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According to the Washington Times, Dianne Feinstein’s “assault weapons” ban bill will be officially introduced on Thursday in the Senate. For why an AWB is a dumb idea, mosey on over to this link. As far as we can tell, nothing has changed on the proposed legislation so it will still remove any grandfathering, require registration of “assault weapons” and ban magazines larger than 10 rounds (although that may have dropped to 7 after New York’s stunt). And once introduced, it will immediately . . .

Die. A quick, and painless death.


Despite the Obama administration’s lip service that they want this thing passed, the reality on the ground is that there isn’t even enough support within the Democrat controlled Senate to pass the bill in that half of the legislature. The most likely scenario is that the bill is immediately sent to a committee and never sees the light of day.

However, while this bill is probably too politically charged to make its way through Congress, there’s a possibility that something more minor will be introduced and accepted as the “compromise” legislation. Like “only” a magazine capacity restriction.

I’ve already contacted my representatives. You probably should too.

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    • Those aoles will introduce ban bills EVERY DAY, unless we put a stop to it.

      Doesn’t that fall under some sort of Congressional “nuisance” provision?

        • AK’s got it done in one.

          The Congressional “nuisance” provision happens in November, every couple years.

        • William said that they would continue to introduce bills unless we stop them, and called the legislators in question “nuisances.” He was, in effect, complaining that we have to keep after them. (No offense intended, William.)

          AK responded with “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance,” which is a quote variously attributed to Thomas Jefferson, Leonard H. Courtney, Thomas Paine, and others, which in this context can be interpreted as a response to William, effectively saying, “That’s what you get for living here. Freedom isn’t free; you have to work at it.”

          I found that to be a response which basically answered the statement and ended the conversation, and it was the first reply. Hence, “done in one.”

          P.S. Actually writing out that explanation amused the hell out of me; I’m not sure why.

  1. Even better: contact the pro-2A Senators of all stripes, even the fence-sitters, and urge them to oppose both AWB 2.0 and the mag-cap limit.

    Personally, I’ll be contacting Jon Tester (D-MT) with that message, and reminding him that I donated to his Senate election campaign despite my being a California resident.

    (I should note that this also makes me feel better that I’m contributing useful effort, as one of my Senators is *ugh* the not-so-honorable Feinstein, so contacting her would be an exercise in futility…)

    • Feinstein has never been *my* senator, but people around me keep voting her into office, and that’s a damn shame.

      Ed Royce is worth contacting, though.

      • You should contact Feinstein anyways and tell her politely that you don’t appreciate it. If she gets nagged enough, maybe she will quit with the BS.

        • Oh, how nice it must be to live in your world.

          I do not say that out of meanness, but I am serious.

        • Casey, with due respect:

          Bwahahahahahahaha…. Oh, my sides… Heh heh heh… Ow…

          At this point it would be more productive to picket GWB’s ranch in Crawford TX and demand that he turn himself in for trial as a war criminal than it would be to suggest to the Feinbeast that she cease her crusade against gun rights.

        • HHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHA. Whew. That was a good laugh. You should contact her office whenever possible though. The time they spend talking/replying to you is time her office staff isnt helping her strip away our freedom. Stop just short of harassment and rinse and repeat.

      • I know how you feel, Mikulski and Cardin have never been mine, and neither is my current Rep. So nice to know they don’t care one bit what I have to say.

      • It could be worse. You could have my representative, Mitch McConnell. It amazes me how he gets re-elected. It’s embarrassing.

  2. Am I the only one who will smoke a cuban cigar and pour a stiff drink in celebration when DiFi stops consuming valuable oxygen?

  3. If it passes we will see the most widely disregarded – not followed law in the history of our country. You going to lock us all up? Who will pay taxes and support your lifetime salaries for 2 to 4 years of service? It would be easier to just fire all our representatives and start fresh then try to fine all of us. Oh yeah.. Like I am going to pay a tax for having my gun. We are running up a trillion dollar a year deficit. All I got to do is wait out the collapse and then my guns will be in high demand. I am all for a stable government and a happy world but don’t tread on me to do it.

  4. Call, write, schedule meetings, attend town halls……tell your Senators and Reps no compromise on capacity limits or the AWB. Do anything and everything.

    • +1

      Someone call her and ask if she lives in a gated community with armed guards. You bet your ass she does. I cant afford to. I am my armed guard for my family and when I want a gun I want the best tool for the job. Be it an ar-15 – pistol or a shot gun. I want lots of bullets do deal with the threat. If I only use one from the clip great… If I need 101 thats my problem. I mean the attackers problem.

      • Do you use an M1 garand to defend your house? If not, then you’re more than likely using a magazine, not a clip. FYI

        • hmph, reply didn’t post, he reloads his P-mags with a stripper clip, let’s not nag the ones on our side of the fence when they misuse a term?

