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It’s the same thing every time. A five-time deported illegal alien felon murders a woman in San Francisco – using a federal agent’s gun, no less – and Nancy Pelosi figures that’s as good an excuse as any to push for more gun control laws. In fact, the way she sees it, Congress has a “moral responsibility” to act. And she isn’t talking about “doing something” about accommodating sanctuary cities or irresponsible feds who can’t manage to hold onto their pistols. Then the FBI admits that Dylann Roof got his gun because of a bureaucratic screw-up by the basement-dwelling NICS trolls and Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety blames…you got it…the NRA. It’s all their fault. Here’s their latest email blast . . .

We already knew that the Charleston shooter bought himself the gun he used to kill nine people in a horrific act of terror last month.

But the FBI just announced yesterday that he didn’t pass his background check — and should never been able to get that gun.

He was flagged by the FBI for further investigation, but because of an NRA-backed loophole in the law, the gun dealer was allowed to make the sale after three days passed — even though the check was incomplete.

The Charleston shooter got his gun because the clock ran out on his background check, just like thousands of other dangerous people every year.

Tell Congress to close this deadly loophole NOW. Click here to automatically sign the petition.Dangerous people like the Charleston shooter should not be allowed to purchase guns when their background check is incomplete.
Tell Congress: Close the Charleston Loophole NOW

FBI data shows this loophole has allowed more than 15,000 prohibited people to buy guns in the past five years. It’s a deadly flaw that the gun lobby has fought to protect.

Several states have laws requiring that sales may not go forward even after the three-day period has elapsed, but only Congress has the power to take action at the federal level.

Automatically sign the petition telling Congress to stop allowing gun sales without background checks now:

When lives are at stake, we shouldn’t take shortcuts. Completed background checks have blocked more than two million sales to dangerous people and saved countless lives. Every gun sale should be backed by a verified clean record.

Let’s make sure Congress feels the pressure on this issue.

Megan Lewis
Executive Vice President
Everytown for Gun Safety

[h/t JT]

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    • This is exactly what I said in my comment a few posts earlier. The NY Times came thiiiiis close to entertaining the possibility of blaming the government, but they decided to go the usual route and chose to blame this imaginary loophole instead. I knew sooner or later one of these commie groups would blame the NRA.

    • NRA endorsed the NICS law. This entire security theater is by definition their fault. I am not being sarcastic, GCA, FOPA, AWB, and NICS are all their fault.

      • Oh heck, while we are at it, let’s blame OFWGs in Indiana and the Confederate flag. Our government just plain blew it, but still the ultimate fault is with Storm Roof as he pulled the trigger.

        • Everyone who places their trust in a giant monolithic government to protect them from every little thing is at fault, just as much as those who convince those people that its a good idea. Not as much as psycho boy, but they still put the conditions in place where they could be easily victimized.

        • The NRA cuts deals and “endorses” stupid stuff to keep worse “badly needed legislation” from coming down the pike. Without government pressure, I think the NRA would have done things differently. I do share your thoughts on the government fostering a false safety, but I would blame the liberals and the gun control groups pushing the agenda.

      • NRA proposed NICS, because if they hadn’t we would have ended up with mandatory 5 business day waiting periods, with a background check done during that time period, and the local police getting a copy of the transfer paperwork.

    • Is the NRA a front for gun registration? Is it possibly being run from an ultra secret government program? Could be that those in charge of this program have other worldly connections? Ancient Alien experts say yes.

    • UPSIDE DOWN ! That’s where we are , upside down world . They are coming for our guns and they will get them . We are screwed . We will either get Jeb or Hilary and we’re screwed . Our heads will spin , our doors will be knocked down and there will be spilled blood . IT’S INEVITBLE ! We’re screwed .

  1. Yeah. Cause there’s no other way he could have gotten a gun. Or some locks, chains and a gallon of gas.

  2. The more ammosexuals whine and make excuses for decent and reasonable background checks, the more likely it is that the Feds will do something draconian.

    • Ooohhh…a little reverse psychology huh?…..I think I will continue to voice my opinion loudly using reasoned thought and logic….you know, that thing anti freedom people do.

    • They could try to do something draconian, but many in congress KNOW that any such effort will get them booted in the next election. There’s also the problem they face in getting anyone to actually obey their draconian edicts, which is not going to happen.

