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The assault media is at it again. This time it’s (surprise!) posting an article sanctifying the anti-gun rights crusaders at Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, glorifying their latest anti-gun agitprop. “We can end gun violence,” celebs and “gun violence” survivors opine. I’m not really up on my celebs, but I spy with my little eye Amy Schumer, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Aniston, Sophia Vergara, Michael J. Fox and President Barack Obama. And how, exactly, do the participants suggest putting an end to “gun violence”?  . . .

They don’t. “We can end gun violence” is their only message. It’s like Obama’s hope without change. Which is a message better suited to the average low-information human beings. Which is about as good a description of most Hollywood celebs as I can muster.

“The group is encouraging viewers to submit their own clips that will be added to the video,” msnbc dutifully reports. Given the interminability of this effort, I’m thinking that any revision will rival Cold Mountain as the most boring video every offered to the general public. Of course, you’re free to add your video to Everytown’s in-box.

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    • You’re allowed to enjoy scenes from Cold Mountain. You’re even allowed to enjoy characters and themes from Cold Mountain. You just can’t like Cold Mountain as a whole.

      • That’s where I am at with this movie. It isn’t for everyone and it would not surprise me if a lot of it is boring for any that truly love it. But as far as boring videos offered to the general public it can’t even get into the same league of the worst.

        There are movies where the characters never do anything interesting, none are compelling and the story never goes anywhere. This isn’t one of them. Firearms are used in conflicts (that at times manage to approach some sense of realism) and it’s the most boring? Odd.

    • The only part I enjoyed of Cold Mountain was when N. Portman shot that dude in the back after the failed rape attempt.

        • Dude, it’s been 15 years. I think the window for spoiler alerts has long since closed.

          Also, Vader is Luke’s father, and Bruce Willis was a ghost the whole time.

        • And [SPOILER!!!] Rhett frankly doesn’t give a damn where Scarlett is going to go or do. [/SPOILER!!!]

          Also, Rosebud is a sled.

          And George Bailey doesn’t kill himself.

          Oh, and it turned out that it was Judas who betrays Christ. They kind of tipped their hand on that one, naming the character Judas and all.

  1. Yet again liberal elites protected by men carrying guns telling the rest of us “Do as I say, not as I do.” Yawn, come the revolution…

    • … they will be the first against the wall.”

      If anyone does not quite get the subtle imagery, this is describing a firing squad where the civilian revolutionaries are executing the establishment pigs that they have captured. It happened a lot during the French Revolution.

  2. Shouldn’t the celebrity cause du jour set wait for the fruits of Band Aid to take hold before moving on to other useless inaction actions?

    Really, do they know it’s Christmas time at all? Once they’ve solved that problem they can step up to solve “gun violence.”

  3. We can promote defenselessness for women who will be raped!
    We can promote defenselessness for the elderly who will be robbed!
    We can promote defenselessness for future victims of terrorism!

    Because we have armed security, we live in gated communities, and we are better than you, so we will still be allowed to own guns.

    Sponsored by Everytown but us.

    what’s that word that rhymes with ooshrags?

  4. As usual the comments and likes are disabled. I wonder why? Its funny that the NRA allows comments and likes on their videos.

    • Yea, and more than that they don’t even have an argument, other than repeating ‘no’ over and over.

      Have these people ever considered the fact that a firearm can protect a person and save their life?

      Nope. All they know is ‘no, no, no’.


    • 8~O This is my shocked face. All I wanted to do (beside hit “dislike”) is ask “How?”. I feel pretty confident that they’ve got nothing besides what a 2 year old would say: a simple phrase repeated 1,000,000 times.

  5. Michael J. Fox’s “shooting” in the Back to the Future movies is a wretched thing to behold. That series negatively influenced the fundamentals of many a new shooter. Nearly as bad as Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon.

  6. Are any of the hot women naked in this video? If so, maybe I’d watch with the sound turned off. If not, they have nothing I want to see or hear.

