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Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America/Everytown for Gun Safety wants to ban civilian firearms ownership. Only they aren’t going to come out and say it. Americans would never support a gun ban for law-abiding citizens. So MDAGSA/EGS lobbies for “common sense” gun laws and “gun safety” and an end to “gun violence.” They push laws that would ban “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines.” They even talk about members who own guns, and claim that the majority of NRA members are behind “universal background checks.” But it’s all BS, a relentless campaign to put Americans on the slippery slope to civilian disarmament. Here’s more proof, if proof be needed, via a petition/letter to Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchins . . .

Dear Sheriff Hutchens,

A February 13th Ninth Circuit Court ruling (Peruta v. San Diego County) would loosen standards for issuing concealed weapon permits, upending the long-standing practice in most cities and suburban communities of requiring that permit applicants show “good cause” for carrying a hidden, loaded weapon. (In defining “good cause,” most sheriffs and police chiefs require that the applicant prove he or she faces some threat to his or her safety greater than that faced by an average member of the public.)

But the court ruling has NOT taken effect. California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris has requested a full-court review of the decision and California citizens are awaiting the outcome.

Even though the court ruling is not in force, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department has begun to process permits NOW, under the looser standards. Already, more than 1,200 Orange County residents have rushed to apply for permits since the ruling, and the Sheriff has requested and received $1.5 million in taxpayer funding from the County Board of Supervisors to expedite permit processing.

As concerned moms from Orange County and across California, we urge the Orange County sheriff’s department to STOP processing concealed weapons permits under the new relaxed standard they’ve just adopted. The department should resume using the common-sense standard that it has used for years – one that has worked so well to keep our families and communities safe. The department should also reverse its plan to spend $1.5 million in taxpayer funds to expedite permitting under new, looser standards. Please share this with all your friends and family members who understand that putting more guns in more places does not make us safer.

Thank you for your support.


Deborah Hernandez
Katey Ritrovato Dadakis
California Chapter
Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

[h/t DrVino]

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  1. Can this idiot explain how the so-called “common sense standard” has done anything to curb “gun violence” in California?

    Of course not.

  2. I bet the people who wrote this letter have a carry permit. It is actually quite smart. Run and organization that opposes gun rights, then apply for a a carry permit stating you running the organization makes you fear for your safety from the gun toting nutjobs.

    Thus they get a permit and no one else does.

  3. Does this mean Shannon will now publicly ask Big Daddy Bloomy to drop his contingent of bodyguards?


  4. If I were Sheriff, I would send a letter back with just the word, “No.” written in the body.

    Full letterhead, greeting and everything, just to be a d*ck.

    Probably why I will never be elected Sheriff.

    • Good idea though may I make a suggestion. For the sake of historical nostalgia your response should be, “Nuts”. See if they draw the parallel between themselves and the last group who demanded weapons be turned over and those formerly possessing them surrender that received a similarly worded retort.

      • I love this idea. The only problem with it is it would immediately cause a “sexual harassment” reflex to kick in.

        Would still do it anyway.

  5. They should send a letter to Eric Holder asking him to stop the flow of illegal weapons from the DoJ to criminal Mexican cartels, but that would be RAAAAAAACIST….

  6. @ Rockonhellchild. Considering you read TTAG you are already too gun friendly to be elected for any office in Chicago, NY, DC, Baltimore and most of Cali.

    • Sad to say, but good Lord, why would he want to subject himself to that kind of abuse?

      Sad to say because that’s where gun rights friendly politicians are needed the most.

  7. How does one support the 2nd amendment, yet not support the 2nd amendment? I’m confused. Well, not really, Just like they don’t really support the 2nd amendment. You are either for the amendment or you are not. Please choose one. I used to support Universal background checks, until I figured out that it’s just a ploy to take the ones you already have whenever they want. Government is slippery, you have to watch every move they make.

  8. “upending the long-standing practice in most cities and suburban communities of requiring that permit applicants show “good cause” for carrying a hidden, loaded weapon”

    Has she seen a map of “shall issue” states recently?

    “Most” cities and suburban communities issue CCW permits (or don’t even require them) to any non-felon with no good cause requirement.

    • That’s the first thing that struck me, as well. She must mean, “most cities and suburban communities (in the minority of places that have May Issue laws)”.

  9. Orange County is issuing CCW permits. It is mostly a Republican county, and has more gun freedom and lower taxes than other counties in CA. If not for the OC, I probably would either have a stroke or would be unable to live in CA. I did some good training with Greg Block of Self Defense Firearms Training this weekend. That man has helped a lot of people obtain their CA CCW permits through the OC Sheriff.

    If you have not already applied for a permit, now is a great time. There is some buzz that the powers that be will force permits to expire after Jerry Brown leaves office. I seriously doubt CA will have another “pro-gun” governor in the near future. Greg Block and his team of instructors can also provide training that satisfies the requirements of the CCW class.

