Lots of self-described IT professionals are packing heat, it seems. Good to see. This case, the venerable M&P Shield in a MultiHolsters FOMI rig. We’re big fans of that Spyderco Sage, too. Check out the rest of BHood83’s gear at Everyday Carry.


    • This! Wow the contents of some guy’s pockets. Lemme guess, car keys, a knife, flashlight and a small plastic gun. Surprised how common EDC multitool carry is, but whatever.

  1. Why are everyone else’s EDCs so much more coordinated than mine? Did I miss the Fashion Week issue of American Rifleman?

  2. Wow. I roll with the same leatherman, same iphone, same phone case, wallet looks about the same and up until a few months ago I had a shield. Setup approved.


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