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TTAG keeps track of its Facebook likes relative to our competition and pro-gun control pages. Nick just added Everytown for Gun Safety to our [proverbial] hit list. Wow. How did Everytown get 362.1 likes in the four days since they wrested control of the page from the pro-gun “squatters” who launched it (five days previous to the takeover)? The reason is that it’s not the same page — Moms Demand Action gave up one of their more popular Facebook pages to the cause. The old “Demand Action” page is now branded six ways from Sunday as “Everytown for Gun Safety,” making it seem like the page has “grassroots appeal” and massive traction or something. It’s another brilliant PR strategy from the well paid Bloomberg employees at Moms Demand Action, but as with everything else these gals do it’s all smoke and mirrors. Nothing is how it really appears.

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  1. Buying Facebook likes isn’t hard, but it turns out that most of those likes are from countries like Egypt and India. I wouldn’t worry too hard about that.

  2. How many people does the main stream media outlets have on staff? The objective reports probably account for a large chunk of it. Plus if one can have millions of fake Twitter followers, I’m sure Facebook can be inflated as well

  3. I would say facebook just gave them the likes. All big companies are either anti gun or neutral. Mark Zuckerberg gave like 100 million to New Jersey public schools. What does that say about his political leanings? It means he’s a big libtard.

  4. C’mon, man. It’s a consensus. The debate is over. Get on board.

    Why do you hate women & children so much?


    • I’m getting the same thing. Despite my efforts, I can’t seem to find Bloomy’s $50M page at all.

      Money well spent.

      • I think its because Bloomy’s site is actually called Demand Action. Which means the pro-gun page is still up and running – no take down. So a site that doesn’t even go by the name of its own organization is supposed to have acquired 362K likes in a less than a week? BS!

        • Just found that myself. And if you look at the list of “likes,” it really starts to smell fishy. Lots of people with very official-looking profile photos and occupations like “Politician” or “Government Official.” The sort of thing a Chinese “Like Farm” could crank out 100 of per worker per day.

  5. They (facebook & Bloomberg) shut me down Monday at 330 likes. Back up and running now under a name not so similar at 118 likes. Jack offs….

    Following TTAG by the way…

  6. Isn’t this fun? Just like junior high, when popularity defined our happiness and self-esteem, and other things, like character, skills and accomplishments didn’t matter much. And when those with the most vacuous skulls didn’t have anything else to brag about, they would use their popularity to trump any debate and assert their dominance.

    I fully expect Bloomie’s hoplophobic groupies to use such an adolescent strategy, because that’s all they have. But I really wish TTAG wouldn’t descend to that level.

    • Go to a local mall or some other busy public place. Sit down and watch (grown up) people for a day.
      99.5% of them operate on that same petty, adolescent wavelength.

  7. Or it could simply be that Everytown For Gun Safety has legitimately engaged 300K+ people. We seem to be under the mistaken impression here that people with anti-gun viewpoints are in the deep minority. According to whatever poll you look at, 40-45% of households have a gun. That means that 55-60% don’t. Also when you consider that Facebook demographics skew towards young people who are coming out of a our twisted education system, is it really that hard to believe that the anti-gunners could get the word out to all their minions and hangers on?

    In the final analysis though, so what? When it comes to demonstrations, pro-gun people vastly outnumber antis. When it comes to calling the congressman, pro gun people outnumber antis. It’s easy to click “like” and then go back about your business. A lot harder to do something that will actually make a substantive change.

    • Those polls must be taken with a grain of salt.

      For example, you say 40-45% of *households* report owning a firearm. In my household, there are three gun owners. Or were, before that horrible accident last summer… And no doubt there are many more like mine.

      Secondly, I’ve received those polling calls in the past, and I always tell them “No, I do not allow firearms in my home.” (Because I don’t…) No doubt my household is not the only one who does that, either.

    • It not a minority/majority question. Its about “Likes” over time. Even a “Free Beer and Ammo” webpage would have trouble getting a third of a million “likes” in 4 days!

    • The vast majority of people in the country don’t care about guns. They’re neither pro-gun or anti-gun. It just doesn’t hit their radar. Apathy reigns supreme.

      • That’s just wrong. If you assume that 45% of the people in the United States own a gun (a lowball estimate because 45% of *households* are estimated to own guns, many of which include more than one gun owner) then that only leaves 55% of the population left. If you assume that 5% of them are “anti-gun” (also probably a lowball estimate, unfortunately) then that only leaves 50% of the population who could possibly be neutral.

        50% is NOT EVEN CLOSE to a “vast majority.”

    • So far, we have not subjected the Bill of Rights to a majority vote. Which is a damn good thing, because you can find a majority (usually on college campuses) who believe that all of the first 10 amendments should be “repealed”. The Constitution was designed to protect minorities against the majority. We live in a Constitutional republic, not a democracy. A true democracy consists of three wolves and two sheep voting on what to have for dinner.

