Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett speaks during a confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Shawn Thew/Pool via AP)
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“There are challenges on California’s gun laws bubbling through the federal courts, which makes it possible but not likely we see a case this term,” said UCLA Law Professor Adam Winkler, who specializes in constitutional law and the Second Amendment. “But it won’t be long before the court finally takes another gun case.”

And when they do, California’s gun restrictions are endangered. National gun control groups fervently opposed Barrett’s confirmation, with Everytown for Gun Safety president John Feinblatt calling Barrett a “gun rights extremist who has no place on the Supreme Court.”

“If you want to know which laws could be struck down, just open the penal code and look at every law about guns,” said Winkler. “We’re at that level.”

California has gun laws ranging from online ammunition purchase restrictions to red flag laws, and Winkler believes the court could start the process of striking down gun control laws one-by-one.

When asked which laws he thinks could fall first, Winkler identified the state’s high-capacity magazine ban and individual cities’ restrictive conceal and carry laws as the most endangered. Winkler said that in other states, roughly 3-5% of citizens obtain conceal and carry permits. He then extrapolated these figures to Los Angeles County, which has a population of 10 million.

– Eric Ting in ‘It’s going to be earth-shattering’: What Amy Coney Barrett means for California Gun Laws

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  1. Dear joe biden et al,

    For the past 4 years America witnessed nonstop concocted slander and libel to remove a duly elected POTUS and to denigrate those who wisely cast their vote for TRUMP/PENCE 2016. Your democRat Party and your media drama queen cohorts squealed like stuck pigs in an effort to persuade the ignorant masses into believing your slander and libel. All of it was proven from the start to be based on concocted slander and libel. Instead of admitting to the diabolical scheme you and your ilk doubled down. In other words, “Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor” Was And Is No Part Of Your democRat Party Platform. So C’Mon man, Americans with an ounce of common sense will never again trust you and your democRat Party ilk. Never mind us hating you joe. You and your despicable ilk should hate yourselves for what you did.

    What you and your democRat Party did to a duly elected POTUS and voters went beyond despicable. And to make matters worse hard evidence of serious wrongdoing was discovered about you joe biden and your son and others who all along were colluding with Russia, Ukraine and China. The very things you were doing joe biden is what you and your ilk blamed the POTUS for doing. And what are your self-righteous media cohorts doing with this hard evidence against you? Why they are busy hiding your dirt by silencing Free Speech and making light of the incriminating evidence against You joe.

    You get the picture joe. Should there be enough legitimate votes cast by those with heads full of 4 years of your democRat Party concocted slander to give you a “win” the reality is you and your democRat Party ilk lose by winning. To hope of ever actually winning again you better hope you lose this one. You and your democRat Party ilk have confirmed you cannot ever be trusted. Remember joe the evidence against you is real 24/7 hard evidence and that makes you and your entire campaign illegitimate and unacceptable.

    If you assumed your democRat Party tactics to get opponents out of your way by slander is a first well bad assumption joe. America has already witnessed the same underhanded libel and slander tactics used by your Jim Crow KKK democRat Party to keep Black Americans from running for and holding office. Obviously you and your democRat Party ilk assumed the “deplorables” would never notice.

    Furthermore joe…Your democRat Party owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, lynching, Jim Crow, the KKK, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities. In conclusion joe…When it comes to Reparations you and your democRat Party need to PAY UP.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • Trump caused this. But not before all of you did. You could have picked a real person, not a crazy person, to be the Republican nominee back in 2016. Instead you picked this fraudster, this incompetent, this traitor to our American Republic.

          Fox News? Yeah, sure, whatever.

          Trump did this and you helped him.

          Be ashamed, be very ashamed.

        • Ashamed of what? We have a solid scotus majority now.

          If anything, all that was totally worth it for that alone.

          Now your side has two years till the midterms, where you’re very likely to lose the house. The senate is ours so say goodbye to passing anything.

        • Uh, the Senate is not “ours” and 2 Geogia run off elections will nearly certainly tip the balance.

        • enuf, you are so hateful that you are ignoring that about 40% of commenters here did not vote for Trump in the 2016 primaries and only voted for him reluctantly in that general. You also ignore the fact that there is more evidence that Biden (and even more certainly Harris) are treacherous to the nation and constitution than Trump. Trump is just an a$$hole concerned most about himself and winning while your candidates are undeniably trying to end the 2nd amendment and are protecting Marxist street thugs who seek to end the constitution and free speech. You absolutely are no ally of the constitution but rather just an angry man trying to get revenge on those you don’t like.

        • “Trump caused this. But not before all of you did.”

