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I assume most of our readers will not deign to watch the Armor of Light documentary, which TTAG blogged four times. So here’s an excerpt courtesy of our friends at the Public Broadcasting Service. Did you know that Fox News and the NRA are not spiritual advisors? Well now you do. Bottom line: Reverend Schenck takes the Biblical command  “thou shalt not kill” literally and absolutely — despite evidence that the original text advised the faithful “thou shalt not murder.” In the gospel according to Schenck, thou shalt not use a firearm to defend innocent life. Instead, Reverend Schenck teaches church leaders and their flock to don the “armor of light.” Good luck with that.

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  1. Only when a person opposite of the barrel makes peace with it, can one have truth and enlightenment.

  2. Don “armor of light?” Is this biblespeak for lightweight armor? Well, that’s how I’ll take it anyway.

    • I think he’s saying you should invest in SAAPI plates instead of the AR500 armor – you know, because it’s lighter.

  3. While i do believe god will protect me, you bet your ass ill be doing everything i can to make his job easier, one great example being carrying a firearm for the defense of me and mine.

    • Isn’t suicide considered a mortal sin? It would seem that standing fast and praying for God’s assistance rather than taking self-defense action is the equivalent of suicide.

      I suggest rather praying that your weapon does not malfunction and that your bullet hits the mark.

    • God has entrusted us with life and commanded us to be STEWARDS of it – that means nurturing and DEFENDING it.

      He gave us brains and muscles to achieve that end – He has NOT promised us diving intervention every time we get a boo-boo. He expects us to serve Him by handling it ourselves.

  4. Well I non-respectfully disagree with the revrunt. I’m in the American Christian, gun owner/second amendment supporter camp. What does this apostate/heretic/weenie think about places like Syria,Pakistan,Nigeria,Iraq,et all where innocent Christians are getting slaughtered? Turn the other cheek I guess. Go away…

    • He views them in one of three ways.

      A. Glorified martyrs for Christ

      B. Not real people because they are half a world away and in places he would rather not think about

      C. Acceptable loses in his quest to completely misunderstand the human nature that Christ’s love is meant to save us from

      Oh option D would be B and C.

      • He would throw a spastic fit if he closely observed Hammond(Indiana) 1st Baptist on a typical Sunday. I’m not really Baptist but love all the armed folks-including the pastor. Yeah I’m leaning Martyrdom for the revrunt. Not everyone who utters”Lord Lord” will enter the kingdom of heaven. And I assume he’s a hillary whore…

    • People who mis-quote the “Turn th other cheek” teaching just INFURIATE me.

      “If a man SLAPS you, then turn the other cheek” (don’t let an insult provoke your pride).
      It doesn’t say “If a man STABS you, then turn over and present your belly.”

      One is a physically harmless insult, one is attempted murder. TWO RADICALLY DIFFERENT THINGS.

    • And this one:
      36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. -Luke 22:36King James Version (KJV)

      I’m guessing that this ‘reverand’ spends more of his time thumping the book than reading it.

      • The man doesn’t even understand the central message of the Bible.

        He sums it up as “Love God, and love your neighbor”. That is wrong. That is the central message of the ” Law”, not the whole Bible.

        Also, loving my neighbor requires that I allow him to bear arms in his own defense. My wife is my nearest neighbor. God’s Law requires me to protect her (to the point of death, if necessary).

        The actual central message of the Bible is that “God saves fallen sinners through the redemptive Work of the Lord Jesus Christ”. God in Christ saves broken people.

  5. If killing is wrong, then why did God design our bodies to produce anti-bodies which kill microscopic attackers? And every time we walk across our lawns, we kill untold hundreds/thousands of insects which must be a horrific sin.

    Is “Reverend” Schenck thus claiming that “Thous shall not kill.” only applies to large attackers? Or only applies to humans? If so, where does he get that? I don’t see those caveats attached to “Thou shall not kill.” in the Bible.

    Let me guess. Mr. “Reverend” Schenck is going to tell us that the context of the entire Bible makes it clear that, “Thou shall not kill.” only applies to humans and does not apply to germs, insects, and animals. And that’s rich, because the context of the entire Bible also makes it clear that you can kill someone in self-defense in some circumstances without sinning … which means the most accurate way to translate the commandment is, “Thou shall not murder.”

    In other words, “Reverend” Schenck is demonstrably WRONG.

  6. There have always been heretics. Jesus warned us about them. Mr. Schenck (calling him “reverend” is a compliment he has not earned) is merely one of them.

    So it doesn’t surprise me that heretics like him exist. And it doesn’t surprise me that PBS has given him a microphone. It’s what they do.

    But I am incensed by the fact that my tax dollars are supporting the leftist organization that gives a microphone to heretics like Schenck.

