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By Larry Keane

Everytown for Gun Safety, the gun control group bankrolled by billionaire presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, is treading lightly with their benefactor.

Everytown distanced itself from Bloomberg’s recently surfaced comments about his “stop and frisk” program he supervised as the New York City mayor. He said at a 2015 Aspen Institute appearance, “Ninety-five percent of your murders and murderers and murder victims fit one M.O. You can just take the description and Xerox it and pass it out to all the cops. They are male minorities 15 to 25.”

Bloomberg added, “That’s true in New York. That’s true in virtually every city in America. And that’s where the real crime is. You’ve got to get the guns out of the hands of the people that are getting killed.”

That leak got Bloomberg all sorts of news coverage, and not the kind he wanted. He’s under fire in news media and #Bloombergisracist was trending on Twitter. It’s also got Everytown sidestepping the guy who foots the bill. Everytown told media it is independent of Bloomberg. But that’s hardly true.

Money Buys Friends

Bloomberg founded Everytown. He sits on the board. He’s the national chair. He started the group with $50 million in seed money and has since opened the spigot to an unending cash flow that the group admits still provides nearly a third of its $35 million annual operating budget. He combined his Moms Demand Action and failed Mayors Against Illegal Guns into a burgeoning gun control machine.

Bloomberg’s money paid for Everytown’s $2.5 million money dump into Virginia to flip the General Assembly blue for gun control. The Commonwealth’s politicians are mostly delivering on the down payment by passing unprecedented gun control. He was only stymied when the state Senate Judiciary Committee voted down HB 961, which would have banned a wide swath of modern sporting rifles, shotguns and handguns and criminalized the possession of standard capacity magazines.

Bloomberg’s hardly been covert about his goals. He spent more than $100 million for Democrats to take control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections. He’s spent $268 million on his three campaigns, where he got New York City to change laws to give him a third term and made $23 million in campaign contributions to others. Last year, he pledged $500 million to unseat President Donald Trump.

2020 Gun Control Buy

Less than a month ago, Everytown pledged $60 million of Bloomberg’s cash targeting congressional and gubernatorial races in Colorado, North Carolina and Arizona, among other states.

Moms Demand Action, a gun control companion organization also founded and funded by Bloomberg, refused to say what portion of those funds would be directed by former New York City mayor himself. Everytown pledged $250,000 each for gun control efforts in PennsylvaniaMinnesota, North Carolina and Iowa.

Bloomberg dropped a cool $10 million for a gun control ad during the Super Bowl, that drew on misleading statistics from Everytown to further his gun grabbing agenda. He’s promised to spend $1 billion dollars to defeat President Trump and he’s already spent almost $400 million on his effort to buy the Democratic nomination for president.

Turning a back to that kind of money is turning out to be a tough decision for Everytown. Bloomberg’s $62 billion fortune is just too much for Everytown to walk away.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. Anybody can put a piece of metal in a machine, push a button, and out pops a gun barrel.

    It takes real gray matter to analyze and come up with ideas to free The People from their shackles.

    President Bloomberg has the gray matter, which is why he is rising up hard and will make his enemies choke.

    Mayor Pete has blown his wad, but Mayor Bloomberg is rising up hard from the bottom to get on top.

    • If you think “little Mike” wants to “free you from your shackles” you are honestly delusional. The Napoleon Complex is strong in that clown, but hey some of ya’ll NEED a nanny to tell you what to do, what to eat, what and how much to drink.. If you consider living your life your way as being shackled then hell yeah little Mike is your guy, thankfully those of you who feel that way are in the minority nationally…..

    • “Anybody can put a piece of metal in a machine, push a button, and out pops a gun barrel.” Wrong.

      It takes some knowledge of machining. You need proper tooling and the knowledge to maintain that tooling. Then there is the factor of actually using the machines, for example; you have to know the speed to set the machine for the hardness of the steel.

      So even if an expert set the machine up so any user could just push the button, it will need to be monitored.

        • What an idiot.