          More misinformation (or ignorance?) from enuf. The only thing that got Trump the nomination was the establishment republicans abandoning their electorate. There’s a reason Trump was able to align the republican party to the working class. Voters had been asking for it, but no one was delivering. Besides that, many people here, including me, didn’t vote for Trump in the 2016 primaries.

        • Here is a little cognitive science for enuf. A well known effect of a brain bleed or a stroke is a loss of inhibition. People so affected tend to blert out the truth. Everybody here has seen the video of Joe Biden committing the Kinsleyian gaff of bragging about the Democrats voter fraud operation. The Democrats cheated there way to victory in the Presidential race.

          The Democrats have been taken over by a National Socialist faction, and like all revolutionaries, their first and foremost objection to delegitimize the existing system. No matter what the outcome now at least half country will believe that the President is not legitimate.

      • get over it…When making a reply you need to disprove what I post with paragraphs. Your childish text message doesn’t cut it. To reply with gibberish amounts to nothing more than you blowing smoke from the giggling anus below your nose.

        TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • enuf…When it comes to slander and libel YOU are a democRat Party lint licker. You lying pos you can talk out you butt until the cows come home but you and your ilk have no evidence whatsoever against the POTUS. You are stuck on stupid. Get help enuf…mental help.

          TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • truth teller twerp..The truth is a politically inept history illiterate twerp like you who is short on words and clearly incapable of debate are a sign of you having a very small penis.

        • truth teller twerp…Think so?…You’d be castrated before you get to the period at the end of this reply.

    • Actually the United States Constitution is the threat to California gun control laws, not ACB as their kind like to call her. Rise Up America.

  2. As any and all gun control laws are un Constitutional,one may think that would be the case, time will tell.

  3. ACB is not a threat to California’s restrictive gun laws. The 2nd Amendment, or rather the natural and unalienable rights it was written to protect, are the threat. California’s Leftist lobby for peasant disarmament has just gotten used to a parade of jurists who are happy to pretend it never existed. But this attitude was a fad, a fashion of 20th century legal academia. It never had any basis in the text of the constitution or the historical context in which it was written and ratified. Its central dogma about “collective rights” doesn’t even have a coherent meaning. And now that fad is going away.

    • “But this attitude was a fad, a fashion of 20th century legal academia. It never had any basis in the text of the constitution or the historical context in which it was written and ratified.”

      Damn straight.

      The article dives into this, and if what he suspects is true, there’s a constitutional standard *higher* than strict scrutiny :

      “Here’s an example that highlights the critical difference between the strict scrutiny standard and the original public meaning standard Parades is advocating for: If the State of California had to defend its high-capacity magazine ban in front of a court applying strict scrutiny, attorneys would likely argue that preventing mass shootings is a compelling interest, and banning high-capacity magazines is a narrowly-tailored policy that’s the least restrictive way of trying to prevent mass shootings.

      However, under the original public meaning standard, the state would lose its ability to argue lawmakers are furthering a compelling interest. The only way the magazine ban could survive the original public meaning standard is if attorneys could prove 18th Century legislatures enacted similar restrictions that were not thought to violate the Second Amendment at the time.

      “It will set the table to challenge all of these laws, and none can overcome the standard,” Parades said.

      Winkler believes it’s possible the court goes this far.”

      I could see Justice Thomas advocating for that standard. He’s clearly worried the 2A isn’t being given the respect it deserves, and he would be very interested in ensuring the Leftist scum not be able soil that right with weasel ways.

      I guess we shall wait and see… 🙂

      • banning high-capacity magazines is a narrowly-tailored policy that’s the least restrictive way of trying to prevent mass shootings.

        Now there’s another belly laugh. When did the Strict-Scrutiny standard morph from “least restrictive means of achieving” to “least restrictive means of trying?” Hoping to elide past any need to connect their preferred policy with any evidentiary basis to expect results? Sorry, but “sounds at least somewhat related and we’d like to try it out” isn’t the Strict Scrutiny test, that’s the Rational Basis test.

        • “banning high-capacity magazines is a narrowly-tailored policy that’s the least restrictive way of trying to prevent mass shootings.”

          Why those marxist democRats are being so “nasty nice” trying to sugarcoat their Jim Crow Gun Control poop.

          Bottom line…The 2A is not for sale, trade or rent.