        • joe says: “let’s not nag the ones on our side of the fence when they misuse a term?

          While I appreciate your sentiment, one of my chief arguments (you’ve probably seen it here more than once) against the idiots trying to push/support the legislation while screwing up the mag/clip and assault weapon/rifle language is, “How am I supposed to give any credence to your opinions when you can’t do the basic research required to get the nomenclature right?”

          Sauce for the goose and all…

      • I used to frequently walk past her English Tudor house when I lived in San Francisco about five years ago. DiFi lives on a short private street in an upscale neighborhood just outside the Presidio. During politically tense times, a private security force was at the open gates to make sure non-residents don’t walk over the line. The Presidio, a former army base, is a great big park — with fantastic views of SF Bay — to get lost in for a couple hours and it runs up to the Golden Gate Bridge. I really miss those daily hikes since SF has some of the best walking paths for a city that I’ve ever found.

      • She actually lives in a MASSIVE palace on billionaire’s row in SF. Like a $40MM house. It’s not in a gated community, but any intruder would most likely get lost and his body would not be recovered for years.

        Public service sure pays well.

        • No, it doesn’t. But her two prior husbands, both wealthy (and deceased), and her current one, a developer, sure paid off well for her.

  5. I’ll rephrase a question I posted on an earlier thread:

    If AR variants are MSRs, what are AKs?

    Will AR fans have the backs of AK fans?

    • Absolutely 100% We are all in this together. The only division is not being able toss each other spare mags when the SHTF.

    • Well AKs are not really “Modern sport rifles”. I’d argue that AK’s are more of… “Classic Sport Rifles”.
      Hey, blued steel and wood… They should fit in well with the FUDDs, yeah?
      In all seriousness my take on it is, ‘you want a gun? You’re a law abiding citizen? You can afford it? Cool. Go get one and enjoy it’

      See y’all on the range

      • …and I hear 7.62×39 is ballistically similar to a .30-30, which is still pretty popular among the more ‘traditional’ types. Hmm, this could work.

    • Gun-politics observation of the day: MSR stands for “Modern sporting rifle” as well as “Military-Style Rifle.”

      Of course, the whole idea behind “military-style features” is stupid. How will a pistol grip or a “shoulder thing that goes up” increase lethality?

      • Simply by associating the rifle with the lethality of its grandfather and various military siblings. Just another member of a “bad” family–or at least a military one that does not belong, armed, in civil society.

  6. Mitch has given his word that he will do “everything in my power as minority leader” to kill any and all of these bills. That means any anti-gun bill will need 60 votes, not 50.

    Rand Paul says he will sponsor a bill to rescind all of Obama’s executive orders.

    Kentucky, at least, seems determined to remain a free state (commonwealth actually).

    • And that bill will go just as far as DiFi’s. Actually, because of the serious constitutional issues that might arise, I doubt it will even be assigned to committee.

    • I heard about Tennessee passing a law negating all Federal restrictions on gun ownership. What has Kentucky done? I’m trying to keep track of which are the “free” states.

    • you need to meet my FFL 🙂 got a glock 19 last week for ~650 with a 30 round magazine thrown in in addition to the 3 that come with it

    • Who the #v@% is selling a Glock 19 for $800!? Maybe my little world is isolated, I have not seen any* handgun prices (consignments included) go up at all.

      *The only handguns Im seeing go overpriced are the Remington 1911R1s.

      • Maybe your little world is isolated. Gun show Saturday in Miami Florida-5.56 cal. 300 rd battlepacks as high as 700 smackers. 22 cal firearms and ammo virtually unavailable. Triple and quadruple prices on MSR’s. half-empty racks and tables everywhere (in comparison to what was considered usual or expected). to seal it off markups of 20 to 30 percent on most handguns. Hi-points being sold at “quality” prices……If you are isolated from that…..I ENVY you……

        • I dont doubt that certain items are marked up. In fact, I know some things are. Especially at gun shows. But $800 for a Glock? I will keep doing business with local stores

  7. Ive contacted my representatives at least twice a week to remind them that there should be no compromise when my rights are concerned. Im not TOO worried about anyone caving, but it never hurts to keep reminding them who they are representing.

  8. I would go so far as to take our campaign even further and get a firm answer from our representatives as to their view on the matter. I worry that after midterm elections are over, anti’s with a renewed sense of self will take a second, potentially more successful crack at this bill… this worries me!