          The vast majority of all technological development was about replacing human labor with technology. Even a stone knife is about not having to rip and bite stuff and using a tool to cut it instead.

          Every job is skilled. In economics this is called the Division of Labor. It takes 10,000 hours or 10,000 repetitions to become good at something. That includes farming. It helps to have more IQ to start too, and a better arrangment of the Big 5 Personality Traits. That induces farming.

          That’s why there were Kulaks in Ukraine for Stalin to murder. They were slightly better farmers who accumulated a little mroe than the rest of the poor peasants in the village.

          Obviously Bloomberg has never even gardened and knows nothing of maintaining crops as they grow, having the correct nutrients int he soil for a given plant, weeding, keeping animals away. If he thinks you just drop a seed in a hole and water it he is clearly suffering from the same delusions as people who think they could easily do his job as a corporate CEO.

          Clearly he knows nothing at all of either economics or farming.

    • The idea of Bloomberg freeing anyone from their shackles is a highly refined level of irony. The people calling him a Plutocratic authoritarian are right. He’s the epitome of (in his mind anyways) a benevolent dictator. Kind of like the dude in the movie Demolition Man.

    • Bloomberg is the literal Manchurian Candidate. He is so deep in China’s pocket even he has to bend to Beijing’s will. He makes more money from his operations in China and Hong Kong than the entire Trump organization. And Beijing has made it clear what will happen if Bloomberg does not bend the knee, which he had already done.

  2. Paint “Everytown” with the racist brush because their vision of gun bans and people control disproportionately affects minorities in every way.

    Mike is a racist piece of shit who treats his servant employees like property. All the ads in the sky won;t shield him from the truth

    • Of course they’re racist. Just look at the last part of the tweet: we need to get guns out of the hands of those being killed.

      Not the ones doing the killing, those being killed. I say that’s exactly what he means, to make us all victims depending on the government to keep us safe.

  3. They going to distance themselves from the reality that gun control has been racist and classist since day one?

    Admitting you were founded and funded by a bigot to push bigoted ideals doesn’t mean you and your fellow members are or are not bigots. It just means you’re duped morons who can’t see your own prejudice. Like every other temperance progressive ever.

    • Most of Bloomturd’s followers are woke so they have to figure a way to wean themselves off his money, therein lies the conundrum ,Get woke Go Broke. Bloomturd and his paid toadies deserve each other.

    • That most gun crime is minority-on-minority (read that to mean blacks and latinos)? He’s correct.

      But that we (whoever “we” is) should be using that as an excuse to take guns out of any group’s hands, whether minorities or other, locally or on a national scale? No way.

      As has been said many times before, abolish all gun control. Allow everyone to carry, regardless of locale or skin color. Only those felons who have been duly convicted of certain violent crimes (and only a narrow range of legitimately violent ones that demonstrate a person’s desire to physically harm another) against their fellow man should be barred. Everyone else should be allowed to carry, openly or concealed. Period.

      Crime would drop. The Left would cry. The world would carry on.

      • I see nothing wrong with his “….copy and hand out to cops.” statement. Actually made me feel slightly better about Mini Mikey Bloomers. NAH, just kidding. But, I do agree with his statement. The problem Libtards have with it is IT IS TRUE about their Government Plantation inhabitant subjects Useful Idiots.
        If the blacks don’t like the stereotype…….CHANGE YOUR DAMN BRAND!!!!!!! Quit being the ones on evening local news for shooting at cops, breaking and entry, car jackings, and all your others brand characteristics. Take personal responsibility, be self-sufficient (even a little), do positive actions,…. Quit hiding behind your skin color. It has nothing to do with one’s skin color. It is all about what is between your ears and in your heart. When they become known for positive brand characteristics they will be treated and thought of differently. Up to them. Make your own brand!!!!

    • The main problem is his down the nose attitude toward anyone that isn’t highly educated. He thinks they’re too stupid to think for themselves. It’s the same attitude as limiting sugary drinks, taxing the poor, and disarming everyone except his own security detail. “You’re too dumb to have choices and freedom isn’t for you (just me).”

