Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: GLOCK 19 Uber Alles?

Mike Baker's everydaycarry.com pocket dump

Mike Baker’s everydaycarry.com pocket dump features . . . wait for it . . . a GLOCK 19! Which could well be America’s favorite handgun. Gun? That too! But is it America’s favorite carry gun? I doubt it. The GLOCK 19 . . .

is not right-sized for concealed carry.

Well, not for people who consider the firearm too big to conceal. Not without changing they way they dress and move, and learning to say “I’m happy to see you” with a warm, genuine smile when someone asks “is that a GLOCK 19 on your hip or are you happy to see me?”

Remember: no one ever lost money overestimating the laziness of the American people. Their desire not to have to change. In other words, the GLOCK 42 or 43 beat the 19 hands up. I mean down. Hands down. Where I can see them.

I wonder if the 42 and 43 outsell the venerable 19, and if Gaston’s mob gets the same percentage of the purchase price. (“Youz guys gotta wet my beak.”) Equally, I wonder if Mike Baker would trade his 19 for  a 42 or 43 and, say, a Rolex Daytona (Mike’s a jeweler). It doesn’t keep me up at night, but the question is in there. No wait. It’s gone.

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  1. avatar Gun Free School Zones are a crime against humanity says:

    The Glock 19. The modern S&W Model 10. Either one is all the gun a person would ever need for self protection. For the one gun person either will do and do well.

    But we don’t just buy guns for self protection. Want is a whole other animal.

    1. avatar WeaponsOfLove says:

      I carry my stick and shoot pocket pool…

  2. avatar Larry says:

    He can buy all the Glock models, with his cut from one of the upper level Daytonas . ADs get 48%, a gold Daytona sells for 30k.

  3. avatar Do not pass go, do not collect $200 says:

    I pack a G19 around on me daily. Summer, Winter, it doesn’t matter. The right holster is all you need. A good appendix holster, 1.75″ wide stiff belt and a slightly baggy shirt (preferably darker in color) and you’re good.

    1. avatar 1bummys says:

      You are correct, good belt and holster is a must. Shirt or jacket so there is little to no imprinting. Although I carry a Glock 30 , I like the 45acp best.

      1. avatar Davie says:

        It’s called printing.

  4. avatar Accur81 says:

    A beat up Glock 19 is fine for concealed carry. I’ve got one right now. The G43 is great for pocket carry. I’ve got both and shoot them regularly.

  5. avatar Mort says:

    Mmmm, yeah… I call BS ha. Once upon time, I CCW’d a Glock 23 every dang day (with a spare mag, and in hot sticky Florida, in shorts and T-shirt, btw)… and it is identical in size to the Glock 19, of course (i.e., for the 2.6 people who don’t know, a Glock 23 is just a 19 frame chambered in .40S&W instead of 9x19mm). It defended my life in 1995.

    And then after that, for a year or two I CCW’d a Sig P226 (with a spare mag, yeah) in the same dirty nylon holster.

    Now… I will admit.. I was young, fit and cut then, and not the floundering blubber-lovin’ seal that I am currently morphing into nowadays 20-odd years later… and so now I have a teeny weeny little single stack on my hip.

    BUT! The point is– it can certainly be done. So, I am hoping Mike is a bit more athletic and svelte than I am, and that all of you Glock 19’ers are enthusiastically into exercise and a good diet, also.

    I will waddle back to my chair now. Be safe.

    1. avatar Bob says:

      Your Glock 23 did not defend your life. YOU defended your life using a Glock 23. Nice choice of tool, BTW.

  6. avatar BC says:

    Horse hockey. I don’t understand this new idea that carry pistols have to be tiny. It used to be the G17/P226 was the duty size and the G19/P228(9) was the carry size. “Deep concealment” meant a P232. Now everyone says a G26 is too thick. Ridiculousness.

    I EDC a P320 Carry and even my buddies that all carry have to ask. Hell, one of my Filipino buddies carries a full-sized Steyr and he’s like a buck fifty.

    1. avatar Diesel says:

      Here in Oklahoma we don’t need to hide what we carry and I understand if other people do but for me I carry a Glock 20c compensated model in the big 10mm. I am sometimes in a hurry where I don’t strap the rig on so Sig 938 scorpion if I do get out around the”Folks” that do Not understand why we need to have anything, you know Hillary Cuntin type folks!!

  7. avatar G says:

    My wife and I carry Glock 19s daily. With the right holster it’s perfect for EDC.

  8. avatar Robert says:

    It works for people who are thinner. Most people who are carrying around a few extra pounds can’t wear a large gun without profiling. Now I live in Oklahoma….I carry my Colt 45 on my belt in view

  9. avatar Guest says:

    What kind of nonsense is the author spewing.

