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Mr. ‘EverydayCooling‘ is back with his “What about Sunday” collection.  Brought to us by the fine folks at Everyday Carry.

Mr. E. lists himself as a “superintendent” working in the Midwest.  At age 31, I doubt he’s a school superintendent.  Either way, seems like on Sunday, he’s packing his GLOCK 43 in a Hellbent holster.  Just wondering…  does he carry it into church?  I carry in church, but not in a Hellbent rig.  (What about you…  do you pack in your place of worship?)

Most of his stuff looks pretty new.  Including his G43.  He has some nice stuff though.  Montblanc R162 Meisterstuck Le Grand Red Gold Rollerball probably cost more than my GLOCK.  And his too.

He has two Benchmade knives, a Bugout folder and a “Hidden Canyon Hunter” fixed blade.  Benchmade makes good stuff.

He’s also got a “Mighty Hanks” handkerchief.  At 31 years old, he’s easily the youngest person I have ever known to carry a handkerchief.  Is it a new hipster thing?  And the HELL-BENT money clip with the “Indian Chief” on it?  That’s definitely a conversation starter.

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  1. I’ve never really gotten the whole expensive pen thing. €1155? That’s like $1300 for a pen. Whatever, his money. Maybe he got a good sale on it or something too.

    What I really want to know is what that “Angry Tiki” thing is/what it’s for. LoPro garrote? Offensive rosary beads for Sunday?

    • Oh, yeah, also. Decent Dive watch from what I know about them. The only think that ticks me off about Deep Blue is that a lot of their “dive watches” are silly for diving because of the colorschemes they use. Looks great and really readable… on the surface. Down below where the colors start to disappear they all kinda blend together. Same with all the companies that make red or orange diving wetsuits. The highlights turn grey at like 20 feet down so what’s the point? Cause it looks flashy on the boat?

      If I’m using your bezelchrono as a backup to my computers I want it to tell me what I want to know at a damn glance. Which reminds me, reset your bezel dude.

      • Strych9, Scuba suits in bright colors do indeed fade in deeper waters as the light spectrum is filtered out. But that’s not the point of bright scuba wetsuits. Yellow, red, and orange accents are there to increase your visibility on the surface: so your dive master can easily see everyone in the dive party and count noses; make you easier to spot if you’re in distress, or if you miss the anchor line and pop up some distance from the boat – your boat captain can see you; and if you’re swimming to your boat or from shore to your dive spot – you’re easier to seen by boaters.

        As for the color of the face of my dive watch, I’ve used everything from white markers on black, black markers on gold, black markers on white. And used bright stainless and black bands and cases. One super-clear high-vis dive, wearing a gold-faced diver with a bright stainless case, I realized it flashed and reflected just like a fishing lure, which explained the attention I was getting from the school of barracuda that called the wreck – our dive site – home. Spent the rest of the dive with my right hand covering my left wrist. My recommendation, despite the popularity of the Rolex Submariner and all its clones, get a black watch with a black face, black case, and black band, lest your left hand become a barracuda’s lunch.

        The dive watch in this day and age is back-up anyway — the entire dive profile goes into the dive computer. The bezel of my watch gets turned just as a reminder.

        As for the superintendent and carrying on Sunday, do we know for sure he’s not carrying on school property. In my home state, given the remoteness of some schools and the distance one might be from the closest LEO, teachers and admins are more than welcome to carry in some districts.

        I don’t get $1000 pens, especially for a school admin. It’s not like he’s trying to present himself as super successful salesperson or executive or fund manager. A public school official flashing a luxury pen (or watch) will only cause teacher and taxpayer blowback.

        • Nice theory on wetsuits but it doesn’t work.

          I say that as a Divemaster for the past 12 years with more hours working on a dive boat than I can count.

          If they wanted to make you visible they’d make the arms solid safety orange instead of black or with small colored highlights and not put all the color on the chest and down the sides where a BCD covers the color anyway. Or, BCD companies would make their BCD brightly colored. The color scheme on a wetsuit not designed for commercial diving is just for looks. Anyone who says it’s for safety has never worked a boat or is using, knowingly or not, a sales line from the manufacturer.

          This is why those inflatable emergency surface flags that no one ever has are actually a thing.

          With dive watches the color difference between the face and the hands is what matters. That’s why the second hand is often red or another color that may blend with the face, because all you really care about is minutes and hours if your computer(s) die. A good dive watch has a light face with colored hands easily readable in bright light but which, when underwater, still stand out against the face, or has a different scheme that makes the hands stand out against the background. Dark on dark or orange on black is to look sporty on the surface but isn’t really a good scheme when a dive watch really matters. Which is also tied to why the bezel only rotates one way, but that’s another topic.