      I think once he quits hiding behind his ad blitz, and he’s forced to talk to people and debate, people will realize what an absolute tool he is.

      • He is and always has been an elitist. What’s good for him is not good for the scumbag rest of us. I heard an anecdote about him playing Scrabble against a servant. I have not had time to fact check it so I will not repeat it. But it goes along the lines of his other elitist comments.

    • The actual FBI statistics have African Americans committing about half of all murders with guns, a number disproportionate to their 13% percentage of the overall population. Moreover, when you correct for demographics by age and sex, you end up with most murders among the African American demographic being committed by males between 15 and 25, accounting for about 4% of the overall population. Moreover, the overall rate of murders is concentrated in urban areas, and half or more are committed in low income neighborhoods.

      • When Bloomberg or any white person says the truth about black crime stats, he and they aren’t racist for speaking the truth.

        But what makes Bloomberg the three L’s, homosexuals, atheists, all of them racist, is their support for single motherhood as a “lifestyle choice”.

        All of them support replacing the father and his guns with a government check. And then replacing the father’s guns with the guns of a big city police department. They all totally support the Welfare Industrial Complex.

        They have all publicly said a father is not necessary to raise children. They all support a woman having five children from five different men. All living in a “gun free zone” public housing project.

        Calling Bloomberg a racist is just a distraction from the destructive Behavior that the other racists supported.

        These same racists also support illegal immigration. With people who are illiterate in their own Spanish language. Have no job skills. Have in fact and no formal education. Many have health problems. Many are wanted for serious crimes in their home countries. But these racist want them here. I wonder why????

    • Yes, his statements were false, at least two of them.

      First, and most obviously, his statement that “you gotta get the guns out of the hands of the people who are getting killed” is asinine. Disarming the victims does nothing to reduce crime.

      But also, his previous statement is accurate only if it applies to urban areas with high population densities. His statement that you could just pass out a description of young minority men to cops all over the country and crime would go down doesn’t pass the reality check, unless you limit that geographically.

      Also, his statement only works if you are talking about violent crime. If you are just talking all crime in general, it falls apart.

      If he would have said, “in American cities with high population densities and high crime densities, young minority men commit disproportionate levels of violet crime”, he would have been correct.

      But that’s not what he said.

  4. It’s an inconvenient truth. Most inner-city crime is minority on minority. Why? Because the minority is what lives there, if it were mostly white, the inner-city crime would be white on white. its an ugly comment but it runs fairly true if you look at NYC and Chicago or Memphis. Move it to the west coast of California, there’s more Hispanic in the midst. Not because Hispanics or blacks are bad people, but because there is a larger percentage of them there to be involved in gangs and drugs. The population stats are integrated that way. I bet if you look at the crime stats for Scott’s Bluff, its 95% white.

    It doesn’t help that prosecution rates are lower in big cities because with more crime the cops, jails and courts are overloaded. And, no, I don’t trust Bloomberg. But in this he was right and taken sort’a out of context.

  5. I read somewhere when bloomturd announced his presidential run that the demanding mommies where not thrilled. One went so far as to insinuate that they like his money, they dont like him.

  6. Ideals and morality are still for sale, the price has just gone up a little! The Soros, Bloomberg, obama, Clinton cartel is slowly buying this country.

  7. You’ve got to get the guns out of the hands of the people that are getting killed.”
    That is ALL you need to know about his gun-grabbing ideas.

  8. I DO NOT like the little Napoleon, but that statement he made IS very true.
    That is the only statement that he’s said that I can agree on… some so called minorities might not agree with it , & some will wear it as a badge of honor.
    Like the song 🎼 Bad Boy Bad Boy, Wha’ch Ya Gonna Do? Bad Boy Bad Boy 🎼

    • Bloomberg reminds me of the firebrand major in the movie “The Tank Battalion” aka “Tankovy Prapor”. It’s in Czech with subtitles.

  9. I feel like we’ve been saying “Gun control is racist” for so long, maybe people are starting to realize that (racist) Bloomberg funneled his money through (not-yet-acknowledged-to-be-racist) Moms to support (racist) Northam’s pet (racist) gun control projects.