        • That has been a real issue in the Ninth Circuit, where arguments about policy substitute for actual evidence that the law has the intended effect. There is a BELIEF that restricting magazine capacity will reduce deaths/injuries in a mass shooting scenario because the shooter will have to pause to reload, but the fact is that a mag change takes seconds and has no actual ability to allow people to escape. There is no actual evidence that magazine capacity restrictions have any effect in drive-by shootings or the relatively rare mass shooting events, yet some judges are happy to affirm such laws despite the complete absence of hard evidence (as opposed to expert opinions). Even under the so-called intermediate scrutiny analysis this should not happen , but since these courts are also willing to use a sliding scale analysis that was rejected in Heller, thee actual standard of review being applied amounts to little more than a determination that the public entity had a “rational basis” for imposing the restriction. When rational basis is employed, the Second Amendment guarantee is completely eliminated by the exercise of the state’s police power.

          Thank goodness for a conservative majority that will do something to treat the Second as an actual right and not some unimportant afterthought that is no longer relevant in the modern era. If California’s laws are overturned, GREAT! The implication that a blood bath will follow–which is what Winkler is really saying–has never occurred in any other state and will not occur here either.

          • “There is a BELIEF that restricting magazine capacity will reduce deaths/injuries in a mass shooting scenario because the shooter will have to pause to reload, but the fact is that a mag change takes seconds and has no actual ability to allow people to escape. ”

            Gotta kinda disagree here. The gun grabbers start from the position of “the reasonable person” (a “reasonable person” would not own a gun in the first place…there’s your jury pool). A reasonable person would have great difficulty, under stress, trying to make a magazine change, and would almost always fumble the change. It is this fumbling that creates the space for potential victims to escape. The implication is that only a person comfortable with a gun could change a magazine so quickly as to prevent people from escaping. Thinking that reinforces the conclusion that “high capacity” magazines favor the unreasonable person…who naturally should have unlimited obstacles in the way of using a gun.

        • That’s the thing that jumped out at me too! How in the hell is banning ALL LCMs, at ALL times, for EVERYONE “narrowly tailored?” As has been argued extensively in the lawsuit against this law, banning everything in all situations or for all people is prima facie evidence that the law is NOT narrowly tailored.

          That’s just a piss poor example to illustrate the legal meaning of “narrowly tailored.” The fact that that’s the one they chose goes to show the extent to which California’s gun control regime is infringing on 2nd Amendment Rights.

  4. Well since California is in a contest with the other slave states to see who can have the most unconstitutional gun laws, I would say it is about time to force some freedom back on the communists who have been in charge of that state.

  5. Commiefornia isn’t special and the supreme law of the land holds the same sway as any of the other several states, as they agreed to when they petitioned when they joined the union.

  6. It’s a good thing we had those 4 years to install all those justices. That is a huge boon for us. Side note.

    Look I get everyone’s pissed about the election but we need to start getting ready for the next battle. This was either coming now or in 2024 and right now we’re actually in a good position.

    We have the senate and SCOTUS. We can easily play defense for two years, and make it hurt. Might as well open up an investigation or two while we’re at it. The mid terms are looking good for us as we already took a few house seats in this go around, and we can hopefully pick up a few more in the senate. That’ll have us sitting very well for 2024.

    The democrats are already starting the infighting. They haven’t even sealed their win yet and they’re already blaming eachother for not winning enough to matter. Let’s help them drive that dagger into eachother and keep fighting the good fight.

    • There will never be a conservative congress or president again, if the blatant and rampant fraud we saw both two years ago and three days ago is allowed to continue.

      Of course there will never be a liberal one of either if the cheating and mass immigration are stopped, so they’re not going to give that one up without blood.

      • I’ve been doing politics since the 90s. If I had a nickel for everytime I heard or read “there will never be a republican president/congress again” I’d have enough nickels to fill in an Olympic size pool.

        This isn’t the end. Politics never ends. Neither is ever going to conclusively “win”, ever. And it was set up that way by design.

        • Ron nailed it. We were saying that same thing during the Clinton crime bill era, oh we’re doomed, total gun confiscation, UN troops going door to door, FEMA camps. All that crazy shit. Things swing back the other way, life goes on. Nobody want’s Communism in the US, Capitalism makes people ultra wealthy. Marxism and all that BS get’s you nowhere. The people in power know this of course, the fight between Left and Right is needed to keep people motivated.

          • “Nobody want’s Communism in the US, Capitalism makes people ultra wealthy. ”

            The past is not prolog. There has been nothing like BLM, Antifa, The Squad, The Green New Deal, Cancel Culture, post-birth abortion, and a host of other distortions of our national character. And here is the message we all better understand: two presidential elections, and a mid-term. The majority voting is against traditional values.

            The popular vote tells us the direction of the nation more reliably than electoral college results. In all three recent cases, the majority favored the “communists” (the dictatorials). The people who suffered the most under Covid house arrest, and the destruction of riots voted to keep the same people in power who were responsible for all the damage to their cities.