      If they somehow managed to get an outright ban passed I hope it’s you who comes around to personally attempt the collection. But we both know you don’t even remotely possess the sack to face heavily armed and determined men. I don’t think you would even have the sack to face down some numb-nut gangbanger with a knife, much less a bunch of well armed and trained citizens, many of them current or former military. No, you want the government to strip citizens of their natural rights, but you want someone else to actually do the dirty work and face the consequences.

    • But in this case the FBI did a background check….and f’d it up. Was it you “god” who messed up? Maybe you should go tell them how to do their job.

    • Hey ‘GOD’, (what phenomenal ego you must have)
      It’s unconstitutional to delay or otherwise hinder a person’s natural human rights. The “within 3-day process” limit on background checks was a compromise. The Feds committed to perform the process within this time frame. But as you know the Federal Bureaucracy is now “too big to function”. They admit they can’t keep up with the load and Obama has cut their funding.
      The NRA didn’t cause this. It’s the progressive left that pushes bigger and bigger government (that we can’t possibly, responsibly fund) and the fools that believe this is good thing, that causes this.

      So it’s YOUR fault.

      • There is another way of looking at this failure. The FBI could have returned a STOP response at the 11th hour. If the facts known at the time indicated an “IF what appears to be the case is true THEN we have to respond STOP” they could have responded STOP.

        The prospective buyer might be 2A-able; or, he might be dis-abled. In the former case, he could follow-up and find-out what the problem was. Perhaps it’s a case of mistaken identity. (One of my trainers was stopped because another guy had a DV record. The other guy’s name ended with an “a” rather than an “o” so it was a close-match on name. Oh, one other detail. The DV incident was dated years before the trainer was born. These things happen and they can be cleared up quickly.)

        Looks to me like the FBI made an error in judgement. If the guy’s record was a charge of FELONY something then it’s worth erring on the side of caution. Were it a charge of MISDEMEANOR something, then it’s worth erring on the side of benefit of the doubt.

        In any case, the Congress wrote the law containing the criteria on which the FBI is to act. The FBI either followed the criteria or they f’ed up. The NRA is not responsible for either.

        The NRA deserves credit for thinking of the NICS system and the general idea of a short but reasonable time to make further inquiries.

    • It’s better to be an ammosexual than an autosexual. So-called ammosexuals will always have company. Autosexuals like Goddam are so lonely and ineffectual that they have to try to antagonize people just to prove that they’re alive.

    • The evidence points to a “God” being actually visitors from another star system in which primitive humans were amazed by. Could those that refer to themselves as “God” actually have sever mental delusions due from repetative probing from otherworldly beings? Ancient Alien experts say yes.

    • Narcissistic personality disorder at its worst, pretending to be God, but your real name is Baal…..or baaaaaaahhh……or bleeeeeeettttt…….

    • As I understand it, the problem in this case was that it was a FELONY something; that it was FELONY drugs or FELONY spitting-on-the-sidewalk was neither here nor there.

      If it had been a misdemeanor calling for a worst-case sentence <1 year then the matter wouldn't/shouldn't have come up at all BUT FOR the fact that it was DRUGS.

  3. This is the age of the internet–three days is an eternity for a computerized records search. What they want, of course, is for the .gov to have the “option” of just not “completing” the check and thwarting sales, valid or not.

    • I’d say the same goes for pistol purchase permits. I’ve been waiting 3+ months to have them issued. I’m guessing they’re checking 2 or 3 databases to see if anything pops up that could be used to justify a denial. How long does that take? Minutes? What else is there to check? Of course I’m not the only one in the queue, but three effin’ months? That’s government for you.

      • Lets pass a law that the government workers get paid at the same pace our permits are issued, seems fair…

        • Let’s just REPEAL all the “laws” that require a “government permission slip” to exercise what USED to be a RIGHT.

  4. This kind of nonsense just always proves the lie of “we’re not going to take your guns away” They don’t say anything about fixing the NICS check system, they don’t mention that congress has given huge budget increases to fund the depratment, but the money never gets to where it’s supposed to be used. Nothing but lies.
    We need a prohibited persons list, not this backwards laborious mess we have now. The ATF ahs proven with their own agents that anyone can buy a weapon using fake ID, because the background check only has to find no reason to deny, IT DOESN’T HAVE TO VERIFY IDENTITY, OR EVEN IF THAT PERSON ACTUALLY EXISTS! Think about that loophole, you libtards.

    • With the greatest respect, you aren’t thinking about this correctly.