    If there’s one thing I appreciate about the left, it’s their ability to intersectional-ize themselves apart. When every test is an all-or-nothing litmus test, the more we learn (about anyone) the more people fail the test and get Othered by those who consider themselves the moral, right-thinking majority, even when there are only a handful of them left.

    I just wish PotG wouldn’t be in such a hurry to be like them. The amount of flack pro-gun dems, libertarians, LGBT, doctors, etc get around here is astonishing. And these are our allies in this fight. Maybe not in every fight, but in THIS fight. All we do by chasing them away is to make them retreat to the last camp that pandered to their inclusion… …which is almost always a liberal voting block.

  10. I received a text from Bloomberg’s campaign asking me to pledge my support. I was at that very moment waiting in line at a gun store for my background check to clear.

    Picture that.

  11. But wait, there’s more:


    This stupid tiny wannabe megalomaniac apparently just thinks that anyone who isn’t also a New York billionaire media mogul is just some thick-headed unimportant rube who either needs to get in line with his glorious utopian plan for the future or go extinct for the good of the cause. Happily for us, he can’t seem to keep his stupid mouth shut about his open contempt for most of his would-be constituents. I think we need to make a focused effort to dig up every last piece of compromising text or audio or video out there and shout it from the rooftops until he’s too hated and toxic to associate with, then we need to dig up every last attempt he makes and has made to influence politics with his money and broadcast those connections until anyone who matters is terrified to be associated with him. We’ll probably never be able to compete with his money, so our best bet is to make his money worthless to him.

  12. The DNC changed their rules once again so that Bloomberg can be in the next debate. Don’t the dems find it odd that the DNC keeps changing the primary rules? The establishment is ready to ditch Biden in favor of Bloomberg. This might come down to Bernie vs Bloomberg. If Bloomberg wins, expect lots of upset Bernie voters.

    • The DNC is already discussing changing the rules to allow superdelegates to vote for who they want, so that even of Bernnn gets the popular vote delegate majority, the superdelegates can be used to prevent him from winning the nomination. The current most obvious choice for the “powers that be” is Bloomie, or perhaps Hellary, or perhaps a Bloomie-Hellary ticket. But NOT Bernnn. If that happens, the democratic party will split like an overripe melon.

      • Superdelegates already have that power. They are party insiders who are not pledged to a candidate. They can vote for whoever they want. Their purpose was to prevent a loony from taking over the party. There might be a movement undo the 2018 reform and let them vote on the first ballot again instead of waiting until there’s a contested nomination, but I haven’t heard of it.

        • Super delegates are the party elites’ way of saying that “the mob” can’t be trusted. Not surprising from a party that was pro-slavery throughout the Civil War and passed laws in the south to preserve “that peculiar institution” in fact if not in name long after it had been outlawed.

      • ” If that happens, the democratic party will split like an overripe melon ”

        I’ve got a really strong hunch the Demons are going to split no matter what. If Bernie gets the nomination, the center (read that Wall Street lackeys) are not going to close ranks behind him. If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, the Bernie Bros take a walk and start a new party.

        It’s a no-win situation. The Demons did this to themselves. Years of identity politics and divisiveness has finally come back to bite them in the ass, and its well-deserved. Warren is toast, so her bloc goes to Bernie (which would not hold the other way around). Add Warren’s bloc to Bernie’s bloc, and you come up with at least 40% or more of the Demon base.

        So, yeah, they’re going to split, and split “bigly”, no matter what.

      • But these superdelegate endorsers are same ones trying to abolish the Electoral College. The SuperPACs are a way of trying to legitimize Illegitimate taking away legitimate votes from a candidate and the Electoral College is a legitimate way of keeping Illegitimate taking away of legitimate votes by an overpopulated area and of creating equity across the nation. A super leftist friend challenged by asking if I would still believe in the Electoral College if overpopulated urban areas were rightist. I said yes, this is not partisan.

