Kirsten Nielsen Mexican Restaurant Protestors Hounded
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The Washington Examiner is reporting that, “Facing a new wave of potentially dangerous threats, called for by a top Democratic lawmaker, legal and gun experts are calling on top Trump aides to get their concealed carry permit and back it up with a pistol.”

That’s good advice for anyone in a city with a crime rate like DC’s. But in case you haven’t been paying attention to the latest rules of engagement on the political battlefield, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was hounded out of a Mexican restaurant last week by a crowd of “protestors.”

In an 11-minute video posted by the Democratic Socialists of America, protesters can be heard criticizing Nielsen, who has served as a public face of the Trump administration’s migrant family separation policy since appearing at a press briefing on Monday to defend it.

“That’s her, that’s her,” one protester can be heard saying Tuesday night at the start of the video.

“Secretary Nielsen, how dare you spend your evening here eating dinner as you are complicit in the separation and deportation of over 10,000 children separated from their parents,” another protester announced at the restaurant, MXDC Cocina Mexicana. “How can you enjoy a Mexican dinner as you are deporting and imprisoning tens of thousands of people seeking asylum here in the United States?”

Then, over the weekend, the White House press secretary was in a Virginia restaurant with her family when she was asked to leave by the restaurant’s owner.

A man who says he was Sanders’ waiter at the farm-to-table restaurant wrote on Facebook that he only served her for a couple minutes before the owner “asked her to leave and she complied.”

“Her family left on their own accord, we didn’t actually refuse service or ‘kick her out,'” he wrote in the Facebook post.

Responding to comments on his post, which has been shared hundreds of times, the man wrote that “the owner felt that Sarah’s moral decisions conflicted with her own.”

That kind of mob action was blood in the water for Mad Maxine Waters (the “top Democrat” referred to by the Examiner earlier), who’s openly calling for more of the same wherever Americans may spot members of the Trump administration.

All of which is why observers are suggesting that members of the administration who don’t rate their own Secret Service protection get a carry permit and start packing.

“There are simply not enough police in D.C. or Virginia or Maryland to protect all Trump officials at their homes and when they go out to restaurants. Getting a concealed handgun permit would be helpful to protect themselves and their family,” said John R. Lott Jr., president of the influential Crime Prevention Research Center.

We’re living in interesting times.

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      • …you know he’s not the President anymore, right? People suffer from Obama Delusion Syndrome just as much as TDS.

        • No way Hannibal. I don’t hate the guy. I hated his politics. The guy was an utter disaster with literally an empty list of accomplishments over his eight years.

          TDS involves absolute blindness to reality.

        • Oh fer…

          He was either an “empty list of accomplishments” or he accomplished a bunch of stuff you hated.

          Obama can’t be an empty suit and the world’s Hitleriest dictator at the same time. He’s not Schrodinger’s politician.

        • He’s still got a D.C. residence. Valerie Jarrett lives there, so that she can avoid Charleton Heston, played by Rosanne.


          We all know she’s probably in deep concealment for the Iranians.

  1. The IRS needs to check the taxes paid by wait staff and see if any money laundry is done in back. Someone should release a few mice and a bag of roaches inside.
    Then we’ll get nasty.

    • This is not difficult – Saul Alinsky wrote the playbook and has obviously set the rules by which the Progs want to play.

      In a dispute with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley over hiring certain people Alinsky wanted on the payroll Saul Arranged for a platoon of his contingent to buy tickets to a swanky concert that was a favorite venue of Dickie Daley. He let it slip (oops) beforehand that these men would be having large amounts of chile and beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner before the concert.

      Daley buckled to the threat and hired the men Alinsky represented (sans chile). The fart-in never occurred.

      I think a little civil action of this sort would be appropriate at any restaurant that wants to refuse service to Trump admin people or Conservatives in general. As Alinsky pointed out in a later interview there was NOTHING Daley could do because the men had legally purchased tickets and farting in a concert hall was NOT illegal.

      • I had to laugh at “Democratic Socialists“.

        Now there is a either a serious contradiction in terms or they are the useful fools who will definitely put up against the wall when the revolution occurs. Revolutionaries are a problem when the revolution is over.