      What we HAVE is a “prohibited persons list”. It’s not complete; nor is it up-to-date. It will never be 100% complete nor 100% up-to-date. It is what it can be now and it can be made better; or, it could be allowed to become worse.

      If you wanted a much tighter – albeit still imperfect – system you could consider a “permitted persons” list. The FOID/CWP system is sort-of-a permitted persons list.

      I have 4 going on 5 permits from different States. A couple required fingerprints; so, at least these 2 States know that I have not mis-identified myself. If ever I HAD or if ever I DO something that get’s my fingerprints in the FBI’s “naughty” database these States can definitely track me down.

      All these States could run a periodic sweep on me via NICS (e.g., annually) and if I ever got a STOP, they could send the cops after me under the assumption that I was a gun possessor.

      In any case, there is nothing the Government WOULD do to ensure that I am who I call myself, born where I claim on the date I claim. It COULD be done for US born citizens, but not for immigrants. Yet, it would be too expensive.

      Roughly what we have now is about as good as it could get within the foreseeable future.

  5. Perfectly logical! Like the frog trained to jump on command. Amputate all 4 legs and he suddenly goes deaf!

  6. We’d be a hell of a lot better off as a country if we instituted comprehensive background checks…for voting or running for office.

    • You harbor a presupposition that everyone has a birth-certificate that would serve as a reliable point of departure to trace-forward through school year-books, etc.

      This presupposition is a fact not yet in evidence.

      • Sounds like a personal problem to me. Prove your identity, or you don’t vote.

        • I agree with you whole-heartedly. In the US it COULD be done albeit at some expense. Would it be worth-while; over-all, and in the long run, I think it would be. Moreover, after the first generation is covered (i.e., the 300 million of us alive today), it wouldn’t cost much in the future. Nevertheless, it would “stink” as something of a National ID system.

          What we would have to do is start from a birth certificate that could be verified with the original civil registry. OK, now we have an official register that John Q Smith is a real person who was born. Then, trace through a list of elementary-, middle-, high-schools. A procedure would have to at least spot-check these school records and gather “year book” photos. Now, we know we have an adult whom we could trace and he looks like his last year book photo. Now, we probably have to do some spot-tracing through adult-hood at one or two jobs – employee IDs – per decade. It would not be fool-proof; but, it would make faking an ID much harder.

          Mexico has a National ID system that maintains a record of each registered voter. To get into school you have to have a birth certificate. When you turn 18 you have to get your voter registration and that’s based on school ID. It’s as impractical to survive as a Mexican adult without a voter ID than it is in the US without a driver’s license (or non-driver’s ID). (If you are a non-resident citizen of Mexico you don’t need a voter ID but you then need a passport; these 2 forms of ID are the only acceptable alternatives).

          We could – if we wished – adopt a federalized system such that you transfer your registered identity from the State of your birth to the State of your domicile, moving the trail of record-keeping along with you from State to State. As much as we might try to keep it “federated” (i.e., under the control of the States collectively) it would inevitably become Federalized (i.e., essentially “National”). Regardless of the expense, any such secure scheme would be deemed unpalatable to too many members of the public.

          Basically, for either voter-registration or for background checking (for guns or sensitive jobs) what we have is about as good as we are going to get. I.e., something equivalent to the Federal mandate for “Real ID” issued by States.

          The governmental background check system (NICS for guns, NCIC for LEOs) could run a match on the photo presented “in the field” vs. the photo on-file in the DMV of the respective State to reduce the potential for forged IDs. Whether that might be worth the trouble I don’t know.

        • It’s not a personal problem – every citizen has a right to vote, and the state is required to ensure that the citizen gets that right. If this means that the state has to issue IDs and do all the necessary validation, that’s fine, so long as they do it for free and the service is readily available to anyone. But if the state doesn’t actually universally issue IDs and other identifying documentation, or if the process is so convoluted that it amounts to exclusion in practice, it should not be legal.

          (Before you ask: yes, the states should also not be allowed to charge anything for concealed carry licenses.)

          • That is reasonable. It also respects the States’ obligation to prevent those who do not have the right to vote from compromising the right of those who do.

  7. Yep. More laws will prevent gun violence. SMH…

    Perfect logic. If legislation doesn’t work, just keep on adding more legislation to the books and doing the same thing over and over again. What did Einstein call that logic? Insanity.

