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Not so much a pocket dump as a backpack dump. Still, nice work on that custom holster. And we sure have seen a lot of SIG P938’s lately, no? See everything Tracker’s toting at Everyday Carry . . .


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  1. What backpack? I figured he used the bandana to wrap it all up and carry it in a bindle on a stick. (stupid autocorrect, doesn’t know what a bindle is)
    And three knives, two lighters and two wrenches (three if we include the pocket tool)?

  2. whoa, nice pistol.
    and i’ve had my same diamond diamalloy 4″ adjustable open end wrench on my belt loop since ’83. you need to mill a little jaw off to clear 9/ 16″…

  3. The P938 has kinda been my EDC Ohhhhhhhh for about 4 years. Its the gun you have but dont know its there. 16ozs of IWB single action cocked N locked goodness.

  4. I don’t understand the concept of putting a mag on the same side as your gun. Let’s say you need to reload…. now you’ve got to move your gun to your non-dominant hand, just to change mags.


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