  2. With Max Max pressing the pedal to the metal, and Pelosi still trying to sell tickets, it will not be be long before the DemocRAT train starts skidding off the rails. Chuckie Shumer maybe the conductor, but this train is out of control. Sorry to say censure will do nothing to her.

  3. Where is the news story of Antifa posting the names and home addresses of every Boarder Patrol agent and ICE agent at ANY border, and essentially calling for violent attacks not just on the agents but their families? Or has that been debunked and I missed the memo? (It is so hard to keep up these days, what with all the players.)

    • It’s as if there is a foreign force infiltrating America and overthrowing it from within.

    • There have been several leftwing activist groups that put out personal information on ICE and Border Patrol agents.

      • 4chan has already doxxed Antifa, Bamn, ShareBlue members as far back as 2017 ( Buzzfeed article ) and has continued to surveil the leftists. They are the ones who identified Eric Clanton the bike lock attacker even though Clanton’s face was partially concealed.

  4. The parents of those children had no business having children in the first place if they couldn’t afford the time and money necessary to properly raise them.

    If the illegal immigration isn’t stopped, within a decade or two the US will have a murder rate approaching 100 per 100,000 like Honduras. Won’t get many convictions either, juries will be too terrified to convict anyone. Those folks have already trashed out most of the southwest, they have no idea what garbage cans are.

    • It is said that poor people have more kids than rich people. Something to do with spending time making money means you are not spending time making babies.

      Minorities want non Hispanic whites to become the minority. They are having a lot of kids to make sure that happens.

      The whole strategy to make Americans go extinct is working very well. I heard that the younger generation is having less sex, doesn’t plan on having kids and don’t want to get married. So, the population will be replaced by foreigners that are not east Asian, much like the universities.

  5. We can only hope Trump administration officials will do the right thing and turn their guns on themselves. Make America Great Again!

  6. Civil War fixing to go kinetic.

    The liberals will be slaughtered. Unsurprisingly no criminal immigrants will be needed to clean up the mess.

    • No, it isn’t. It’s not a million miles from kinetic.

      As long as people are making enough to get by, get a car note, a home loan, a big screen TV on their credit card, and go out to eat at Red Lobster when the annual bonus comes in, they are never going to get off the couch. Ever. Middle class America will endure any indignity to keep what little they have.

      But when the welfare checks are just 5 days late, this country will explode.

      • He’s right you know.

        Mostly. See, the middle class is getting squeezed pretty hard right now, and more and more are being pushed in to the “welfare check” group. Why do you think this level of outrage is being seen on all sides?

        I agree with the bread-and-circuses argument— hell, why else did we elect this clown?— but I think the bread may be closer to running out than you do, because Trump and the people like him *don’t* understand that, and are going to keep taking until it gets bloody.

        • But that’s not actually happening. Unemployment is getting less and less, median incomes are rising, and the standard of living is rising for most Americans.

        • The cause won’t be on a federal level. But on state levels in areas that Democrats are in charge… Left Coast and Eastern Bloc socialist utopian police States are having economic problems. Residents are fleeing them in droves to “free states.”

        • Doesn’t add up, swarf. Every where I go I see new construction. Help wanted signs all over. And a lot of the signs are saying that they’ll train a rookie. I never saw that when barry was in the house.

          I’m fully retired now and I know for a fact I could have a job tomorrow if I wanted it. Only people I know that are having trouble in the real world are people with substance abuse problems and professional, in some cases, generational, welfare abusers. And one of the welfare abusers I know finally gave up and took a job.

        • John Q Public,
          As far as economics, California is doing pretty well. As a matter of fact, they’ve had a massive budget surplus for a few years now.
          And that is largely because of the people leaving, and the people moving in.
          Quite simply, wealthier people from the East Coast and farther north on the west Coast are moving to California. In turn, that is driving up home prices, and driving out the younger, poorer Californians.
          From a purely Economic Development standpoint, trading poor people for rich people is a good idea. As it is, they have 5 coming in for every 6 going out, but income-wise, it’s the opposite.

        • Americans won’t do a damn thing to their government in mass. That time has long passed. Not even gun owners are willing although able.