  9. Guys (and gals) I’m sorry to hear this. I’m Canadian. I cannot understand why the US gov’t wants to place senseless laws to kill a thriving manufacturing industry like firearm manufacturing at a time when engineering and USA manufacturing are disappearing elsewhere. That as a business guy, f’s me up. One of my principle loves about about guns is their engineering. I was telling my kid recently that this industry is thriving in North America where a lot of other great things have disappeared.

    • Thanks for the well wishes Marty. Unfortunately we now have a country where no one needs to work. We can all sit back & get our gov mint ck, hey life is good(sorry Hickok), Randy

    • it will kill the industry because sequestration in the armed forces will also limit government contracts for such weapons. I know the army is focusing on maintenance and upgrades for its air fleets, meaning individual weapons will be placed on the back burner.

  10. “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he’s committed to moving gun legislation and will offer all senators the chance to amend the bill on the floor.”

    Wacky amendments would probably kill the bill BUT maybe the senators on the fence will vote for it if we throw some cash in for their constituents. its a shame the game is played like this.

  11. I’ll be unhappy if I am unable to eventually buy the Tavor in the picture.

    Time to start writing again to let our legislators know we are not happy with pointless infringement on our 2A rights

  12. I would love to contact my Senator and get them to oppose this stupid bill, unfortunately my Senator is Dianne Feinstein and my Congress woman is another lib.

  13. Alpha Geek: Why would you contribute to JT? I’m a Montanan who’s been dealing with JT since 1999. He has never made any effort to disguise the fact he thinks AR type rifles are evil. Did you research him at all? His opponent had a strong 2A record. Keep your damned CA money in CA. You’re part of the problem!

  14. I voted for and thought I supported the President, but he is dead wrong on this issue and Finestein can take her bill and stick where the sun don’t shine. I’ve contacted my local, state and federal legislators to support ours Second Amendment rights and slap down any new gun laws. Here’s an email link for anyone who wants to do the same:

    • Jay, most of us could have told you that voting for the obamanation was not in your best interest back in the summer of 2008. Stick with your real friends.

  15. What I have been doing for several weeks now is contacting my Federal and State government officials DAILY with a semi-unique message.

    What would be great for us to do is to all get into the habit of doing this daily.

    The easiest way to contact them all at once is to use this website

    You put in your zip and it figures out who your reps are and lets you bulk message them all. You can do it for the federal level and for the state level (there is a link for

    Federal is:

    and State is:

    This way we can keep the pressure on and if you post what you sent in relevant TTAG comment threads like this one, we can share ideas and develop a really good and cohesive set of talking points just by reading and critiquing each other’s sent messages. Also we could just copy and paste bits of each others work to make it easier to send something unique every day.

    Another thing I do to mix it up is confine myself to a theme each day, like “why magazine limits are bad”, and “Legitimate uses of a modern semi-auto sporting rifle”, and “Tell them about your competitive shooting”, “better answers to crime than gun control”, “unintended consequences of gun control”, etc.

  16. People keep “debating” whether or not such a ban would actually have any effect on reducing heinous acts perpetrated by madmen.

    I would argue, however, that the efficacy of an unconstitutional law should never be the point. The fact is that there exists SCOTUS precedent that forecloses any so-called “assault weapons” (sic) ban, already in case law. The decision is U.S. v. Miller (1939), which held that the purpose of the 2nd Amendment was to insure a population in possession of arms suited to repel an attacking army, or to supress insurrections, to wit:

    “With obvious purpose to assure the continuation and render possible the effectiveness of such forces the declaration and guarantee of the Second Amendment were made. It must be interpreted and applied with that end in view.” – UNITED STATES v. MILLER, 307 U.S. 174 (1939) 307 U.S. 174

    Additionally, Miller established a two-pronged test to determine specifically what types of arms enjoy constitutional protection; those in common use that have a reasonable relationship to use in a well-regulated militia.

    As I said, this is precedent, not dicta.

    It is both befuddling and depressing that this fact has thus far not only not been in the forefront of the discussion, but it hasn’t been mentioned AT ALL.

    What gives? Miller effectively eviscerates any misguided effort to ban so-called “assault weapons” (sic) a priori. Citing it would bring the “debate” to a screeching halt.

    Folks, this is open-and-shut. There would BE no “debate” about it once these facts were presented.

  17. Who cares? Freedom’s dead in any case.

    If it doesn’t pass, the leftists will just keep on introducing bills til one does, or the gov’t will manufacture another Sandy Hook to build up support amongst the soft-minded.

    If it passes, all the bluster about people standing up to the gov’t will whimper out as the next season of Idol comes on or people shrink into their cowardice that’s been beaten into them for decades.

    These tyrants will never have true justice delivered to them because Americans are weak-willed, a shadow of previous generations.

    Screw America, its people are unworthy of keeping it, both those who actively work against freedom and those too weak-willed to fight for it.


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