Everytown John Feinblatt
John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety (Photo by: Demis Maryannakis/STAR MAX/IPx via AP)
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With the election approaching and racial tensions at a boiling point in many places, it’s important to know what’s happening behind closed doors in some of the “progressive” organizations that are so loudly preaching the gospel of “systemic racism” and bankrolling many who are running for office. One such org is Michael Bloomberg’s gun control operation, Everytown for Gun safety. Let’s take a look at their record, shall we?

Everytown has been vocal in their support for the Black Lives Matter movement since shortly after the death of George Floyd. They’re also supporters the BLM agenda, which is demonstrated by Everytown throwing their name behind some of the police “reforms” that BLM and other “progressives” are calling for.

Everytown also says they want to combat the larger problem of “systemic racism” as noted in this recent press release:

To meaningfully reduce gun violence, we need an actual strategy: one that responds to what local gun violence prevention advocates have made clear will actually help. We must stem the flow of firearms into cities. We must invest in proven, community-led gun violence interventions. And rather than ignoring the systemic racism that has caused gun violence to take a disproportionate toll on Black and Latino communities, we must tackle it head-on, by reversing racist policies, and making broad, sustained investments that expand economic opportunity in the neighborhoods hit hardest by this and so many other public health crises.

They seems pretty committed to social justice, don’t they? There’s just one problem . . .

Within the past few months, researchers on the Mom-At-Arms team began digging around the web looking into Everytown’s own record. It turns out that there are years of documented Everytown employee complaints about racism, sexism, and unfair treatment of minorities within the operation.

Some examples from Glassdoor.com below:

Racism in a Bloomberg-funded organization? That’s hard to believe.

But all of those examples were pre-2020 What about in 2020 world after George Floyd’s death? Well . . .


The disturbing reports aren’t only at Glassdoor, either. Everytown’s reviews at Indeed.com have some interesting tidbits as well, such as this one:

No wonder they spout some of the insane things they do.

It’s instructive to get a look at what happens behind closed doors in these allegedly “progressive” organizations, especially the ones that claim to have all the answers for the ills affecting American society.

Even Illinois Senator Dick Durbin recently got caught up in the Everytown mess (oh darn):

Will Everytown publicly address these numerous accusations by their former and current employees? Probably not. They’ll likely ignore it, just as they have when other inconvenient situations have come to light. Situations like when Shannon Watts used a fake tweet to raise money for Everytown shill Virginia Rep. Abigail Spanberger and smear her challenger, Nick Freitas.

One thing is certain though. Everytown and Moms Demand Action should fix their own issues before hosting splashy events to preach virtue and solutions to others.

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    • If it was a bunch in a short period of time, obvious hit on them. It’s not though. Perhaps Everytown should make a statement….

      • not my point. Glassdoor is like a CL Rant section for previous employees who more than likely got fired due to nothing more than their own issues.

      • I think Bloomturd and his un American acolytes are crying in there cups tonight at the passing of Ruth Badgirl Commieberg.

    • I think that glassdoor serves a purpose. I’ve used it when evaluating potential employers. I’ve also left reviews of employers on glassdoor. From my limited use, I have to say the reviews are pretty accurate. I don’t have the inclination, nor the resources to investigate the site, but as I say, it looks good from here. If a large percentage of reviews for a company are bad, I wouldn’t put an application in with them.

    • I waved a big howdy at a black dude on a motorcycle yesterday, he waved back and smiled. I reckon he new he could out run me on my bicycle, I wasn’t even gonna try, so we didn’t have a race problem.

      • My office recently relocated to a small city/town 20 miles north of the previous location which is a liberal psycho freakout enclave.

        I walk during my lunch hour. EVERYONE (insert ALL races here) smile and wave at each other. No graffiti. No vandalism. Everyone is polite and appears happy.

        It’s quite a change from our old location.

        Lesson: Outside of the “big” cities, all is well.

    • I think a lot of this stems from the fact the left knows it might be losing the black vote to Trump. Yes, it’s a real phenomenon.

      • When Black Americans born in the 1960s learn the truth about the history of the democRat Party they see the party they belong to is the party liable for Monetary Reparations.
        To actually experience racism in America in its heyday and not be too young to realize it the cut off birth date is around 1950. That would make someone 6 years old in 1956 and be old enough to see and recall race based settings, treatment, etc.
        A lot of older Blacks don’t talk down the democRat Party today out of fear of retaliation and do not want to subject their relatives to it so like drugs politics come from the streets.
        The word is getting out about the democRat Party slowly but surely and increased Black support for the POTUS shows it.

        • “To actually experience racism in America in its heyday and not be too young to realize it the cut off birth date is around 1950.”

          Uhhhh – no. I’m not black, but I was born in 1956. Racism was still a thing. Remember the riots of 1968? Remember the integration of the schools in Little Rock? Crap – there’s a lot of stuff that has happened since I was born. If you merely mean to imply that things improved after 1950, OK, I can go along with that. But people my age do remember real racism, where people were brutalized and even killed based on their skin color.

          I feel like you’re just repeating talking points from somewhere. I don’t appreciate talking points from the left, or the right. Are you a KKK spokesperson?

        • Paul, I think debbie is pretty annoying most times and a republican hive mind, but you clearly missed the point. Maybe just avoid commenting any further.

        • Paul, I think debbie is pretty annoying most times and a republican hive mind, but you clearly missed the point. Maybe just avoid commenting any further.

          One of the regular commenters here is a black man who grew up in Chicago during the 1960’s.

  1. Hard to say how legit those claims are. Since a likely job requirement to work there is that you be a whiny Karen, it’s not unexpected that employees would be triggered by any and all little issues that a normal human would likely ignore. As much as I’d like to believe that these jackasses are as bad as the reports make them look, I’d be interested in getting a broader picture.

    Wonder what the work environment is over at the NRA, other than demoralized? Have there ever been issues of this type surfacing, or are the major complaints centered around mismanagement and malfeasance in the higher echelons?

        • As Serge once said “When the Witch meets her bucket of water”.

          I am giggling like an 8-year-old school girl. The Leftists are gonna flip the fuck out when this news sinks in… 😉

      • Now the free for all on the Left begins,Fill that seat post haste with a genuine originalist,who’s first duty truly is to the Constitution as written.

        Ah the missing,moaning and gnashing of teeth, the anguishing screams of Leftards !

  2. Every organization has bitter employees. Many are bitter because of their own failures and want to blame others. With that said, an organization without a clear chain of command or organizational hierarchy is an organization that needs looked at. If they fail on the most basic business model, the rest of the reviews are given more merit.

    As always, they claim that others are racist and whatever, when they are guilty of the sin they accuse others of.

    I wonder if Bloomberg set it as a failure for tax reasons? Or if it is a place to shelter his money? He does say the rich don’t pay enough taxes.

    • And the Republicans have only weeks to get this through
      McConnell better not choke
      Wouldn’t it be nice if we could count on Collins and Romney

    • Speaking to the so-called republican Never Trumpers: What conservative value is it that you’re fighting for by supporting Biden?? Nominating a solid conservative to the bench is the most important issue. It isn’t even close.

      • Only “conservative” value they would be supporting is the value that companies that favor offshoring to china are looking to pay them.

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