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(courtesy Evertown for Gun Safety)

Tyler Kee spotted this image, created by the NRA’s newest and possibly best-ever fund-raiser: Everytown for Gun Safety. Mayor Bloomberg’s ballistic bully boys’ pathetic attempts at anti-gun agit-prop bring to mind that bit in the Wrath of Khan where Captain Kirk tells his genetically modified nemesis “like a poor marksmen you keep, missing, the target.” In this case, Everytown’s minion doesn’t even know how bullets work. The message here is simple enough: ban guns. How long did it take Everytown to get from “gun safety” messages to this? Less than a week. Maybe Everytown for Mayors Against Moms Demanding Action for Illegal Gun Sense should take a leaf from our readers’ Soviet-style anti-gun posters. It would be a lot more honest.

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    • My thoughts as well; bigger, meaner, deadlier; and our target audience won’t know the difference.

      It just “feels” deadlier.

      It is all about “feelings” after all.

      • You really hit the nail on the head with the feelings comment. Let emotions take over the deductive reasoning process and people lose track of why the Second Amendment was one of the first to the Constitution. It’s for protecting the citizens from an oppressive government like we have today. Hundreds of millions have perished just over the last 100 years just because they couldn’t defend themselves. Bloomberg is in the numbers business and he knows this!! Hypocrite.

        • Oh, they lose track of a LOT more than that. Like what’s the purpose to life, to name but one.

    • The proportions seem to be most likely a 7.62×39, or less so 300 blk.
      Any confirmation.
      But, if you want to connect with people who don’t know anything, this IS what a bullit IS.
      other wise it would just be a pipe with a “pointy thing that goes out”
      The cartridge communicates well with their believers while only losing credibility with those with which they already have none.

    • I say they missed a golden opportunity if they were going for the “mean” look. Why not have arms with knives attached to the casing? Perhaps the casing could have a bomb jacket attached to it. Or maybe just say its made of depleted uranium and that if the bullet doesn’t kill you the radiation poisoning will? All is fair in liberal advertising after all…

    • Have to wonder: how would bloomberg explain the hobby of reloading ammo, based on the pic in his ad? What a bloomin’ idiot he is.

  1. Meanwhile head doofus Garry McCarthy is on morning TV decrying the lax gun laws in Chicago. Another bloody weekend near 80° on Easter. What a POS.

    • And yet they know all they need to know to judge firearms and the people who use such tools and technology.

      Typical ignorance of elitist sanctimonious bigots.

  2. I’m sure that there is a gun that shoots an entire cartridge but I’m not aware of one. If the are gonna bash my tools for their violence then at least they could get the bloody drawing correct…

    • No.Bloody.Kidding!

      Even by the bottom of the barrel standards of NYC progressives, Bloomberg et al are pegging the idiotometer. How is it even possible to be that dumb? And here I am supposed to feel some sort of “national kinship” or whatever with backmarkers so utterly devoid of any comprehension…. Man, I have treestumps in my yard brighter than these yahoos. At least my treestumps have the brains to shut up about things they have no clue about.

    • If I had to bet, I’d say Demolition Ranch will do it. Heck, I think they’ve already shot full rounds out of 12 gauges.

      • I believe they’ve fired a shell full of .22s but I don’t remember anything else. They really should try firing a .308, maybe something bigger, from a shotgun.

  3. Mayor Bloomberg, Where to I get a rifle that fires an entire cartridge casing and all? Cause that’s kinda cool! Is this a two stage projectile, like a two stage rocket? What fires the cartridge from the gun? Is it loaded like a muzzle loader ?

    • Yes, unlike all the highly-informed, educated Bush voters. Keep falling for this (false) left-right division.

      You may want to look up the “Gun Control” sponsored by Reagan and both Bushes. Bloomberg is a Republican.

        • I stand corrected about Bloomberg; the rest, however, shows that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans and they all benefit from the manufactured culture/”political” division.

        • No difference? Name one heavily democrat stronghold that has not implemented heavy gun control. Name one heavily Republican stronghold that has implemented heavy gun control.

      • The “division” is a matter of record. The default Dem position is gun control; the default Rep position is gun-friendly(as always, any rule has exceptions, but it is still the rule). I won’t even bother to ask yet again for names of real pro-gun Dems in national office. You continue to ignore the reality of the “divison” at not so much your own peril but that of 2A rights.

