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Back in the day, back before divorce number one, I used to collect high end watches. Gone. All gone. Sitting on my wrist: a Seiko chronograph. Which I love. A horological passion most millennials mistake for something sex industry related or dismiss with a casual wave of their smartphone. In 31-year-old Nathan Ruest’s pocket dump above . . .

The man’s displaying a carbon fiber-faced Movado Gravity watch. It’s a bastardization of the original Movado Museum watch (sigh) but I applaud the everyday carry guy for wearing it.

The way I look at it, the ability to tell the time, discreetly, at a glance, can come in handy before, during and after a defensive gun use.

That’s a funny noise. What time is it? How long have I been waiting for the police? Sir, what time did the attack start? Like that.

Keep in mind that it’s almost impossible to measure time during a defensive gun use adrenaline dump. Time slows down. Time speeds up.

By the same token, it’s exceedingly difficult to get out your phone quickly and efficiently and read the teeny tiny little digital time display when your heart starts beating like a big brass band.

Got watch? Which one?

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  1. No. Too poor. I’m open to it, it’s just I’ve never seen a watch I wanted, probably because I’ve never looked for one.

  2. Not gonna be looking at a watch in a DGU.

    If you are staring at your phone or your Rolex immediately before a DGU….it probably won’t go well.

    Awareness and weapon availability is paramount.

    It doesn’t matter what time it is.

    • You should probably look at your watch, if you can remember to, after the DGU though. You’re going to be asked “What time did this happen?” a lot.

      Also, who stares at their watch (unless you maybe have a smart watch and are playing with it)? I glance at my watch all the time. If you can’t tell the time from a glance there’s something wrong with you (Which I’m not making fun of. A friend of mine has a TBI that makes a digital watch very hard for him to read but he can do an analog watch just fine. Freakin’ weird how that kind of thing works sometimes.)

    • Everything is “overpriced quartz junk” unless it’s a mechanical caliber, which of course ignores the Chicom copies of Valjoux and whatnot….

      Depends on your personal preference, but if you care about accuracy, nothing beats electronics – not to mention toughness.

      I’ve only got a Sinn, and a (nice) faux Submariner. What do I wear 99% of the time? A Casio diver watch that I bought at an outlet store in the early ’90s. Which cost ~$30 and keeps near-as-dammit perfect time.

      • Preach it.

        My EDC is a Timex ‘ACQA’ that cost 10 bucks.

        Keeps *un-real* accurate time, like + or – maybe 2 seconds a month. Has a *massive* coin-cell battery that lasts about 5 years

        My ‘good’ watch needs repair, an early-eighties Tag ‘F1’ yellow-dial than needs a new movement. A new replacement movement is 17 bucks. The labor to pull the hands and face and replace it will probably make me cry. So the Tag sits for now.

        The build quality of the case of the Tag is nice. Screams quality.

        I’ve seen some of those nice Rolex knock-offs come through the pawn shop. They are so good, they have burned pawnbrokers around here. A number of shops around here won’t even touch Rolex anymore, fearing they will get burned. The shop I was at has bought and re-sold them, *clearly* labeled for sale on the receipt, as counterfeit. They still got good money out of them.

        The people that buy them don’t care they aren’t real, since the real ones don’t exactly have a rep for keeping accurate time. They look so good at first and non-educated second glance that the gold-diggers they date are impressed…

  3. Most millennials nowadays are wearing watches but they are going with small faced watches. The reason behind this is they feel it is a more retro way to express themselves, they feel “cool” wearing something that heir grandparents would have worn. (Heard on John Tesh intelligence for life, the study was referenced on it)

    • This. I wear my grandfather’s 1958 Rolex because those big watches are fucking obnoxious.

      ALSO – I carry this exact pistol – P238 Equinox – the thing is jewelry. I feel like Gollum when I look at it.

  4. Yeah, I actually rock a cheap android smartwatch…Works good….Bright animated color LCD micro video display screen….

  5. Current one is a Lumi Nox.
    I also collect watches. Seiko, Casio, Rolex…
    That reminds me, I need to send my Seiko in to get fixed.