  8. I signed the petition.

    How many mass shootings do we have to deal with?

    How many more families have to mourn and cry over personally over the loss of thier loved ones due to the senseless violence?

    The right to be safe trumps your outdated right to kill

    • How many mass shootings do we have to deal with?

      I’m not sure. Maybe we can have a raffle or something and the closest without going over gets a prize!

    • “The right to be safe trumps your outdated right”


      Learn what an enumerated civil right is, dumbass.

      The stupid is strong with this twerp….

    • The right to be safe trumps your outdated right to kill.
      The right to be safe from libtards and statists is an inalienable right as well.

    • You have no “right to be safe”. I know personal responsibility is forign to the liberal mindset but nobody but you is responsible for your safety. You are free to choose what tool works best to achieve your personal goal of feeling safe but you have zero right to tell anyone else what tools they can have.

      • This fact is beyond their comprehension. The honest to God believe it is the governments prime objective to make sure every citizen feels safe.

        It’s why their minds explode when the police don’t get there in time while they’re hiding in their bathroom from the person who is about to kill them. BUT THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO PEOTECT ME!

    • You signed it!?!?

      Well, sh*t, I’ll bet everything changes for us gun owners now.

      Did you tweet about too? And post a pic of you signing it on FB?

      Man, that’ll make it like double, more gooder. Great job!

    • The answer – to be perfectly pragmatic – is: ‘About the same number per year as we have long suffered per year. That number is miniscule.’

      When Obama had his minions study the matter (CDC if I recall correctly) the answer he got back was that the number of people killed in mass shootings was too small to bother trying to reduce. Sounds cruel and inhumane; but, then, “triage” would sound cruel and inhumane if the word were of Anglo-Saxon origin. As a French word, it sounds elegant, urbane, almost – dare I say? – Progressive!

      With one possible exception, there is nothing, absolutely NOTHING, that society could do – cost-effectively – to reduce casualties from mass shootings. They are just too rare in incidence and there are far too many variables each of which is far too great to control. A brutally nasty fact; but a fact none-the-less.

      The one possible exception is – drum roll – substantially increasing the number of citizens who carry guns in public places. From maybe the current 4% to 40%. That would – probably – reduce the casualties from mass shootings somewhat and it would be cost-effective. Or, at worst, the cost would be voluntarily borne by individual members of the society, not at public expense.

      If you are concerned about guns – as I surmise you might be – then you should be far more concerned about suicides and individual (non-mass) homicide incidents. Involving guns, these number 20,000 and 10,000 per annum.

      Personally, I’m not the least bit concerned about the gun aspect of these 20,000 and 10,000 incidents. The gun is merely a means to an undesirable end. It’s the undesirable end that concerns me. (If you are fixated on the gun-as-fetish, to each his own; I have no objection. I have no fetish attachment to my guns, personally.)

      We could substantially reduce gun suicides fairly easily. A public – health? – campaign could teach the public how to commit suicide by means other than guns. Any person desiring to commit suicide could freely pick-up an appropriate kit at a police/fire station and then go off-himself painlessly without using a gun. I think we could easily reduce the 20,000 figure to 5,000 within a couple of years. While this approach may be very appealing to you, it interests me not in the least.

      In fact, I personally am not the least bit interested in suicide by whatever means. What interests me is how our society might reduce human suffering that leads someone to suicide. If there are 20,000 suicides by gun and 19,000 suicides by means other than guns, then there is a total of 39,000 suicides annually. I imagine that must mean that there are about 390,000 people each year who suffer some sort of physical or (more likely) psychological disease that is pretty severe. If we could find ways to bring relief to most of these 390,000 that would be a very good goal to work toward. If one of the consequences of doing so would be a reduction in the 39,000 suicides, even better. It would be no goal whatsoever to reduce the 39,000 suicides merely to keep the sufferers alive to suffer. (Your goals may differ from mine. You may be satisfied to keep a suicidal person alive to suffer.)

      As to homicides, we have analogous problems as with method of suicide. Whether a victim is shot, stabbed, bludgeoned or strangled to death isn’t important to me. You are free to accept death by stabbing, bludgeoning or strangulation cheerfully, condemning only death by gunshot.

      We have pretty clear demographic information on homicide by gun: About 90% occurs within the Black (and other) minority community involving both offenders and victims with high coincidence of a criminal record. Among the remaining 10%, there is also a high coincidence of a criminal record for the perpetrator.