            This shift toward leftism will not be countered by RINOs, establishment politicians, and Never Trumpers. Those people want to go back to being honorable losers. We are amidst a real life political war; war, not noble principles in conflict. In war you need a warrior, not a negotiator. The Dimwitocrats know we are at war, and act accordingly. Our side still wants an orderly and honorable competition of ideas. The Dimwitocrats do not misunderstand traditional values, or people who support traditional values. The Dims hate their opposition and wish to extinguish it.

        • Do you really believe that?

          I’ve been alive long enough now to see many major metro locations and states move left. I cant recall any office other than President that has fairly consistently swung left and right…at least at my state and local levels, it’s been a long slow decline to leftism for 20+ years, with as far as I can tell, zero movement to the right on any election. I dont see what would or will cause the pendulum to swing the other way, which is worrisome. Looting, rioting, huge murder and drug addict numbers, decreased tax income, and yet the leftists continue to be elected in the concrete face of their failed policies.

        • Serious question Ron,

          Have you ever seen a presidential candidate come up with as many votes as Biden has AFTER election day? We’re talking over 600,000 in PA alone. And a near 100% registered voter turn out in parts of WI.

          • I’m as far as possible from a conspiracy theorist, but no one observing half a dozen oscillating pendulums – that suddenly cease all oscillation and drift inexorably toward the left – could fail to suspect an outside force.

        • Historically, I would agree with you Ron. Logistically in this election, I cannot agree.

          If Biden/Harris end up winning, and if Dems are able to secure 50 seats in the Senate, they have already promised the following:
          1. Eliminate filibuster making 50 votes plus VP effectively a super majority with a Dem Pres.
          2. Restructure and stack the Supreme Court via the “legitimacy” of their Blue Ribbon Panel of Leftists.
          3. Grant statehood to PR and DC. DC will be tough due to the Constitution, but a stacked Leftist SCOTUS can interpret the law however it wants.
          4. Take the fight directly to the firearm industry by overturning PLCAA. Once anyone can sue over every errant bullet, the industry will be permanently hamstrung.
          5. Proceed with radical agenda without fear of a “normal” SCOTUS stopping it: Green New Deal, tax increases, private property takeover, expand ACA to single-payer system, etc.

          Communist values continue to win elections in the larger population areas.

          The best bet right now is to let the Senate be the check and balance against a Dem WH and House. Nothing will change on SCOTUS.

          If Dems have 50 Senate seats, we have to hope that there’s still a moderate left who’s afraid of losing big in 2 years to hold the line on critical items like court stacking.

          A lot hinges on stopping court packing and two new blue states.

        • Sounds like a perfectly good reason to spend the next two years launching investigations to me. We can give the democrats the same exact treatment they gave Trump.

    • ” The democrats are already starting the infighting. They haven’t even sealed their win yet and they’re already blaming eachother for not winning enough to matter. ”

      Very true. And this is what makes this a hidden victory for us, even if Trump loses.

      The Democrats got trapped in their own echo bubble and believed some kind of “blue tsunami” was in the making. It didn’t happen. The take on this is the “no more Trump” drum beating of the last four years worked — but it only went as far as Trump, and only barely. On the down ballot — congressional and state-level races — the Democrats took a beating. Half of the voters rejected the Democrat’s message (such as it is) and they are not likely to go back a take a second look in two years.

      The Democrats, then, are walking on eggshells and would be governing from an extremely thin position. If they f*ck up and piss off even a fraction of a percent of the voters who supported them this time around, then they lose the long game. Considering the Democrat Party is in an accelerating state of disintegration (take note how the minority voting went) a f*ck up and piss-off is pretty much a certainty.

      So they kicked out Trump, but they haven’t made a dent in what it was that put Trump in office to begin with. They should bask in the warmth of what they’ve done for the moment, because it is not going to last long, and given that Democrats are Democrats, it will not be long before they shoot themselves in the foot. The country is clearly on a path back towards conservative sanity (slow, but steady), and I don’t think the liberals are really smart enough to figure that out.

  7. Trump is going to lose and Dems take the senate (make no mistake they will: as we have just seen anything is possible when you have Atlanta). The 50-50 senate will enact Biden’s gun control agenda.

    And no, the SCOTUS will not do anything about it.

      • Both GA seats are going to run-offs. The Stacey Abrams followers won’t make the same mistakes as two years ago. They will “find” the votes needed to take at least one, if not both, of those seats.

  8. *”Adam Winkler, who specializes in unconstitutional law”

    *”Existential Threat to Unconstitutional Treason”

    FIFY. Too bad there’s no existential threat to unconstitutional traitors themselves.

    • It is called the Ballot.

