Everytown for Gun Safety Fires Shot Over the NRA’s Bow

Sometime tomorrow, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America,will mount a protest against the NRA convention in Indianapolis. Why wouldn’t they? MDA jefe Shannon Watts calls The Circle City her home. (You might make a joke about the city’s nickname and the word “jerk” relative to the protest but I couldn’t possibly comment.) Meanwhile, MDA’s corporate parent Everytown for Gun Safety has to get its licks in; Mayor Michael Bloomberg is not one to play second fiddle to anyone except God – and God has already saved his place for Mayor Mike in heaven (apparently). And so EGS has released this video during the NRA’s first day festivities, trying to hoist the “gun lobby” by its own petard. I’m thinking it’s a damp squib. But you can’t argue with gunshot wounds. Can you?


  1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    Maybe Shannon will host the protestors (all 5 of them) at her house, I mean MDA Corporate HQ, for a private lunch in MDA’s employee/volunteer cafeteria?

    1. avatar Anmut says:

      My favorite shot was the last one of them all in the street. MAIG or MDA can gather 25 people in the middle of a road to tell millions of us that we need more laws to prevent law breakers from breaking laws?

      Good luck with that…

      1. avatar JasonM says:

        I think that group of 25 just set a record for the largest gun control rally in history.

        1. avatar Duke says:

          That’s priceless.

    2. avatar ShaunL. says:

      Did you get your invite yet Dirk?

      I’m sure it just got lost in the mail….. You should just show up!

      1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

        thought has crossed my mind. . . . . I am sure this is what Shannon is thinking our little encounter will be like, too:

        1. avatar MJN says:

          Arguably one of the best lines in the history of motion pictures

        2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

          I was thinking more along the lines of this.
          Dang it. I’m laughing my butt off!


        3. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

          “Baby, I am not from Havana. . . .” Ha!

          makes me think I might fire up a Cuban tonite with some bourbon and surf the net – here is a toast to Shannon. Thanks for keeping it interesting Baby.

  2. avatar Roscoe says:

    “…and God has already saved his place for Mayor Mike in heaven (apparently).”

    Is that place a ‘down only’ service elevator to the Devil Kingdom for…well…Kings?

    1. avatar Jeremy S says:

      I’d tell him to go to hell but I never want to see him again 😉

      1. avatar Roscoe says:


    2. avatar Cliff H says:

      This is a little annoyance of mine and I hope with the help of this bog perhaps we can get a little traction on this. Why in the Hell are we giving these morons credibility by continuing to use obsolete titles?

      I quote the Constitution of the United States of America, Article I, Section 9: “No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States…”

      For God’s sake, people, these politicians were elected to a political office to serve the people who elected them for a specific period of time. h hi is up they are once again citizens like the rest of us. Mayor, Councilman, Congressman, Senator, President are NOT titles granted to these people for life based on there election. He should not be Mayor Bloomberg, that ship has sailed. He should not even be former mayor Bloomberg. He is and should be referred to as Michael Bloomberg, period, end of discussion.

      Too many of these folks (former Supreme Court justice Stevens?) seem to think that just because they served in a position of political power and were not impeached, arrested, indicted or imprisoned they have gained a title of nobility for life that the can capitalize upon. This should NOT be the case in a free republic.

      (/end rant)

      1. avatar Richard says:

        Well said. I’ve always felt the pols were in it for the glamor to begin with and if they make it 2 or 3 times through an election cycle, they think they’ve been endowed with some kind of royalty. Reminds me of that woman congress critter that castigated the General for not kissing her ass and calling her whatever she felt she should be called; said she worked hard for it. I’m betting the General would have like to have stuck her ass on the line in Falujah for a day or two and see what earning is about.

      2. avatar Roscoe says:

        Ha Cliff!

        It’s like you read a comment I posted a few days back on the very issue about which you speak.The very same annoyance particularly in cases of people trying to capitalize on their previous power position.

        Bloomberg shouldn’t be called ‘Mayor’ or even ‘ex-Mayor’. He didn’t ‘buy’ his way into office for ultruistic reasons of service and the betterment of New Yorkers. For him it was power, ego and narcissism, and to one-up his fellow wealthy elitists.

        Occupying the position of Mayor is quite different from EARNING the privelage of being called Mayor. Once he’s out, good riddance.

        1. avatar Cliff H says:

          Missed your previous post, Roscoe, but I’m glad I’m not the only one annoyed by this pseudo-aristocracy these guys think they belong to.

