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“Illinois has been granted an extra month to put a law on the books allowing qualified citizens to carry loaded weapons in public. In a ruling issued Tuesday afternoon — just five days before a federal appeals court had said Illinois must lift its ban on concealed weapons — a three judge federal panel gave Gov. Pat Quinn additional time to review a proposed gun law that was approved by the House and Senate last week.” But the court went out of its way to tell Lisa Madigan not to come back again. “In granting an extension to July 9, the court made it clear the state should get moving. ‘No further extensions to stay the court’s mandate will be granted,’ the ruling noted.” Remember, this is Illinois we’re talking about. The state whose picture is in the dictionary next to the definition of ‘corruption’. Stay tuned.

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  1. so now there is precedent for others when the state is on the other side . . . just saying

  2. Where was this judge when NY was passing the SAFE act? Oh, in another circuit with a different opinion. Oh well, the hoplophobes have plenty of time to actually read (and fight) this bill.

  3. The court said no more delays once already and gave her an additional 30 days to decide if she file cert(stall tactics to get a CC law passed). In my mind sayingno more delays is hollow and useless if not backed by action. This gives the anti gunners plenty of time to pick apart our freedoms.

    • The Supreme Court granted her 30 days on the pet for cert; this stay is from the Seventh Circuit. Different court, different issues and different legal standards.

  4. Today on the bus I heard a young boy ask his mother who the king of Illinois was, she replied without correcting him, “Pat Quinn”. Currently torn between wailing & gnashing teeth or locking & loading.

  5. theres a reason to their madness. it gives the home rule cities extra time to enact any assult weapons bans or any other non handgun laws they want so it is grand fathered in. after the law is signed, it makes it impossible for them to do it. these slimy bastards haven’t been in charge of the Chicago machine for so long without knowing all the tricks.

    • From what I was reading the other day, Quinn has 60 days to sign or veto the law any way under the Illinois Constitution. And until Illinois enacts a law, the local authorities can enact away. Quinn’s problem is that he doesn’t want an injunction to issue before he acts, preventing any state of “anarchy” that would result if the carry ban were to be eliminated, and that’s why the stay was requested.

      Quinn is on record as opposing the current bill, but at the same time, he will probably have to face Ms. Madigan as his opponent in the next gubernatorial election. He doesn’t want to be the one who vetoed a bill sought after by everyone who does not live within 100 miles of Chicago. So since this stay goes until July, and Madigan’s time to file her cert petition expires a week or so before that, he puts the onus on her of standing in the way of a concealed carry law, basically forcing her to seek cert–he hopes. And he further anticipates a request for stay if the petition is granted and is gambling that that too will be granted.
      In short, it’s just Illinois politics at its best. with the citizenry suffering the consequences of these power plays.

  6. Gov. Potatohead has 60 days to either sign or veto a law or it automatically becomes law. In this case he was only given a few days which is the reason Madigan gave for the request. That’s the spin anyway. She can still appeal to the Supremes, but I doubt she’ll take that gamble, especially given her gubbner aspirations.

    Illustrating Chicago’s Murders, Homicides, Violence and Idiocy at

  7. My God its hard for them to accept freedom when they risk up giving a tiny little portion of government control. I would suspend armed protection of all legislators whilst they ponder how to keep citizens from exercising their rights.

  8. Argh!! i hate this state.

    My last two post attempts didn’t post. So I am just trying again.

  9. I’ve gone on and on about Wisconsin’s efficiency but my god, why does IL want to demonstate their incompetence.
    Repeat: Gov signs bill
    147 days later first CCW permit #1 issued to our Attorney Geneneral, my buddy drops application on day 1, five days later #101 arrives in the mail.
    A few months later after training I drop mine, three days later #100,*** arrives in my mail box.
    WTF is IL’s problem?????????????????????????????????

    • The same one that caused IL’s credit rating to drop, because no one has been able to deal with the state pension system being underfunded for two decades (at least), meaning the state owes $97 BILLION it does not have. Why solve a problem when you can keep using it to get re-elected?

  10. Lisa Madigan should really find a stylist and makeup assistant, she looks like she just got out of bed.

  11. Is it just me or does that picture make Ms. Madigan look like she could be Wallace’s long lost sister (Wallace of Wallace and Gromit fame)?

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