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A previous version of this story indicating that the killer was shot by police five times in the head was based on a report. That article has since been updated to reflect the following.

NYC sidewalk killer Jeffrey Johnson wasn’t fooling around Friday morning. He shot his former boss, Steven Ercolino, five times in the head with his .45 as he entered his office building. When confronted a few minutes later by two NYPD patrolmen, he only got off one shot before being dropped by incoming fire . . .

It looks like New York’s finest were aiming for center of mass after all. The cops sent sixteen rounds in Johnson’s direction.

Johnson died from nine gunshot wounds in his chest, the medical examiner’s office said. Three bullets were recovered from his body, while another four bullets exited his body, the medical examiner said. No explanation was given for two apparently unaccounted for bullets.

Setting aside the missing rounds, that’s en even better hit rate than originally reported. Assuming those two phantom bullets passed through Johnson, that makes seven misses and six through-and-through shots that were sent into the busy rush hour crowd at 34th and 5th. Which officially qualifies it as a walking on water level miracle that no bystanders were killed.

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  1. those 2 phantom bullets were hollywood bullets. you know, 1 cowboy shoots the beer mug out of the other cowboys hand in a crowded saloon and nothing but the mug gets hit.

  2. What! CNN got it wrong? Here’s my shocked face. As I said in response to the previous report, now deleted along with all the comments, nobody that isn’t directly involved in the investigation knows nuthin’. And I bet a bunch of them don’t know that much, much less, the “news media”. All the idle speculation here about cops taking head shots, whether the they used Glocks with 93 pound triggers, they shuda done this, they shuda done that, blah, blah, blah, is just that. Idle speculation.

    • Classic. Wouldn’t it be something if a bullet from a NYPD officer’s gun ricocheted upward into an open window and struck someone down who worked or lived alone?

    • I thought it very odd the officials made it very clear there were only shots fired by police and the gun man, did anyone think there was another shooter? I wondered what would have happened if a citizen had shot him as the police showed up…. What story would result, would bloomburg let that out?

      • Any other shooter would have been shot by the police. Everyone knows that the only people in NY who have guns are cops and bad guys. Therefore, if you have a gun and you’re not a cop, you must be a bad guy. Now do you really think Bloomie would mind if his boys took out another bad guy? And on top of that, he could claim that the other shooter was responsible for all of the wounded civilians. I’d say that’s a win win for the mayor.

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