  3. avatar scooter says:

    Wonder if they can equal the number of people inside the facility?

  4. avatar CJ says:

    Wait a minute! They’ll all white too!
    What the hell is going on.

  5. avatar Roscoe says:

    “But you can’t argue with gunshot wounds. Can you?”

    Unless it’s just so much more staged misinformation like pretty much everything else that comes out of the Bloomberg/MAIG/MDA crowd.

  6. avatar Bernard says:

    “Comments are disabled for this video.”
    Yeah, we’ve seen that one before.

    1. avatar Another Robert says:

      Damn, I knew it. “Start the conversation” they say–just breathtaking…

      1. avatar mark_anthony_78 says:

        The NRA should make posters/commercials/whatever…

        “We’d love to start a conversation about gun safety, except <insert screen shot of MDA YouTube video here>”

      2. avatar Sixpack70 says:

        You can still give it a thumbs down last I checked.

  7. avatar SouthernPatriot says:

    Whites protesting whites???!!!! My God, it’s the racist Moms against?

    What do you mean, I can’t argue with gunshot wounds? I’ve done quite a bit or arguing about mine!

    1. avatar Amos says:

      Gun control is simply, Hitting your target.:-)

  8. avatar JC79 says:

    What are the odds that the gun shot wounds and/or deaths were from either criminals with illegal guns or Irresponsibility with a firearm? I love the anonymity these pawns, I mean spokespeople, have. If you are soooooo damn sure of your personal story and stance, let it be independently looked into by the public. I mean, hey, you are the one that jumped on camera.

  9. avatar Nathan says:

    Maybe some disabled vets with “gun shot” wounds can come by and protest them.

  10. avatar 505markf says:

    What’s to disagree with in the video?

    I mean, I was hurt very badly in an oil-rig accident when I was only 19. So I think oil rigs should be banned.

    Someone ran over my dog, which died as a result. Cars should be banned.

    More than one blonde broke my heart (I eventually learned to avoid them). Blondes should be banned.

    I’m pretty sure that bacon cheeseburger I ate for lunch yesterday is hardening an artery even as I type. Those should be banned, too.

    I have authority on drilling for oil, cars, blondes and burgers because they all hurt me. So give them up in order for me to feel whole again. Do it for Mark. Won’t you, please? If you don’t, then my pain – my blood – is on your hands.

    Or, maybe someone should tell me to grow the f*** up. Yeah, that might do it too.

    1. avatar ShaunL. says:

      I fell out of a tree once and broke my arm……. EVERYONE TO YOUR CHAINSAWS!

    2. avatar peirsonb says:

      We can’t do that, it might hurt some delicate widdle fwower’s feewings.

  11. avatar Scott says:

    Oh look, comments and ratings disabled, again, still.

    1. avatar Roscoe says:

      They don’t wanna take any chances; what if one or more of those faces were to be exposed by a viewer as a fraud…again!?

    2. avatar Oxygenthief says:

      Easy to get around…

      Copy the video, upload it under a new account and enable messages and posts. Encourage everyone to give their thoughts.

      I imagine it will come up as the first result when people search for it based on the number of comments, dislikes (I mean likes) and all around views from all us pro-gun folks wishing to exercise our 1A rights…

      Oh and be sure to include some verbiage stating you uploaded it in case someone missed the original to sidestep any legal ramifications…

      1. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:


  12. avatar Guy says:

    I suppose that’s a good thing. They’ve done wonders for NRA membership, firearm sales, and making gun folks be more vocal. Added bonus- no end to TTAG articles making fun of them, or comments from Dirk.

    1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

      1. avatar William Burke says:

        Oh my god. Where did you find that, Dirk? Hey, I live in the county, okay? And because City Hall’s such a wonderful place for a video (but the observation deck is cool).

        And because I SO want someone in striped britches walking on the bar in front of my PBR!

      2. avatar 7.62x54r says:


        I just watched three times in a row and I am much happier than when I started. Thanks.

  13. avatar Model66 says:

    This ad tries to make a viewer assume that a ‘responsible’ gun owner (one supportive of the NRA) was ‘responsible’ for the tragic incidents mentioned in the ad.
    Where are the names, faces, and stories of of the people whose lives have been protected due to the proper presence of a firearm?

    1. avatar JC79 says:

      HOT DAMN! Great minds think alike.

    2. avatar JR says:

      And note they did not provide one single statistic, one single detailed account of a shooting or one single piece of verifiable data at all.