      Here is the part that is going to be really hard for you, Mr. Lunchmeat:

      IF access by perpetrators to guns can NOT be controlled;
      THEN we have to start work on changing the culture of those predisposed to violent behavior.

      Naturally, you won’t accept the possibility of controlling access to guns by perpetrators. You think that gun control is, indeed, a possibility. And, it is; I’m familiar with 2 examples: Singapore; and, Japan.

      In Singapore, it is perfectly legal to own a gun with the proper permits. The process is exceedingly expensive, but with money, anything is possible in Singapore. As a seaport, smuggling guns into Singapore is trivial. But, there are virtually no guns in Singapore. That’s because the penalty for illegal gun possession is severe. One gun will get you a long prison sentence. Two guns creates a rebuttable presumption of trafficking, the penalty for which is death by hanging. You can commit all the gun crime you want in Singapore provided you are willing to risk the penalty.

      (In fact, there is not much violent crime in Singapore at all. Likely, the reason is that the Singapore government has very little tolerance for crime. If you choose crime as your craft you must emigrate; you can’t survive and prosper in Singapore.)

      America is developing a dim view of capital punishment. America does NOT view gun possession – not even illegal gun possession – as a really serious crime. Americans will NOT tolerate capital punishment for illegal gun possession. Nor will Americans tolerate very long prison sentences for illegal gun possession. You may disagree; fine. If you want to advocate for long and essentially mandatory prison sentences for illegal gun possession then you will find many gun owners willing to support your efforts. But this is a long hard row to hoe.

      In Japan, there are very few legal guns; much as in Singapore. The Yakuza (mafia) have illegal guns, but these are few in number. Japan has virtually no gun crime because it has virtually no violent crime. It’s the Japanese culture; lack of guns makes for very little contribution. Japan has a very high rate of suicide; also, an aspect of culture. If you want to advocate for a change in American culture you will find many gun owners willing to support your efforts. We might, however, suggest a Western model to emulate; e.g., that of the Swiss, or Scandinavians who have a strong tradition of keeping arms without violence.

      Tragically, for your cause, American culture does not bode well for emulation of either Singapore or Japan. We have a long and deeply seated tradition of both arms and violence (whether with or without guns). Your attempts to separate us from our guns will lead to nothing other than more violence.

      Without draconian punishment for gun crime (including illegal gun possession) reducing the number of guns in the hands of those who shouldn’t have them is futile in America. Guns will be smuggled just as drugs and people are smuggled. Guns will be made by cottage industry in America just as they are in other countries with strong gun control; only, in America, we have all the money we need to buy the required machine tools. Guns will be trafficked in America by those who retain their 2A rights to those who have lost them. Until America is ready to imprison single mothers for long sentences served, straw-buying will continue unabated. Guns, like the poor, will always be among us.

      Are you so determined to rid America of its cultural tradition of guns that you are prepared to foment a civil war?

      I hold our elected legislators in the deepest contempt, not unlike the majority of Americans. And yet I will grant them just one presumption: American legislators understand the raw power of brute force. They are fully aware that America’s unorganized militia – counting ONLY veterans of the armed forces – outnumber her enlisted active-duty, Reserves and Guardsmen. These veterans are trained-to-arms with the SAME skills as Government forces. (And, vets are a pretty pissed-off bunch, which must be borne in mind.) The unorganized militia is armed with 300 million guns; Government forces: 2.7 million military plus 1.2 million police. The Government can’t nuke Newark or shell Chicago to mop-up guns.

      To enjoy the civil war you so much long for you will have to persuade the voters to elect majority legislatures (Federal and State) who are so zealous as to face-down these objective facts and fire the first shot. This hasn’t happened yet. Not even in NY nor CT where 95% of “assault weapon” owners have defied the registration laws. The governors of these States are not so reckless as to try to enforce the laws they wrote.

      I wish I could end this note on a positive remark, such as “Good luck”; but I demure.


    That’s gotta be one of the Liberal Scum’s five favorite words.

    So what exactly is a ‘loophole’? Glad you asked. From the Urban Dictionary: “A forgotten condition in a law, agreement, etc. that allows one to interpret and, in conclusion, get around another condition(s). ”

    They neglected to mention that it’s a LEGAL forgotten condition ( whatever the eff a ‘forgotten condition’ is)

    Did I say Liberal Scum yet? Oh, up top.

    Bears repeating.