        • I’ll just leave these here:

          “There’s no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons”Ronald Reagan

          “I do not believe in taking away the right of the citizen for sporting, for hunting and so forth, or for home defense. But I do believe that an AK-47, a machine gun, is not a sporting weapon or needed for defense of a home.”Ronald Reagan

        • Because Reagan is ALL the Republicans? Reagan was the EXCEPTION to the rule. There’s always an exception to the rule(even this one).

        • The point is those “exceptions” are more properly termed “significant minority”.

          Google “republican antigun legislation” and find the hundreds of “exceptions” to that pro-gun mythology. Local, State, Federal at all levels there are plenty of Repubs who’ll sell out our guns rights in a heartbeat.

          Romney was hardly gun friendly either, and despite his campaign PR 180, I really had trouble seeing him vetoing anything anti-2A.

        • Two quotes from the same Republican who last held national office about a half-century ago. Wow, how overwhelming. Look, I expect you are must be pro-gun yourself and nevertheless manage to find a way to justify to yourself supporting Dems. But really, to keep quoting the same long-dead R officeholder (whose personal friend was a victim of no-foolin’ gun violence) as proof that the two parties are no different on the issue is the very definition of “thin soup”, argument-wise.

        • @16v–I’ll admit, it’s no big trick to find anti-gun R’s, particularly on the state and local level–just go to the deep-blue environs, there are plenty. But I’ll bet the ranch that the Dem politicos they are in “competition” with are at best equally anti-gun. When you can find me some pro-gun D’s running as pro-gunners against anti-gun R’s running as anti-gunners, particularly at the national level, then I might start listening to you as to how the D’s are no different than the R’s on gun rights.

        • Fler, these guys are talking CURRENT politics and asking for current office holders, and all you can give them is Reagan?

          Reagan has not been in office for over 20 years.

          Reagan may not have helped the cause of gun rights, but there’s nothing that can be done about HIM now. And that’s done; to undo that damage, and improve our situation now requires objective, non-emotional examination of the present political landscape.

        • AnotherRobert, I’m very pro-Constitution which makes me very pro-gun and very anti-both mainstream parties in their current (Reagan and beyond) iterations.

          I have almost no love for any of the current Dems, they are apparently hell-bent on relentlessly chipping away at The Constitution. Problem is, the Repubs really aren’t that different anymore – they use slightly different sales tactics to get in office. Soon as I see some even small group of Repubs start to reign in the NSA, move to disable Patriot, or disband the DHS – then I’ll believe there’s something more than distinction without difference.

          You’re right. Let’s start by undoing some of Reagan’s damage. I want my reasonably priced, readily available auto-guns back, so we’ll start by rolling back Brady.

        • I never said that I supported Democrats. This nonsense here really needs to stop; there are far too many people who accuse you of being a Democrat/liberal if you aren’t in lockstep with the Republicans.

          I pointed out that both parties have antis in their ranks and that too many people are caught up in the false left-right-thing.

          Also, Reagan didn’t last hold office a “half century” ago.

        • OK, guys, here’s where I am: I’ve heard this “they’re really no different” crap all my life, mostly from relatives and friends who share most of the same values I share, which are generally labeled “conservative”, who nevertheless continued to vote for candidates whose party OFFICIALLY stood against pretty much all of those values, which candidates, as might be expected, overall hewed to the party line (read: Democrats). It was the their last refuge when they were asked how they could possibly believe what they said they believed in while voting for the candidates they continuously voted for; they would finally rhetorically throw up their hands and say, “Well, they’re really all the same anyway”. If you believe that, fine, then you might as well go Galt or something. Nobody has refuted my statements vis-à-vis the two major parties’ positions, as a matter of party-platform record, on gun rights, nor as to the pressures on their respective “dissidents” to vote the “party line”, nor shown me any significant counter-examples to show the invalidity of my conclusions that the parties are indeed significantly different on this issue. You did catch me in some hyperbole as to how long Reagan has been out of office–great, hope it makes you feel better. Your “evidence’ of Dem/Rep equivalence on the issue of gun rights is still really thin. If you give me an election where a pro-gun Dem is running against an anti-gun Rep, I will happily vote or recommend a vote for the Dem. So show me one.