        • Taylor. I’m no expert on economics. Or anything else, actually. But in my hood in the bay area a starter home is going to set you back a million + bucks. Houses are sold as soon as they hit the market and for more than the asking price.

          And this is driving the riff raff out. I don’t like the gun laws here. But the economy is doing well. Maybe 2 terms of the donald will give us enough federal court clout to change the gun laws here.

        • It depends on how you define things, including time frame.

          In the short run Cali is fine. In the longer term its fucked with a capital F. In the short term Cali has “budget surpluses” but that’s on paper and only on certain papers. Read some other papers and they’re running massive deficits against enormous debts and covering it up with tricky accounting practices that would get private sector folks imprisoned.

          It’s not much different than Chicago. It’s just being run by smarter scammers.

        • Strych9 nailed it. The state is broke, and doubling down on social justice will only hasten its demise.

          Tech is leaving for Boise. LA is a literal shit hole that more closely resembles Mexico City than an American city. The Bay Area is Sodom and Gomorrah. If the feds step in and regulate big tech, the cash cow vaporizes, that is if they don’t self immolate in social justice fist.

          The 3 state initiative made it onto the ballot. Lets see what comes of that.

          • “The 3 state initiative made it onto the ballot. Lets see what comes of that.”

            For starters, four more Dimowit senators. Not sure the number of new Dimowit congresspersons. Each of the three proposed states is dominated by a huge urban center; rural areas will be no better off.

        • I was as actually saying that JWT was right, but then I threw in some caveats that muddied the waters beyond my intent, so I can see where the confusion came from.

      • That will change if THEIR cushy Jobs go belly-up… YOU want to see scared then! Upper middle class snobs would drown in an societal apocalyptic collapse…

        • Except, again, their jobs aren’t going belly-up. Their jobs are expanding, their salaries are getting bigger, and their kids are more likely to get a job.
          Take a look at all of the economics of today versus just three or four years ago. The middle class didn’t “rise up” then, they certainly won’t now.

        • Jeeze JW, that’s almost enough to get urban liberal Democrats to vote for Trump (and that might actually happen to a limited extent – the average American isn’t as radical as the party leadership and their crazy supporters).

        • Mad Max,
          Yep, that’s why, if the election was held right now, Trump would get a higher percentage of the non-white vote than before.
          That blows liberal’s minds, but it’s what every reasonable poll suggest. That’s because right now non-white Americans have a higher standard of living, by all established metrics, than ever before in our nation’s history. And people who just got theirs aren’t about to give it up.

      • I’ll agree with you on the welfare checks, and the low IQ types who receive them. Violence is their only recourse since they lack any measurable intellect to even try to be self sufficient.

        Otherwise you are very wrong. I guess we will have to wait and see.

        • Although I agree that people with no stimulation, no education, and a shity diet are generally dumber than the people who do have those things, I don’t think the violence that will erupt is because of a lack of intelligence.
          It will occur because, for generations now, those people, from all races, have been told that they deserve that money. That they have earned those benefits. They have been told they are entitled to it. It is theirs. And after generations, they believe it.
          So when somebody comes and takes what’s yours, what are you going to do? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out you have to take it back.
          On the other side, most of the middle class seems to believe that their rights are in fact privileges to be revoked if they step out of line. They believe their most sacred freedoms are the result of a piece of paper. They fail to see that their authority comes from their Maker, and their ability to maintain their freedoms only comes from their ability to maintain their vigilance, and their willingness to commit violence.
          I don’t think that makes them smarter than the welfare population.

        • Jeez Taylor, that last paragraph makes it sound like you are a Nationalist. Welcome to the new Republican party.

          Repatriation or Genocide. Its the only way America and the west will survive.

        • Mack, I’ve always been a nationalist. I’ve always been America first. This nation is the brightest gem on earth.
          You just have no place in it.
          Diversity is strength.

        • Diversity is cancer. Historically that has been proven. Every. Single. Time. When the native population drops below 75% of inhabitants the outcome is always the same:


          So you just keep cheering for the invaders Taylor. Your genocidal rage and desire to tear the country apart is duly noted. I will continue to advocate for the more peaceful solution…the all must go back.