    • I have a luminox and I loved it until I wore in a hot tub. Never worked again. Know anywhere to get it fixed. It was $300.00 which is ton of money for me to spend on a watch.

  6. I wear a watch because my job keeps my hands varying degrees of filthy all day, and I don’t want to touch my phone.

    The fact that welding and rigging are a big part of my job *used* to be my reason for not wearing a watch, but my Citizen’s glass seems to be holding up to grinder sparks and occasional spatter pretty well, and with a NATO strap, I have yet to tear it off my wrist reaching in to a nest of wire rope.

    • The crystal on Citizen’s faces is pretty tough stuff. I’ve been wearing their watches for a long, long time and never scratched one, even on rocks, coral, barnacles or anything else when I did things like install mooring lines on dive sites or clean the bottom of the boat. Only problem I ever had was when that particular watch lost it’s mind. The analog hands didn’t line up with the digital display any more which made me not trust the dive computer in the watch. Citizen happily fixed it for free.

      When I worked as a welder I didn’t wear a Citizen. I wore a self-winding watch from Stührling which was, so far as I can tell, equally tough. They’re cheaper than a nice Citizen but with their cut-away designs they look really cool (they do make some high end watches but I wouldn’t wear one for welding).

      • Ground rock and acid fumes will tear up even the good synthetic watch crystals, my years of experience with hands over a hotplate in a fumehood with a blower rumbling have shown.

        I’m pretty sure it’s the Fluorine being liberated by the aggressive digestion doing the damage. That’s in addition to fingers being stained yellow-orange by the nitric acid in the aqua-regia…

  7. ….plus, a pocket tool, maybe a Kershaw 3/4 ton pocket knife, a fenix PD-35 950 lumen, or Bushnell pro 650 lumen CREE flashlights, a OC canister of Peppergard 10, maybe my (real cameras) Fuji finepix XP200, or Canon SX 750, or Sony All weather micro Handicam Blu-ray video recorder GR-77 with 17x opt. zoom….

  8. …And usually my smartphone is busy streaming digital music from Pandora, Sound cloud, or other alternative internet 🎶 sites…Since I like to collect Bluetooth speakers and Headphones…And enjoy different Electronica genres (RE: Like> Trance, Psy-Trance, Chillax, Ambient, Fusion, Synthwave, Darkwave, Bass & Drum, etc…) As well as Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Industrial, and Heavy Metal….

  9. …Now if anyone’s is looking for decent Bluetooth speakers…I would recommend a few Amazon deals…Pocket category: 6- 10 watt range, 85-92 dbl. with pretty decent bass, and acoustic quality….(re: 1. } Xiaomi Mi, a very good travel speaker from a Chinese phone company. Sleek and pocket sized. Has surprising volume, audio quality, Bass, and HD audio…With Sd-micro support…about $45.-60. If u can find one. 2.} Tronsmart T2. 10 watts , loud, very good bass and acoustics. Still pocket sized…usually only $23.00 -33.00 ! 3} Wilnorn Sound plus–another good small speaker with similar set-up…8 watts…$25.00 )

  10. Midrange: 14-25 watts, moderate to heavy bass quality….
    1. TaoTronics Pulse X. ( excellent niche Chinese BT speaker. 14 watts. Loud. Good with genre of 🎶…Excellent with bass heavy tracks…only $30.00….)

    2. TaoTronics 360 HD bt speaker…
    (Only $50.00)

    3. Aukey Eclipse. (A cheap JBL Charge 3 like speaker that sounds very good, loud, and is comparable to the JBL…But without the price…)

    4.) Soundcore Select.

    5.) Soundcore Boost.

    6.) Treblab HD 55.

    Try some of these for your portable music entertainment…..

    • Currently wearing Trekz Titanium for music and phone work. Conducts sound through the bone in front of the ear. Very nice sound.

  11. EDC & water sports: Orient Ray II. I swapped out the stainless bracelet for a Hirsch Arne performance strap, which I prefer for kayaking, etc.

    Dinner/Evening out: Orient Bambino Gen 2, Version 3, black leather strap.

    Dirty work/mechanical jobs: old Casio digital. Scratched to hell and will probably never die.