    Don’t tell them I sent you because I gave Greg a bunch of sh!t during training. Tactical handgun, shotgun, and carbine classes are also available.

    5375 Industrial Dr. Suite 107
    Huntington Beach, CA 92649

  10. I’m beginning to resent the implication that because I am a Dad that owns and carries firearms that I somehow care about and love my children less than these “moms.”

    If I lived in CA, I’d write that same Sheriff a letter saying, “As a Dad, I deserve the right to protect my family.”

    Been lobbying with my wife to join one of the pro-gun “Mom” groups, too. It just really irks me the way they grab some sense of moral superiority just by claiming to have it.

    • Well, moms are the only ones who care about drunk driving, too, obviously.

      I’d venture to say most of these moms are the kind that contribute to the wussification/chickification of society these days.

  11. My recollection is that when they formed, their goals included the roll-back of shall issue carry, and the reinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment. Until then, they support the 2nd Amendment.

  12. Dear Sheriff,

    I know that the court order said that the policy deprived people of their constitutional rights, but I think you should continue to deny them until the last possible moment.

    Thanks, Moms

    PS – Have you processed mine yet?

  13. True colors, Shannon’s GANG is asking to circumvent the ruling and deny citizens the right of lawful self defense. Either Shannon is delusional or the best saleswoman (stroking Mike B for coin) on the planet.

  14. This, along with their previous efforts to persuade/bully Staples stores into refusing allowing persons to bear arms within their stores, shows that MDAFGSA clearly does not believe in the second amendment. They seem to be scared silly by the idea of anyone other than cops and the well-connected actually exercising the right to bear arms.

  15. This is the reason why they are so vague 99.9% of the time. I suspect the OC chapter will get a quiet word from “on high” regarding being too specific about their aims…

  16. Here again we see the divide in the geographic area of the country. They will fail in most of the country while they sit and cry with their liberal buddies in the few states that like to pass “Get innocent people killed” Laws.
    We need to find their actions and fully oppose anything they do. Publicly shame their lies like Robert is so adept at doing. Press the fight.

  17. Talk about bullying, this group is the master at it. Bullying Moms Filling you Full of Lies To Satisfy Their Agenda. That agenda is disarming the legal gun owners of America. Bullying Moms of America, it won’t work.

  18. Two names at the bottom of the letter–probably represents all the members of the Cali chapter that they were able to round up at one time to sign…

  19. Gangbangers of America, California Chapter.We support Moms as does Murderers and Rapists United local141.And Door Kickin Artists And Thieves Association of Caiifornia .We are joined by The esteemed California Car Jackers Union in our Support of this effort to keep firearms Away from Victims, ahh We mean Citizens of our wonderful gun free and crime free State Of California.We also support Atty Gen Kamala Harris in her breach of Ethics Violation of going beyond the duties of her office and taking sides with the Brady Campaign in Ilegally and Unconstitutionaly opposing 2nd Amendment rights Of Californians.We Applaud her efforts as only we the unionized Repeat Offenders of California are To Carry Guns.Thank You .

  20. Dear Orange County Sheriff’s Department,
    I would be happy to process those 1,200 applications for $1,000,000.00 and save your taxpayers a cool $500,000.00. I will run a background check on each applicant and I already have a rubber stamp available that says you approved!

  21. “But it’s all BS, a relentless campaign to put Americans on the slippery slope to civilian disarmament.”

    Correction needed: “But it’s all part of the Big Lie, a relentless campaign to put Americans on the slippery slope to civilian disarmament and turn them into serfs.” There.

  22. More proof that liberals are immune to embarrassment: You have “Demand” in your organization’s name and nothing happens….

  23. The MDA has nothing but PR and failed PR at that.
    Since when do a couple of FAKE-BOOK’ers presume to set the law for a state, or a county?

    This “petition” of four paid hacks pretending to be concerned mommies in the California chapter of Nanny Bloombergs Second Failed Sock Puppets Against Guns Campaign (ie MDA, with the first being MAIG where Mayors are bailing left and right)

    fail to notice that California has 57 counties, and the vast majority are issuing with common sense standards including self-defense, which was what Peruta was about.

