Arlington Heights home invasion shooting
Video still from a Ring doorbell camera of an Arlington Heights, IL home showing two would-be home invaders. The fellow on the right expired from a gunshot wound. Police caught the second (alleged) intruder.
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From the CCRKBA . . .

The FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2020 indicates that armed private citizens killed more criminals during the commission of a felony last year than were killed by police, and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms says this data clearly underscores the continuing need for American gun ownership.

“We looked at Tables 14 and 15 in the FBI’s new report that apply to justifiable homicides by law enforcement and private citizens, respectively,” noted CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “Last year, according to the data, armed citizens killed 343 criminals during the commission of a felony while police fatally shot 298 felons.

“If the FBI data published in their crime report for 2020 is accurate,” he continued, “it is ample evidence that the individual right to keep and bear arms for personal defense is as important today as it was when the Second Amendment was adopted as a cornerstone of the Bill of Rights.

“The use of deadly force is not something anybody wants,” Gottlieb observed, “but neither is being injured or killed by some thug during a violent criminal attack. Self-defense may be the oldest natural right, and every time we hear some politician, public official or gun control extremist call for citizen disarmament, we have to wonder which side they’re on. It certainly can’t be on the side of public safety.

dick heller DC v heller scotus decision
Dick Heller signs an autograph outside the Supreme Court in Washington, Thursday, June 26, 2008, after the court ruled that Americans have a constitutional right to keep guns in their homes for self-defense, the justices’ first major pronouncement on gun control in U.S. history. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

“Gun prohibitionists who enjoy their own private security while promoting restrictive laws that take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens are world-class hypocrites,” he said. “The same people who want to disarm honest citizens are typically those who support policies that are soft on criminals. They haven’t simply lost perspective; they’ve abandoned common sense.”

CCRKBA has long defended the individual right to keep and bear arms, and encourages gun owners to seek competent instruction on firearms safety and the use of firearms in self-defense. Gottlieb noted how studies show that over 99 percent of cases when a gun is used in self-defense, no shots are fired. The burglar, robber or rapist flees or is held at gunpoint until police arrive, he said.

“This data should send a message to criminals that their chances of recidivism are gradually shrinking,” said Gottlieb, who co-authored America Fights Back – Armed Self-Defense in a Violent Age, and more recently, Good Guys with Guns. “The tide has clearly turned.”


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  1. Of course, the Disarmament Cartel is going to turn this around as proof that armed citizens are more out of control than the police are.

      • “No the clops always show up with the meat wagon and haul the trophy off no matter who shootz it.
        It ain’t fair.”

        Cops won’t even throw you a morsel to chew on?

        • 10 gauge dubbl barrel sawed off shotgunms at close range, me n Joe got different reasons though I’d suspect.

    • Not vigilantes — the armed citizens aren’t taking the law into their own hands and hunting down criminals. They are going about their daily lives and having to use deadly force to defend themselves against criminal attack.

  2. Just shows that gun owners are 15% moar wraycyst than the already exceedingly wraycyst 5-0 and this proves that America is a wraycyst nation.

      • Spend some time here before you leap to erroneous conclusions, Mon Vieux.

        That there is called ‘sarcasm.’ You rarely find sarcasm here that has a trigger warning; You’re expected to figure it out on your own.

        Of course, there are some here that come out with stuff like that and aren’t being sarcastic; They’re just insane. Strych9 ain’t one of ’em.

  3. In 25+ years of law enforcement I never had a felon try to mug me while I was in uniform. I did have a few approach me when I was in “soft” clothes. Maybe we should all wear uniforms and carry sidearms. Or, just carry the sidearm and shoot the sons-of-bitches on sight.

    • BLM assassins have taken out a few cops because they were wearing the uniforms. Democrats told them that was their oppressor so what do you expect?

      • Ex-Dallas Chief of Police Brown sent LEOs to the 2016 “protests” without body armor and rifles. Didn’t want the DPD “looking” too aggressive. 🙄
        IIRC, 14 officers were shot, and five died.

        Making the flock appear weak ALWAYS makes the wolves go away. Right Brown? 🤪

        This is what happens when a POS Chief cares more about “appearences” then LEOs.

        I wonder when Dallas city council will get around to naming a street after the shooter. Cuz himz da victum dotchaknow.

    • Yeah it’s lousy how a guy can post something completely benign and the post gets held for moderation. I get that often on any site that uses 3rd party comment platforms like Disqus or Fakebook. Usually happens when I say something about my J00-ish friends, as though the “J-word” is to be censored as much or more than the ‘N-word’.

      • I’ve had a post disappear because I tried to post “the he-(last 4 letters of raccoon) always walks before dawn”.

        It’s a common phrase, refers to how the intelligence that comes with age help someone avoid bad situations.

        No aspect of this phrase is demeaning.

    • You’re out of AwaitingModerationHell, it seems.

      It probably was ‘Sonoma Beach,’ a highly offense locale in Arizona, that upset the tender sensibilities of some machine deep in the bowels of the InterWebs.

