Fall Hunting Prep: Advice From Professional Guide Tyrell Grey

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Courtesy Mike Semanoff and YouTube

With hunting season almost upon us, sportsmen will soon be hitting the woodline in pursuit of a trophy harvest or simply looking to fill the freezer. Whether you’re a lifetime dedicated hunter or a casual sportsman, hunting season has the ability to create memories and traditions that bring generations together.

But without the proper consideration, hunting can also deliver life-threatening situations that could otherwise be avoided with some simple mental and physical preparation.

Here’s an in-depth conversation with professional hunting guide Tryell Grey. Spending over 20 years guiding hunts all over the world, Tyrell has experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly first-hand and he shares some of his stories and wisdom in this short video.

This is one of the most entertaining, useful and informative videos on the subject that we’ve seen in a long time and it’s a must-watch as you and your friends prepare to hunt in the backcountry this fall.


  1. avatar Tom T says:

    I was a fishing guide as a teen. Not really the guide, since I mostly helped old people bait their hooks. So I was just a Baiter. But I mastered it quite fast. I did quite a bit of Master Baiting in my youth. A skill that came in useful later on in the Navy.

    1. avatar Adambomb286 says:

      Well done sir.

      1. avatar Fudd McFudd says:

        i’m old and grey but hunted and fished since I was walking. The sad thing here is that a majority of TTAG readers have nothing to add here. Why? Because they are new to all all this. Sad.

        Gun rights, while ordained, are also earned. Thinking you can jump into this with an AR as your intro to guns is what gives all the rest of us a bad name. Take it slow and so it right.

    2. avatar Porridgeweasel says:

      “Tennis clap” with a smile of appreciation.

  2. avatar Larry says:

    That was a nice video, doesn’t apply to the overwhelming number of hunters, who hunt within a half mile of their car though .

  3. avatar ORCON says:

    Solid core bonded bullets?

  4. avatar DrewN says:

    Boots,ruck,raingear. I like this kid’s priorities. Dry socks probably saved my ass far more times than extra ammo.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Wool socks. Poncho. Headlight. Water. Powerbars. Trailmix. Knife. Gun. Bullets. Fire kit. Small first aid kit.

      Last time I hunted with my .243 I carried 5 in the rifle and then 8 more on the rifle. Had more than enough.

  5. avatar Peter says:

    Tryell Gray? You misspelled his name in the article. It’s not the first time I see something like this, sometimes three different versions in on article. 😮

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