      Just weepy music, weepy facial expressions and emotive rhetoric from people selected to evoke maximum sympathy.

      Okay, MDA/MAIG/EFGS, so what did WLP say that was actually WRONG and why? How would refuting his and similar claims have prevented any one of the tragic events you are depicting that should sway our votes?

      Geez. They REALLY expect people to just decide on important issues on the basis of empty claims. It is mind boggling.

      1. avatar Roscoe says:

        Propaganda and brainwashing *is* mind boggling.

      2. avatar JAS says:

        This is by design. Their playbook is all about emotion – and it works because these days emotions trump logic for the majority of people. Sad music and teary eyed people elicit the desired response.

        Even if the facts were on their side they would still use the same playbook.

    3. avatar JasonM says:

      If it can save one life, gun control is worth any costs. Even if those costs are lots of less newsworthy people dying at the hands of criminals.

      1. avatar Earl Dungey says:

        My gun control works, but then I don’t depend on laws to make it so. I haven’t shot anyone that didn’t need it. Sixty-six years and counting. I would say, that actually charging and trying criminals for their gun violence would help, but then the DA would have to work and we can’t have the courts tied up.

  14. avatar JR says:

    Catch the subtle emphasis on the phrase “common sense” when it’s said…subliminal persuasion.

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      You’re invited (ahem) to think, “Hey! I’m a common sense kinda person. That’s what I should think, too!”

    2. avatar KMc says:

      If we have to hear “common sense” in EVERY anti gun video, I’m gonna hurl. Seriously, can someone coin a new catch phrase that actually means something?

  15. avatar Mack Bolan says:

    Actually it’s pretty easy to argue with gun shot wounds. It’s either 1 of 2 things:

    They were stupid, in a stupid place, doing stupid things


    That gun shot wound could easily be a puncture, slash, blunt force trauma etc.

    It has nothing to do with guns, and has everything to do with people and lack of good judgment.

  16. avatar The average American says:

    I guess we’ll have to stage a counter protest at MDA/EGS national… convention… oh wait. I forgot they only have like 8 members and half of those are just scarecrows filled with bloomberg’s earmarked cash. Statists pls go.

    1. avatar Fler says:

      “and half of those are just scarecrows filled with bloomberg’s earmarked cash.”


  17. I could find just as many victims of gun violence who are against everything said in this video. But I’ll sum it up best: Their words are not mine.

  18. avatar Albaniaaaaa says:

    Leave it to the left to class their kids with criminals and the severely mentally ill.

  19. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    $20 says there will be more media reporting on the event than the protesters themselves. . . . and of course, using a wide angle lens, it will be portrayed as a massive crowd. Only way Bloomy rounds up those #’s is to hand out $100 bills to crackheads on the street. . . . . . or give out free weed

    1. avatar ShaunL. says:

      “is to hand out $100 bills to crackheads on the street”

      Bloomy prefers if you call them “gun buybacks”.

      1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

        you say potato, I say potatoe . . . .

      2. avatar Jus Bill says:

        Hey, it IS a Jobs Program of sorts after all.

  20. avatar GuntotinDem says:

    I wonder if they listened to what they said. I cant say I disagree with them. NO Criminal, No mentally ill, and no child (unsupervised) should have guns. Problem is two fold 1.) I’m pretty sure those 3 items are already in existing laws, and 2.) They don’t practice what they preach. IF they actually went after the Criminals and the Mentally ill and unsupervised children I think they could find support in gun community. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the way they want to see it played out

    1. avatar BDub says:

      That’s the core of this whole issue. The Pro-Gun side agrees with their central premise, but they/we fundamentally disagree that their proposals will accomplish or even remotely move us towards that premise.

      And therein lies the hubris of the antis – they cannot conceive that their solutions may be ineffectual, and they convince themselves that any resistance is based on a disagreement with their goals, and not their methods.

    2. avatar Brian Kelsey says:

      If gun safety was actually their aim Bloomberg would throw $50 million at a gun safety program. But no, he attacks the one organization that has done more than any other group to promote gun safety. They don’t want Eddie Eagle. “Safety” is subterfuge.

  21. avatar CoolBreeze72 says:

    Dirk’s like family. He doesn’t need an invitation 😉

  22. avatar BDub says:

    My internal sadist comedian imagines a drunk driver plowing through that crowd at the end.