  4. Henry Bowman. Makes me want to crack open my old copy of Unintended Consequences. Damn what a book! If you like firearms and the 2nd Amendment it is mandatory reading.

    • Actually the citizens are far less hesitant to actually pull the trigger than the cops and criminals, proven fact. So the number of shot is far less than the number of incidents when compared to cop/felon violent crime interactions.

      • Yes, and unlike confrontations with police, a far greater number of attempted home invasions and other serious crimes against persons were cancelled merely by the fact that the assailants rapidly retreated when discovering that their victims were armed and ready and able to defend themselves. But this current totalitartian ciminal administration knows this. It’s just that it’s getting more and more difficultl for them to hide the truth as more people realiziz what’s really going on here.

        And back in the day, especially in the rural areas in the mountains and out West where there simply wasn’t any daily well-patrolled areas by municipal police, there was probably an even larger number of incidents where many regular citizens were always armed and took care of survival of the fittest ‘business’ when necessary, and it never was even reported? Justice prevailed, or sometimes it didn’t. There were always human predators and potential victims. It was accepted as part of human nature and self-preservation and an imperfect society. We did what we had to do in the general concept of reasonable objective fairness among ourselves to try to make it in life. Weaponry was simply an intergated function of that endeavor.

        Only in this modern socio-political agenda by Marsixt verminto disarm law-abiding citizens to prevent serious resistance to their Neo-Communist Statist government pipe dream in America, is where the so-called Gun Control movement evolved.

        And that is why the Framers created the American lifestyle guarantee that private firearm ownership and use “Shall NOT be Infringed.” Period! No debate, no questions, qualifiers, exceptions, exigent circumstances, or
        other interference with our Natural Right to defend ourselves with any firearm we, the people, want.

        Any attempt to abrogate these rights is punishable by law and should be re-visited in its enforcement when we change back to a libertarian egalitarian system of government starting next year with the midterms.

        Right now the prosecution of this intentional deprivation of our rights violations is suspiciously being sidestepped by communist AGs and Justice Dept. Law Enforcement. Restoring Gun Owners protection by firing and prosecuting officials violating their sworn oaths as soon as we take back America in the coming elections should be a priortity along with the repeal of all illegal (and ALL of them are) NFA and 1968 GCA laws.

      • I vote that and all the clops could become game fish and wildlife.
        Really fine the hell out of them road rage motorist. “You going to eat that?” NO. ” Wanton waste, no hunting license, illegal pursuit. hunting on road way, and I ain’t even getting started yet. You might be here awhile. “

  5. I see posts from people who seem to be joyful and delighting in the fact that good guys with guns stopped more felons than police did, and rejoicing in the false bravado that usually accompanies such facts.

    Its good that people are able to defend themselves and stop a bad guy, and in doing so stop a society danger factor thus protecting society at large. However, in the last eight years I’ve had to actually shoot three bad guys, killing one, and I can tell you that its not a joyful and delightful experience even if there is a sense of satisfaction in protecting yourself or family.

      • “Was wondering, would they or you be gleeful if it was democrat politicians being taken out, asking for a friend?”

        My guess is your “friend” is whiner or lil’d. 🤪

        When it comes to neutralizing a deadly threat, race, color, Creed, religion, political affiliation has NOTHING to do with it.

        Let me help you scurry along now little troll. 🦶

      • Two of them started to attack my wife in a parking lot. She had gone out to the car intending to drive it up to the door where I was wrangling some stuff we had purchased. I took the stuff to the door to wait for her and saw the two guys approach her from behind and grab her. One had a gun the other a knife. They started dragging her across the parking lot to a van in the parking row behind were we were parked. I shot both, one lived and is in a wheel chair for the rest of his life and ended up going to prison. These two had previously attacked and raped three other women.

        One was breaking into the house. He had broken into many houses in his lifetime. He mostly did homes where the people were not home. But in the many houses he had broken into some of those the occupants were actually home and he injured them severely. I shot him, he doesn’t walk very well any more and went to prison.

    • Thank God we live in a country that allows for “We the People” to own/use firearms for protection of ourselves and our loved ones. From enemies both foreign AND domestic.

      Pray to God that you NEVER need to use the firearm in such a manner. 🤔

  6. The headline reads like armed citizens killed a lot of criminals but killed somewhat fewer police. Got any editors over there?

  7. I’ve seen a lot of ring doorbell video of bad guys at the front door. In almost every one of them at some point at least one of the bad guys seems to specifically look right at the ring door bell camera. Look at the guy on the right in the pic with this article.

    So much for the claimed deterrence feature of surveillance cams. At one time in the past the bad guys tried to avoid being caught on camera, that’s no longer true. Today the bad guys do not care if they are on camera or not, and in fact in most cases, like the guy in this pic, will even be there knowing they are on camera and do not mind looking right into the camera.

  8. “FBI Data Shows Armed Citizens Killed More Armed Criminals Than Police in 2020”

    You mean, there were years when armed citizens killed more police than armed criminals??? It seems like we would have heard about this.


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