  8. Thats cute, so they got some of the 14.1 million fraudulent accounts on facebook to like the page, to make it seem almost popular.

    The beretta, US segment’s FB page has 400k+ likes right now, your numbers don’t mean shit compared to ours.

  9. I’m with Simon. For five bucks, I could get 100k likes by the end of the week using Boosting likes that way is done to provide an air of credibility. I’d be surprised if 1/4 of those likes were legit.

  10. Facebook likes are meaningless. Puppies and kittens get more likes than EGS. Paid memberships and calls/emails to elected reps matter.

  11. How?

    They bought them.

    The good news? It grossly decreases the effectiveness of their posts and they can’t back out of those “purchased” likes.

    Go ahead, Bloomberg: Buy more likes.

    It will come back and bite them on the ass, trust me.

    By the way, can you guys spend a little less digital ink on these clowns?


    • While normally true, I don’t think that holds for this specific case. Lets be honest they were never going to be effective in the first place so bought likes does not hurt them at all, other than the money they spent. In this case I think it’s really all for bragging rights so they can go to the media and say see how many people like us, and also count them towards how many members they have. In that light buying likes is perfectly fine and does not hurt them at all.

  12. “… as with everything else these gals do it’s all smoke and mirrors.” that pretty well sums up everything leftists do. They cannot tell us the truth about where they want to take America (see: “The road to Serfdom”, by F.A. Hayek), so they lie about their goals, their methods, and their beliefs. If you want to be able to tell whether or not a leftist is lying, just check to see if they are talking, writing something, or doing something. If they are engaged in any of those activities, they are lying.

    The first and last time any leftist politician told the truth about anything was when Nancy Pelosi, talking about Obamacare, said “You will have to pass the bill to find out what is in it.”

  13. Could it be that people who oppose the MAIGMDAEGFS golem caught wind of the cybercoup but are behind the times and don’t realize it has been taken over by the forces of the Dark Dwarf (aka Darth Bloomberg) and are “liking” the pages?

  14. Would anyone truly be surprised to find out that the likes were fake? Remember, this group is being spearheaded by a man who does not care for the laws when he wants something. Bloomberg decided that the New York mayoral term limit law needed to be changed so he could run for a third term, then almost immediately after winning (because sadly enough, there was and still isn’t a better choice for mayor of New York, scary!) he decided that term limits were necessary and had the city council change the law back.

    Here’s a nice article, written in 2009, detailing his scheming:

  15. We at Everytown for Gun Safety™ have spent $50 million to start a true grassroots campaign that will likely be respected and supported by a majority of gun owners, as a majority of gun owners support #gunsense laws.

    Unfortunately, the efforts of the #OogaBoogaNRA has shown that a majority of gun owners are gun nuts and should be feared as much as their #OogaBoogaGuns.

    • Is this a joke?

      If so, good one.

      If not, it’s about time we get to actually talk to you anti-gun yahoos.

    • If I knew how to properly operate a twitter, I would very much use #OogaBoogaNRA for all kinds of stuff.
      As for Facebook, I just can’ts do it. At least Kroger gives me 5 cents off per gallon when they collect my info…

  16. That idiot just said that the majority of gun owners support this while the majority of gun owners are gun nuts. Contradict much? If support for that position is so high why couldn’t they get a simple UBC bill passed?

  17. I heard an interview with one of the pioneers of web design, virtual reality and all things digital yesterday on Warren Olney’s show on NPR. This guy (can’t recall his name, I was driving) said that the vast majority of web traffic is from bots, spam routines and false “hit generators” for Facebook, Twitter and websites. The bottom line is that web stats, in general, aren’t worth the bits they are made of.

    With Daddy Bloomberg’s 50 million dollar war chest to write checks from, I am surprised they aren’t showing 3.62 million likes already.

  18. Buying Facebook “Likes” and “Friends” as well as Twitter Followers and Retweets is a known Social Media commodity sold on the open market.

    MDA, MAIG, EveryTown, or whatever they are called is nothing more than a “Digital Tiger”.

  19. I suspect thousands of dead voters now have Facebook accounts. Some staffer has a new job of using the voter rolls to create accounts specifically to like the new Everytown/Demand Action page. Just a guess though.

  20. Two thoughts:

    1. Does anyone actually pay attention to FB “likes?” I mean really, who cares?

    2. Doesn’t matter how many “likes” it gets anyway. Bloomberg pretty much lost the PR war on this one. He gets to chose between laughingstock or temper tantrum.

  21. Guys, it’s called a click farm. They get a bunch of people in third world countries with computers set up and have them basically “like” a page for money. You can buy thousands of the damn things and all they do is cause the actual readers to not get updates.

  22. All the finest grassroots $50 million can buy! You don’t even need to mow or water it, it stays green even in the coldest winters!

  23. It has that many likes becasue most of the likes are progun people as soon as we learned of the facebook page we are there posting pro gun comments until they block us. Then you use your alis FB page until that one gets blocked etc.

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