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This pocket dump includes a GLOCK 43 with a spare mag. One of the two pictured mags has a Taran Tactical +2 base pad which is great not only for the additional capacity but because it also means the end of dangling pinkies. After all, having a concealable gun is important, but so is getting a firm grip.

The G43 is a nice little pistol but if you’re like me you want that extended base pad.

Do you use an extension on your mags? If so does it add extra capacity or only additional length? Do you have one on all your carry mags or only some of them?

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  1. Always keep an extended base pad as your second mag. The shorter mag means easier to carry, plus nothing works better at raising blood blisters in that pinkie finger. Esp. if you are reloading in a hurry….

    • Thank you sir.

      Flush fit mag in the gun, extended mag (if any) as your reload mag.

      All these clowns with extended mags sticking out of their deep concealment single stacks are a hoot.

      The author of this article is is even more of a hoot.

      If you can’t draw and shoot your micro 40 or micro 9 effectively with a 2 finger grip, just stay home and lock the door.

  2. My backup is a tiny Ruger 380 LCP that I keep in a neoprene ankle holster. The holster has a pouch for an additional mag where I carry an after market 11 round extended mag. It isn’t that hard to manage the short grip of the gun with a standard 6 round mag, but the 11 round mag makes it balance better and helps create a stable shooting grip.

  3. My LCP has standard mags with flat bottom. The pinky rest ends up between my fingers after the first shot and I don’t like that.

    My 43 has Taran Tactical +1. On a wee bit longer than standard flat mag. Need some grip tape on the front edge. Taran needs to make a polymer extension with checkering. Bit I guess they figure people would pay 20 buck for a 3 cent piece of plastic.

    We will evidently pay 20 buck for a 25 cent piece of aluminum though.

  4. I carry a 12 round mag in my Glock 26. It makes the grip absolutely perfect and gives me 13 rounds total, while still being a bit smaller than a Glock 19.

  5. Dangling pinkies are a good thing you ******* silly, clown of an author.

    I shoot my PPS-40 M1 better with a 2 finger grip and the 5-round flush fit mag than a 3 finger grip and the 6 or 7 round extended mag.

    Flush fitting mags are the only mags for CONCEALED CARRY.

    Extended mags are for range playtime or OPEN WARFARE.

  6. I’ve never had a problem with my dangling pinkie. But then again, my hands aren’t really big, but they’re pretty strong. All the guns I carry leave my pinkie out in the cold to one degree or another and I simply practice a lot at having that not matter very much.

    If you can’t get to the range, dry fire practice with a DA snubnose revolver and keep that front sight steady. You’ll get it.

  7. Now that I’m carrying a Sig P365 instead of my G43 I don’t feel the need for an extra mag. I’ve got one in the car but don’t carry it on me.

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