Mexicans can’t be illegal in states like CALIFORNIA because we are indigenous. DEAL WITH IT. Been here before the Europeans we’ll be here after too.

    • So called natives invaded from Asia first . True. Then lost the wars for the continents.

      • Your a prime example of how if any non gun owning person would be so unfortunate to accidentally log on to this forum they then would erroneously come to the conclusion that all gun owners are exactly like you who wrap your self in the flag but the stench of your bigotry and racism blaspheme Americas core beliefs and values especially in regards to immigrants and refugees. The non-gun owning person would be led immediately to believe that banning all guns and putting a terrorist watch on people like you would be the only way to save our culture from ruin and destruction.

        • I am a prime example of how if any person would be so unfortunate to accidentally meet me and my personal stench they then would correctly come to the conclusion that all progressives are exactly like me who wrap ourself in the mexican flag but the stench of our bigotry and racism blaspheme Americas core beliefs and values especially in regards to immigrants and refugees. The person would be led immediately to believe that banning all leftists and putting a terrorist watch on people like me would be the only way to save our culture from ruin and destruction.
          I fixed it for me

    • Using your logic, I can demand entry, without documentation, into a European country because that’s where my ancestors are from. It sounds ridiculous because it is. If you’re so proud of being a Mexican, then go back there. We want the immigrants that are proud to be American.

      • Go back where? Im already right at home. Look up AZTLAN and you’ll see why we’re soooo comfortable.

        • chicano, nations rise and fall. Go check out an interactive map of Europe some day. Back to reality, it doesn’t matter what used to be here. You’re in America, whether you like it or not.

        • Plenty have tried similar claims and been forcibly relocated or killed. I wouldn’t put too much stock in historic claims of ancestral land.

        And the majority of Americans who are decent people and respect the inscription on the Statute of Liberty would all like to send Jack Booted people like you to an isolated South Sea Island with no water or food.

        • Sorry Vlad, but the poem on the statue isn’t the law of the land, and even the poem doesn’t say a sovereign nation isn’t allowed to have any rules about who enters this country. The poem wasn’t even intended to be part of the statue. It was written as a fundraiser. You’re just repeating DNC talking points. Who is it again that failed school? As for all the constant name calling and evil thoughts, who is it that can’t tolerate people with different opinions? The man in the mirror.

        • And the majority of Americans who are decent people and respect the inscription on the Statute of Liberty would all like to send Jack Booted Racist people like me to a mental institution permanently.

        • hey DUD BRAIN

          quote———————— As for all the constant name calling and evil thoughts, who is it that can’t tolerate people with different opinions? The man in the mirror———-quote

          I cannot tolerate blatant racist jack booted white Supremacist Nazi’s like you. Have I been clear enough???????

        • I have lies and I have insults and that is all I have. You refuse to believe my lies so all I can do is try to insult you so I can feel like a big ma……..ok I will never know what it is like to feel like a man but I want to feel like something big and squishy and foul smelling and powerful.

    • You do realize Mexican heritage is Spanish… which is a European country right? Europe isn’t just Britain/France/Germany. I know it’s hard. Geography and history are the two classes liberals struggle in the most.

    • Dude. The Spanish are European or did they skip that class in your government school. Ever heard of Spain? Blue eyes, red hair all over the place. The majority of Spaniards are descendants of the Vandals and Visigoths who were Germanic tribes. If you are Hispanic you are European whether you like it or not.

  19. There has been a time honored tradition when the justice system fails.

    This would be a good case for the American people to revive that tradition.

  20. They have a little memorial set up for Kate where she was murdered. That’s all they get for this.

    And people wonder why Trump won and will get reelected. At least he’s not on board with importing and protecting these invaders.

  21. Welcome to clown world.

    Mcglockton case man legally carrying is attacked and knocked to the ground. Is convicted because attacker took half a step back as he was being shot.

    This case. Many times deported Illegal alien shoots woman in back in broad daylight with stolen gun. acquitted.

  22. Let’s see DOJ and ATF take up the case against him for the felon in posession charge under the GCA.

    It is a violation of Federal law.

  23. Some of the comments above betray lynch mob mentalities. Guys, reread the story. It says the bullet ricocheted off the pavement before hitting the victim. That suggests the shooting was unintentional, but negligent (even if he did pull the trigger). And where’s the motive? There’s no indication in the story that the perpetrator even knew the victim. It just doesn’t stack up to a murder charge. He should have been charged with and convicted of manslaughter with deportation to follow a lengthy incarceration. I do, however, absolutely agree that the shooter is an illegal alien, a felon, and an all around scumbag. Just my opinion.

  24. If I was that young lady’s father I would try to enjoy my life to the fullest and enjoy every minute…Other than that, all I would want next is where he lived when he got out..

  25. I didn’t know the law specified a time length of a felon possessing a weapon? So is 6 mo not too long? maybe a year? Or maybe just long enough to kill another racist white terrorist walking down the street. I think if I was the father I’d want Poncho out of jail pretty quick so I could get my cross hairs on him!

  26. Libertarians are on record supporting serial murderers, serial child rapists, and any type of criminal to freely travel back and forth across an open border. Because Libertarians support no borders for the USA. Libertarians in 2019 are socialists who want to smoke pot.

    They are no longer republicans who want to smoke pot. The Libertarians wanted to increase their numbers. So they let in people who supported raising taxes and replacing private church welfare, with government taxpayer funded welfare.

    Making drugs legal is their top priority. Not protecting the gun civil rights. Or any of the Bill Of Rights. Or the rights of AMERICAN citizens.

    Now please send me a Link to any Libertarian writer who comments on this outrageous perversion of the American justice system.

    Decades ago white homosexuals rioted over this type of miscarriage of justice. The Dan “twinkies defense” White, aquittle for example. All americans were justifiably outraged. But now gays are more concerned with less substantive things. Like legally having sex in public or shooting up crystal meth to improve their sexual experience.

    And they are nonjudgmental about people defecating in public.

    • The “Twinkie Defense” was a myth perpetuated by the media. The defense claimed that him eating tons of junk food was a symptom of his mental problems, not a cause.

  27. This was in response to a Vladdie rant which appears to have disappeared.

    My goodness, the hate and vitriol never stops flowing from you…you have surrendered to your hate and the Dark Side has consumed you.

    Just for reference, which Vladdie is on shift tonight?

    Only a suggestion: see your Medico about upping your Lithium intake.

    • I am the real true Vlad Teppes not the fake pretty picture Vlad Teppes and I can prove it what kind of blood sucker puts pretty pictures next to his name? I do not know what the fake pretty picture Vlad Teppes likes to suck but it sure is not blood.

    • The thing I love about Vlad(s) is that he (they) embody the same sort of convenient ignorance that the media loves to have about guns: thinking that guns just go off by themselves so they can blame inanimate objects (and the people who lawfully own them) instead of the criminal that stole it (“found it” lol) and pulled the trigger while pointing it at some poor woman.

  28. The murderer, his defense counsel, and Democrats everywhere are literally laughing at the Steinle family.

    • The harsh reality here is Kate’s family has voted straight line democRAT for decades. They merely reaped what they sowed, all is right in the universe.

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