  7. I am glad that these hateful Liberal Fascist are coming forward and letting us know who they are. I am glad that they have announced publicly that they are an enemy to the US Constitution, the Bill-of-Right, and the United States of America. This covert, 5th column crap was really tiring.

  8. Oh so you want to end gun violence, eh? Come on down to Newark, Paterson, Camden or even Jersey City, NJ and by all means, end all the gun violence you want. And there’s so much for you to do. Oh wait, what’s that? You just want to make a useless video that will help punish law abiding citizens, but you won’t move your butt and try to end actual crime in any of the cities I mentioned? So you never really cared about ending gun violence, since I’ve never seen you (and never will) in any of those places, “doing something” as you so often proclaim. STFU you liberal hypocrites.

    • Hey they should go on fakebook and start a protest. Then change all their profile pictures to an upside down american flag….. yeah that will fix it.

  9. Oh for Pete’s sake… “We can end gun violence.” No, you can’t. Too bad about Sophia, but then again, I’m not surprised either.

  10. The vast majority of gun violence occurs to resolve frequent business-related conflicts inside illegal markets. Given that illegal markets don’t have access to society’s non-violent business conflict resolution mechanisms; courts to resolve contract disputes, non-competes, trademark infringements, or the secure business services provided by banks, etc, this violence is not only necessary, but as old as history and quite rational. To assume that this violence is just occurring because people are animals and can’t help themselves if they have a gun handy is ignorant and dismissive of the people involved.

    There are two options to reduce this violence, 1) reduce the size of the illegal market by not supporting it, reducing demand (which will never happen, after all celebrities, hippies, as assorted anti-gun free spirits love their recreational drugs!) 2) do what is necessary to allow these markets access to non-violent business conflict resolution mechanisms. Anything else you want to try is useless.

  11. Their highly effective plan for how to achieve their goals is revealed at the end. Hey, look at me kiss this baby. That should do the trick.

  12. While I think Blue Steel, Magnum, Ferrari, and Le Tigre are all different looks I have to quote Jacobim Mugatu here:

    Is everyone on crazy pills! If Hanna-Barbera made a porno it would be more plausible.

    Under the auspices of the internet I invoke rules 34 and 35 for this Everytown vid.

  13. I don’t know about you guys… but I LOVE be lectured about how I “don’t need guns” by millionaires from the comfort of the big, expensive homes surrounded by the de facto wall of high real estate prices and cost of living in an area where police are most quick to respond.

  14. What gun violence? I never met a gun that disliked other guns. Ever. All different nationalities shoved into 1 little room at the gun store and left alone for hours at a time. They all get along. Always. Even when they don’t ‘speak’ the same language.

  15. Maybe one day they’ll be decent enough to provide a list of the shills and their recent projects so that we can be sure to avoid them.

  16. I could care less what a Hollywood actor has to say about anything. Positive or as is usually, a negative view.
    These people for the most part earn their living glorifying guns and violence in TV and movies. Ever see Detective Blowhard miss his target???
    So in a word screwem………… Me I just want to see more T&A from them, the females of course.

  17. Saying something over and over again doesn’t make it come true. You could post the same video about feeding the homeless, or flying to the moon, or owning a unicorn, and it would all have exactly the same effect.

  18. Oh c’mon guys, give them a break… Apparently they just find a way to stop wars, to stop terrorism, to stop criminals, to stop drug trafficking, to stop gangs, to stop mental illness, etc… They said it, they can! So, we shouldn’t discourage them. I would just like to know: How?

    Because so far, anything Everytown for Gun Safety did propose wasn’t to stop gun violence, but was only to stop law abiding citizen to exerce their second amendment right.

  19. “The group is encouraging viewers to submit their own clips that will be added to the video,”

    Sounds like a fire mission!

  20. Time to start boycotting Sofia Vergara swimsuit calendars, if that’s possible

    I can’t begin to describe how much Amy Schumer irritates me(along with most of the other actors/actresses on this list) but I just can’t stay mad at Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner, or Sofia Vergara


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