      • I agree with this sentiment, however, I think we are on the precipice of a left wing version of Al Queda popping up and launching terrorist style attacks. If you think about the mentality of the rabid hardcore left, they actually have a hell of a lot in common with Al Queda. They don’t have the numbers, organization, weapons, background, or cojones to stand up and fight a real civil war. But they do have enough raw hatred to plant bombs to kill innocents, or open up on cops ala the Dallas attack. I see a conflict in America coming, looking less like Gettysburg and more like Iraq. You’ll have relatively small, but incredibly brutal organization similar to Al Queda who will bomb and assassinate, possibly even being backed by a crazed leftist billionaire in a Bin Laden-esque manner. They won’t be wildly popular. They’ll even be hated by most Americans, but they’ll have just enough hardcore left wing support to conduct a number of urban attacks. Fear and pain will be the goal. Luckily we have a military and DOD that just spent the past 20 years fighting a similar organization, so they likely won’t last near as long. But I do expect them to be able to pull off some very successful and gruesome attacks before it’s all said and done. I hope I’m wrong. Maybe I’m just crazy and spent too much time in Iraq… but I really see this coming.

        • Reminds me of incidents that occurred in the 1970s.

          Look up Symbionese Liberation Army. The group that kidnapped Patti Hearst.

  7. I’ve lived and worked in DC quite a bit. Legally carrying a firearm in DC if you are a member of the administration is almost impossible.
    It is possible, eventually, to get a concealed carry permit. But if you want to actually carry your firearm, well you can’t do so in a Federal Building. And yes, for many that I worked in, there were metal detectors and pat down security at every entrance, including for employees.
    So yes, you can legally carry, just not at the place where your potential attackers know you will be, or to and from there. Good luck.

      • It would, but our President will not do it. I had a presidential appointment and a q level clearance, still no guns for me. And I wasn’t alone. The request has been made, denied and laughed at.

  8. “We didn’t refuse to serve her or kick her out, we just asked her to leave.”

    Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh what?

    • Right? That’s like saying, “I didn’t rob him, I just asked him at gunpoint for his money. Then he gave it to me; I didn’t take it”

    • I didn’t refuse to bake a cake for their gay wedding, I just asked them to have another baker bake it for them. – said the Christian baker.

      Every leftist in this country really needs to look up the term ‘cognitive dissonance’. Maybe ‘hypocrisy’ while they’re at it too.

    • Yeah like you’re going to want to eat the food from a TDS wacko who has made it clear that he doesn’t want you there.

  9. So far, there has been no deadly threat. The left is hoping to spark a physical altercation. If a gun is displayed, the Left will become more rabid. If one of the leftists is shot because of committing a deadly attack, the left will carry that to victory in November.

    This is not a time for knee-jerk reactions.

      • “Yeah… except for all those congressmen spouting bullet wounds last year…”

        To be a bit more descriptive, “So far…” relates only to the posting, not the general condition of play.

    • Real sorry, Sam, but with the encouragement of Rep. Waters and the incessant screeching of the Lunatic Left ™, even I am frightened enough that I would shoot anyone confronting me in such a manner. Hey, I’m old, I’m insured, and I will NOT die because I pretended these asswipes didn’t really mean it. Waters says everybody needs to attack me? I will shoot anybody who does. Over time, we can balance that out. But you assault me, frighten my family, scream in my face and refuse to let me pass, I will shoot you. It’s that easy. I might shoot you twice. Maybe I’ll go to jail (I doubt it), but that will not comfort your family.

      • You and I are of no interest to Waters et. al. Surrounding and harassing you or me will not generate the energy to whip the mob into action in November. The left needs a high profile incident. The agency department heads, and any other name brand govt. employee should demand police protection for every outing. Let the cops serve and protect against the radicals. Cops are the only ones to be trusted with civilian firearms. So, if a radical mob suffers a few gunshots, well….it would be done by the approved gun carriers, so it must be a good shoot.

  10. Maxine Waters has some serious issues. If a person should be arrested it is her. If someone urged people to do the same to her they would be arrested immediately.
    These liberals are encouraging people to become violent and call gun owners violent.