    1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

      me too, but I imagined it as a “child” (around) 15, who is filthy rich and suffers from “affluenza”

      1. avatar Jus Bill says:

        If there is any justice in the universe…

  23. avatar Jake Tallman says:

    Wow, that was yet another terrible ad. Seriously, except for the last few sentences (from, “these are not our words” on), it could just as easily be a pro-gun ad. Also, pretty pathetic end. As the camera panned up, I expected to see the street packed with people for as far as the eye could see (to reinforce the message that the “gun bullies” and the “gun lobby” doesn’t speak for the American people). Instead, the had something like 30 people (rough estimate by sight, not by count). Yeah, way to send the message that the American people want more gun control! Thank God for the stupidity/incompetence of the antis….

  24. avatar William Burke says:

    Mothers for Dead Americans.

  25. avatar Morgan Y. says:

    Please somebody go out there and simply listen to them. Ask them simple questions about why they are there and how they really feel then watch their own opinions and bleating destroy themselves. Call them out on their own viewpoints and listen to the bullying and hate that will inevitably erupt out of them.

    1. avatar Brian Kelsey says:

      They have stated in comments on their facebook page that they have no interest in debate. They want action. I’m going to the NRA show tomorrow, but I wont waste my time on these fools. I wont convince them of anything and they wont me. My time will be better spent walking right past them with my pistol on my hip, into the convention center where I can fondle all those beautiful weapons.

  26. avatar Ralph says:

    God has already saved his place for Mayor Mike in heaven

    I hope He doesn’t have to save that place for much longer.

    1. avatar JAS says:

      Knowing Mike his first words when he gets up there will be: “You’re in my chair….”

  27. avatar JasonM says:

    My argument against a gunshot wound:

    Shoot the criminal aggressor first.

    1. avatar Accur81 says:

      Ah, the old immediate, effective, and accurate return fire. It’s hard to find an argument that beats that. It’s certainly the philosophy of armed guards, police officers, responsible civilians, and secret service personnel. I would hazard a guess that returning fire is far more combat-effective than cowering under a desk, throwing books, or calling 911.

  28. avatar Out_Fang_Thief says:

    “We are all useful pawns for those who want to confiscate all guns.”
    These are out words.

    Don’t you love the anonymity of these useful “gun violence” victims?
    And just where do these people live? Los Angeles, Chicago, N.Y. City?
    What are the chances that most were victims in one of these 3 cities?

  29. avatar Gun_Chris says:

    And as always, the comments are disabled on the video. I wonder why…

  30. avatar Gun_Chris says:

    By the way, it looks like you guys missed the NRA’s new video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8gyEjToC1M

  31. avatar Jim Jones says:

    I gotta hand it them; that is one slick piece of propaganda. Alinsky mastery at its best in that video. In the end though, they do not have the chops to personally hand down the final solution that they so wish upon us.

  32. avatar haiku guy says:

    It’s not just “crazy”,
    It’s “seriously crazy”.
    We won’t take your guns…

    Every time these morons have their assets handed to them, they tweak the message and add more weasel words. Now, I understand swaddling is important, and it is what sets us apart from the animals (except the weasel), but do they expect anybody to buy this warmed-over carp the twentieth time it comes back from the kitchen?

  33. avatar Matt says:

    Would love someone to produce a video that goes something like as follows:

    Mom #1: I’m a mom
    Mom #2: I’m a mom
    Mom #3: I’m a mom
    Mom #4: I’m a mom
    Mom #5: I’m a mom
    Mom #6: I’m a mom
    Mom #1: And I support
    Mom #2: I support
    Mom #3: I support
    Mom #4: I support
    Mom #5: Common sense
    Mom #6: Common sense
    Mom #1: Common sense
    Mom #2: Laws
    Mom #3: Laws
    Mom #4: Laws
    Mom #5: Laws
    Mom #6: To keep me and my family safe
    Mom #1: Safe
    Mom #2: Safe
    Mom #3: Safe
    Mom #4: Safe
    Mom #5: Safe
    Mom #6: Safe
    Mom #1: I support the NRA
    Mom #2: Gun Owners of America
    Mom #3: National Association for Gun Rights
    Mom #4: Second Amendment Foundation
    Mom #5: Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
    :Pan out to crowd of moms:
    :All at once: – We are moms, and we are gun owners.

  34. avatar haiku guy says:

    I hate autocorrect

  35. avatar cubby123 says:

    What a bunch of misguided idioits! like the NRA shot them! Had they or some other law abiding citizen had a firearm, They might not have been shot! But their continued NRA bashing does nothing but make the NRA stronger! They are soooo stupid as to not see that criminals using guns need to be put away forever and first time not 63 times like has happened in our state.