          The best dive watch I have, and I have a bunch, is a Citizen EcoDrive Promaster Aqualand with a built in computer. Citizen obviously talked to professional divers in designing it. The scheme looks odd in air but below 20 feet is highly readable without being highly reflective. But, it’s not man bling on the surface either.

          Again, 12 years as a DM, 16 as a Rescue Diver, 20 years total diving experience. I’ve bought the flashy shit and discarded it for things that actually work day in and day out.

      • And underwater in the murk, I’d want those hands to be Tritium illuminated, not just ‘Glow-in-the Dark’ paint illuminated, that rapidly loses its ‘glow’, once it’s charged on the surface…

    • his pen was actually about half that, but if your salary provides then maybe it’s the same as a $20 pen to you? Or a $3 pen… just depends on how much he makes I guess…

      and, you mean the necklace? lol. wow.

      • The cheapest LeGrand Rollerball, which is what he says that is, €1000 on the MontBlanc website. Is his particular version a cheaper/older one?

        Also, that’s a necklace… Well, I’ll be damned, bothering to get past Amazon (and pay attention) it’s actually two items. A necklace with a “puncher” ring on it, which I assume is meant to be a “punch/embosser ring” like bikers wear, attached to it. Another $1000 for the combo. Crazy what people spend their money on.

        • I checked the website for the pens, showed me 300 pounds for the cheapest. Either way, too rich for my blood, and I’d probably lose it anyways. Not sure where you are getting 1k lowest. Care to share?

  2. If that is the setup that works best for him/her then great! Best wished to him and hopefully he will never have to use it in his place of business.

    • I was thinking the same. Carrying a flashlight and spare mag on Sundays isn’t necessary to him. Everything looks pristine except the lighter, which I am sure has a lot of stories behind it.

  3. “Mr. E. lists himself as a “superintendent” working in the Midwest. At age 31, I doubt he’s a school superintendent”

    Superintendent is a supervisory term common in a union ‘shop’…

  4. Everybody missed the ranger band wrapped, old school, brass Zippo. Guesses people…c’mon, what’s the biggest gripe about fueled lighters? -30-

    • As opposed to……magic lighters? Theymare all fueled….by something.

      I have known tons of smokers who wrapped their lighter (Zippos and Bics) with rubber bands to keep them from sliding out of their pockets when sitting.

        • Mostly I see such a move on BICs to keep the button from getting depressed. Smokers and preppers both do that.

          It works for a short time on a Zippo. The repeated heating and cooling eventually creates enough vapor to get past even the seal on a can of Zippo fluid if it’s not stored in a fairly constant environment temperature wise. Zippo fluid is a pretty volatile mixture with a vapor pressure of something like 7psi at room temperature.

  5. Maybe I’m weird, but I find it strange to carry a pen I would be more worried about someone grabbing than my gun.

    Although I guess he carries the gun to protect the pen?

  6. I have a Mont Blanca pen of some description. Bought it at some celebrity fundraiser auction. Never carried it. Never signed my name with it. It’s made out of plastic. My now ex-wife was there. Need I say more?

  7. As a former hell fire and brimstone southern baptist who is now married to a mormon I avoid churches. Places are bad for my well being. And now a days they can be dangerous.

      • Religion, yes, perhaps. A lack of faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior, and God, however, will also prove hazardous. Religion and faith in the Higher Being are 2 separate things.

        Havng stated that, I carry the same whether around town, at home, work or play. After all these years I felt very strange having to leave the piece in the room while attending the Trump speech last Friday in Indy.

        Funny side story- I was invited to tale part in a Fox News Townhall with Harris Faulkner a week or so back. Checked in, was handed a ticket, then told to go through Security. Hmmm, no one mentioned that. Walked up to the detectors and said “Crap- probably can’t carry my piece in here, huh?” The private rent-a-cop looked a me and said “You’ve got a gun???”, obviously surprised. I told him “Yeah- don’t you?” (Not sure he did, either.) told him I’d be back after going to the car.

  8. Well…kind of a cool carry.

    I’m not big on them expensive pen…bit it’s not for me.

    I really don’t understand the tiki doodad….they evidently are expensive as hell….why?

    Hipster equivalent of Beanie Babies.? I guess everyone needs a reason to spend money.