    I have studied WW II and Hitler and his rise to power . Curious how a civilized country became the way it did. We are witnessing the same happening to our country now.

  11. They don’t want to serve certain political party members or cops yet they want you to bake them a cake when you don’t want to. Luckily for them Americans don’t stand for anything when push comes to shove, so they can have their double standard.

    Hate cops and want to ban all guns? No problem there. Don’t want private property rights and want to force people to serve everyone except the people you don’t like? Sure, of course. Want everyone to be free to express themselves for who they are and for certain opinions to be illegal? No worries, direct democracy for the win.

    Americans are hard to find these days. Just because you were born in the U.S.A. doesn’t mean you earned the title of American.

  12. Don’t give any government worker a permit to carry. They can be like the rest of America and deal with it by calling the proper authorities. Also, no armed guards for them.

    If they don’t like it they can get rid of their illegal “laws.” Otherwise, they will be perpetuating an America with a caste/class system that exempts certain groups from the law. Either all men and women are created equal or they’re not.

    • The science is settled, All men are not created equal.

      And FFS there has been a cast/class system in the US since forever. Its just since the immigration act of 1965 that those castes started to become “Identity” groups.

      • If you want to use “science” to make your case then Asians should be running the U.S. not whites.

        The whole point of the concept that everyone is human is to make sure every human being has their human rights instead racists and supremacists ruling over people they consider animals.

        In the past America was mostly European after they were done with their ethnic cleansing. The law applied evenly amongst whites. Now the law doesn’t care if you’re white, it cares if you’re working with or for the government. So all you white supremacists should stop living in the past and join the people instead of sticking to your tribe.

        • The Asians are doing a fine job running their own countries. Why would they possibly want to run America? Although they are trying, along with every other identity group.

          Nationalism is the only way to save the west, and likewise save the childish notion that civil and human rights are an actual thing.

          So Fvck off calling me a supremacist of any kind. Every culture is entitled to its civilization, but not all civilizations are equal, never have been and never will. They must all go back, and make their own civilizations great.

      • +1…. that was settled back in the 1870’s when Sam Colt made all men equal. Born… not so much. Then the 6 5 CM was invented and our society degenerated in to “have’s” and “have not’s”.

    • You must not be from Texas. Rick Perry daily carried a SAA as governor by following the same rules I did, and I have no issue with him for that.

  13. Rule 4)
    “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”
    -Saul Alinsky,
    Rules for Radicals
    We’re on a dark path, playing chicken with the future of the country. I hope the other side sees reason before the culture war goes too far.

  14. Maybe it will take the death of an executive member of the government, not just the death of a member of Congress playing a baseball game, to motivate everyone to pass national reciprocity.
    When your ox is the one getting gored your attention tends to focus more.

    Its one thing to have several hundred dead blacks in Chicago. But a couple of dead white women at the executive level???

  15. I’m afeared if a few(or more!) leftard’s are plugged it’s going to devolve into a full-blown civil war. Look what happened in Charlestown. Most of the mayhem was committed by lunatic antifa azzwholes but the only press it got was a neo-nazi trying to flee a MOB. Having been in the middle of a mob of black youts on the southside of Chiraq I would floor it too. You can’t win-but you can do your best…

  16. Gotta keep your head on a swivel. Stay vigilant, trained and prepared. Can’t always rely on others to help after the fact.

    What’s a real shame is the radical leftist mentality and attitude. Since they can’t debate their way out of a paper bag, they resort to bully tactics that’s going to get some innocent people hurt or killed.

    These radicals actually believe their own BS and are contaminating more ignorant knee-jerkers in epic proportions. It’s brutal and intentional and no different than what’s in a terrorist’s handbook. They thrive on creating chaos, rather than work towards solving the real problems. They are the problem.

    They get their followers all riled up on fake information to keep their own jobs secure and pockets lined. Now they’re out right encouraging others to break laws and commit violent crimes?! WTH is going on with these people?! This is an epidemic, and the snakeheads need to be held accountable.

    This will help gun sales for sure. Don’t forget to maintain solid training folks, like that Pastor in Tumwater.