      As Trump is learning right now. Or will, if all this holds and if he is defeated. Trump betrayed all of America, and if we are lucky he can look forward to criminal prosecution in New York and other places once his power is removed.

      • Oh, so you believe my Constitutional rights are determined by ballot? Nice to know. I used to read your comments because you’re a clown; now I can ignore them altogether. Will save time.

      • “Trump betrayed all of America”


        “It is called the Ballot.”

        For the first time in the history of this country mass ballots were sent out to millions of people that didn’t request it. In some states, it was sent to every single person on the voter rolls. Big Media and Big Tech immediately said we shouldn’t declare a winner after election night. In other words, give them time to see how the votes turned out, and pump in those mass mail in ballots to favor Biden, which is exactly what happened.

        Record setting 2008 Obama votes: 69,498,516
        2012 media darling Obama votes: 65,915,795
        2016 “shoo-in” Hillary votes: 65,853,514
        2020 The most uninspiring non-campaign in modern history, Biden votes: 73,830,090 and counting!

        • Are you kidding? The motivation was that half the country HATES Trump. Well more than half by the looks of it. A dead armadillo could have won.

        • “Are you kidding? The motivation was that half the country HATES Trump. Well more than half by the looks of it. A dead armadillo could have won.”

          So you’re admitting that democrats are the party motivated solely by hate?

        • “Trump has surpassed all those numbers too @ 69,873,506 votes. So is he packing ballots?”

          Trump voters in 2020 had a similar enthusiasm level to 2008 Obama voters. Plus, many current Trump voters were Obama voters. There was zero enthusiasm on the side of Biden. If the country was swinging for Biden, then why are republicans winning back House seats? Biden is “over-performing” in a few select democrat strongholds, and under-performing in the rest of the country. Add in the extreme last minute election rule changes and some very shady behavior after election day, and something stinks.

      • enuf…Why wait around to save face by scraping the bottom of the barrel hoping to find something to justify your ongoing slander and libel? Man-up twerp..Grab your “evidence” and hop on your tricycle and pedal up to the White House and make a citizens’s arrest or stfu you pos.

      • Enuf,
        Still waiting (like everyone on this site) for one single example of this “treason” you claim. I guess it’s futile expecting a rational counterargument from someone who doesn’t know what “existential” means.

  9. This will be a moot point after the democrats steal the senate and pack the court. Any 2A cases they actually decide to take after that will just cement anti 2A laws. Confiscations and bans will be deemed constitutional. The country really blew it with this election. Let’s hope republicans keep the senate.

    • “This will be a moot point after the democrats steal the senate and pack the court.”

      That will literally be a declaration of war.

      If they do that, our response will be proportional…

      • There may be a real actual split here and result in two separate countries just like Kurt Schlichter predicted in his books.

        • A 50/50 vote with plenty of questionable quirks and foreign interference after 4+ years of drumming up irrational, virulent hatred on both sides.

          There should be no doubt what’s coming for everybody.

          The only question left to ask is do you want to be on the side with all the skills, guns and discipline or the side with all the blue haired mental patients?

      • Agreed. That scenario would effectively be a bloodless coup and eliminate the checks and balances framework. It would necessitate a response in kind likely expediting balkanization.

    • Democrats 2016-2019: Russia colluded with Trump to steal the election.

      Democrats 2020: Election fraud doesn’t exist. If you say it does, we’ll censor you.

    • Hell has frozen over.

      I agree with little enuf on something…

      • Agreeing on anything with a slanderous libelous pos who voted against DJT in 2016 and 2020 and would have stopped a ACB from ever being considered or appointed the USSC is pathetic to say the least. I wouldn’t pee down enuf’s throat if his guts were on fire.

        • ” I wouldn’t pee down enuf’s throat if his guts were on fire.”

          Something tells me the little fuckwit enjoys that kind of thing… 🙂

      • geoff…After all the slander and libel from enuf it is obvious the rat gets a sht grin seeing someone who sidesteps his slander and agrees with him whether it’s right or wrong. Not once but twice now for you. Make up your mind what side you are on a stay there or take up knitting.

        • Deborah, I call ’em like I see ’em.

          He expressed a wish that gun control was doomed. I agreed with him on that, and I qualified it with observing that Hell must have frozen over.

          If you have a problem with that sentiment, then *you* are the one who wants gun control.

          Are you telling me you are for gun control? Is your hatred of little ‘enuf’ (that I happen to agree with) so strong you would have no problem with throwing out the baby (gun rights) with the bath water (fuckwit enuf), just so you can score a point?

          Where is the sense in that?