    • Did I say Liberal Scum yet?

      Yeah. Twice. And it was super helpful. Wit like yours is certainly going to win the day.

      Where do you come up with golden prose like that?

      • And let me add this.The people who would love to see my 2ndA rights and ability to defend myself stripped away forever aren’t calling me ‘Scum’. They’re calling me nouns and verbs that include significantly more inflammatory language. I’ll skip the examples.

        So how would I know? I don’t live in a TTAG echo chamber. Go spend some time on any progressive anti-freedom collectivist forum. You’ll get the idea pretty quick.

        One of the many problems free people have is that when threatened/harmed by adversaries including SJW, socialists and (increasingly) totalitarians, they quietly disengage and go about their business. Harming no others. As it should be.

        Emboldening their adversaries.

        My opinion, when punched you should punch back twice as hard. Then whoever wants a piece of you will go looking for a softer target and leave you alone.

        Pay attention People Of The Gun.

        Liberal Scum? Ad hominem perhaps. But not entirely incorrect.

    • You and your alter ego are a classic case of projection. You figure you couldn’t be responsible enough to own a gun (or several) so you guess everyone else is at the same level of dumbassery as you.

      Sure, in between bong rips, you would set down your pistol and your retarded cousin decides to pick it up and blast away, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us have to suffer for your lack of responsibility.

      Your average civilian concealed (or open) carrier trains more often than most LE, and even some .mil personnel. Your saviors are sometimes horrible with their firearms, would you think to disarm them too?

      In 99 percent of the cases, the guns you so despise, in the hands of civilians (and yes, LEOs are civilians too) defend your blessed so-called civilization.

    • You’re just full of all kinds of emotion today.

      Reason, well, not so much. But, emotion? Yeah, emotion you have, in spades.

  10. *average every town chapter=9 soccer moms and 2 divorced suburban dads.
    *average MAIG chapter=5 chipotle sucking, target shopping moms, 3/4 where-am-I? dads

    *if all these funky groups can pull figures out of their @$$es……

  11. The problem with closing this “loophole”, as Bloomie calls it, is that the incomplete checks affect a lot more eligible people than prohibited ones. Until I had my record corrected, I would go through this every time I bought a gun I would get the temporary non-approval, and have to wait 3 business days.

    I am not a prohibited person. I just had a felony arrest on my record, but no record of the charges being quietly dropped several weeks later. This is a common occurrence.

    Until the states are as good at recording no bills as they are at recording arrests, we need this so called “loophole”.

    • Yours sounds like a case that we PotG ought to be championing.

      There is no getting around the fact that the first time this happened to you is going to involve some delay and effort to get the situation corrected. However, it shouldn’t happen more than once.

      If I understand correctly, the court originating the record of your arrest is dragging its feet on returning a disposition. Seems to me that that court should be given 3 weeks/months/years to return a disposition; failing to do so ought to result in marking the record of the original arrest as in-operative. Thereafter, even if you were guilty and served time, once the 3 weeks/months/years expired this record should not result in a “WAIT” response from NICS.

      It is absurd that you have to wait 3 days merely to “time-out” each time for the rest of your life. The FBI discovers nothing new during each 3-day WAIT period.

      • I don’t have any criminal record, but I am a non-citizen immigrant. Every time I buy a gun, they delay me (and I own over 30 guns by now, and have bought my first one in 2012). I’ve had more than one of those delays time out (though I’m not aware of any case where they have been ultimately denied). I was also mistakenly denied not once, but twice, both times for the same reason (basically, the person handling the case screwed up on their end), and had to go through appeals.

        Note, though, that they don’t know if you have passed the check before or not (at least in theory), as they’re required to erase all NICS records after some time. Though in my case, I was also delayed when buying a gun literally the next day after a previous check has cleared, so they should have had the record still there.

    • In the last 8 years of NCIS checks we have done I can’t remember a single delayed response that came back as denied. Over the last several months and the 3 bound books handy we had 6 outright denials. Four of those cleared after an appeal and the other two were guns purchased online and shipped from CTD. These buyers didn’t complete the appeal process and I had a feeling both were buyers trying to get around it thinking we are a small shop and would let them slide. Both asked after denial if we would transfer to a friend or relative. Answer to that of course is no.

  12. In the minds of the retarded liberals, everything is either the NRA’s fault or Bushes fault. Liberals never grew up and never learned how to take responsibility for themselves, theya re nothing less than adult sized children.