  10. avatar Prince says:

    S&W 9c is the most comfortable, reliable double stack I have ever carried iwb…..Before it was the G26 many yrs….Just my 2¢…lol

  11. avatar Hughey says:

    My EDC is a Glock 19, as well. But I think it is so funny every one is so hung up on a little printing! If you are a legal CC permit holder…what are you trying to hide? The bad guys are not looking to see who is printing. The average American is too busy to notice or care. The only ones that are really paying attention or looking for a print are other folks that EDC. It seems that many think the best defense gun is one that does not print. Just carry whatever is comfortable to you…and one that you can shoot well. Pay less attention to the print and more to your surroundings.

    1. avatar Fabio says:

      If you take concealed carry seriously? You will learn to dress around your gun. The right holster and the right shirt or jacket is a must. I carry big guns and I carry small. Small in summer and big in winter. Learn to shoot what you carry well and always put safety first.

  12. avatar Diesel says:

    If I do carry a 9mm it’s one of my CZ’S 75 p01 nsn NATO certified model!! Definitely heavier than the 19 but if you are completely against polymer aka plastic I highly recommend you try a CZ 75 model!!

  13. This is why we can’t have nice things.

  14. avatar 3manfan says:

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  15. avatar The spider says:

    Many smaller single stack everyday carries on the market.Glock 19 not very concealable in warm climate.Glock 19 good for home protection.

  16. avatar TheOptomist says:

    If you live somewhere that has a magazine capacity limit there is no reason to carry a G19. The invention of skinny jeans and the fact that fat guys can’t carry appendix. Basically there’s a gun for everybody. Carry what you like wether it’s 380 or 10mm.

  17. avatar mike armand says:

    Hello to all, I gotta jump in here. I live in Las Vegas wheres its 118 degrees in the summer and my EDC ( rotate guns )is my Glock 19 or my Kimber Ultra carry in 45ACP. I wear shorts and short sleeve shirt and carry both in an OWB holster and never have an issue with “printing” and as some have stated here NOBODY IS LOOKING TO SEE IF YOUR PRINTING. If I have to wear a suit I carry my SW 640 in a pocket holster. Really….. carry what you want and be comfortable with it……Hmmmm does anybody make a holster for a Bazooka?

  18. avatar David W says:

    My carry is a Glock 19 appendix, I also plan on getting a G26 to have something smaller for the summer months here.

    1. avatar Jeffro says:

      A 19 is just to big to conceal. I had one and traded it in on my g32.**357 sig** I always kept the 19 in the vehicle cause it was awkward to conceal. Only comfortable way to carry a 19 is not to. Leave it in the truck with a 22rnd extendo. To each their own tho. Whatever u conceal just do it safe 👍👌

  19. avatar Jeffro says:

    I alternate between my G32, G27
    Or my m&p shield 40. Just depends on which one I blindly grab off the night stand when i get dressed

  20. avatar Mike Baker says:

    Thanks for the feature! To be honest, I would not consider trading my G19 for a 42 or 43 (unless you’re serious about the Daytona trade. In which case, shut up and take my gun!). They are great guns and their capacity is just fine for legal NYS carry, but the fact that they are significantly smaller is actually a negative for me. I really like how the G19 fits in my hand and the size of it is not an issue to CC with my body type. With the right holster(s) it conceals just fine for me, although I can understand how it is “on the fence” for some people depending on your body type/dress characteristics.

    In my opinion, a real competitor to the G19 is (was) the Springfield XDS 4.0. The single stack conceals a bit better but still gives roughly the same length, grip size, and weight as the Glock. I am happy enough with my 19 that I have not switched to the XDS, but it has crossed my mind.

  21. avatar Mmmtacos says:

    You’re drunk, Robert, go home.

    The Glock 19 is not the most comfortable gun to carry, a 42 is easily more comfortable and carrying nothing at all is most comfortable. I preferred a Glock 19 though (now I prefer an M&P M2.0 Compact) for CC over a Shield that I did have for a while. It’s got capacity but it’s also easier to draw and shoot well over a pocket pistol.

    However CC’ing a Glock 19 and not printing is not an impossible feat. I don’t modify my wardrobe or anything to do it. Nor do I hug anyone so closely other than my wife that I need them to worry about anything protruding from my pelvic area.

  22. avatar RidgeRunner says:

    Really like that Spyderco Yojimbo2. Four years in, I’m thinking about upgrading my Tenacious (surely the best value EDC knife I’ve come across), I was going for the Paramilitary 2 but dang that Yojimbo looks pretty awesome. IF anyone has either, I’d be interested in their impressions.

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