    I really pray nobody gets hurt. Remember Republican Whip, Steve Scalise?

    Here’s a reminder for all you radical Dems out there that slept through history class:

  17. Mad Maxie and her Commiecrat minions know not what they ask for.

    I would urge every American to bear arms as the founders intended.

  18. I would say that baseball field shooting should have a lot more to do with whether they decide to carry guns than someone getting thrown out of a eatery.

    • It’s not about being thrown out of an eatery, per se’, that’s how it starts. It’s the fact that high-ranking, radical Dems are encouraging their followers to harass others during their private activities, I hope that some ignorant leftist(s) go off the rails.

      Mad Max simply kicked this snowball off the roof, using social media to fan a pre-existing flame. Regardless of what someone stands for, these tactic are part of a larger objective and should be recognized for the imminent dangers it poses.

      Just be careful out there. There’s a dark cloud nearby, and I sure as heck don’t want to be in the middle of a that sh– storm. ✌

      • I doubt lynch mobs started out lynching people, either. I’m referring to Revolutionary times here, btw, when tax collectors were set upon by pissed off colonists.

  19. I’ve just about had it with these bullying democrats. I’d love to see them try and get up in my face with their shouting. I think that’s justifiable self defense range, right there.

    • “I’ve just about had it with these bullying democrats. I’d love to see them try and get up in my face with their shouting. I think that’s justifiable self defense range, right there.”

      Hence my comment about caution.

      The left is just itching to find someone with your attitude. Someone who would easily take chest bumping to lethal response. No, name calling, shaming, bullhorns, crowds and dares are not “imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm”.

      The thoughts you express are embodiment of what the gun-grabbers think of POTG, what they sell to the public. Refuse to yield, get in their faces, make them waste their time (and maybe the time of nearby patrons) by acting in ways that make their heads explode. But let the first to the gun be the idiots on the left.

      • Just be smart about it. These schoolyard bullies are typically all mouth. But when some radical nut(s) decide to cross that proverbial line in the sand, swift and reasonable defense will trump an attack. No pun intended. ✌

      • I consider hearing damage to be “imminent threat of serious bodily harm”… you get in my face with a bullhorn, I’m putting a bullet in your ass.

        • “…you get in my face with a bullhorn, I’m putting a bullet in your ass.”

          Which is the point; you’ll be working for the left, just as they plan.

        • Don’t care. I’m not eating more hearing damage for the lefties. Fortunately, I don’t regularly go to places where I would interact with commie insurgents.

        • Someone jams a bullhorn in my face I will jam that bullhorn somewhere that every time they pass wind it will be heard in a three block radius.

        • Go for it. The quicker people like you get themselves locked up, the sooner anti-gun people will stop having your idiotic remarks to point to when they talk about how we shouldn’t have guns. I sincerely wish you would quit doing their jobs for them, you fucking fool.

      • If they were so inclined, and not actually seeking ‘fights’ with whinging weaklings, they would have long since found it by now. After weeks of one sided street violence they finally found a dude in Berkeley with a baseball helmet & a 1×1 twig and COMPLETELY LOST THEIR SHIT over it. Soon after they mostly abandoned the Brown Shirts routine because it was meeting organized resistance that kicked their butts too often, and the clashes uniformly hurt their image as fearful hoodlums.

        Antifa/etc are all about picking fights that make them look dominant. That make them look obnoxious. Scary. Threatening. In truth, they can do none of things legally, or even physically, without suffering for it. Their playbook is the exact opposite of the pro-gun “well dressed, calm, polite, respectful” credo, and the dummies on our side all stand around wondering why the news doesn’t cover them & why they aren’t afraid of us.

        • Yeah… the Battle of Berkley was awesome to watch. Especially mouldylocks going out to “collect Nazi scalps” and getting clocked in the face.

      • This is actually a great instance where pepper spray would come in handy. Get the good stuff though. Sabre red. If you get it in their eyes they’ll wish you shot them.

        • I’ve personally tested the UDAP bear spray on an unfortunate drunk, and, yeah, it is the shiznit. Paramedics and respiratory distress, also, swollen shut eyes for a few days.

