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David Silverback, a medic from the Great State of Texas, send us his “My Everyday Carry.”  Via Everyday Carry – the website of pocket dumps and more.

Silverback, age 56, calls this his “American Express”:

I never leave home with out it!

He carries some interesting choices.  The Gerber Shard with the paracord wrap for starters.  Looks more like fish filet knife than a more traditional carry knife.  Maybe that comes in handy at restaurants that serve dull steak knives.  My lovely bride scolds me everytime when I use my big blade to chop on meat when they give me a dull steak knife.

Interesting “wallet.”  Seems like I see more and more of those all the time.  Clearly, some folks just don’t carry cash.  But what to these folks do for their licenses and so forth?  Heck, I’ve got seven “credit cards” (two corporate, three debit, two credit) alone.  Add in car, health, dental and vision insurance cards and things are fattening right up.

I clicked over to check out the Citizens Navihawk watch.  Dear Lord.  David Silverback must have some great eyes or he wears readers.  I had to squint to see all the numbers in a larger than life picture of that watch’s face!  OMG.

He has a second fixed blade in a Columbia River Knife and Tool 5510K K.I.S.S.  Wow.  Anyone trained in blades knows that fixed blades rock.  Fast deployment every time.

All that stuff and he carries a Beretta Px4 Storm 9mm Compact.  I wonder what sort of holster he uses to pack that Roscoe.  It seems a little much to stuff into one’s pocket without any sort of holster.

Unless, of course, he carries it in his murse.


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  1. I like the Px4 compact but I’d get the one with low profile controls.

    The rest of the stuff is real personal. I like folders better for EDC

  2. @ J.B. Please, learn more about knives. Don’t assume knowledge you don’t have. All you have to do is google it @ blade hq. CRKT Obake not a K.I.S.S. I also have one, very light and sharp. I like unusual knives, have many, probably too many. My knife collection is worth as much or more than my gun collection.

    • There are 2 fixed blade knives in the picture. The Obake is on the right, the KISS is at the top. The Obake is an interesting design, but I like my KISS knife for its simplicity.

  3. “Relax. I’m retrieving something from my utility bag” – Cable

    No light?

  4. “Derp derp, golly gee…I wonder if he has one of those things called a holster.”

    That sort of statement is getting old and isn’t cute. I’d assume he has a holster and either it was overlooked or there was another reason it wasn’t pictured.

    One of the guns in my carry rotation is a px4 compact in .40. I don’t have the low profile controls but see where they would be preferred. My holster is a sticky holster kept either IWB or acts as a trigger guard for the piece when carried off body, which happens on occasion.

    • People should post their holster.

      It is not cute to leave the holster out.

      Otherwise, we assume you dont really carry it on your person.

      • making an assumption is the problem, but these pocket dumps are generally silly anyway so holster/no holster doesn’t really matter.

  5. Does Beretta make a left handed model or is that photo flipped?

    • Ambidextrous slide lock. Apparently some have them and some don’t.

      • I think you can also remove one side or add a kit that only has one. My px4 has the ambi slide lock but my 96 has it only on the left.

  6. I carried the obake scout style for four years straight. Nice knife, the one that got me started into knives. I now scout carry a gerber ghostrike in bdz1 steel for my fixed blade and a Benchmade Nakamura in m390 for my folder. You should definitely as light to your AMEX list, I never leave my house without some small flashlight.

    PS the kiss is at the top, obake on the right hand side. The gerber shard is the small multitool in the middle lol

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