  10. I read Winkler’s book from a few years back, and he tried desperately to portray himself as neutral. I didn’t buy it then, I’ve ignored him ever since, and here I see for the first time he has shown his true colors. Too bad for him. Good for us.

    • “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue.” Neutrality toward liberty and justice, even if honest, would make him garbage. His colleagues in academia would crucify him if he advocated a neutral position toward the 13th Amendment, or even the “constitutional” rights fabricated by activist judges.

  11. A Feature not a bug.
    They thought they could pull all their gun law crap and never face consequences.

    Well, we will see if a future ruling is ignored like Heller. The gay marriage and abortion decisions were treated like divine orders.

  12. The next 4 years will be tough on the economy. If Trump pulls it out, it might not be as bad, but if Biden gets it, it will crash, then we will have a Republican administration. The problem here is it won’t be Trump, who is an American patriot, who actually seems to care about Americans, not his friends’ profits.
    Trump is his own worst enemy, he is abrasive and will not delegate. There is no way even Madison Ave could spin him, but he was able to force through some of his pet projects.
    Which is much more than others have been able to accomplish.

    • Don’t have to worry about that. They will not be an economy left. And you don’t have to worry about a republican becoming president because that’s never gonna happen again. Or the republicans have in control of the Senate because that’s never gonna happen again.

      • Trump can run again in 2024 (which would cause another train wreck in the Repubicrat Party). Pence is a nice guy, but no charisma. And Niki Haley inspires no one.

        The ‘publicrat party has no depth-of-bench. However, controlling both houses of Congress controls the President. 2022 better be a wipeout for Dims in down ballot races. The biggest threat is the national compact to force the Electoral College to accept the popular vote for President.

        • Nikki Haley inspires me. I don’t think I’m alone.

          Trump’s appeals to blacks and Hispanics were successful. That’s an important message the party needs to learn. They need to continue those. Someone who can build on Trump’s success there while not being quite as chaotic would kick ass.

          • “Nikki Haley inspires me. I don’t think I’m alone.”

            You would drive five hours each way, stand in a light rain/mist for a few hours, just on the hope of getting into a Haley rally?

        • Republicans will never again win the presidency without massive election standardization and reform. There was zero reason to send out millions of unsolicited ballots. The pandemic was merely an excuse to completely change the way we vote. The propagandists pushed the idea that unsolicited ballots and requested absentee ballots were the same thing. Notice all of the last minute election rule changes proposed by governors, etc. Governors and judges aren’t supposed to make the laws.

        • “Nikki Haley inspires me.”

          She doesn’t come across as genuine to me, and I haven’t heard any inspiring ideas from her, but maybe I haven’t seen enough of her yet.

          • “…but maybe I haven’t seen enough of her yet.”

            Her run as governor in South Carolina didn’t get national headlines/stories. Would think that if she was hard over on traditional values, the MSM would have pilloried here routinely; didn’t happen. As UN Ambassador, she didn’t embarrass the US enough to get much attention from the MSM, either.

            I would vote for Niki Haley over anyone the leftists put up for any election, but not because I think she is a fighter (smash mouth politics), but because she would be better than anyone the leftists put up for any election.

            The Republicrats have a goodly number of capable managers to put forth as candidates for President (see 2016 primary stable), but no real leaders….people who inspire. Managers can put the best talent where it can do the most good. Leaders are those who can get people to do more than the people believe themselves capable of.

        • The presidential election was stolen. You don’t think they’re going to steal the Senate in 2022? They’re doing it right now.

          It does not matter if Trump runs again in 2024. It does not matter who runs in 2024 against whoever the Democrats push out because Biden will be dead by then because the system is already set up to assure a Democrat victory no matter what by just waiting to see how far behind they are in manufacturing enough ballots to win after midnight.

          • “You don’t think they’re going to steal the Senate in 2022? They’re doing it right now.”

            Rules of a Gunfight:
            – The best way to prevail in a gunfight is to not be there
            – Never bring a cupcake to a knifefight

            The Dims don’t bring cupcakes to a knifefight.

            “If you ain’t wining, you ain’t cheating hard enough.”

        • ““Nikki Haley inspires me.”

          She doesn’t come across as genuine to me, and I haven’t heard any inspiring ideas from her, but maybe I haven’t seen enough of her yet.”

          Hell, yeah, Nikki. And she’s making noises she’s up for a run.

          As for inspiring, how about her demonstrating she has great brass balls bigger than most men? :

          Go Nikki! 🙂

          • “…even Lindsey Graham has his moments (think Kavanaugh hearing).”

            Yes he does, but he is not a leader.

        • I would not be the least bit surprised if Tulsi Gabbard jumped to the Republican Party and ran for POTUS in 2024. Something to chew on (the idea, not Tulsi).

