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It seems a little counter-intuitive for Remington to introduce a new version of their Model 700 rifle literally weeks after announcing one of the biggest recalls in all of firearms history of that exact same model. And yet, here we are.


The rifle is a bog-standard Remington 700 with a muzzleloader barrel pressed into the front of it. The gun uses pre-formed or loose powder and commonly available muzzleloading caliber bullets, but the nifty part is at the back. Instead of needing to slide small primers onto yet smaller nipples, the gun uses modified .308 Wnchester brass with standard rifle primers to touch off the powder charge. It makes for a much easier loading experience, and those who already reload modern cartridges will be able to replace the primers on these as well. Or you can just buy them pre-primed.

The only problem with this gun is that you still need to visit your local FFL to pick one up. Because the action is still a standard short-action Remington 700 and you can easily crank the barrel off and replace it with a .308 Win tube it doesn’t meet the requirements to be sold NICS-free. Muzzleloading hunters might overlook that small inconvenience, but for those whose past history might preclude them from purchasing anything but “antique” firearms it will definitely keep them from buying one.

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  1. What’s the point of using primed brass? 209 primers are cheaper, smaller, and are already industry standard. Pass.

  2. What is the point if you have to use brass? Might as well just get a Savage 10ml-2, that one can also use smokeless.

  3. Hope there aren’t any trigger recalls on this one, said this Remington 700 owner who just had a Timney trigger put in.

  4. Am I missing something? I’ve had a Remington model 700 muzzleloader for almost 15 years. They made 700 ML awhile ago.

  5. Since Freedom Arms took over Big Green quality is like Chinese junk. Wont buy any Rem firearms anymore. I do have a Rem 700 and 870 from the 90’s when they made a quality firearm.
    Maybe the ammo is still good, but I’ve seen review after review of poor quality firearms from Rem lately. There are too many quality firearm manufactures out there to buy from Rem now.

  6. First of all,I would be hesitant to buy any Remington at this point with all the recalls.Im not gonna say nothing bad about this new “200 Grain” muzzle loader that shoots accurate out to 300 yards that Remington makes because I have not shot one.But I will load my TC Encore 50cal.loaded with 150 grain of pyrodex and bet anyone $20 per shot out to 350yds and they can use this Remington or any other production muzzle loader.

    • First of all th 150 grain charge at 350 yards it will drop over 60 some inches plus wind drift can throw another flaw 10 mph cross wind will also through your 250 grain bullet at a 20 inch miss if u can not judge them I would hop on this bet I know for a fact ill take the 20 dollars ive shot long ranges most of my life and its more to it than that especially with a muzzle loader. I know I shoot them at long ranges .

      • check out They make and sell top notch all lead bullets. Ive shot 1″ groups at 150 with their .40 Quicktwist bullets, and my best is a .43″ group at 100 with a .357 duplex dead center at 100. Im shooting a cheap CVA wolf(slight pitting in the barrel) with 110g of 777. Plus with a sight in at 100 they drop a little over 5 inches at 200. I sight in at 150 and am high about 3″ at 100 and low about 3″ at 200. 300 I drop about 10″. I am not affiliated with this company, just a big fan of their bullets and sub bases. The sub bases tighten up my test group of 250g shockwaves from 3.5″ to about 1.75″ at 100. If you’re into ML hunting try out some dead centers or QT’s. They did me good

  7. I myself have ordered this rifle with the bell and carson aluminum beeded stock 200 grain charge of tripple 7 and a 250 mx barnes bullet it also will have more energy at 300 plus than any other muzzle loader it still has enough energy to drop a elk at a 300 + yards my omega only has 980fpe at 300 where the remington still has over 1600

  8. If tradition holds true, making a 300y shot with the new Remington probably wont happen, as the quality of ‘most’ Remington rifles as of the last several years have been bad to say the least.
    On the up-side, the ‘new’ Remington rifles have shown promise with much better quality than before.
    This pertains to centerfire rifles only, and we have not seen rimfires follow siut as of yet.
    Lets hope the ‘nwe’ muzzleloader follows in the centerfire rifle direction.

  9. rem.muzzel loader,something new think about fire arms in general. do you think that civil war fighters would belive at that time the tales of ar-15-10. this muzzle loader thing is going to continue to have better + more efficient.ballaists.777 powders black horn 209 rifle smokeless powder savage.its going to be so advanced that some states are going to out law every thing but aflint lock with 50 gr. powder + patch ball. nothing wrong with more efficient muzzle loading. but if a person wants primatve wepons game hunting .it is going to draw aline some where . or what the point if you shoot a muzzle loader with 300 yd. range. it may or may not be here now but it is surrely coming,better bullits powder more powder better + more accurate barrels,the evelouiton is on the or con.


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