Uber driver shoots passenger
(New Orleans Police Department via AP)
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This Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020 booking photo provided by the New Orleans Police Department shows Ahmad Ahmad. Ahmad was arrested after New Orleans police said he fired shots at passengers on Sunday. Police said in a statement that an argument had erupted when the passengers told Ahmad he was driving the wrong direction. (New Orleans Police Department via AP)

We’re fans of Uber (well, aside from that whole no-guns-in-their-cars policy thing which is frequently disregarded by both passengers and drivers). The ride share service is usually faster, cleaner and cheaper than version 1.0 taxis.

But as with any service business, you occasionally run into a problem employee who can give the entire operation a bad name. To wit . . .

From the Associated Press . . .

An Uber driver accused of firing shots at passengers who told him he was driving the wrong direction has been arrested in Louisiana.

Ahmad Ahmad, 53, picked up the passengers after midnight Sunday morning from a bar in New Orleans, news outlets reported. They requested that he take them to a location in Kenner, about 15 miles (24 kilometers) west of the downtown area.

When Ahmad began driving the passengers across the Mississippi River, the passengers informed him he was going the wrong direction, New Orleans police said in a news release. An argument began and Ahmad stopped the car.

One of the victims called police while another ordered another Uber. After the second ride-hailing driver arrived, Ahmad allegedly took the key out of that car’s ignition, got a gun from his own vehicle and then fired shots at the victims.

Police said the victims were able to run away from the gunfire. Ahmad drove away but was arrested after he returned to the shooting scene.

Ahmad was booked in jail in Orleans Parish on aggravated assault, theft and illegal use of weapons charges. He has since been released. It’s unclear whether he had an attorney who could comment on his behalf.

We’d guess his Uber driver app has also been deactivated.

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    • and lord knows … i would sacrifice my life, following a rule …rather than break a rule to save it

    • So you are saying that there is not a single driver who just might break that law? Obviously there were numerous witnesses, but of course what they say doesn’t mean anything because Uber has rules. My previous place of employment doesn’t allow guns either, but one employee shot an armed robber… how could that happen? The store doesn’t allow employees to have guns… must not be true, by your way of thinking.

    • I think I know Amhad’s brother, Ahmad Ahmad Ahmad and his father Ahmad Ahmad Ahmad Ahmad. Mom’s name is Madha Madha.

  1. Set up a Gofundme to replace the gun the cops confiscated from Ahmad.

    Because Muslims are historically oppressed and have the right to self defense.

    • I get the sarcasm but you raise a point Ibalways wonder about with the Oppression Olympics.

      When we want to know if a group is historically oppressed how far back in history do we go? And does it matter whom the oppressors were?

      For instance, Muslims could be argued to have been “oppressed”… fuck it, I’ll go with the First Crusade so 1096, just because that’s easy. But before that Muslims were the oppressors and even if some folks don’t want to believe that in terms of Europe and the Mediterranean just point to the history of Islam in sub-Saharan Africa and the slave trade there that runs to the Middle East. I mean, Sudan means “black” and comes from Arabic “bilād as-sūdān” meaning “land of the blacks” where it was acceptable to be a slaver because the people were not Muslim.

      So doesn’t that mean we should buy a black person a gun because the Arabic name makes this dude a historical oppressor before he became historically oppressed?

      • Some sage words in response:

        “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas?”

      • Strych9, please don’t cloud the issue with facts. Especially history. It gives the left a headache.

      • ” For instance, Muslims could be argued to have been “oppressed”… fuck it, I’ll go with the First Crusade so 1096, just because that’s easy. ”
        it’s not easy … it’s idiotic.
        defending yourself against an aggressor is not oppressing the aggressor.
        with that logic we oppressed hitler in wwII.

        unless, of course, i am not getting your sarcasm.

        • You didnt miss any sarcasm but you entirely missed the point.

          1096 is “easy” because it’s the year of the First Crusade, a year after Urban II speaks at The Council of Clarmont. As such it’s an “easy” date to pick and dates seem to matter in such a discussion.

          The overall point I’m making is that what I call “The Oppression Olympics” is, IMHO, stupid externally. But I’m saying that by pointing out that it also makes no internal sense because the determination of “who was oppressed by whom” depends on time in question. It seems to me that the people who want to play this game pick arbitrary dates in history to make their determination.

          So, in the example I used, prior to the First Crusade it’s the Muslims who are arguably the oppressor, but by picking the date of 1096, now the Christians could be argued to be the oppressor. In 1094 the victims are the Christians but in 1096 it’s the Muslims and in 650 it’s the Nobatia (Nubians being conquered and enslaved by Muslims following the Muslim conquest of Egypt). Therefore Muslims as “historically oppressed” or “historical oppressors” depends almost entirely on the date you pick to begin you version of “history”.

