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LostInOutdoors pocket dump at everydaycarry.com is stylactical (stylish + practical). I down with the stippled GLOCK 26 and dig the box and background into which he dumps his dump. Loadout? You know what I mean. When my day is done . . .

I stash my gat by the bedside and keep all my other stuff– keys, spare mag, wallet, knife — in my jeans. But I appreciated the OCD nature of having a specific place to store specific items.

Where do you put your stuff when your everyday carry day is done?

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  1. close at hand, on top of my safe, or I don’t “dump”. yes, I’ve slept thru the entire night with either a .45 or 9mm holstered, knives, keys, wallet ect still on my person.

    I’m like Chuck Norris, I keep a pillow under my gun….

  2. GI surplus camo shave kit bag on the counter in the bathroom for pocket-related articles, ceramic receptacle a few feet away for bio-related matter…

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    Ю)__) ∧_∧
    |´ー`| (・ω・`)
     ~~~~~ ⊂   ヽ /
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  4. 🚽🚽🚽

  5. I have a Craftsman toolbox I keep everything in normally. Current carry items go in the top lid with older or different gear in either of the two drawers. I like it, but I’m single, married folk may not be able to get away with a toolbox in the bedroom.

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