  9. Its illegal to carry in Church here in Michigan, unless you get your pastor or priests permission, and that can be a touchy subject when you bring it up. I really believe they all think that Church is a place of peace and it will never happen in their Church. I feel naked going in without my gun.

    • It’s illegal to infringe upon your right to carry as well.

      Rather be tried by 12, than carried by 6. Just sayin.

      • It makes more sense to ask permission from the church leader after an attack was defended against.

        Before that time, concealed means *concealed*…

  10. Bright colors on a gun are just another way to make it less concealable.

    I always carry at church….and everywhere else there isn’t active security manning an entrance.
    Saw a guy chest pack carry into the Post Office the other day. The postmaster asked how the fishing was and then told him you aren’t supposed to bring guns into the Post Office…..thats how it should be handled. No cops, no freaking out.

    • lol wut? You can have a lime green gun… as long as it’s concealed, how the fuck is it less concealable because of it’s color? It’s not the holster that is painted, or the clips… and if your wardrobe is correct then what is the issue? Your shirt goes OVER it, your pants cover the rest.


      • Shit happens. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t carry guns in the first place, would we? A jacket rides up a bit or blows in the wind, would you rather have a dark gun that blends into your undershirt or one with a bright neon color on it? So given that potential downside, what is the upside of having such a garish color on your mag… particularly if you plan on people not seeing it?

        • Because it costs the same as a black one? And why not? Not saying I like the color scheme, but compared to what you are saying that color makes it harder to hide, is just ridiculous. Concealed means concealed.

          If you cannot conceal ‘perfectly’ then you need to adjust your attire to suite your needs. If you worry about something showing the gun while you are concealing and trying to bend down, maybe you should adjust your carry position and also your clothing. That simple.

      • Very few people can keep their firearm concealed perfectly. You may be the exception but most can’t.

  11. See no point in varying what you carry on a Sunday as opposed to any other day. My workplace doesn’t allow employees to carry guns. So it’s locked out of sight in the vehicle. Everyplace else I carry the same thing every day of the week.

    If it’s church he’s talking about with “Sunday”, well I got free of that decades ago. But certainly urge people to carry in church. If the church in question does not allow it, maybe you should find another church that values your safety.

    • Maybe , like you, he cant carry the rest of the week.

      We dont know.

      If I was a betting man, I would bet this is not a church carry for him.

  12. Just a rule – carry where you can as often as you can – including church.
    If you go to a charismatic church, just wear a long shirt so it doesn’t show when you raise your hands 🙂
    If I see it, I’ll just yell, “HALLELUJAH PRAISE JESUS!” so you know.
    Hopefully you never have to use it, and getting training on how to stop a threat in a crowded place is recommended.
    Remember the TX church shooter wore body armor.
    It wouldn’t hurt to be the guy in the back that peeks when everyone has heads bowed and praying – watching for a threat.
    If you go to a conservative enough church, not only will they allow carry, but they will encourage it.
    God will keep you safe?
    “Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.”
    ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭4:7‬ ‭KJV‬‬
    Wear a coat when it’s cold? Thought so.

    God Bless!

  13. My goodness your articles are cringeworthy.

    Who cares if you doubt what age he is able to be a superintendent at? Maybe his stuff is new. He obviously takes care of it, and switches it up regularly. The previous posts on the EDC site only go so far, but I have seen Cooling on there for years, and he always has nice new gear and always sharing new things. I refuse to hate on someone for having the ability to do so.

    As for the hanky… it’s a “hipster” thing now to carry something to wipe your nose? I am 33, been carrying some form of a hanky or even a small cheap wal-mart hand towel for as long as I can remember. Comes in handy. Haven’t you ever seen Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy or “South Park’s towelie episodes? Always carry a towel.

    I just don’t understand these articles, or why they are taken from the EDC site at all. If you want pocket dumps on your site, create it. Then you (the terrible writer) and all your old TTAG grumpies can fight over who has the most used and cheapest gear.

      • From the ‘tone’ of his comments I figured him to be an inexperienced kid. Now he’s removed any doubt.

        • Something all old farts say…. I’m 35 btw. Nice try. Experience is subjective. Some 18 year old somewhere has more experience than both of us at something.

          The “tone” of my comments are no different than the subjectiveness of yours. Grouchy fuck. Go get your flu shot.

        • b.d. You said you were 33 in the comment above. Now you’re 35? Pick an age and stick with it. Or do you have dementia?

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