    Both Orients have in-house (made by Orient in Japan) automatic movements, are hackable and have a manual wind option. MSRP is $300-335, but they can be had for about half that on Amazon (authorized dealer). They take turns in a Versa automatic watch winder when I’m not wearing them.

    I’ll wear a Rolex if I inherit my dad’s, but only for special occasions. I wouldn’t want that kind of bling on my wrist everywhere I go.

    • Orient is one of the most underrated watch brands out there. I don’t own one (not opposed to owning one but im a Seiko fanatic so I spend my limited watch money on Seiko) but having handled a couple I was impressed by the craftsmanship especially for the price

      • Limited watch money, too. Went with Seiko SARB033. Entire watch Made in Japan. It appears over-hyped on watch channels, but it is the real deal. It is automatic, but you can wind it as well. Build quality, fit and finish, the whole nine yards. Aesthetically it has an understated excellence and, frankly, looks more expensive in person than it actually is. Only downside, movement (hackable) is non regulated. I get +/- 8 secs. Also, date indicator smallish.

        It compliments causal, business casual and professional attire.

        Also, not, I repeat, not, a millennial hipster, but I like the smaller (38mm) case size.

    • My camping watch is aTimex Easy Reader.

      Simple face, day, date, and Indiglo is still the best watch illumination I’ve seen. For that “oh man, I really have to pee, but it’s cold out there and like, 3 zippers away. Do I go or hold it? Let’s see how long until dawn.”

  12. Citizen ECO-drive titanium, best watch I’ve ever owned. No battery replacement, keeps perfect time, lightweight, tough as nails and hands and numbers that glow all night.

    • I’ve come close to buying the Citizen BM7100-59E Corso Eco Drive on Amazon multiple times. In-shopping-cart close. One of these days I’m probably gonna bite. An antireflective sapphire crystal at that price is pretty nice.

  13. Timex.
    I look for thin watches that don’t catch on my sleeve so much. This fit the bill for under $40. Too many wrist watches nowadays are over 1/2″ thick and covered with buttons I don’t need. And they’re ugly.

  14. Today , a Rolex blackface Explorer II with 216570 movement , solid end links and the Steve McQueen hand .

    I have 5 or 6 watches i rotate, although this one sees most wear, including on the job as firefighter .

  15. everyday-Timex indiglo…

    dress up-using a mid1930s Hamilton or Waltham (sorry forget the models). They are both rectangular, NOT round.

  16. EDC is a Casio Pro Trek PRG 270-1

    My favorite watch I have is a Seiko SRP773, which folks often call the new Turtle. I’m a sucker for automatic watches

  17. I have a big ass gold plastic alarm clock hung around my neck with a big ass gold plastic chain. And once I figure out what a wristwatch has got to do with a pocket dump I’ ll never say shanizzle again.

  18. Formal- Cartier French tank stainless steel

    EDC- rotate between BandM Capeland, Panerai Luminor Daylight and Omega Speedy Moonwatch.

    Swimming, hiking, DIY projects- Seiko 5 Sport khaki

    I’m a bit of a watch addict with an aversion to quartz.

  19. For nearly 30 years I yearned for two watches, the Rolex Daytona, white/stainless and the Submariner black face and crown, bimetal bracelet. I now happily wear the latter daily, and hope the former wont take another 30 years to acquire.

    Is there a point to a luxury watch? If it has to be explained, it’s likely pointless to you, and that’s ok.

    From a tactical practical standpoint the Sub is very tough, never needs winding or batteries, is submersible to 1000ft, the hands glow. . . ok, So you could get watch that does everything it does with enough money left over to get yourself a Cabot 1911, two if you get cheap ones. . . and just like the Cabot, if you’re not into them, it won’t make any sense. If you are though. . . it doesn’t need to make sense.

  20. Biggest reason the watch beats the smart phone is battery life. Smart Phone Maybe 48 hours AT BEST. Watch… Years .
    I took a group hunting a couple years back in the Colorado wilderness, despite me being clear that everyone needed to wear a watch, none of them did. Their comment was, we are out hunting why do we a need a watch. ?????


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