  36. avatar maltwit says:

    As responsible gun owners, we can show as much disdain as we like about the content of Bloomberg’s video. But, we’re preaching to the choir here.

    To the average person who has no knowledge or familiarity with guns, or sees no need for our Second Amendment rights, this kind of anti-gun propaganda could be very a powerful tool!

    To a suburban parent with kids in school, hearing about past spree killings, this “Everytown” campaign may very well resonate with them.

    I would not be too quick to dismiss this MDA/Everytown message. I think it woud be unwise to ignore it.

    I think the NRA would be wise to develop a counter-campaign – if they can get any airtime on the public airways.

    1. avatar JR says:

      One abbreviation: SEO

      The point of dissembling videos like this is that TTAG does show up (same day in some cases) in Google searches on this stuff…including indexed comments.

      So, when one of those fence-sitters we hear so much about sees this video and runs to Google to learn more…we WANT them to see the discussion here.

      “Preaching to the choir” does not have the same meaning on the Internet that it had 20 years ago. The “choir” is everyone with a ‘Net connection.

  37. avatar Chad says:

    Anyone else get a kick out of the NRA choosing Shannon Watts’ hometown for the convention?

  38. avatar Jesse says:

    We need to prevent illiberals from ever handling a firearm. Time and time again, they have proven to be a threat to our safety, and a hazard to the Constitution.

    Afterall; it’s for the children.

  39. avatar Accur81 says:

    They did a good job finding innocent-looking people instead of most gunshot victims: inner city gang bangers.

  40. avatar JoeNieters says:

    Every state should pass a bill making marksmanship and weapons safety a required class in elementary schools.

    1. avatar Brian Kelsey says:

      I remember in 7th grade having to take a Hunter Training and Safety course in school. It was a six week class during part of our normal school day and required for everyone. It covered basic and semi-advanced first aid as well as gun safety. I recall the teacher bringing in one of his guns as a teaching aid.

  41. avatar SdubM45 says:

    “Just bring it.” -Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

  42. avatar skt says:

    This is going to be a cake walk.

  43. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    What a crock of crap.
    Wave the bloody shirt some more.
    Not single quote in context.
    Good job of pushing nothing to do nothing.
    Probably 50 grand down the drain for that video.
    Feed some starving children with that money spent.
    It would do more good.

  44. avatar Todd says:

    The words “common sense” are used to justify the opinion of the minority over the majority. This is a cowardly attempt to cook the books of actual gun right opponents.

  45. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    They said they want common sense gun laws that protect rights? Then how come everything they propose takes the rights of the good people of America away? They are not protecting anything except a unicorn fart idea that strict gun control will cure mostly gang related violence.

  46. avatar Murray says:

    I can’t wait for these moms get sued for using MDA which stands for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The real MDA has used the acronym for the last 30+ yrs. I know because I’m a handicapped shooter with Spinal Bulbar Muscular Atrophy (a rare neuromuscular disease under the MDA umbrella. see; http://www.mda.org)

  47. avatar milesman says:

    irrelevant dolts I laugh in their faces!

  48. avatar racer88 says:

    In honor and in response to the newly reinvented “EGS,” I upgraded to a “Life Membership” in the NRA.

    (It helped that the NRA is having a half-price sale on Life Membership right now for $500.)

  49. avatar Davis Thompson says:

    Comments and rating disabled. They’re so brave!

  50. avatar Davis Thompson says:

    I have two words for them. One of them is not “Merry” nor is the other “Christmas.”

  51. avatar Erin says:

    Someone does this every year and no one notices. When they did it in Charlotte, NC, I went, and apparently the protesters laid down in front of the place. No one actually saw them except the media.

  52. avatar TJ says:

    Buy a gun safe. It is that simple.

  53. avatar Alex in IL says:

    What happened to the Asian kid that pulled his shirt up? How does a bullet cause that?

  54. avatar Ryan says:

    I’m still waiting for Everytown for Digital Camera Safety to organize after the next child porn ring gets busted.

    High capacity memory cards, retractable lenses, 10 picture/second capability, 10x zoom, 20 megapixel resolution… cameras like this have no place on our streets and in our homes. You can buy them without any background check whatsoever, even if previously convicted of producing child porn.

  55. avatar Andy says:

    Gun control is simply, Hitting your target!

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