          • “Tulsi Gabbard”

            Not sure a moderate Dim is interchangeable with a Trump-supporting conservative.

          • “I meant that in the context that I’m not a Lindsey Graham fan.”

            Re-read your note. Thought I was just adding further clarification between “leader” and “manager”. Didn’t originally understand it as you wrote it.


          • “Tulsi is likable because she seems to be sincere, but she’s still a socialist.”

            An iconoclast among the leftists is not quite the same as a staunch “rightist”.

        • Obvious choice for 2024 is Donald Trump, but I don’t think we can count on him to give up any more years. I just wish he would publicly abandon Twitter for Parler, and then promise to criticize Biden and the Dems at least once a day for the next 4 years, in their shit CONSTANTLY, as they have been in his.

          • “…then promise to criticize Biden and the Dems at least once a day for the next 4 years,…”

            Wonder if Trump reads this blog, or has someone available who does?

  13. I am really sick of these whiners who complain about Trump’s demeanor, etc. Let the media and the entire democRat Party slander and libel these whiners for 4 years and let’s see how their demeanor holds up.
    Without pay the POTUS has done right for those who love America and that is what those who hate America disdain.
    Whiners complaining about POTUS demeanor do nothing but take the attention off the mountains of sleazy democRat Party slander and libel concocted to trash their votes and overthrow a duly elected POTUS. Obviously the democRat Party appreciates whiner stupidity.

  14. It’s not going to matter. They’ll pack the courts and say, Oh Well. na na na boo boo

    I voted for Trump but I’ll honestly say he should’ve stayed off Twitter and just do his job. In reality he defeated himself.

  15. If restrictions on 2A are to fall at SCOTUS, the main cause won’t be Barrett — it will be Thomas. He’s been the man leading the pro-2A cause. Let’s hope that Barrett will be a good disciple, and that Thomas lives for a long, long time.

  16. “ACB on the Supreme Court is an Existential Threat to California’s Gun Control Laws”

    I know. And that’s why we love her!

    • Only if the Dems don’t cheat their way both into the Whitehouse and cheat their way to control of the Senate. I’m 90% sure they will magically come up with the number of votes needed regardless, and that various state officials will stonewall investigations to the full extent they can to make it stick. If they do, I don’t think it will take too long to see whether the leftists will fully test what Americans are willing to accept, and concretely what it means if Americans are not willing to accept collectivist authoritarian rule. Just the fact that the leftists have even close to half the country fooled is a very, very poor indicator.

  17. Looks like the Democrats are going to steal the Senate just like they stole the presidency. Expect them to pack the court within 6 months and then expect a band of all semiautomatic rifles to be passed and therefore also held up in the Supreme Court as well

    I’m calling it now. The complete and trial ban of all semi-auto toffee and handguns will be passed and SCOTUS with at least 11 if not more justices will claim that the complete and total ban of all semi-auto guns is legal. Just like how they are going to decide the complete and total ban of all private gun ownership is legal.

    Just like when they decide the door to door confiscation of all privately held firearms with the mandatory extermination of the entire United States population that possess a firearm or opposes the extermination of all gun owners using the full force of the military to achieve that goal is legal.

    Just like when SCOTUS will declare it is constitutional for the democrats to exterminate the entries United States population that opposes them via the use of nuclear weapons.

    Do t forget when SCOTUS will declare it it legal for the democrats to exterminate all human life in the United States and dissolve our border so central and south America can be devoid of life to replace us.

    • “when SCOTUS will declare it it legal for the democrats to exterminate all human life in the United States and dissolve our border so central and south America can be devoid of life to replace us.”


      By any chance are you off your meds? 🙂

    • Agree with what will probably happen re the election, not at all sure how far they will go and how fast. But even assuming they go full Nazi/Commie, in China, Nazi Germany, and the USSR, they had horrific body counts but didn’t come close to wiping out half the population. Short term, I’m thinking they will push toward eroding basic individual liberty to the extent they have in most of Europe. Longer term, of course that’s not the last stop on this train ride back to the bad old days of Lords and Kings (even if the new global oligarchs are not actually called lords).

  18. “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” – Joe Biden

  19. The country died today. They are going to ban and confiscate guns……the republicans will not stop them. The democrat party will use mail in ballots to take and keep power. They will pack the Supreme Court, take the senate, and the lower level courts will be rubber stamps for their anti-gun laws….