  13. So Bloomberg is a racist POS. Who knew? Not black voters, who supported Bloomberg in his mayoral runs, especially his quest for a third term. Despite Stop and Frisk.

    It makes one question the voters’ sanity, doesn’t it? No wonder Bloombag is so dismissive of us mundanes.

    • Some of it might come down to what Chris Rock described as the difference between black people and n’ers (my own edit). Despite popular analysis, the black population isn’t uniform. There are people trying to make a living and raise a family that are angry and afraid of the thugs. They’re willing to put up with some violation of their rights to get rid of the threats to their community.

  14. I read all the comments and see good and bad and prejudiced outlooks.
    I don’t like most politicians. I am a veteran and beleave that the constitution is all important.
    I like and hear both good and bad policy from all those people who are runing for office or hold office. But my main problem with most is the disregard of our constitution. Not just one article but several. When this happens it disrespects those who wrote it, those who it was intended to protect (all American Citizens) and give hope to the would be dictators or the world.
    Bloomberg buying Democratic or Republican politicians or the average American Citizens (presenting the idea that they are helping America) is deceat at it worst, and just furthers the cause of communist, would be dictators and those that wish to suppress your future freedom and the freedom of future generations to come. Its a slow cancer that has in some form aflicting our courts and political system being advanced by so many of those who have sworn an oath to uphold and protect the constitution for a long time. Money and greed is the driving force behind this. And when checks and balances are put in place to keep this from furthering this cancer, someone comes along and deconstruct them.
    None of this will ever stop unless we start agressevly combating this and hold all the politicians accountable for their unconstitutional actions. It inflicts all levels of goverment from national to local.
    The cure to this cancer is a strong front of constitutional pride and the rights of all citizens to be respected with justice taking aim at even the highest levels as it was ment to be.

  15. Not s good feeling, I suppose, when you’ve joined a zealot’s cause only to discover the truth of the man behind the curtain. This group has had the founders ugly bias brought into the light and now they ain’t too comfortable with that.

  16. I believe that the majority of Everytown “subscribers” probably agree with most of Bloomberg’s stated “philosophies” concerning crime, minorities and life in general (or the willingness to end it inside of the womb) so long as it isn’t being stated publicly where their neighbors and the rest of the country can’t tie them to it.

  17. Does this mean Moms Demand Action is now considered “racist” since they refuse to give back the donations given by someone that is “obviously” racist? I know liberal’s rules don’t apply to people that give them a lot of money, but …

  18. I’ve been addicted to cash, almost my whole life. Then thankfully my Government put me on the Social Security program,. After several months I realized I didn’t need cash at all. Clean and, cashless for two years . It works if you work it.

    • I keep a couple grand in the safe in case something happens to the ATM network, a major power outage on the east coast and ooops no debit, credit card transactions.. no cash?

  19. Donald Trump got 14% of the black male vote in 2016. It would not surprise me if he got 20% or 25% of the total black vote in 2020.

    The Democrat Party is terrified. Trump has a 20 plus year record of helping all classes of black people. Not just the rich and connected ones.
    He’s not great on gun rights. But he’s far superior to the current democrat party.

    • I’m betting we see even higher than that for voters that actually show up to the polls, which won’t be many. The only people gullible enough to still believe the “Trump’s Rasis!” lie are white liberals.

      • Last national number I saw was 31% of probable black voters and 30% of hispanic.. 30% will guarantee another 4 years of Trump….. If little Mike “Napoleon” Bloomberg gets the nomination those numbers could potentially grow substantially..

      • The Democrat Party is committing national suicide. And it’s really amazing to watch. Individual local democrats will survive. But on a national level. They are finished. I only hope the republicans can come up with another “Trump” type candidate in 5 years.

        • Yeah unfortunately Pence (seems like a decent guy) would never be able to stand up to the crap that Trump has had to deal with, in fact I don’t see anybody currently holding office that can continue the current agenda…

        • There is a mechanism in the constitution to amend that document. There is no reason that Trump cannot have a 3rd term if the legal steps are followed.

          Socialism has destroyed the democratic party. Let’s not allow it to destroy America as well.


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