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The man who totes the above loadout — EDC Train to City at Night — is ex-cop Mke Hawkins. Under the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act, Mr. Hawkins is . . .

good to stow where “normal” members of the pistol packing public cannot go. With certain restrictions.

If the unnamed City to which Mr. Hawkins refers is The Big Apple, then lucky old him. You average concealed carry Joe is SOL in NYC and on the trains to and from.

I wonder if Mr. Hawkins wasn’t an ex-cop if he’d carry a gu on the train anyway. I know of at least one [otherwise] law-abiding NYC train commuter who does. Would you? Assuming your job required a commute and you needed your job to keep your family afloat.

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  1. I imagine if he’s a former cop from another state, NY will still probably try to prosecute him if they found out. They have a pretty solid history of blatantly ignoring written law.

    • LEOSA applies in all 50 states and Fraternal Order of Police and other unions protect their members in all 50 states. He has nothing to worry about.

    • How is this guy an elitist?
      Even if it’s wrong that ex-leo get special privileges compared to the citizenry, it doesn’t make him bad for taking advantage of it.
      Go dry your tears on your anarchy flag.

      • He is not bad for taking advantage of his membership in a powerful public ‘service’ union, he is likely bad for enforcing unconstitutional laws on other citizens when he was on the job. ‘Just following orders’ doesn’t cut it as an excuse.

        • Your just making up assumptions that he did any of that, simply because he’s a cop. He could be a cop from a pro gun state who feels the same way about the second amendment that you do. From someone who’s spent a life time around police and military, the majority of police in conservative states reflect similar political positions on most issues as their inhabitants. You simply choose to see all police officers as communist gun grabbers because whatever media you consume has painted that picture into your head.

        • No, I don’t assume that he did, that is why I use the word ‘likely’. I very much hope that there are many cops who do their best not to violate the constitution or enforce unethical laws. I also very much fear they are in the minority. There is no reason to suspect that the police are any more thoughtful or ethical than the rest of the population, especially since they have more power and opportunity for abusive behavior. I have much sympathy for the police fellow readers of this blog that are often tarred for the crimes of others and very much hope that they are rewarded for their morality. Unfortunately, virtue is its own reward, and it’s only reward most of the time.

  2. Retired cop = regular old peon. No difference in my opinion.

    No carry if you live in a totalitarian state.

    Live like the rest of the subjects

    If he lives in a free state – then carry on.

  3. If asked and I feel like telling. I carry 20/24/7. 365 days a year. That includes home carry. The 4 hours I don’t. Im hopefully sleeping.
    Not only would I. But I have carried in many places ones not supposed to according to the law. As long as there are to my knowledge no metal detectors. So far so good in over 35 years.
    If I feel its a personally stupid makes no sense to endanger myself type law. Ill break it most of the time.
    Id rather possibly suffer the consequences of my actions. Then be an unarmed, at the possible mercy of another individual.

    • Nothing wrong by the way in my book for an retired exLEO to carry 24/7 in every state. Even though he/she is a common civilian who shouldn’t be “privileged” and we aren’t. The more armed out there the better.

  4. Some of you here sound like really bitter SOB’s! I am also a retired cop from New York and I am as pro gun as any of you. It’s not my fault that out gun laws are what they are so don’t blame us for it. Every cop that I know here is pro gun.
    Yes I carry in NYC all the time…just like every single one of you would if you lived here too, so stop the BS.

    • I suspect the haters are criminals or ex cons. Why else would you hate on Law Enforcement? Farago is probably one who’s been pulled over a couple times, and now feels some sort of self righteous anger. Like some angry brat child who’s had his Xbox privileges taken away.

    • “I am also a retired cop from New York and I am as pro gun as any of you.”

      If in the course of your duties if came across an otherwise lawful out-of-stater carrying concealed, have you let them off with a warning?

      • Yes Geoff I have and I did. I also came across a few with restricted permits and I warned them to go straight home.