  20. enuf…Let’s cut the chase. You volunteer all your evidence against the POTUS and testify in front of congress. If you cannot do better than mueller and the 4 years of democRat Party slander and libel and $45,000,000.00 taxpayer dollars wasted on investigating a duly elected POTUS I suggest you stfu and stay home. Otherwise if you venture beyond this forum chances are very good you’ll make a nationwide fool of yourself. But who knows? You could be an overnight hit and make millions selling stuff like your own enuf brand toilet paper. Sounds catchy to me. I mean when people got to go they need enuf toilet paper.

  21. Debbie W. says:
    November 6, 2020 at 10:33
    I am really sick of these whiners who complain about Trump’s demeanor, etc. Let the media and the entire democRat Party slander and libel these whiners for 4 years and let’s see how their demeanor holds up.
    Without pay the POTUS has done right for those who love America and that is what those who hate America disdain.

    Debbie W, you are a fine woman and patriot.
    I love your posts and agree with every single one.

    Trump is Trump and needs a wheelbarrow to carry his balls.
    Giving up a $400,000 salary is no small thing. How many of the other millionaires in congress are doing this?

    How many of the 2,500,000 other federal workers are doing this?

    Trump gave all of us a 4 year reprieve from the forthcoming total destruction of ALL our rights, and believe me, it IS coming. Truth About Guns will definitely become a casualty. I’m sure very few of the Trump haters here will arm themselves a go forth against the evil that will be getting unleashed upon us. They do like to talk and posture.

    BooHoo, President Trump is rough and likes to tweet. Cry me a river….

    We have some quaint touchy-feely people here, and I feel your pain… 🙂 Here, use this hankie.

  22. “If you want to know which laws could be struck down, just open the penal code and look at every law about guns,” said Winkler. “We’re at that level.”

    I giggle at his dismay

    • The fun there is that the dipshit already knows those laws are unconstitutional beyond question, he just planned on no one “noticing”.

  23. I cant wait for them to knock down these obviously unconstitutional laws, Ginsburg went outside clearly written laws for her own opinion which is the definition of radical! Barret will read the law as it has been written and originally intended which is as it should be, the fact thats what there upset about and slandering her for is demented. On a different note clearly the comments about Trump doing this (becoming POTUS) only for himself and for the sake of just winning is from closed minded people, he is extremely rich and could do anything he wanted but he took 4 years and God willing another 4 years of his life busting his ass and changing what democrats have done to bring America back to its former glory. By the way he has been an excellent president if you measure him by his policies and what he’s done for the common man and btw the world. Obama can be objectionabley be called the worst president we have ever had and now half of the nation has voted for a racist warmonger. The funny thing is when we say racist warmonger its because we have proof. When y’all liberals call Trump a racist its all conjecture and lies y’all have been absolutely horrible and the American people even the incompetent msnbc watching sheep have to be aware of the treachery. Thank G_d we have the senate and the way things are going we will have the house soon enough!

  24. While Judge Barrett is PROBABLY a friend of 2A rights we shall see. The problem is that it’s looking VERY likely that Basement Biden will win the election….meaning that with days of being inaugurated he will step down OR be removed via the 25th Amendment and Horizontal Harris aka Kamala the Kommie will infest the White House…and SHE is as fanatical and evil a commie as ever held power. Gun control measures will be thrown at us left and right via any and all methods. And the left isn’t content to let the system do it’s thing.
    They WILL do whatever it takes to bend that system to serve it’s needs. Look for one or more conservative justices to shuffle of this mortal coil shortly after Harris takes office. Clarence Thomas will likely be the first as he is oldest and they WILL do to him what they did to Scalia. The left WILL pack the SCOTUS with their communist idealogues who WILL rubber stamp anything and everything they do. Don’t look to the courts to protect our rights. History has proven that black robed pirates RARELY care about rights or the Constitution.

  25. Don’t worry, ACB’s on “the list” being compiled by the Left.

    I’m not normally conspiratorial but honestly what has convinced me that there’s very likely provable fraud and that this is really gonna turn sideways is the way the Left has ACTED post-election.

    “The list” is a blatantly obvious at judicial intimidation and it’s clearly directed at judges who may get a Trump v. Biden case in their courtroom.

    What’s been done here, the way its been done here, and the timing indicate that there’s fraud and the DNC knows it because they were behind it. Which actually makes sense if they want to try to have a revolution out of an election they knew they couldn’t win. I hadn’t really considered the side-benefits of what they were doing earlier this year but in hindsight they’re pretty damn obvious.

  26. Gun control is an existential threat to constitutionally guaranteed freedoms so I am okay with a Supreme Court that is a existential threat to gun control. And without senate control “no court packing for you!!”

  27. Go DEBBIE W!!!!!

    It takes a woman to dress down these traitor wusses that surround us. America needs more men like you

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