          You can apply this to the whole “who’s more oppressed!?” game and to nearly every player in it. Therefore the game is logically inconsistent within it’s own rules because you can flip the “status” of a group by choosing different dates and the game provides no real rules as to how the dates are to be chosen.

      • There were 3 major attacks against the Muslims (the Crusades); there were hundreds of major attacks by Muslims. But only the 3 matter…

      • And Shia muslims could say they’ve been oppressed by Sunni muslims since the time of the first caliphate.

      • Anyone who doubts that Muslims were the oppressors needs to do a bit of research on the Battle of Tours. Basically, everything south and east of Tours belonged to Islam. That is, more than half of Europe belonged to the Muslims, by right of conquest. Euros didn’t much like that kind of oppression, and finally fought back. Never did kick Muslims out of Europe completely, but they did draw some pretty long lasting lines in the sand.

  2. Mama told us never to talk to stranger and never to get in a stranger’s car.

    Now, we are supposed to call a stranger to get into his car??????

    • The best way I’ve seen it put was “As kids were taught not to meet strangers from the internet and especially never get in their car. Now days we summon strangers from the internet to specifically get in there car.”

  3. Sounds reasonable to me. I would never tell my wife she was going the wrong way.

    Must be more to the story.

    • Wise man. I occasionally will speak up, but I say it only once and quietly, and then settle in for the ride.

      Now, if it’s my foot on the accelerator during a wrong way tack, I’ll hear no end of it. After all, even if I’m in the driver’s seat, my wife is the one who’s driving. I’m just working the levers.

  4. Here in Louisiana we don’t tolerate azzhats who misuse firearms. After a judge slams the hammer on the uber azzhat he’ll be headed to Angola to become the newest bride for a lifer named Bubba.

    • Yeah…… ok…… he’s already been released lol…. he’s a “member of the protected class”, he won’t be serving any time from this….
      Plus, animals like him serve a purpose for the left…

  5. This is why I own a car. So I don’t have to “uber”.

    The only people I know who “uber” are a couple people who drive for them and a few former coworkers who might not be “raging alcoholics” but are certainly testing the limits of that term.

    The drinkers love it. The drivers have some funny stories. All in all I’ll drive myself, thanks.

  6. Gotta ban guns but when someone opens fire on a bunch of people we release them right away, good idea.

    • Sounds like you come from some $hit hole third world country…. contrary to popular belief, civilized HUMANS don’t live that way….. ANIMAL LOL

  7. Mad Mad…

    Having had to ride in maniacally driven Muslim operated taxis all over the world, getting shot at by the driver doesn’t actually sound that bad compared to the terror of being a passenger.

  8. Why has he been released? What a joke. Yeah he unloads his pistol at multiple people trying to kill them and yet the courts feel hes totally fine to walk the streets

  9. For the record, there is NO reason for him to cross the Mississippi river at any point. Kenner, is pretty much a straight shot west of down town.

      • Easy enough to do – but you certainly don’t expect a “professional driver” to make that kind of mistake. I would expect a taxi, or Uber, driver to know the area, and to not make such a boneheaded mistake.

  10. Ditto on the history lesson, most people are completely unaware of historical chronological facts.
    The courts are a joke now.
    It’s like going to a zoo or a circus.
    It will be strange, clowns, depressing and if you walk by the monkey cages, they will crap in their hands and throw it at you, mocking all the while and your paying for it. I wonder what he did before Uber?

    • I think I saw him today riding around New Orleans throwing crap out of his car window at people. Guess he went back to his old job.

  11. Warmest, this is bad for the pro gunm people. The anti firegunm peeps are going to crawl all over this. I really do not believe the U.S. government wants to take Our gunms but if this stupid shit keeps happening what’s the “Powered That Be” supposed to do? If and that’s a big if, red flag laws might not be such a bad deal. However it would be twisted around so much major problems would occur. I know of one instance myself where a red flag law may have been beneficial. The murder did not use a gunm though, he used a machete, mental health was notified but did nothing. Now one man is dead and another one is doing life.

    • Red Flag Laws only concern is firearms. You keep your machete, , kitchen knives, baseball bats, cars, crossbows, and fists.

    • Just about every critter on earth would go for that. I think vulture’s like cars, keeps them eating. BTW, you every see a dead buzzard on the road or hit one with your car. I haven’t, I’ve tried but two flaps and their over the roof at 80 mph. I hit the chicken hawk( red tailed ) that was with them though.

      • Now, before you read the rest of this, sit down and take a blood pressure pill.

        There. I did see a roadkilled buzzard several years ago, on a curve half a mile from my driveway. It was next to a roadkilled opossum, and my first thought was, now that’s a mighty low way to go. Having to eat a roadkilled ‘possum, then get plastered while doing it.

        But now, after some consideration, I really don’t know which was eating which, and I suspect either short end of that stick is equally short so to speak.

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