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Donald describes this as his “church carry” EDC load out, calling it “simple and effective.” Word. See what he’d carrying at Everyday Carry . . .


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      • It has four brightness settings and a strobe feature.

        The max output at 210 lumens gives you around 2 hours of straight out use from one 123A. I use my light pretty often but usually not for long periods of time, I’d say I swap out that 123A battery on it every six months on average so a 72 pack from Surefire would run the light for 36 years if the batteries stayed good that long (they’re guaranteed for 10 years). I run a bunch of lights that use these batteries though so I don’t worry about the shelf life. I’ll run through a couple 72 packs of them in 5-7 years regardless.

        Really the reason I got this light was because it’s cheap and runs on Li-Ion batteries. Around $50 so if it grows legs I don’t care as much as one of my $250+ Surefires wandering off. The bonus of the Li-Ion batteries is that they are not affected by cold the way alkaline pile batteries are.

        I’ve had the light for three years and it still functions flawlessly even though it looks a bit beat up. Considering how badly I beat up most of my tools and that this thing spent years being used in a dirty welding shop as my EDC light I’d give it five out of five stars across the board.

    • Hardly. It’s an XD which means it’s not going off unless you have positive control of the firearm and intend to depress the trigger. This aint no glock leg waiting to happen.

      Grip safety firearms are some of the safest out there to carry.

    • Yes, I noticed. I don’t carry my XDS that way, as I don’t want to have to rack it to fire, but if he is carrying without a holster (as the pic seems to indicate) that would be the way to go.

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