        I am disgusted by our laws and our disgraceful politicians like Cuomo and DeBlasio as well.

        I hope that people realize that NY is only the way it is because of the voting block of 8 Million people in NYC….the rest of the state is pretty much suburbs and farmland.

    • I did live in NYC 81-92 and I carried every day I was there. I walked up to many a cop to ask for directions or whatever. Not a one ever said a thing with my S&W Model 66 in an open top belt holster. Some times showing if the wind blew my jacket up a bit. I felt back then look the part, no questions asked.
      If asked, it didn’t hurt that my permit was signed by a NYS Supreme Court judge. Bugged me to have to pay $300 or so every 2 years though. Bugged me even more to have it recertified last month.

  5. Petty jealousy and animosity towards a member of our society who put his life on the line to keep us protected from the bad guys in our midst, just because stupid politicians are stupid. Most police officers have no control over the laws implemented by politicians, or how the law is interpreted by judges. And hating rank and file Law Enforcement Officers because of the firearms they are allowed to carry/use, would be the same as hating members of our Military because they use full auto firearms, explosives, etc. that the civvy population doesn’t have access to. I suspect anyone who hates Military or LEO to be terrorists or criminals who have a reason to hate such people.

    • The military comparison is apples to oranges. Former military don’t get special privileges after they separate/retire to walk around carrying weapons where regular old civvies can’t or to carry/possess things civvies can’t.

      It’s not like a 0311, active or retired, can just CCW a pistol in NYC without an NY/C permit and get off the hook by saying “But I am/was in the service!”.

      Personally, I don’t much care about the issue because I think it’s incredible small potatoes but I can see how folks can get a bit heated that someone retires from LE and then still has special privileges (which is what they are). Privileges like not being put in prison if they carry into NY/NJ where normies would end up in serious trouble and probably locked up for a long time.

      • It is not apples to oranges. I have seen many people complain about LEO’s carrying firearms civilians aren’t allowed to carry. It is the same thing. And once again, LEO’s don’t have the type of pull you idiots seem to think they do. They don’t make laws, they don’t implement laws, they just enforce laws. And it would be foolish for an off duty or retired LEO to reject his “special privileges” because it makes you upset.

    • I protect myself, I don’t depend on some tax revenue collecting thug to show up after the fact to half-ass it for me. Cops aren’t as needed as you all claim. Society will police itself just fine without them. The only exist to collect revenue & enforce the corrupt wishes of their lords & masters.

      • “Cops aren’t as needed as you all claim. Society will police itself just fine without them.”
        You are either uneducated, naive, or plain simple minded (maybe all three). All you need to do is research a little bit of history to see what happens in a “lawless” society. It doesn’t last long. Someone will eventually come along and implement his own rule of law, maybe a gang leader, warlord, what have you, complete with armed individuals with no real oversight. Just look at Mexico and the Cartels, or Africa and it’s Warlords. And, by the way, since Law Enforcement Officers are hired by local, state, and Federal governments, who are themselves hired/elected by the People, and LEO’s paychecks come from the taxes we pay, and they are hired from the civilian population, they are our brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, uncles, fathers, mothers, neighbors, etc. American citizens. So we ARE “policing ourselves”.

  6. That’s pretty much my exact load: Compact handgun, 2 spare mags, and a knife. I don’t carry a Leatherman multi-tool or an old leather cell phone case, but you get the idea.


  7. What’s the legality of carrying an automatic knife in NYS (or NYC) as former law enforcement? The LEOSA is about firearms. Do (ex) NY cops get a carve out?

  8. my animosity on this is, law enforcement enforcing unconstitutional laws, ” just doing my job”, The second amendment declares I have the right to bare arms, but yet here is LEO restricting my Constitutionial rights making a criminal out of me. No police officer would tell their superiors, “No” if ordered to compensate a legally owned firearm. Theyd take it, and let the chips fall where they may. Dispute this and reveal another truth, ” cops lie.”

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