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There’s only a week left in summer, but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t pretty toasty in large swaths of the country. As Dave writes, “this is normally a summer carry since I do not wear any jeans at this time of season, these items won’t weigh me down.” Check out what Dave’s chosen in order to stay cool and unfettered at Everyday Carry . . .


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  1. I just can’t think of anything to say about today’s dump. I guess I’ll wait for Cali-Zim’s take. He has likely brandished one of those knives or an LCP at somebody at some point.

  2. 3 Knives. 3. Who really carries 3 knives?

    …and no spare mag, no trauma kit, no plate carrier, not portable ballistic sheild? WHERE ARE YOUR PRIORITIES MAN?

  3. That Benchmade 531 Pardue seems like a nice knife but I basically hate mine and never carry it. Reaching into my pocket when that thing is clipped on I often catch a nail on the thumbstud, a problem I have never had with any other knife. The knife doesn’t open but it’s not comfortable on the old fingertips. I don’t like it.

    Fits into PALS webbing nicely though so that knife is on the outside of my car’s IFAK next to the shears and the Sharpie.

  4. I carry an Olight i3 also. It is a whole lot of light from a very small aaa powered package, and it is a good deal to boot.

    Although that appears to be the copper model, which I couldn’t see paying the extra money for. I got aluminum for the extra lumens though.

    My professional life happens in a lot of dark places (physically, not psychologically… mostly), and for the times when I haven’t clipped on my big Fenix, or whatever, this guy is always in my pocket and fills in just fine.

  5. You’re right , he needs more knives. When I go in to work in a few minutes I’ll be carrying 4. A XM 18 and a small fixed blade on my uniform and a folder in each of my bunker coat pockets .

    I bet the small multi tool is more for the screwdrivers and such, I’d also,bet a ton think a person is nuts for carrying a gun at all, which is why I don’t point fingers at others who may do differently then myself .

  6. Finally something that can actually be carried in a pocket. I’m tired of seeing Glock 19s and spare mags and a BUG.

  7. Three knives, that’s an interesting choice. I’d certainly swap one of those for a spare mag. Perhaps another one for a tourniquet as well.

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