  13. Well, yeah, if they closed that loophole the government would be able to mandate a 12 month waiting period without having to ask Congress, simply through mandated delays processing the paperwork…

  14. Global warming? NRA’s fault.
    Hillary in a pantsuit? You guessed it…NRA is complicit.
    Greece default? All orchestrated by the NRA.

  15. The President has the ability to effectively eliminate that “loophole” with no action required by Congress. Simply get every background check done within 3 days. They have these things these days called “computers”, and these “computers” are capable of storing vast quantities of records, and searching them almost instantaneously.

    • Yes, except Lois Lerner was the custodian of the records and she lost them in a terrible boating accident.

      • Well, there was a phrase that came to mind for dealing with such situations, but I think Donald Trump has trademarked it.

      • We could get them from the Chi Coms. I’m pretty sure they have a copy. Probably in the same archive with Barack’s college transcripts and Shrillary’s emails

  16. “..,,,only Congress has the power to take action at the federal level.”

    If that’s true, and it is, then what the hell does the NRA have to do with it? What power does the NRA have? Contribute or withold contributions? That’s free speech. Rally supporters to contact Congress? That’s peaceful assembly and redressing of grievances.

    At worst, the NRA can energize and apply the levers of democracy (constitutional republic for you sticklers) and no more. It’s up to Congress to exercise its own lawful authority.

  17. We knew this would be attacked. Anyone who has a dash of logic can see background checks are a feel-good measure and no loophole exists. We all know if someone hell-bent on committing a crime fails the FFL, they go to the o t h e r gun store(s). No one who is intent to kill themselves or someone else can or ever will be stopped by a background check of any kind.
    If anyone has blood on their hands it’s groups like Everytown who incite fear and seek to disallow good citizens from self-protection and a Right.

  18. willy beat meat it is ” their” not “thier”…mom wants her basement back…

  19. Did You know that NICS stand for “national INSTANT criminal background check?” As in “instantly determine whether a prospective buyer is eligible to buy firearms or explosives. Before ringing up the sale, cashiers call in a check to the FBI or to other designated agencies to ensure that each customer does not have a criminal record or isn’t otherwise ineligible to make a purchase.”
    Further, the NICS (instant) check began on Saturday 11 April. Roof got the gun on Thursday, 16 April. That was after three business days. Wait, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thursday? Five days? An “Instant” check???

    • If delayed or under the mandatory 3 day wait for a handgun in Florida with no ccw Sat and Sunday or holidays do not count. Nobody is in the office to flip the calendar I guess so those are not official days.

  20. Considering how much money they fronted for I-594, it seems like Gates and Ballmer should use their influence with Microsoft to license the technology to do the searching on the cheap. If they’re so convinced that background checks are life saving, then put real technology behind it.

    • Did you follow the NICS history and passage when it was being pushed by the libtards and RINOs? A lot of public and political appetite for gun control from the 60s on up to about 2002.

  21. You are right Pelosi, Congress should act, especially all you PATHETIC LIBERAL democrats and work towards ridding this country of ALL illegal aliens! I will do my part and donate to the NRA so they can keep fighting on behalf of REAL Americans and towards protecting our God given rights.

  22. I’ve been hearing gun control advocates saying all the time that the background check system doesn’t infringe on 2A rights because the background check is “instant,” now they’re complaining that they have to sell a gun within three days. Idiots.

  23. The Left Needs the NICS Background Check to Fail…they are unconstitutional and have done absolutely nothing to prevent criminals from acquiring firearms illegally. In fact, the only thing it has done is prepare the groundwork for back door gun registration as your info, along with the weapon type and serial number, are now on paper every time you complete one. Shall not be infringed, indeed. The left simply cannot be reasoned with, nor do they want to be.

    Many seem to think that we are playing a game of facts with people who truly have everyone’s best interest at heart and who will be willing to adjust their thinking when presented with hard evidence of their failures. This is not the case at all. Failure is a friend of the left because every system that is broken or ineffective in preventing “gun violence” only advances their agenda. In other words, the left knows that the background check system doesn’t prevent criminals from getting guns; in fact, they are counting on it. This is a subtle application of the Hegelian Dialectic, the Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis formula. In other words, the left uses the fact that the thousands of gun laws on the books, including the background check, are ineffective so they can continue to drive their agenda towards total confiscation on the grounds that all of their “other solutions” have been ineffective.

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