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  1. And people wonder why the Obama administration dropped charges against the NEW Black Panther Party, and why they are allowed to spew their venomous incitements toward racial violence. It’s because they are nothing but black Hal Turners—they’re being used by the government to incite stupid people into starting a race war. Why? Because a race war is the PERFECT reason to implement martial law.

    Ever listen to the NBPP? They’re morons. No way they can hold down jobs—but they seemingly always have money to travel to whatever area the media/JJ/Sharpton are fomenting racial discontent. How can they afford the travel and the time away from work? Because they’re on the FBI payroll.

    • Gloria Stienhem was on the CIA payroll. Her movement helped destroy the American nuclear family, and re-position modern men vs. modern women. Divide and Conquer. The USG and other players have spent decades weakening traditional American society. They have sought to destroy our sense of self as free liberated citizens with a government that is supposed to serve us.

  2. Q: Who’s under the hood at a Klan Rally?
    A: 7 FBI agents and a black guy

    Q: Who’s under the beret at black panther meeting?

    A: 7 FBI agents and a white guy with a tan

  3. Yeah, right. Next thing you’ll be telling me is that the Feds sold firewater to the Indians so they could get them drunk and steal their land.

    Oh, wait . . . .

  4. California’s loaded gun ban and the Gun Control Act of 1968 was driven by actions of the Black Panthers especially thier armed protest at the Ca State Capital.

    So it seems the government created a situation where it could disarm future generations of Americans.

  5. Just goes to show you everyone has an agenda. Even we as the AI have an agenda.
    Governments funding movements to fulfill an agenda are nothing really new. Disappointing yes, but nothing so shocking as burst a vein or anything.

    • Darn right I have an agenda.

      My agenda:

      1. Repeal of GCA ’68, the Hughes Amendment and NFA ’34 at the federal level. No restrictions on firearms imports.

      2. At the state level 50-state Constitutional Carry with castle doctrine, stand-your-ground and liability protection for self defense.

      3. No restrictions on firearms ownership by law-abiding citizens and legal immigrants. Citizens convicted of felonies can petition for their rights to be restored after serving their sentence. I would also be okay with an exemption to this for violent Malum In Se offenders.

  6. It’s ok, they’re Holder’s people and I’m sure most of them look like they could be Obama’s son, so it’s all good.

  7. It might not be the most popular thing to point out on this web-blog, but the original Black Panther Party advocated armed citizen patrols (OPEN CARRY?! oh no!) to prevent police brutality and crime. They also started a free breakfast program for impoverished kids at a time when most schools didn’t provide that. And ultimately, the Panthers condemned black nationalism as “black racism” and became more focused on socialism without racial exclusivity.

    Anyways, this latest “evidence” against Aoki stinks of a modern day COINTELPRO operation to discredit him. The author of the book that claims Aoki was a FBI information uses former FBI agent Burney Threadgill Jr. as its primary source – of course Threadgill Jr. is now dead, and Aoki himself has since passed away and cannot defend himself.

    Bottomline: book author wants to sell books by stirring up controversy… nothing new.

    More info, by Diane Fujino, Aoki’s biographer:

  8. RF, OMG…do you plan on having a TTAG free day at some point? Every time I touch my RSS reader there is another post ! Dang, I’m spending like half my day reading this stuff !!

    p.s. I be loving it dude…. 🙂

    • no. no ttag free day. even when i’m having a bad day on ttag i manage to learn something. so just keep it coming.

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