        • Another Robert, My point is that 99% of what gets sold to anyone as “D” or “R” is window-dressing. Repubs had no problem signing off on the most anti-gun anti-Constitution piece of legislation ever – The Patriot Act. Which officially dismisses the entire Constitution anytime the government goes into a secret broom closet and mumbles the word ‘terrorism’. It’s replaced with secret courts, secret jails, absolutely no oversight, and no consequences for anyone but the citizens.

          The Repubs are just as enthusiastic about raising taxes, paying off their industrial cronies with tax breaks and subsidies, and running the electronic printing presses full throttle. Reagan is still relevant because he was the start of the outright neo-con nonsense. Doubled the debt, raised taxes, grew the government. All the while tap-dancing his small gov hokum to every idiot who bought in.

          You’re right, there are some small differences on the odds of voting for one or the other. Sure a Repub is a little less likely to come after our guns directly. But given the right “deal”? They sign them away as quickly as old Mittens did. I don’t car what they say, I care what they do. And while we have some recent victories that we can credit to (R) folks, they’re on the State and local level. Nationally, it’s a muddled soup of backroom deals.

  4. Their logo makes me think of a firing line.

    Obviously they don’t tolerate anyone that knows anything about firearms. $50mil and they can’t even get this right.

    If they’re really talking about gun violence why didn’t they show a pistol cartridge? I think they’re showing their real intention: Bloomberg for the Banning of Commonly Used Firearms.

    • It’s not just about knowing nothing about firearms. But rather about not knowing anything about anything at all, whatsoever. And then relying on almost everyone else around them knowing exactly as much, hence being the undisputed majority. Who, in an era when even those you’d think should know better, are indoctrinated enough to believe this gives them some “right” to drag others down to their level. Considering more people of NYC actually vote for this “thing” spouting endless and harmful idiocy, than for anyone else, at least the Mohammad Atta fans out there don’t have to feel so bad anymore.

  5. Apparently 50 million buys you high school graphics arts students. This whole ad is terrible even without making the obvious mistake.

    Hell, if they had done it accurately you might not have any idea what’s actually even going on here.

    • No, a free pizza for the “artwork” (and I use that term loosely). A mil or so to his advertising cronies to circulate it.

  6. This reminds me of the Afghan civilians holding up unfired 5.56 ammo telling reporters that the rounds in question had hit their house and were dug out of walls. I don’t blame the civilians, but I do blame the reporters who didn’t want the truth.

  7. Well, if you consider that Everytown doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about and nor do their target audience, then this kind of makes sense…

    I mean why wouldn’t the entire cartridge come out of the barrel? It’s a logical assumption when you have absolutely no experience. My daughter thought the same thing happened her first time shooting. Though, she was five, but that’s neither here nor there.

    • “Though, she was five, but that’s neither here nor there.”

      No, that’s actually quite the point…their mental level on this issue is that of a child’s…AND, your child learned (grew) when faced with real facts; the anti’s do not.

    • Come to think of it, I think Superman did something related that I saw when I was about 5 : Bad guy empties a revolver at Superman (as I recall, he was in mufti, pretending to be a deceased gangster). Nothing happens, then Superman-cum-gangster’s “ghost” holds out his fist, opens it, and dumps out six complete cartridges. I’ll admit, I didn’t catch the error at the time. Maybe Bloomie saw that one too and figures that’s how it really works.

  8. I’m amazed that I’m the only one here who has dipped an entire 7.62×39 cartridge in silver paint, loaded the whole deal into a 12 gauge 3.5″ magnum custom shotshell without any shot cup or sabot, and fired the montrosity out of a Remington 870 Express mag. I did all of this to show my disdain for lax gun laws, and everyone here should do the same. It ruined my barrel, and was hideously inaccurate, but if it saves just one life its worth it. Common sense, people. I has it.


    • Because the idiocy of the anti-gun propaganda machine can easily lead to increased NRA memberships and spiking gun sales.

  9. Political movements, campaigns, and agendas that seek to persuade the masses of human sheeple are not concerned with facts and reason.