    • Just as our tax dollars go to fund late-term abortion, whether we agree with it or not. And as our tax dollars (though public employee unions, with their mandatory dues) go to fund the Democratic party, whether we support the DNC or not. And as our tax dollars go to pay for our children to be indoctrinated with leftism in public school and universities, whether we agree with it or not. Not to belittle your sentiment (with which I agree wholeheartedly), but PBS is the least of our problems in this regard.

  7. The rev can wear the “armor of light” while his 11-year-old daughter or niece or granddaughter is raped, sodomized, tied to the bed and set on fire like the young Petttit girl if he wants to. If he seriously expects me to do the same I will not-so-cheerfully invite him to perform physiological impossibilities on himself. Smirking idiot.

    • Preach on brother! I’m with you Robert. I trust God, and I believe He wants me to protect my family from evil men.

  8. I haven’t met any of these terrified gun owners yet. Nor, have I met any that say they got their opinions from Fox News or the NRA.

  9. I don’t think a week goes by when somebody like Schenck doesn’t convince me of the wisdom of my choice to become an agnostic.

      • And thus we have the justification that some Christians use to excuse the horrific treatment of non-Christians throughout history.

      • I don’t say “there is no god”. I say there’s no rational/logical way to tell one way or the other. Hence, there’s no reason for me to CARE. Needless to say, this enrages both extreme christians and islamists. I just smile.

      • An agnostic doesn’t believe there is no God. That is an atheist. An agnostic believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God. Unless, perhaps, God makes a personal appearance to set the record straight. Which hasn’t happened for me so far. There are far too many people who equate their own political agenda with God’s will to make me anything less than highly skeptical.

  10. I have an armor of light on my full size M&P 9mm, it’s red and there is a bright white light right there with it.

  11. This guy is a fool. Hows is getting a firearm for self defence or hunting, honeringthe second amendment any way similar to “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image”? What does a firearm and a graven images have to do with each other? These images were being worshiped like gods. Who at fox news or the nra worships firearms like they are a god?
    And I am a God fearing Christian my self, and read the bible.

    • Ooh, ooh, I know: Mr. Schenck is touting the benefits of light-for-caliber bullets! Like using 115 grain bullets instead of 147 grain bullets in 9mm.

  12. Because this kind of thinking worked out so well in downtown Charleston last year. Thank you Mr. Pinkney.

  13. The Second Commandment, which he touts in favor of the Second Amendment, is about graven idols. I don’t worship my guns, but I don’t abide my confiscation of the same.

  14. What do you expect from a guy who believes in imaginary people? Your Bible is irrelevant to my right to self defense. He wants to believe fairy tales that’s his choice. That doesn’t make him a moral authority on anything.

    • Please, don’t lump other Christians in with crackpot false teachers like this guy, or most any televangelist, celebrity “reverend,” or places like Westboro baptist. It’s akin to lumping all gun owners in with Adam Lanza and his ilk.

      • Well, the simple fact is that ALL Christians profess to believe without a shred of actual evidence that a magical invisible anthropomorphic genie lives in the sky and grants wishes because primitive copper age and bronze age tribesmen came up with some truly outlandish (and internally logically inconsistent) demonstrably BS stories that say so. It’s entirely fair to lump all those that believe in magic together. Just because it’s a popular mental disorder, doesn’t mean it’s not one.

  15. The Mississippi was in full flood, and the local county authorities put out a broadcast warning all citizens to evacuate to higher ground. Bob told his neighbor, “I put my trust in God,” and stayed put. When the water was up to his porch, a Sheriff’s deputy rolled up in a 4×4 and said, “come with me. I’ll save you…” Bob replied, “I’m trusting God.” When the water was up to his windows, a man in a boat stopped and said, “get in! I’ll take you to safety.” Bob refused. He placed his faith in God. Finally, while sitting on the roof, flood waters raging around him, a helicopter flew overhead. The pilot said, “I’ll drop the basket! Get in it, and I’ll save you!” But Bob clung to his ideal.

    Arriving in heaven, Bob rebuked God, saying, “I trusted you to save me! You let me drown!” God replied, “whaddya mean? I sent a truck, a boat, and a chopper! I even had the weatherman get the forecast right for a change! You ignored all of ’em! Don’t look at me, buddy!”

    This is what I think of when I hear imbeciles like this guy preach.

    • ^^^So much this.

      God has never promised divine intervention every time we get a boo-boo. He gave us minds, hands, and a Will to be good stewards of our own life and all other gifts He’s entrusted to us.

      To throw away our talents and expect the master to come riding in to save us from our own apathetic negligence is incredibly foolish.

  16. Self defense isn’t about harming the other guy. it’s about refusing to throw away your life, health and fortune to satisfy his selfish desires. Stopping him may result in harm but it isn’t the goal.

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