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Extreme Shock, best known for their fragmenting bullets and over-the-top advertising images, has a new .223 Remington round that they’re unveiling at the show. The ammo uses a 45ish grain bullet and is designed specifically for AR pistols with extremely short barrels. Rest assured, TTAG has secured a supply of Extreme Shock ammo and we will be putting it to the test very shortly.

According to the representative there, “we saw all of these pistol length ARs out there, and we realized that there’s no ammo out there designed specifically to be used with them.” They believe their lighter round will give them better “terminal ballistics” out of the shorter barrels than the heavier stuff, and have some fascinating blocks of ballistics gel to back it up.

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  1. I’ve used their ammo and never had a problem. I hope they make some extreme ammo for my 500’s. I think it will be tough for them to make anything more extreme than my 700 grain T-REX rounds from Bill and Leona at These people produce several types of top notch hunting ammo.

  2. I’m not sure there really is much of a market for these. Sure, there are scads of ARs out there, but very few are pistols or SBRs. How many of these have *ever* been used in self-defense shootings? My estimate? None.

    And these tiny 45-grainers are unlikely to shoot well from the fast-twist barrels of most modern 5.56 carbines. This looks like a solution in search of a problem.

  3. TO answer the following 2 replys.
    1- As far as cost yes we are higher than standard lead core ammo. Lead is roughly .95 cents a pound where as copper is 5.50 and tungsten is now 35.00 a lb. Some people do not want to buy it on account of the cost but a lot want to buy it because of the performance. We have been in business now 10 years. If Extreme Shock USA was a hoax or just some fancy marketing hype then we would not have been successful. Very simply it works, yes it cost more. But Extreme high performance whether a race car or computer always does. If you don’t want to buy it on account of the cost thats fine. But others do.

    2- As far as the 30 gr 5.56 AFR at 3020 FPS it was developed for LE that is going into crack houses wanting to keep all the rounds fired inside the dwelling. It is a very mission specific round. In the event of a miss the 5.56 AFR will fragment as it passes through sheetrock walls so as not to go into multiply houses or apartments. It was not designed to be a long range round. It was designed to be a very limited range CQB round. For a commercial application there are some folk that like to protect their home with an AR15 type weapon. For this it works great. It is not a long range hunting round It is not a long range target round. It works perfect for what it was designed to do. If you take it outside of what it was designed to do then you are correct you will have problems with it. But in its respected application it cannot be beat.

  4. To reply to JOE MATAFOME
    We do make a 50 BMG 675 gr bullet at 2750 fps. This round will NOT go through soft tissue. As a mater of fact in the demo we do for LE we put up a large pineapple with a large piece of cardboard behind it. After we shoot there is NOT a bullet hole in the cardboard. We then put up a 1 inch thick piece of metal and shoot a hole through it.

    This blows their mind. I had 1 SWAT Commander that we had to do the demo 4 times. His reply was ” I’ve seen it and I just can’t believe it”” This is not standard ballistics that can be compared to lead core. Powder Metal ballistics is totality completely different than lead core. To coin a phrase ” This aint your daddy’s lead bullet”. Because people don’t understand it they almost refuse to accept it. The lead free frangible bullet is the wave of the future. At the NRA show I noticed several more small companies starting up and all were lead free with some type of frangibility in the bullet.

    • You know, I have a .50 cal rifle coming soon, the ability to use a 1,000 yard range, and can easily obtain a pineapple. This might be something else we have to test out, because that claim sounds too good to be true.

  5. I have played around quite a bit with the handgun rounds, the ”fang face”, and found it to be quite hot and powerful. Rifle, not so much, but I will be…my Kel Tec PLR 16 is crying for it already….

  6. There is much confusion relating to the different types of extreme shock 223 ammo. Even I cant figure this out. The company never does just simply come out and tell you what 223 ammo would be best suited for deer hunting. The company keeps going on and on about interior room/home defense.
    Most people purchase ammo for hunting, not home defense.
    Wished Extreme Shock would just come out and speak english.



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