    BTW, since No Body ie bad boys are faster than a speeding bullet it makes good sense for good citizens to buy guns for home and personal self-defense. TY EveryTown for promoting gun ownership.

  10. Derp. Looks like no rifling, pistol sight, rifle round, air-powered so it can shoot the whole case and all… WTF?

  11. This bit of stupidity on steroids reminds me of a classic piece of AFP propaganda for the Islamists in Iraq about 10 years ago, in which they pictured an Iraqi woman holding up two rounds of XM193 and claiming these “bullets hit her house.”

    This piece of French reporting was subsequently mocked mercilessly by a fellow gun owner from France, of all places:

    I still find this video screamingly funny and very well done.

  12. Astronauts going into orbit go a lot faster than bullets, and people in airplanes going mach three or so are faster than most bullets, so at least some people are faster than speeding bullets.

  13. Good to see that only about $100 of that $50 million went into hiring the worst graphic illustrator ever, I guess.

  14. And here I was explaining to my mother what a cartridge is and how it works just yesterday. (She found a snap cap of mine and was afraid it might go off.)

  15. Consider:

    1) is the website, not
    2) is still linking to Moms Demand Action on FB, not this page
    3) MDA’s FB page has a bit of polish to its lunacy. As others have noted, it’s hard to believe $50 million buys such an awful image.

    Postulate: This is another fake everytown FB page. Whether it’s a joke, a misinformation campaign or an attempt to make us look silly, it’s still a fake.

  16. Hey, I think they are on to something.
    No more reloading!
    Just go to the berm and pick it up.
    Choot it agin!

  17. Setting aside the terrible art, I’m not sure I even understand how the message here is even anti-gun. I mean, isn’t that the whole point of firearms, that they’re the ultimate leveler, and allow the (physically) weaker to protect themselves from stronger people who wish to hurt them? Nobody is faster than a speeding bullet, including the tweaker with the knife who would happily kill you for your wallet.

  18. Is this real? Source? I’ve seen people say this came from their Facebook page but honestly, could not find it there. They have not denied it, but then they live in a bubble and are pretty inept. The fact that people believe this came from them says a lot of course too. I just wonder if this is someone trolling them.

      • Satire so advanced that it seems truly serious?

        I dunno…could be…but how long do you think they could keep it up without tipping their hand? If it is satire, it’s failing: no point in satire if no one recognizes what it is.

      • Maybe it’s the reverse corollary of Poe’s Law: A sincere belief, taken to its far extreme, becomes indistinguishable from parody.

  19. what was that stupid movie with multi-stage bullets and snipers who predicted their target position over a minute beforehand? Where people were targetted based on knots woven by a machine, the “Loom Of Fate”?

    oh yeah, “Wanted”.

    Most anti’s are Hollywood educated on almost everything, from guns to politics to economics.

  20. They can go ahead and ban all guns that shoot the entire cartridge if I can keep my “old fashioned” guns 🙂

  21. Ok, I yield. We should send the brick of .22s to Bloomburg. His poster is clearly better than mine, even without the token Cyrillic.

    While you’re at it, though, let him know that I’m available to conduct a study on firearms function for the antis. For a budget of about $2M I ought to be able to test fire about every gun and cartridge within a 100 mile radius & document the results for the ad department so that slip-ups such as this don’t repeat in the future.

    • Beautiful!

      As I’ve said, never, ever, ever ask them to stop talking. Let them speak. Let them discredit themselves – show their sheer and utter incompetence.

      The voters are watching. They may not get it immediately, but it soaks in, little by little. “If she’s this clueless about this topic, what about every other law she sponsors or favors?”

  22. I bet i’m faster than that bullet that’s comong out of that rifle. LMAO. It’s just amazing how stupid the anti gun folks are.They talk like they know guns, then they go and do something really ignorant.I wish I could find who made that one, I knock their teeth down their throats for just being STUPID.

  23. That images speaks volumes doesn’t it? People who have no idea how something works, wants to ban it because they would feel safer if it was. And those useful idiots are being funded by people who want our 2nd Amendment rights suppressed for more sinister reasons.

  24. This is one of those new fangled “cartridgeless ammo”. You see, While it looks like a regular cartridge, it is actually a mini self-contained rocket. This eliminates tje need for an ejection cycle. So really they’re advocating for the ban of cartridgeless ammo, because it can shoot 30 clips in half a second.