      • Could they stab me with a knife? Beat me senseless and take my gun? If so, I will end them. I’m tired of playing nice. If they make themselves a threat, I will warn them once. Then I’ll shoot center mass.

        • An deadly attack is a deadly attack. A bullhorn blare is not. Screaming and shouting in your face is not. Chanting and ridicule is not a deadly attack.

        • Oh please… if you could magically tell when a lynch mob will turn deadly, you wouldn’t need guns. Not to mention the standard also includes “great bodily harm” which includes permanent hearing damage.

        • Pretty much what pwrserge said. It’s all fun and games, until someone cuts up your face with a busted bottle or worse. I’ll give them just one warning to take their friends and leave before opening fire. No more treating them like fellow humans, they are vicious animals and are dangerous, especially in numbers.

  20. Pass. The God. Damn. Reciprocity. Bill, then.

    None of us should settle for any more of this “special privileges” nonsense, particularly from the same morons who ran on a platform of sharing this exact privilege with the rest of us, and now unilaterally insist on denying & even further restricting us.

    In case you all forgot, the federal bump stock ban comment period ends in two days. The kind of thing TTAG could easily write a couple articles about, rather than some repetitive fluff pieces, something topical and potentially rather important, but the sort of thing the NRA isn’t keen on opposing. Like, the fact the reg almost explicitly bans the binary triggers often featured here, could be seen as interesting to many readers.

  21. The problem with the Trump people getting a CCW is that your asking liberal democrats who run Washington D.C. permission to protect yourself. My guess is that by the time the permits are approved that the Trump administration will be long out of power.

    • I’ve been thinking it since Billdoe was in power, yet Americans have proven me wrong time and time again. Too much food. Everyone is happy and fat. Libs are about as annoying as houseflies to them.

    • Need to focus on the outcome, not the reasons (imagined or real) behind any kind of war. Keep your eye on the ball, and do what is necessary to ensure victory.

      Warfare is the way of deception.

  22. Ironicatbest thinks it’s sad that families should be separated. Even the Japanese in interim camps were not separated from their children. Ironicatbest does not hate anyone that bad, it’s torture and the children do not deserve that.

  23. It’s coming. It’s coming for sure. Buy ammo while you can.

    Normals lives will change. Accept that the life you knew before is coming to an end and fight it or try to crawl into a hole and protect your job, and your racquet club membership, and your life before socialism.

    My people were robbed of a country in 1938. We won’t lie down for it again.

  24. So, Trump cabinet members should tool up because they might have someone say something mean to them? Doesn’t seem to follow. Perhaps someone could clear up why a person might need to open fire in response to harsh words.
    I carry every day so I can defend myself from threats on my life. Have I been carrying for the wrong reason all along?

    • No James, you’re doing it right.

      As you already know by being a permit holder, any of the Administration’s members that are seeking a CCW would have to pass the proper training anyway, including the mandatory law block on self defense.

      This will cover deadly force issues and its continuum, as well as legal force options and liabilities. The 3 areas are covered in depth (Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention) with emphasis on last resort intervention.

      Folks, we need to keep our heads in the game at all costs. So reading or recognizing an imminent threat is just as important as knowing our reasonable responses both during defensive measures and in the aftermath.

      Let’s all remain calm and vigilant but ready, because we’re properly trained and equipped.

      But remember, knowledge is power.

      Strength in numbers works against this radical epidemic. We’re all and need to be on the same team here.

      If any good guy/gal has got a CCW or is ready to get one, please, stay sharp and stay frosty.

      Things can go south real quick, so visualize in advance potential problems anytime and anywhere. Research and refresh yourselves with anything you’ll need to stay current and sharp.

      God bless all of us and this fine country!✌

  25. Every law abiding citizen should carry in order to protect themselves from the crazies in our society. Liberals are nothing but hate filled fascists and should be considered criminals and terrorists.

  26. How would Maxine respond if one person in the crowd at Maxine’s Speech replied to her call by shouting “Kill them all.” The quote is King Herod’s quote from Jesus of Nazareth.

    How would she respond if the entire crowd started doing the same. Would she be inciting a riot and/or inciting murders.

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