    The Fake Bloomberg Paid Mommies Against Freedom group also obviously FAILS to note that the Presidents Prettiest Attorney General Kamala Harris declined to be a party in interest the first time it went to the 9th Circuit, despite being invited, and

    that it was only after Sheriff Gore lost, that she panicked when it was decided in favor of the petitioner, and threw whatever she could against the wall, to make something stick- and I am quite sure this is just more of the same…pretty sad, but understandably that the Democrats Top Law Enforcement Official has been so quiet, since the Democrats Second Most Influential State Legislator, Sen “Uncle Leland” Yee is under indictment for GUNSMUGGLING machine guns and RPGS from MUSLIM TERRORISTS in the Phillipines with HELP BY RUSSIAN MAFIA and CHINESE GANGS in San Francisco, and BLACK OAKLAND DEMOCRATS and ELECTION BUNDLER Keith Jackson. So, they wouldn’t want anyone wondering where the connections are in the Bay Area, and Sacramento…

    Nor do the Mommy Sockpuppets for Bloomie note that the San Diego County Sheriff Gore who defended this case and lost, has instructed his counsel to even respond to the AGs request to be allowed back in, probably at the direction of the the AG, to give some sort of cover to her painfully thin argument that SUDDENLY now, ALL CA Sheriffs need her helping them to decide what is proper gun policy in their OWN COUNTY.

    One more tiny point- the “mandate” was against San Diego Sheriff Gore, only and stayed at the 9th Courts discretion ONLY while the AGs petition to be allowed back in is being considered. But that was for San Diego- every other sheriff is entitled to decide according to their own good judgement,

    the precedent of the 9th Courts decision is a matter of law, and is being cited elsewhere, including at the Supreme Court, where it is undoubtedly part of their consideration to take up Drake v Filko.

    So, for those Mommies and others, who perhaps might need to refer to facts, vs emotion, from time to time, I would suggest they consider the obvious fact that Orange County Sheriff Hutchins is exercising her own good common sense, and following the law, and has accepted the guidance of her own Board of Supervisors, for ORANGE COUNTY, as an elected official of that county, and wisely applying the expenditure of funds in order to efficiently allow her fellow ORANGE County citizens there to follow the law, which allows them to defend their own families, as they see fit. Not a couple of FAKEBOOK puppets for a former New York Mayor, with a big ego and big wallet to spend across the country, for him to decide whats best for everyone else.

  24. “In defining ‘good cause,’ most sheriffs and police chiefs require that the applicant prove he or she faces some threat to his or her safety greater than that faced by an average member of the public.”

    Yeah, f*ck all those people who get attacked unexpectedly. It’s survival of the fittest people! If you want to live, you have to be an authentic soothsayer, or something.

  25. Because who do those average members of the public think they are to deserve a lower threat of safety than everybody else!

  26. Seems to me if we have the “gun violence epidemic” that MDA and such are always caterwauling about, pretty much everyone faces a “heightened possibility” of armed attack, no?

  27. Dear Moms against intelligent Bloomberg Mayors:
    PLEASE note the murder rate in Chicago now that licenses for concealed carry have gone out. I think it went down. Maybe it will also go DOWN in Orange Calif. too.Your one sided forging of facts has once again shown you to be less than truthful. I AM a NRA Life Member Endowment and Sustaining, and I DO NOT want your common sense crappy gun registration system to succeed, and there is no other NRA member that I know of that does want it. How can you all lie so brazenly and still try to look innocent in all of the media that you cleverly connive? If it was really as easy as you seem to think, Ponzi and Madoff would be the President and Vice President of the USA. Keep dreaming guys, while I head for the range.
    Robert Seddon

  28. I’m not sure that this fits the narrative, or that it’s even factually correct, however I wonder how much fear there is on the left that eventually the law abiding members of the community will become armed to the extent that there will be a die off of the entrenched criminal class in the major cities.

    If a few armed people defend themselves successfully others will be inclined to take up arms for their defense. As the number of armed citizens grows the toll on criminals will increase, thus increasing the number of reports of armed people saving themselves from horrific crimes and driving a larger movement to arms. This pattern could conceivably result in a die off of inner city African-American males (who perpetrate homicides and other violent crimes at a rate so in excess of their presence in the population as to make the fact of being male and African-American a risk factor for imprisonment and murder).

    In fact, less than 4% of the population are African-American males, yet they represent in excess of 40% of prison inmates. If this translates linearly then African-American males commit imprison-able offenses at 10 times the normal rate for the population as a whole.

    Given this it’s easy to understand how an entirely natural and self driven sort of genocide might result from non-criminal members of the communities most impacted by this crime. If every non-criminal were legally armed and used their arms to prevent violent victimization the death toll would be problematic. Since most crimes, even violent ones, go unsolved after the fact the effect of an entirely armed populace on it’s primary criminal element would be profound beyond the available criminal statistics.

    Given this, it’s understandable why some politicians and some segments of the population might be counter to individual armament. However, all these suffer from the same weakness of argument; who ought to survive a violent encounter, the victim or the victimizer.

  29. Does the O.C. sheriff’s response to Peruta v. San Diego mean I can actually move back to Orange County? We moved out of state to free America and shook the dust off our feet. Hip hip hooray Orange County!


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