  25. I think TTAG got ‘taken’… the Facebook page (text in the image) is a satirical page.

    • How can you tell? I put in the UL and clicked, I can’t see anything that tells me it’s a parody page. I mean, ordinarily I would say the extreme stupidity of the purported “official” posts would be a clue–but that kind of stupidity is standard stuff with gun grabbers.

      • The coverage image, first of all – zero branding.

        Secondly, the blatant posting of images/text that is known to elicit responses from ‘our side’.

        Third, still points to MDA as it’s Facebook Page, whereas it would likely already point to the new one, considering it was created on Apr 17th.

        Fourth – the shitty graphics – I’ve seen much better from the MDA and Bloomberg camp, these aren’t up to par.

        • With you on some points, but considering how they failed to secure the name in the first place, I don’t think we can necessarily assume we are dealing with social-media experts here. so I’m not sure #4 is applicable. And #2-well, that’s what I was saying–gun grabbers habitually make flagrantly idiotic statements like that. Anyway–if a parody site is close enough to cause such confusion, I guess that means the real site is still in trouble…

  26. So what I’m seeing here is a group of people who are ignorant of how firearms function, but they want to be seen as experts on gun safety? Uh-huh. That should go well.

  27. Yep, they just magically fly downrange, whole and undisturbed. No barrel necessary, even!

    And you thought arguing from utter ignorance would never work.

    This sh*t makes me crazy. Not because it’s crazy; it undoubtedly is. It makes me crazy because people are so stupid that this sh*t works.

  28. I’ve decided to stop going to my doctor and just use stuff I find on the interwebs for my health care advice.

    I think just listening to interweb rumors and stuff rather than relying on actual data from someone who knows what their talking about is the way to go.

    • I agree with the sentiment here, but if you think the doctors know what they are talking about in terms of health, you should do a little research. They are only trained to do two things, push drugs and cut body parts with sharp objects(surgeries). Both of those things do harm, not heal. Seems like they have forgotten their oath. You know, to “do no harm”????
      Just ask your doctor to recite his oath. Then when he is not able to, ask yourself how he can possibly KEEP it, when he doesn’t even remember what it is. Its exactly like the four basic rules. If you dont know them INSTANTLY you’re not living them, period. (not Obomba’s “period”, the real one) 🙂

  29. So:
    How many certified gun safety instructors does Bloomy have? The NRA has over 100,000.
    How many LEO’s have taken instruction from Bloomy’s certified instructors? Most LEO instructors are NRA certified.
    How many school children have they given a safety course to? The Eddie Eagle program of the NRA has been seen by over 26,000,000 children
    How many members does MAIG and the mothers have? The NRA has over 5,000,000 and this should add many more.

  30. Behold as model rocketry science and technology is applied to ballistic-ally. This is merely the time delayed second stage cartridge exiting the barrel.

  31. They can go ahead and ban all the guns that shoot the entire cartridges if I can keep my “old fashioned” guns 🙂

  32. Actually Mr. Bloomberg is the dull point at the head of this hot mess since he’s financing it all out of his rather deep pockets. That alone makes him dumber than the rest.
    The smartest group has to be Nick Leghorn for putting a link to so we can all rush right over and buy his book “Getting Started with Firearms in the United States: The Complete Guide to Firearms for Newbies.”
    Nick, I’ll be even more impressed if you could get the link to on Mr. Bloomberg’s site!

  33. Them gungrabbing sissys have the casing fly out the ba with that bullet,..scary ! This is the same pissant gutter trash that calls magazines clips !

  34. Arguing with anti-gun side is a waste of time. Their intent is to paint an ugly picture of the firearm and convince people to own one in the same as murdering people. I predict their lies and ridiculous displays will eventually discredit them. Their movement is already taking on the appearance of stupidity and insanity. It seems they have all the money and all the support to advertize, pro-gun weakness as facts are already on our side. Facts are not important, spin is in.

    How is any American citizen so completely oblivious to the history of people who allow their armed citizens to be disarmed?

    Total gun control and disarmament has been made clear, and these organizations are nothing short of traitors.

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